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October entertainment picks: Halloween Special!



It’s the time of the year again when we all celebrate the underworld and embrace eeriness, spookiness and ghosts and ghouls, or perhaps it’s just a good excuse to dress up and have a bit of fun! Either way what better way is there to celebrate Halloween than by watching a few scary movies!

To paraphrase Mr Fergal Sharkey a good horror is hard to find so we thought we’d put our heads together and pick out some of our recent favourites.

I loved ‘Let the Right One In’, a Swedish vampire film (stay with me!) released last year this was my favourite film of the year, it’s an absorbing and atmospheric vampire film with a difference. If you like films, you’ll like this. Also the American remake is being released next week and if you want my advice; SEE THE ORIGINAL FIRST!.

Jenny, on the other hand, likes her horror more conventional but only just! Orphan stars the always excellent Peter Sarsgaard and both Joel Silver and Leonardo Di Caprio produced so this script definitely had some fans in Hollywood. An absorbing horror with loads of twists and turns, Orphan had Jenny and her friend Davida, hidden beneath cushions all evening!

If you’re having a Halloween party we stumbled across this beauty while browsing our entertainment section; ‘The Horror Zombie CD Collection’. Featuring 20 gruesome gems from beyond the grave and full of frightening fun we think it’s perfect for your spooky parties!

Not everyone in the office is so keen on scary movies though and Assistant Merchandiser Stella is particularly averse to them, so we asked her to pick out a film for non-horror fans, this is her choice, “it’s a very funny and good film” she assures us!

Let us know your personal favourite horror films and happy Halloween!

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