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Editor's Debrief: Love Colour, Be Happy

  I have a pet hate around this time of year, and that is people asking me the question: “Aren’t you cold, wearing only that?” No. I’m not. Given I’m wearing a thick winter coat, a midi-length dress (with sleeves I hasten to add), combined with tights, and shoes that cover my heels and toes, might I please ask you the question, “Why do you think I wo[...]

Coats: Winter's punchy palette

The perfect item to offset the faded, grey backgrounds of the autumn/winter season, colour-pop wool coats in fiery oranges, lemony yellows and vibrant pinks are having a renaissance. Reminiscent of the 60s when they were championed by undisputed style icons such as Audrey Hepburn, as well as today by street-style dynamos Poppy Delevingne (in red, below le[...]

AW14 Trend: Pinks & Berries

As a trend, deep reds in decadent bordeaux shades trickled into the style-sphere via rouge-noir dark lipstick and nail varnish, but have recently dominated AW catwalks to become a full-blown sartorial favourite. From dusty pink, plum and raspberry, to burgundy and mahogany, the whole charming palette of elegant berry tones has become de rigueur for 2014's[...]