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This winter, the Debenhams office is full of studs – and we don’t mean the boys (sorry boys). No, this season, us girls are loving the studded fashions that are popping up everywhere. Fancy a stud or two all of your own? Read on and get the look…

Seen on everything from catwalk creations to high street styles, studs are the adornment of the season, whether sporadically scattered or decadently displayed.

(Above image left to right: Studded collar blouse and studded jacket, both from H! by Henry Holland)

One of our office favourites simply has to be the studded leather jacket. Easy to throw on, be it over an evening gown or jeans and a trendy tee, it’s one for the winter wardrobe we simply can’t live without.

The beauty of the stud is that it doesn’t have to over-throw your whole look. Attached to a collar here or a cuff there… it’s easy to see how studs have crept into our autumn/winter style without us even realising it – the H! by Henry Holland sleeveless blouse is testament to that. Understatedly stylish, understandably a must-have.

(Above image clockwise from left: Studded courts and bag, both from Dune, top from Quiz, Warehouse belt, Faith toe-capped, studded-heel shoes boots, Jonathan Kelsey/EDITION bag and sheer dress from Warehouse)

From bags to boots, tops to skirts, studs are quite – literally – everywhere. Gone, though, are the days where this image evokes memories of punk rock gone wrong – today, the look is widely seen on the streets of the most stylish places in the world, such as Paris, Milan and New York.

As the country that brought the cool side of punk rock to the world, who are we not to get on board and show ‘em how it’s really done?

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