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The torch passes Debenhams HQ!



It shared a gold coloured private plane with a Princess, a Lord and the beautiful Mr. Beckham (surely the luckiest flame in the world), has travelled up, down and around the country with some of the best of British, and with just hours to go before the fun and games begins; the Olympic torch finally passes Debenhams HQ!

The countdown is almost over to the highlight of this sporting summer and excitement is reaching fever pitch.

Love it or loathe it, it’s certainly a hot talking point around the office and it’s hard not to get caught up in the thrill of things – especially when bells are chiming, the torch is in town and the GB colours are everywhere you look! It’s like the Royal wedding all over again but with LOTS more Lycra and without that dress!

We’ve been very patiently waiting our turn and last night the torch, and the thousands of people that lined the streets, did not disappoint.

After all, it has been 7 years in the making and from the moment the torch touched down on great British soil it has suddenly seemed very real.

No it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and yes, for some the coverage has been over the top and the threat of impending chaos off-putting BUT it is happening…very soon, and we plan to enjoy every last minute of it!
So it’s with great pride in Great Britain that we, at Debenhams, wave our flags proudly and wish Team GB lots of luck.

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And because everyone seems to be snapping it, here are a few snaps of the torch when it came to OUR home town (taken by various team members for the Debenhams family photo album)…

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