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Talk to top jewellery designers on Twitter


EB by Erickson Beamon jewellery

Here at Debenhams we love jewellery. It’s the finishing touch to any gorgeous outfit… it makes eye colour pop, elongates the neck and draws attention away from bad hair days. What’s not to love?

That’s why we invited designers, and jewellery experts Erickson Beamon to take over the @debenhamsretail  Twitter feed this Friday! From 12 noon until 1pm, the Erickson Beamon team will be here to answer your questions and offer you their insider tips and tricks for say, carrying off that statement necklace, what piece to buy your girlfriend/mum/friend for their birthday or what to wear with your special dress for that big event.

For anyone who didn’t catch our last Twitter Takeovers, this one will follow the same format as for Lisa Stickley, Jasper Conran and our lingerie experts did. Log onto your Twitter account on Friday, open the @debenhamsretail twitter feed in your browser and follow the conversation by clicking on the #hashtag… then, ask us all you want to know!

Reminder: If you’re not yet signed up to Twitter, all you have to do is head to Twitter.com and click on the ‘sign up’ button on the right-hand side for a free account. Just remember, there’s only 140 characters for the team to reply with – so the more specific your question, the better!

Sign up to Twitter, follow @DebenhamsRetail and ask away. The Erickson Beamon team will answer as many questions as they can, and the best will make it here, in to a blog post!

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