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Q&A with Henry Holland



With a hot new collection soon to arrive at Debenhams, it seemed only right that we take five minutes with our new designer Henry Holland to ask all about his influences, the fashion industry and how much fun he had designing the new H! by Henry Holland range.

Debenhams: Welcome to Debenhams. How does it feel to be part of the Designers at Debenhams family?
Henry: It is a real honour to be part of such an established institution and alongside such fashion greats.

D: What can we expect from the new H! By Henry Holland range?
H: Amazing, fashion-forward pieces which can easily integrate into any girl’s wardrobe, and at affordable prices.

D: You’ve worked as a writer for teen magazines – what made you want to become a fashion designer?
H: I needed a new challenge and the opportunity to design my own collection presented itself – it started as a bit of fun and soon I was sending models down the runway.

D: What are your tips for people who want to get into fashion?
H: Be willing to work for free, there is no better way to learn than on the job, if someone says ‘jump’, say ‘how high?’ and ‘in what shoes?’! It is very important to use your initiative and go above and beyond to get noticed as there are thousands of people willing to fill your shoes.

D: We love the bright colours and prints in the new collection, what are your favourite colours to work with?
H: I often veer towards acid brights and my all-time favourite colour is purple – it always seems to find its way into my designs!

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D: How much does street fashion influence your designs?
H: Street fashion is one of the key influences in my designs. Just looking around you and noticing how people wear clothes is so important – why design something that no one wants to wear?!

D: There are some great accessories in the new range too, what are the key pieces we should look out for?
H: The skull diamante ring, the chunky dice necklaces, the bright digital watches and the bagazine of course!

D: If I could afford to buy just one item from the new range, what would you suggest?
H: I love the denim and jersey bomber jacket – buying a new jacket updates your entire wardrobe.

D: Most of all the collection is really fun, have you had fun creating it?
H: The whole process has been very exciting and I have enjoyed working on a collection that will be so widely available to women up and down the country.

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