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It's ancient history...

Once upon a time, there was the Byzantine Empire, the Baroque period, the Rococo movement and the Victorian era. Admittedly, our history knowledge sometimes obscures these periods, but one’s thing’s for sure – the past is anything but passé when it comes to fashion. Although designers employing historical references is nothing new, many of the collections t[...]

A Spookily Stylish Halloween

Forget the freaky masks and mundane witch hats this Halloween and instead vamp it up in a scarily good outfit. From gothic black lace to devilish red, we’ve got a look to make them howl (in a good way). Devilish Red The colour of seduction, danger, fire and blood, which colour could be more apt for Halloween than red. Look to the red carpet for inspira[...]

The Grace of Lace

The hypnotic allure of lace has fashion in its grasp. Whereas it previously mostly appeared in dainty panels and trims, the textile has become a prevailing trend in the form of sensual, enchanting boudoir-inspired pieces.  There are few fabrics as captivating as lace. Ethereal and elegant, it’s long been a symbol of femininity. It’s of little surprise the[...]