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Summer Skincare Radiance

You can now find SPF creams for the face and body with anti-ageing ingredients, SPF foundations and tinted moisturisers as well as multi-purpose BB and CC Creams that are the latest in skincare innovation. Here’s what a run-down of what they are and what they do so you can choose the right one for your skin. Hard-working SPF’s UV radiation is one[...]


Did you know that a good skincare routine leads to better make up application? Some people think that investing money in make up is the trick to looking good but by investing in a good skincare routine . So, whatever make up you're using from cheaper brands to more expensive ones, they will look and sit better on the skin once you've nailed your skincare.[...]

Beauty Q&A: Interview with skincare guru Ole Henriksen

When Ole Henriksen talks about rosehip seed oil, his (very well-hydrated) face lights up and his eyes sparkle. And for good reason. The celebrated Danish, LA-based skincare cosmetician’s unique approach to aesthetics and wellness, which includes personally formulating his products with the world’s best botanicals, has brought him continued global success wit[...]