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Phil Vickery’s Twitter takeover: The Answers



Rugby lovers enjoyed a Twitter-shaped treat last Wednesday when England legend Phil Vickery took over the reins of the @DebenhamsRetail feed!

Following on from Jasper Conran’s fab Twitter Takeover, Phil, whose range Raging Bull is available from Debenhams, took a little time out of his busy schedule for his fans.
If you missed it, don’t worry, here’s some of the gems that surfaced during Wednesday’s scrummage:

Q. Who is the funniest player you have ever shared a dressing room with?
A.  I’d say Jason Robinson. Wonderful player and a real laugh on and off the pitch.

Q. Who had the greatest impact on you or inspired you the most in your professional rugby career?
A. People from my early club days at Bude, later watching guys like Mike Teague, Richard Hill, Jason Leonard.

Q. Hi Phil – please explain your nickname, Raging Bull. Do get angry when you see red?
A. The Raging Bull came from Clive Woodward about the way I play the game and my farming background!

Q. Hi Phil, who is the best/toughest prop you’ve ever scrummaged against?
A. Toughest prop would be Gary Pagel when he played for the Northampton Saints.

Q. What do you personally think should and/or can be done to increase global interest in the sport?
A. I think we should promote the game more at school and youth levels.


Q. Hi Phil, as a World Cup winner what do you think went wrong for the England football team?
A. Difficult to say! Being a football fan, it was so disappointing but have to say they didn’t look like a team. When we won the world cup in ‘03, we had a great team and everyone put in 100% for the team – that was the most important thing.

Q. Hey Phil, do you enjoy shopping for clothes?
A. Am not a great shopper, but I do like to go and have a see!

Q. Are you into fashion and trends or do you opt for function and practicality?
A. What I buy is very much based on look and if it makes me feel good.

Q. Hi Phil, do you think Gareth Delve & Paul Doran-Jones have a future in modelling after posing for #ragingbull ?
A. All the boys who help me are great guys and it’s appreciated by us all at #RagingBull but I think I still look the best!

Q. What are your favourite products in the Raging-Bull range?
A. These are my favourite three: harlequin Rugby Jersey, grey applique hoodie, black Vickery rugby top but I love them all.

Q.What advice would you give to a teenager who is aspiring to be a prop forward?
A. I would just advise them to enjoy the challenge, and it takes time to become a top level prop.

Q. Phil I like gym work but I am a Rugby League follower. Would you want to see people like me wearing #ragingbull?
A. The more people the better – the brand is not just for rugby union, it’s for everyone sports or no sport.

Q. What, in your opinion, are the key physical/technical points to winning a scrum?
A. Biggest thing about winning the scrum is getting into a better body position than your opposite man and keeping pressure on him.

Q. Phil, what’s your favourite biscuit? :-)
A. Fave biscuit – has to be rich tea dunked in tea. Beautiful.


Q. Hi Phil why do you think there is such a shortage of English tightheads forcing clubs to rely on imports?
A. First problem – English tight heads can be away a lot on England duty. Also I don’t think we are putting enough effort into coaching young props.

Q. What’s been the highlight of your career?
A. Seeing my children born was awesome on a personal level, and my first cap for England… and the lions and being a world champion is an awesome feeling.

Q. Phil, what’s your advice for someone who gets nervous the night before big matches and typically struggles to sleep well?
A. Wish I knew. The only thing I would say is take confidence in your training and the guys around you, they all want to help you.

Q. What did it feel like to crush Olivier Magne?
A. When that tackle took place it was a great feeling. The timing was so good, didn’t even feel the impact.

Q. Hi Phil! What was your main inspiration behind Raging Bull and what are the key Raging Bull brand values?
A. I just love being part of a strong brand, one that makes a statement. And the more people I see wearing the clothes, the prouder I am.

Q. You’re quite a manly chap – why start a clothing range?
A. Proud to be manly! The brand is about strength and also having pride. I’m very proud of what I have done and, of course, my brand.

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