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The Pineapple Dance Studios phenomenon


Pineapple Dance Studios: Where careers are made, dreams are broken, bitching is an Olympic sport and everyone is fabulous!

The larger-than life personalities and flamboyant behaviour of the staff and dancers at Pineapple Dance Studios has made the TV show a sensation with fans all over the country flocking to the famous dance studios in Covent Garden, London to try out some new moves (and possibly catch a glimpse of the show’s stars). The person everyone seems to love is Louie whose calendar must be filling up by the second with countless public appearances and interviews.

The classes are open to everyone, and although the studios are known for their celebrity clients, you or I could simply drop in to take a jazz class or pop by for a course in street dance. This is something that has made Debbie Moore’s concept a pure winner. As a former model, she’s built up an empire  which includes clothing, the famous studios and now a hit TV series too.

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Which new dance style would you be keen to try?


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