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Ah look at them – faces of angels! Yes of course we love them and we adore having them at home with us for 6 whole weeks, 24/7, spending hours of the day, (every day), finding ways to keep them amused. BUT before they know it they’ll be back at school…

In our house, preparing the kids to go back to school normally goes one way or the other. It’s either a masterfully orchestrated shopping trip before the summer term even ends (this has happened at least once and left me feeling ever so smug) OR a last minute panic buy the night before the new term begins. This usually culminates in ill-fitting trousers, last year’s scruffy shoes and tears and tantrums (the latter not restricted to the children!).

I know I’m not alone; I’ve shared the awkward exchange of glances between my fellow harassed parents, rummaging through the sale racks on the hunt for a long sleeved white shirt in the one size that has sold out!

I hereby vow that this year WILL be different. Mums and Dads join me as we do battle against the crowds and the clipped conversations with our children that are ended with ‘You’ll grow into it’ and beat the school wear rush.

Debenhams are now offering up to 20% off selected lines in our extensive school uniform range in store and online, as well as FREE P&P for school uniform orders when the customer uses code SHBS at the checkout.

What’s more everything is in one place! Whether you shop online or in store you know you’ll be able to find everything from school shoes to school blouses and shirts without dragging your little treasure from pillar to post. We even have a big range of school coats & jackets so you can get really prepared for the Autumn/Winter term! Now that is organised!

It’s worth a try, anything to guarantee a tantrum-free experience and ensure everyone has a smile on their face on the first day of the new term!

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