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The great fitness fib… are you a faux-fitness-freak?



Are you under pressure to get back on the fitness wagon? We’ve been doing our research. and it seems that January has created a new breed of faux-fitness-freaks!

In fact, over half of Brits are buying a new gym kit with no immediate plans to get back on the work-out wagon. Instead, they use the gear to fake fitness – wearing it at key times in their day so others will presume they are part of the ‘New Year, New You’ crew.

We’ve called the trend ‘the great fitness fib’. Of those who admitted buying kit they didn’t plan to use, over 80% said they wore it to avoid raised eyebrows when confessing to evading the January fitness furore.

So where are people wearing their gym kit if not to the gym? The top occasions are the school run, grocery shopping and when leaving work. Have you ever put on your trainers at work so everyone things you are jogging home and then jumped on the bus? Confession time… I probably have!

Believe it or not, most people we asked said that January was the worst time of year to start a new fitness routine. But the healthy eating and fitness buzz is unavoidable in with mags, colleagues, parents at the school gates and TV ads being named as the biggest culprits.

Does this sound familiar?

“I spent £150 on gym kit and then wore it to play FIFA on my XBOX, rather than going done the gym.”

“I use my inflatable workout ball as a foot rest – but like having it in the lounge so people think I work out.”

“I bought a new bike and proudly chained it to the front gate so my neighbours could see. It’s now been there so long it’s rusted.”

“Decided to start bootcamp so got all the gear; thermal vests, waterproof rain jacket and dry sweat specialist tees. Use them all loads when I walk the dog now.”

Our research has shown that once the ‘New Year, New You‘ pressures subside; fitness goes from being a chore to being an important part of reality. People give themselves a break in january while the weather is cold and damp and wait for spring to kick in before they start working out properly. March is now right behind January as a peak time for fitness essentials.

Help us find some great fitness slogans…

In response to the research, Debenhams is considering creating a range of slogan t-shirts within the Pineapple collection, designed to re-empower women, and remind the public what staying active is really about.

We’ll be using our social networks to ask customers which slogans they would like to see and will get the ball rolling with suggestions like ‘I’m doing this for me’, and ‘Being healthy is not a competition’.

Have you got a great fitness slogan you think we should consider? Leave it in a comment below…

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