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Twitter Q&A with jewellery designers Erickson Beamon


Erickson Beamon

If you follow our Twitter feed you’ll know that we regularly let our Designers and experts hijack it to chat to you.

So far we’ve heard from Jasper Conran, Lisa Stickley, our Debenhams Lingerie experts, Rugby legend Phil Vickery and this time it was the turn of jewellery designers Erickson Beamon to take over and talk jewellery and inspiration.

Thank you everyone who joined in our #EBjewellery takeover! The questions were, as usual, absolutely brilliant and the Erickson Beamon team answered everything from how to pull off that gorgeous piece of statement jewellery, to what was the must-have piece of the season, to the stories told in their jewellery range.

Read on below to find out what was asked and what was answered…

Q. My girlfriend has tiny ears and struggles with earrings. Any advice?
A. Find out if she’s definitely lusting after big earrings – studs and a statement necklace would be great instead!

Q. So what makes the chandelier earrings so special?
A. The original designs were made from semi-precious stones & I think the colouration helped the initial success. Plus the new styles are great and normally fun and make you feel good!

Chandelier earrings

Q. How would you incorporate a heavy jewel (such as a choker) to an everyday outfit?
A.  I would wear a really fun statement ‘Pendant’ or maybe just some big earrings and a stack of bracelets

Q. What kind of jewellery would work best with a long sleeved dress that has a very busy print?
A. Prints do complicate the wearing of jewellery – but right now it is fashionable to have a very eclectic mix

Q. What’s your top-tip for the Christmas season and dressing up an old LBD?
A. This really depends on the dress and how simple or embellished it is. For a sequin dress: earrings & bracelets. With a long black dress make the outfit work with a huge statement necklace.

Q. Do you get inspired by antique jewellery? Do you have a favourite decade or era?
A. Antique Jewellery is always inspiring but my tastes really change as far as decades are concerned. Victorian Jewellery was v important for the Erickson Beamon look. Right now, most inspiring decade is the 60s. Love Mad Men – the latest collection was really influenced by this program!

Q. What one piece of jewellery do you think every girl should own?
A. Every girl should own a pair of earrings that make her feel good when she’s a bit down. Something to lift the spirit!

Q. What is the one piece of jewellery we should all be wearing this season?
A. This season clothes are so simple that big statement necklace really adds a lot. For Spring, definitely the earring!

Glam in gold

Q. If you personally could only wear gold or silver forever more, which would you chose?
A. Gold!

Q. After all your runway collections with Designers such as Galliano, Oscar De La Renta, did you have a favourite?
A. Every collaboration with the many designers we have worked with over the years has been amazing. We have no favourites – it is just fun to be so diverse!

Q. Do you agree that you should only wear either rings or bracelets? Or is it ok to pile it all on?
A. Great question: I am definitely more about ‘piling it on’ – the more the merrier

Q. What materials are you obsessing over at the moment?
A.  I am obsessed about colour at the moment! Strong colours that warm the heart!

Q. I love mixing gold and silver jewellery, is this taboo or acceptable now?
A. Totally ok to mix gold and silver together. We often make our pieces with mixed finishes as I think you can then wear this with anything.

Q. What type of jewellery would you wear to suit a romantic look?
A. Pearls are always great for romance. They give a much softer look! Even mixing a simple pearl necklace with another piece looks great.

Q. What makes a piece of jewellery a ‘collectable’ and where did your initial love for classic styles come from?
A. I think ‘collectible’ to be very personal. One man’s treasure is another man’s trash. Keep what you love and make room for something new. I would say that ‘ethnic’ jewellery is my classic.

Q. Why is so little jewellery made in yellow gold?
A. Well, I think I most people find silver or white gold to be more subtle but think the trend is changing with 60s influences

Q. Do you see jewellery as simply something pretty to look at or do you like your pieces to tell a story?
A. Our jewellery usually has a story but most importantly jewellery is for self expression so it should be what YOU want it to say!


Q. How do you make jewellery and what pieces work for the boardroom during the day?
A. I would keep jewellery a bit simpler during the day in the boardroom. However, I think jewellery can make you feel more confident so wearing something that empowers you is good. Link for my tip about boardroom jewellery – Watches! It’s all about the watches in the office

Q. Do white and yellow gold have the same prices or is one more expensive?
A. I am not a complete ‘expert’ on fine jewellery but think they’re more or less the same. Depends what carat gold you buy

Q. Do you take inspirations for your pieces from things you see?
A. Inspiration comes from many different sources but I love old movies and characters in books

Q. What top tips would you give for men wanting to buy their ladies jewellery for Christmas?
A. Men should not take the safest path.    Be a bit more adventurous and I think the effort will be appreciated.

Q. What works and doesn’t work for Men with jewellery?
A. Silver chains are really great.I’ve seen men in ‘pearl’ necklaces that still look masculine if you can believe!

Q. What are your favourite materials to work with?
A. We work with all sorts of crazy material.   The beauty of Erickson Beamon is the mixing of all elements – we often add a little semi precious next to a plastic bead – it is all for the effect

Q. Any good tips on how to estimate someone’s ring size?
A. You definitely need a proper ring sizer for this but it is a good question as it is often asked by a boyfriend who is trying to make a ‘surprise’ for his girlfriend

PS: Do let us know what you think of our Twitter Takeovers: are you loving them? Are you on Twitter, or would you prefer them to take place somewhere else? Any feedback you can give us (either here, via Twitter, or on our Facebook page) we would love to hear!

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  • http://www.sarahs-scribbles.com sarahs_scribbles

    I really really enjoyed this Twitter take-ver and think it is such a GREAT way to get interactive with some of favourite brands etc! I asked so many question I’m not surprised EB got sick of them! I loved this chat so much, I done a whole feature on it for my blog!!! Good Work Debenhams!


  • http://blog.debenhams.com Jenny, editor

    Thanks for taking part Sarah, some great questions came in. Loving your blog by the way :)

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