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New pants are great news for lefties


Underpants by Hom designed especially for left-handed men.

Underpants by Hom designed especially for left-handed men.

Here’s some good news for left-handed men… Hom has unveiled some revolutionary new pants with access not from the right, as is the norm, but from the top instead. The new horizontal opening at the top of the gusset breaks a tradition lasting almost 75 years since underpants were invented in 1935 and experts reckon lefties will save a few vital seconds every time they visit the loo!

It might seem like a small change, but almost 10 per cent of the male population – over three million men – are thought to be left-handed. Now left-handed men can go for stylish trunks offering better support, instead of being forced to wear looser boxers which have an opening in the middle.

Now I’m just trying to remember if my boyfriend is left-handed so I can buy him some…

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Are you a leftie? Let us know what you think of these new pants in a  comment below?

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