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Posts tagged 'cooking'


How to make the perfect pancake…

BY STYLE EDITOR, 7 MAR 2011 16:47

EVENTS & OFFERSHouseholds all over the UK will be flipping traditional pancakes in celebration of Shrove Tuesday tomorrow (8th March), but is ...


Rosemary Shrager interview

BY STYLE EDITOR, 20 OCT 2010 12:14

COMPETITIONSAs part of our National Baking Week celebrations with Pyrex, we got in touch with TV chef Rosemary Shrager for ...


Your second ‘surviving uni’ recipe

BY STYLE EDITOR, 6 OCT 2010 09:05

HOME & GARDENIn the second of our ‘settling into uni’ series of recipes this week we tackle a fantastic dish that’s fresh ...


The rise of single-serve cookware

BY STYLE EDITOR, 26 JUL 2010 13:34

HOME & GARDENIt’s never been so easy, or so much fun, being single and so many of us seem to be enjoying ...