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Tried and Tested: Wonderbra Full effect


Wonderbra Full effect

When we got word that Wonderbra had a great new cleavage bra on the way we were excited. Even more excited than we got about the Ultimate Strapless and the Dita Von Teese Party Edition range (and we got pretty giddy about those). We just knew Wonderbra would have something good up their sleeve.

So to make sure we could give our readers a proper review of the brand new Full effect bra, 3 of us in the office (with varying bust sizes) decided we’d give one a test and report back with our comments. Here’s what we thought…

3 part padding

How the extra-light padding is constructed.

Ann, web content manager, says:

“I’ve always been a little scared of even looking at a Wonderbra, let alone actually wearing one. Thinking I was going to be handed some contraption with a mini air pump, I was quite surprised to be given a very lightweight, and very tiny, bra. I was very sceptical: I couldn’t see how this little bit of material was going to increase my bust size by two cups.

I have had a bra fit before, so fortunately I knew that I had to place my breasts into the right position, if you didn’t do this there would be some overhang, which no woman wants. I did find it quite tight fitting on the first day and it did rub a little bit, but by day two the tightness disappeared and it actually felt like I wasn’t wearing a bra. In fact it made me realise that the bras I wear at the moment are old and too loose.

While no one passed a comment on my enlarged bust, I did notice a difference – and who makes a comment about your breasts anyway? Boyfriends don’t notice and friends are too polite. I stood taller and yes, I did push my breasts out more. While I didn’t poke anyone’s eyes out, I did feel more confident, which isn’t bad when you’re used to hiding your breasts away. I would definitely recommend.

Wonderbra Full effectJane, web production manager, says:

“I wore the bra for 2 days.  Once at work under day-to-day clothing and once at the weekend with a lower cut top.

I was quite impressed, even before I’d put the bra on, it felt very light and I liked the chrome/silver detailing on the straps. Once on it made an immediate difference to my cleavage and increased my bust size significantly. Having bought many gel-filled, push-up bras in the past it seemed to create the best uplift yet maintain a natural shape with plenty of support. I’ve shied away from similar bras in the past as they make me feel self-conscious but this one felt comfortable and gave me confidence.

The strap around my back was quite tight initially when I first put it on but I soon got used to that and I didn’t have to readjust straps at all once in position. Thankfully I didn’t get comments at work but several friends noticed the difference at the weekend and comments were positive.

I wouldn’t wear it all the time as I’m not used to having so much up top and I don’t particularly want to draw attention to myself.  But on those days when you need a bit more confidence or an outfit needs a little more oomph, I’d reach for this over others I’ve tried in the past.”

Wonderbra Full effectJenny (me), assistant content editor, says:

“I’ve tried plenty of push-up and gel-filled bras and although they’ve given me a boost it’s never looked particularly natural in terms of shape. In fact, it feels like you’ve plonked your boobs on top of the bra and the tell-tale overhang gives the game away.

I’m not self-conscious about the size of my bust, I’ve got enough up front to be honest, however, I wanted to try the Full effect bra to see if it could give a low-cut top or dress the wow factor. Wow indeed! Some boyfriends wouldn’t tell the difference, yet mine spent the whole evening talking to my chest which amused me no end. I popped round to a friend’s house for dinner and she noticed the difference as soon as my scarf was off. When not wearing a low-cut top the effect isn’t so obvious which means you can easily get away with wearing the bra day-to-day too.

In terms of wearability, the bra really does stay in place. No strap slippage, no overflowing cups, and firm support. The super-soft and light padding inside the bra really moulds to your shape and gives you a natural-looking boost – or, if you’re already big-busted, people may think you’ve had some very good cosmetic surgery, and let’s be honest, this bra comes a whole lot cheaper than going under the knife and is a lot less painful. It’s nice to have the Full effect bra in my wardrobe so that when I do want a major confidence boost, I have a fail-safe option.”

Think the bra might be for you? You can buy Wonderbra Full effect online.

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