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We're Sponsoring Britain's Next Top Model!

Britain's Next Top Model is gracing our television screens once again and we are absolutely thrilled to announce that Debenhams Beauty Club are the proud sponsors of this year's season. The 12th cycle of Britain's Next Top Model is kicking off October 19th at 9pm on Lifetime and we'd be lying if we said we weren't majorly excited to see what the series ha[...]

Britain's Next Top Model Final Featuring Debenhams

After a week’s long wait in anticipation to find out the winner, last night marked the final of Britain’s Next Top Model. Find out about the girls' final task, who was crowned Top Model of 2017 and how we had another fun part to play in the episode… Making a splash (quite literally) in front of the judges, the girls were graced by Savannah Miller, who[...]

Debenhams Features in Britain's Next Top Model

Not only was last night the semi-final of Britain’s Next Top Model with only four potential finalists remaining, but our very own Butterfly by Matthew Williamson range was featured. Here’s what went down… After an exclusive message from our favourite Matthew Williamson setting out the girls' task, off they went to shoot our Butterfly by Matthew Williamson[...]