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Kat Farmer: How to Dress on Holiday

Fashion influencer Kat Farmer helps us tackle the all-important task of vacation dressing. Take holiday packing from chore to cheer as Kat brings you the key pieces perfect for any summer departure.  The perennial question, which is akin to how long is a piece of string!  I guess it depends on where you go away for your hols.  For me – the key is versatil[...]

When the Sun Goes Down: Your Summer Evening Outfits Sorted.

Get set for balmy summer nights with our guide to pulling together the perfect warm-weather look.  There's not long left of the blue-skied, sunshine-tinted summer months, so make the most of it with beautiful floral dresses, pastel playsuits and lace kimonos. Add a pop of colour with bright-hued bags and choose statement jewellery as the perfect way to tr[...]