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Turn your time at university into a home away from home


Graduation gifts

Moving away to university can be daunting. But with a few essentials packed you’ll be ready to hit the ground running and be the envy of your new friends too. Class.

  • Whether you need to sleep in preparation for an exam or if you can party no more and need to rest your weary bones, you’re going to want a comfy bed. With this Beige ‘Alfreda’ bed linen you can achieve both without breaking the bank. Just remember to set your alarm and don’t over sleep!
  • We’ve all been there. You’ve gone shopping with housemates, loaded up on your food for the week but when you’ve gone to make dinner you realise you haven’t got a can opener…d’oh! Don’t panic.  Just grab this Kenwood electric can opener (which also doubles as a bottle opener) and carry on with your Jamie Oliver impression.
  • University will be hard work, trust us, and a lot of fun. But you’ll achieve nothing without feeling fresh and ready to face the day.  So, after you’ve had that relaxing bath to soak away the day or stepped out of the shower before a night out with friends – dry yourself off with some Taupe Microcotton® towels and be ready for your next challenge.
  • If university taught us anything it’s books/laptops are heavy and you never have enough space for everything you need. While it’s unlikely you’ll ever find space for everything, you can be sure of being comfortable and looking good with this navy heavy drill satchel by Jasper Conran.
  • Among the studying, partying and socialising you’ll also want some time for yourself – to relax, unwind and take it all in. That’s where Kitsound’s white iPod clock radio dock comes in very handy. This multi-function dock plays FM radio as well as having a blue LCD digital clock front. It fits iPods and iPhones and charges them while playing music at the same time. It also means when you’ve finished relaxing…the party’s in your room!
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    Moving is the most irritating moment ever… I can still
    remember the day that I was moving to the university, I felt like it took my
    breath away… Unfortunately this post was not there when I was moving so that it
    might be made my way easy.