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The rise of single-serve cookware


Kitchenware for singletons

It’s never been so easy, or so much fun, being single and so many of us seem to be enjoying the single life for longer we’re noticing an interesting trend.

Never before have we had so much demand for cookware of a smaller scale but with so much of us living alone for longer it makes perfect sense. Using cookware designed for smaller portions makes cooking easier and also saves space and energy.

Our Home Trading Director, Steve Lightfoot says “Singletons are choosing smaller pots and pans because they are far more economical to use. They require less energy to heat, less water to wash and take up less space in the cupboard. They’re ideal for modern, urban single-style living.”

Dinner for one has never sounded so good! Although, cooking on such a small scale may eventually make traditional recipes in older cookbooks virtually unusable. They are all designed for meals of up to four people, and the volumes of ingredients they use can’t be easily translated into cooking for one.

Have you got any tips on baking, cooking and shopping for one? Let us know in a comment.

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  • Elle

    Make your own cookies and cakes. It’s easy enough to gt recipes for just six muffins or biscuits and if you make them yourself it’s so easy to decorate them prettily. Plus ideal for dieters who feel the evil temptation of keeping an entire packet of chocolate digestives in the cupboard!

  • farzaneh

    I love you’r copmany

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