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Top 5 exercise tips from Shock Absorber and Jenny Pacey


Jenny Pacey

With the holiday season underway and the prospect of showing a bit more skin on the beach looming why not tackle the problem head-on and try to achieve your summer fitness goals. Jenny Pacey, a world class athlete who specialises in long jump and is currently training for the London Olympics 2012 has shared some top tips to help you achieve your summer fitness goals.

1. Firstly have the correct Kit. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable while exercising so Jenny suggests every woman needs a decent pair of trainers and a Shock Absorber sports bra that are both comfortable, supportive and allow you to focus on your performance.

2. Next Jenny says it’s important to set goals. Her advice is to set short and long term goals that are achievable. To remain motivated Jenny says it’s best to set ‘personally and physically challenging goals’ such as committing to a regular exercise class or a 5k run. It will mean you can’t back out and you’ll be far more dedicated in sticking to your summer fitness plan.

3. Thirdly Jenny highlights the importance of health and work. Stress, long hours, travel and corporate lunches are all bad for your health and your waistline. Jenny’s top tip is to go for a 10 minute walk after a stressful meeting ‘to regulate your hormones and mood.’ Another key point from Jenny is to take healthy snacks into work to stop you snacking on that tempting pack of biscuits in the work cupboard. Also remember to drink plenty of water when travelling and sat at your desk ‘to help mobilise fat and maintain hydration.’

4. Next tip is all about the summer sun. Soak up the Vitamin D and get fit for free out in the fresh air. We all know sometimes the gym is an expense we just can’t afford so instead head to your nearest park and do interval running seasons which are combinations of fast sprints with slow jogs ‘pushing the heart rate up and down to take you in and out of your fat burning zone.’

5. Finally Jenny suggests the best way to keep motivated is with the help of a friend. Make a pact to push each other a little harder and further and your fitness goals will be achieved quicker.

So there you go, you’ve now got world athlete Jenny Pacey’s top tips for summer fitness so if you’re looking to get a bit fitter, what better time to start than right now!

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