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Reviews of the Debenhams ‘Slimsuit’



Our new slimsuits have caused quite a stir with their fabulous figure-sculpting properties. There’s been discussion today on our Facebook page about who has the hottest celebrity beach body, but with the slimsuit in your suitcase this holiday season, it could well be you…

Some members of the Debenhams Design Team have been trialling the swimsuits and here are their reviews…

Katherine, age 36, Size 14, from Leicester

“The slimsuit really works!  It didn’t look exceptionally different from other black swimsuits on the hanger and I was dubious that it would be anything special, but my first impression was so wrong. This costume addressed all of my body image concerns that prevent me from feeling confident at the beach or pool.  My post-three-children tummy wobbles were completely disguised and left me looking flatter and toned with a defined waist.  Wearing the slimsuit created a neat and sexy hourglass silhouette and the clever padding of the bust enhanced my assets and balanced my pear shaped figure.

With other swimsuits that I have owned the best I felt I could hope for was to cover up the areas I considered to be my flaws, but though they might have met this expectation, I was never happy with how I looked.  In the slimsuit, however, I don’t feel I am hiding areas I am ashamed of, but rather feel confident with the more sculpted version of me that this suit created.

I did feel that the suit was a little tight to pull over my hips in the first place, but once in place was very comfortable and supportive, and there was no bulging.  The fabric sits very smoothly with no wrinkles or creases.  The straps are very comfortable and I liked the detailing which draws the eye upwards.  I have not yet taken a test dip in the local pool but with the fantastic cut and fit I have every confidence in this product continuing to perform.  I would definitely recommend this swimsuit to a friend and I look forward to stepping onto the sands wearing it this summer.

Thank you so much for sending me this slimsuit to review, I really am delighted with the results and my husband thinks I look absolutely fantastic in it too!”

Norma, age 57, size 12

“I was very pleased with the look of the swimsuit when I received it; the cut is already very flattering.  I like the draped front and the not-too-high legs, and the shape of the neckline is good, although I probably wouldn’t choose quite such a low plunge if I were buying a suit.  The suit I received was black, which is obviously flattering too, and I was happy with that.  If I were buying a suit, I might well pick a brighter colour given the choice, but there are some colours I don’t wear (e.g. blue) so black is far preferable to the “wrong colour” and I think a black swimsuit does suit most people.
I thought that the cups might be a problem, as I am an E cup and normally buy bra-sized swimsuits.  On first looking at the suit, I thought that the cups probably were too small to be fully supportive, but when I tried it on I felt very well supported and the neckline, although low, did have good coverage across the width of my boobs.

I wore the suit for about two hours around the house and continued to feel very supported, but I did find that my boobs had “popped” inwards, making the neckline less flattering.  I think this could be a problem for someone my size and shape who wanted to spend a lot of time in the suit by the pool or on the beach; however, I tend more to have quick trips to the pool or beach so I think it would be ok for me.  I haven’t been able to wear the suit for swimming yet, but it feels as if it would remain very supportive during movement, and I like the relatively wide straps for this reason.

I am currently between a 12 and 14, so choosing the smaller size was a bit of a gamble.  It did feel a bit harder to get on than a standard swimsuit but I think that is usual with support wear, and I think it would still be possible to change without too much difficulty on the beach, which is important for me.  Once on, it felt very comfortable, and I could happily have worn it for longer.  I felt that it did improve my shape – I have gone from an 18 to a 12/14 in the last two years, so I am keen to show off my figure, but I do have a fairly rounded tummy and this held it in nicely without looking unnatural.  My husband commented that he thought it made me look slimmer – he was very impressed!

I also liked the feel of the fabric – it feels a little heavier than a standard suit, but is still smooth and generally felt and looked like good quality fabric. If I had a friend who was looking for a suit to improve her shape and I knew she could afford a decent one, I would be happy to recommend that she try this suit.

Thank you very much for the opportunity – I am really going to enjoy wearing this suit!”

Laura, age 29, size 12

The Slimsuit felt like it was actually working for me instead of just being something to wear when swimming. I actually gave up on ‘one piece’ swimsuit shopping just a couple of months ago as I couldnt find any that fit right on my chest and my waist at the same time, the slimsuit ticked the box of my main problem of fitting my waist and not gaping on my chest, the only negative thing I have to say is that it didnt feel as long in the body as other suits I have tried.

It definitely had a slimming effect, it was rouched under the chest which was flattering but I felt confident across the waist, after having 2 children I didnt think I would feel like that in a swimsuit.  What the Slimsuit did well was give me a trim shape without any bulges at the sides. I cant really think of areas for improvement, maybe make it a little longer in the body. I had a purple which was a nice colour, the rouching on the front was pretty and I liked the shape of the top part.

I would definitely recommend it, I would also buy one in the future if I fancied a change of colour etc. I would describe this to my friends as the only swimsuit I have ever tried that fits on the top and the body. I would say its like magic underwear but for swimming! I would say its comfortable and slimming and definately worth trying for themselves.”

Sharon, age 48, size 14

“Initially I found the fit and comfort of the slimsuit very good, but during movement and swimming the crotch of the slimsuit tended to ride up and the bra did not provide good coverage or support.  I found  the slimsuit had a definite and pleasing slimming effect.

Unfortunately on movement and activity the bra of the swimsuit was not very supportive and tended to leave me embarassingly exposed which was disappointing. The slimsuit was easy to fit and comfortable to wear and gave you a good shape  the material had a pleasing texture.

I felt that the body of the slimsuit could have been slightly longer and the bra more supportive with a little more coverage. Maybe being able to tighten shoulder straps would also be beneficial. I loved the style of the slimsuit and it looked very good in black would like to see it in other colours.

I would describe it as a stylish slimming swimsuit, great for lounging by the pool on holiday.  A definite feel good addition to a holiday wardrobe. I would definitely recommend the slimsuit as a confidence booster for holidays.”

Gill, age 55, size 16

“First impressions of the suit, the colour is lovely and so is the style of it.  I found it more comfortable and fitting than my existing swimsuits, but supportive.  The lower part of the costume did have a slimming effect, however the ruching (if I have spelt that correctly) at the bustline did tend to exagerate my tummy.  I would recommend the costume to my friends and would describe it as a beautiful design very flattering and not cut away too much on the legs, which do exagerate the fuller figure.
Thank you again for the swimsuit and I will thoroughly enjoy wearing and using it.”

Fiona, 45, Size 14

“I received the Slimsuit on Monday and tried it on straight away. I found the fit to be excellent and very comfortable. Even though the aim of the Slimsuit is to have a slimming effect I didn’t feel constrained in it but it did smooth out the lumps and bumps! Before I tried it on i thought that the suit might be quite tight and feel like it was pressing me in, but it wasn’t like that at all. After a bit of running around and going up and down the stairs a few times it felt comfortable and unrestrictive as well as supportive, despite the lower front. My partner loved it on me although he wasn’t quite sure about my Pamela Anderson Baywatch impression!

The Slimsuit I was sent was the brown patterned design. I really liked the print and design – much better than the standard black or navy. I also thought that the way the suit had been designed gave an optical illusion of slimming you down as well which was an added bonus. It looked stylish and not in the least like some of the mumsy looking “shapewear” I’ve seen before. I might be 45 but I don’t want to look like a granny! With the gold detailing on the straps and the funky design I don’t think anyone would think I was wearing shapewear. I’ve been telling my friends about it and would definitely recommend it as a swimsuit to take on holiday.

The brown colour was much more flattering for my skintone than black as I’m quite pale and I think it would look nice against a tan as well. I will certainly chuck out my old lumpy Fiona swimsuit in favour of a slimsuit! it’s even made me think about going to my local pool and starting to swim again – no more nervous shuffle to the poolside hoping your towel won’t slip to reveal the less than flattering shape beneath before you jump in as quickly as possible! Now I can strut my stuff in style, safe in the knowledge it’s all being kept under control.

I hope this review has been helpful for you. I really enjoyed doing it.”

Felicity, 40, size 16

“My first impression was very good.  I loved the colour (my favourite) and the diamond/tear drop pattern at the bust is beautiful, almost evening wear!  If I had been shopping for a costume and seen it on a rail, I’m sure it would have caught my attention.

When I tried it on I found it very comfortable.  Although the tummy panel did smooth the belly a bit,  I do not think it provided me with “instant inch loss”, only exercise can do that!  In the past I have only bought bikinis for sun bathing and more sporty costumes for swimming in a pool, so this is the first time I have considered a costume to tan in.  The shoulder straps were very comfortable for nice narrow ones and I liked that they were adjustable like a bra strap. The bust was not quite as supportive as I would like.  My shape does not really suit dress sizing. I usually buy bikini tops by the bust side 36 or 38 D or DD, and 12 or 14 pants. Perhaps dress side 16 swimsuits are not suitable for me.  I am ok sitting still in it (imagining myself sipping cocktails by the pool) but I expect rock pooling would involve a lot of repositioning of the boobs!!

I tried it with a sarong tied at the waist as a skirt and the slimsuilt looked very stylish. The price is reasonable for a quality costume, especially if bought on one of the Debenhams 20% off day which is when I tend to do my clothes shopping!

Overall I very impressed by the slimsuit.  I will certainly recommend them to my friends and family and will look out for them in store in the future.”

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