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One for the boys: Aliza Reger lingerie buying tips…



For over ten years, the Reger by Janet Reger for Debenhams collection has offered stunning designs in luxurious fabrics at affordable prices. Today, Janet’s daughter Aliza continues her mother’s legacy, carrying on the brand to bring elegant, glamorous underwear to Debenhams. Looking for the perfect gift gents? The first lady of lingerie is here to give you a few hints and tips…

“Christmas is a time for giving and we all want to find that perfect gift for our special someone.

Every gift should delight the receiver and give a warm fuzzy feeling to the giver – there is nothing worse than a look of horror, covered up by a quick and speedy; “but darling, it’s just what I’ve always wanted”, when your glamorous goddess unwraps the Bridget Jones-style knickers you have selected for her…”

  • When buying lingerie for your loved one, choose something that suits her personality. If she is a sexy glamourpuss then your job is so much easier – just head to Reger by Janet Reger in the lingerie section at Debenhams and let your imagination do the rest. If your love is a bit more of a tomboy, keep it slick and minimal – she won’t appreciate lace or frills and ruffles will just get in her way.
  • Before you head off to Debenhams – the store with the most incredible selection of styles and range of sizes – check her underwear drawer for the correct size. Brands may differ between sizes, so check a number of her bras and bottoms and go to the store armed with a list – keep the receipt too, post purchase, just in case.
  • You mustn’t be afraid to ask if unsure. Let the sales assistant know what size your love is and what colours she likes – no use at all to let her unwrap a bright pink lingerie set that the sales assistant told you was the latest ‘must-have’, if your lady hates any shade of pink. Choose a colour that she loves and works with her skin tone. Need a clue? You’ll find lots from what’s already in her wardrobe and lingerie drawer.
  • Keep her size in mind when you make your choice, as support is very important for bigger girls, as well as fit and comfort. Again, check in her drawer to see if she prefers a padded bra and what sort of shape she likes to wear, particularly for those special moments.
  • Make the gift special. Give yourself enough time to choose something you will both love and always giftwrap a present in a lovely box – do not give it to her in the store carrier bag, make that little extra effort to buy a box and some wrapping paper. Brown paper with some beautiful ribbon is always a winner and keeps it simple and elegant.
  • Last, but not least, if your lingerie gift is intended to be extra special – why not give it to her on Christmas eve and make it an even more romantic Christmas…?

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