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The Capsule Wardrobe | Men’s must-have



Never sure what to wear unless you’ve had at least two weeks’ notice? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

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But help is at hand with our fantastic Capsule Wardrobe.

In it, we’ve placed essential men’s items that you can’t afford to be without. Using the capsule you can effortlessly create outfits for any occasion you can name from attending a interview to going on a city break.

This is the must-have of must-haves. No man’s wardrobe is complete without it.

The capsule consists of a three piece suit, a coat, a crew neck t-shirt, a polo neck t-shirt, knitwear, a canvas shoe, chinos, a pair of smart brogues, a blazer and a smart shirt.

And its contents stick to grey, navy, black or chocolate brown.





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The interview

There are two options here and both work really well.

The first combines the suit teamed with the pair of smart brogues. The second uses the suit’s waistcoat and matches the brogues, the smart shirt and the smart trousers.

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The first date

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We’ve all been there – some of us on more occasions than we care to admit. But we keep it nice and simple.

First of all take the faithful jeans and team them with either of the t-shirts and then (depending on the location) add either the knitwear and the suit jacket – remember, if it gets chilly you’ll should offer this to your date. Should.

The second is casual but still with style. Get out the canvas trainers, stick with the jeans and team these with the smart shirt. Whether you tuck it in or not is up to you and the same goes for if you do fasten the top button – if you feel comfortable, so will your date.

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Meeting the parents

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Now we can’t help you if things get off on the wrong foot but we can make sure you present yourself well.

We’ve picked out four outfits from the capsule.

The first uses the suit jacket, crew neck t-shirt, jeans and the brogues. It’s casual with a hint of “I know what looks smart and I clearly own the trousers that match this lovely jacket.”

The second is a bit more laid back as we switch out the jeans and brogues for chinos and the canvas trainers. A subtle difference, but again all down to personal choice.

The third is another slight twist as we pull in the knitwear this time and bring back the brogues.

And last, but by no means least, is the fourth option. We introduce the smart shirt to match with the jeans and canvas trainers with the knitwear as a option as you see fit.

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City break

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These outfits pick themselves as we looking for smart, cool clothing but also keeping mind the fact you may be sight-seeing or going from day to night without returning to your hotel room.

So we kick off with the suit waistcoat and smart shirt. And simply team this with either the chinos or jeans and the brogues to finish.

The second option forgoes an outer layer but sticks with the smart shirt, chinos and brogues.

In short, you’re good to go.

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The house party

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It’s time to let your hair down and relax with friends. Depending on the house may determine your attire, so bear this in mind too.

Our first suggestion is to pair the suit jacket with the t-shirt and jeans. Footwear is your call, but we take ours off at the door.

The second uses the t-shirt, jeans and introduces the hoodie – in case you’re outside. Practical and cool while keeping warm.

And our final outfit from the capsule uses the chinos and teams them with the t-shirt and hoodie.

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So there you go,  great ideas for what to wear when you haven’t a clue. And as you begin to gain confidence you can add or swap items out. Remember you’re in control and if you love what you’re wearing you’ll rarely go wrong.

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