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Spanx for the inspiration Sara Blakely!


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The founder of Spanx, Sara Blakely, 41, was recently named Forbes youngest self-made female billionaire (based on their estimated brand/company value). With a goal to inspire other women with her positive entrepreneurial story she agreed to a Forbes cover story opportunity where she shared her exciting journey of starting and growing Spanx without outside investors.

Spanx began as one women’s ‘crazy idea’ (at least that’s how numerous manufacturers viewed it), a lucky red backpack and a huge amount of hard work and leg work on Sara’s part.

Thanks to her sheer determination and self-belief Spanx gradually transformed from a one-product-wonder, sold out of Sara’s apartment, to the lingerie solution that droves of women had been unknowingly searching for but were thrilled to discover. Sales began to rocket.

Spanx, as we know it today, boasts an impressive celebrity following and is seemingly untouchable. It has gone where no lingerie brand has gone before and what’s more, it has gone there in such refreshing and female-friendly style that it is little wonder the brand and its founder are enjoying such success.

Pin-up Jessica Alba is quoted as saying: “I wore Spanx before anyone. Spanx are the only thing that smoothes out all of my lumps and bumps”. We know what you are thinking and yes we agree but whilst Miss Alba’s ‘lumps and bumps’ might not be as pronounced as ours, it is refreshing to hear that even she enlists a little help from the experts sometimes!
America’s chat-show host, come acclaimed lifestyle guru; Oprah Winfrey is also a Spanx devotee: “I love SPANX, I love SPANX. I wear SPANX every single day. I’ve given up panties. I wear SPANX!” Between the glamour of Jessica Alba and the authority of Oprah we are sold on Spanx…like we weren’t already! Which of course is the real test of product appeal – Spanx need no gimmicks or celeb endorsements to boost sales. They are simply endorsed and successful because they are so effective and millions of women world-wide agree!

Sara Blakely owns 100% of Spanx (a private company), has no debt and has never taken external investment. In 2006 Blakely launched The Sara Blakely Foundation with the help of Sir Richard Branson; the charity is dedicated to helping women globally through education and entrepreneurship. Just another reason why Sara Blakely is one tough and talented cookie and highly inspirational!

Debenhams is proud to stock an extensive collection of Spanx, we’ve got the infamous shape wear shorts (above left), full body shapers and everything in between. Some of the team’s favourites are Spanx Super shaping sheer tights – available in natural and black (above right), Spanx Mama Spanx (above centre) for those expecting and, rather fittingly, Spanx High-waist shape wear pants for the ultimate in tummy-taming and an enviable hour-glass figure!

Perfect for weddings and special occasions, Spanx is also so comfortable and supportive that it makes great everyday underwear.

This is a collection that doesn’t just shape the way women look but the way they feel about themselves.

Sara we salute you and your pert butt and Spanx for giving us the confidence to wear that dress.

Shop Spanx now.

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