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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…



Going to the beach with a little one is always fun, messy – but fun! After spending two weeks on the beach with Chloe in Cornwall, I thought I would give you my top tips for ensuring a carefree day on the beach without any tears or tantrums, sunburn or boredom!

Essential items to take:

1. Swimming costumes or trunks- a of couple options so that you can change them into a dry suit, once they have been in the water, to stop them getting cold.

(Above image left to right: Checked boys’ shorts at Bluezoo, leaf print boys’ shorts from Mantaray, striped swimsuit from Bluezoo and pink patterns at Pineapple)

2. Sun tan cream is, of course, a must. A minimum of factor 50 is recommended for babies and children – remember to apply regularly to avoid sunburn.

(Above image left to right: Boys’ sunhat from Bluezoo and girls’ sunhat from Rocha. John Rocha)

3. A sun hat. This is key for when sitting out in the sun building all those sandcastles or throwing pebbles into the sea – be sure to keep their heads protected and make sure the sun out of their eyes.

4. Sunglasses - for those children that will actually keep them on…

(Above image left to right: Hello Kitty girls’ sunglasses, Mantaray boys’ sunglasses)

5. A sun tent. This is great for providing a bit of shade and cooling them from the sun, especially around midday when it is at its strongest. Sun tents are also great for lunchtime naps if your little one is still having one- saves moving from the beach and then mummy can sunbathe in peace and quiet for a little while!

6. Towels. I would take a couple, as with the swimsuits, as they are just so useful for drying off your little one and wrapping them up warm, particularly if it is the British sea they have been swimming in.

7. Beach bag and cooler bag for food and drinks. Always make sure you have plenty of drinks for your little one (and you too) when out in the sun, and little snacks such as grapes or apples. Lunch on the beach is always lovely, but make sure you have a cool bag to keep food chilled and out of the sun.

(Above image left to right: Beach Collection beach bag and cool bag)

8. Last but by no means least- a bucket and spade!! This is a must for children of all ages. Hours of fun can be spent digging holes, filling buckets of sand over and over again and, for the older ones, building sand castles.

(Above image left to right: Beach play kit and Christy patterned towels)

Ideas for what to do on the beach:

1. Build a sand castle.
2. Play noughts and crosses in the sand using a stick as your pen.
3. Mark out a hopscotch grid on the sand using a stick and play.
4. Cricket- making markers in the sand for the wickets.
5. Who can skim pebble stones the furthest into the sea? Warning – do not throw stones at anyone!
6. Buy a cheap fishing net and explore the rock pools for mysteries of the seaside.

Enjoy your days out at the seaside!

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