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What is it about rollnecks?

As knit jumpers are a focal point for this fashion season, special attention must be paid to the rollneck. A bit of an enigma - the simple, modest rollneck can make you feel strangely sexy and self-assured.  When we think of 'minimalistic chic' the rollneck is one of the first things to come to mind. Always elegant - whether it’s chunky or streamlined - i[...]

Wild Thing

What’s fierce, feline and never goes out of fashion? Why leopard print of course, and this season is no different as everyone’s favourite print prowls right back into the style spotlight. First brought to our attention by sexy screen sirens such as Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe, it seems we just can’t resist a big cat print and nor can the designers – [...]

Faith is 50: Bold brollies

The humble, often unwanted umbrella may just be the most overlooked accessory there is. Not just a protector of straightened hair, it's time we start looking at a variety of  umbrellas as contributing to our personal style as much as everything else we wear. British fashion brand Faith - who happens to be turning 50 this autumn - has just the thing.  If y[...]