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Step aside Mr Whippy – Henry Holland is the new ‘Mr Quiffy’



Ice cream vans traditionally evoke memories of our childhood – who doesn’t remember the ’99 and tin-like renditions of Greensleeves? This week though, look out for a new type of ice cream van driving around the streets of London, possibly with our very own Henry Holland at the wheel.

Forever original, Henry Holland is launching a new flagship store this week – but this isn’t just any flagship store. Nope, the new store is in the form of an ice cream van, named it ‘Mr Quiffy’ in honour of Henry’s own famous, voluminous hair.

The ice cream van has been painted to suit the quirky style of the ‘House of Holland’ brand – Henry’s main line -  and will be driving around London, starting tomorrow, before heading on up the M1 to Manchester to take Mr Quiffy back to Henry’s roots.

The difference between this van and any other ice cream van is that Mr Quiffy will be dispensing a variety of products from a limited edition collection for House of Holland. Prices will begin at £15 for accessories and iPhone covers, with more expensive items such as t-shirts, shorts and skirts reaching up to £150.

This (rather unique) flagship store will be in London’s Covent Garden, Seven Dials, Spitalfields and Carnaby street, before leaving for Manchester to finish off the tour.

Here in the office at Debenhams we’re loving the idea – we actually miss that ‘tin-like’ tune ringing out in the streets – the ice cream man isn’t something we get much of in central London. Will you be on the lookout? We can’t give you any hints and tips of what to listen out for, music-wise, but knowing Henry… it’ll be anything but Greensleeves.

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