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Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows


Urban Decay

To celebrate the new Alice in Wonderland film by Tim Burton, Urban Decay has teamed up with Disney to unveil a Limited Edition line of eyeshadows, themed the ‘Book of Shadows’. Tucked inside a hidden drawer lie 16 of the best-selling eyeshadows with character names as well as two 24/7 Eye Pencils and a primer potion.

And, the best bit… the top opens up to a playful pop-up scene of Alice and the Mushroom Forest. Fabulous! Everyone in the office wants one.

Available from Urban Decay (£28 or €37) exclusively at Debenhams from March 2010. Head to debenhams.com and buy now (while stocks last) and you’ll be able to get your hands on it before it even hits stores!

And to get you in the mood, why not watch the official trailer for Alice in Wonderland.

UPDATE (02/03/2010) – Available in selected stores while stocks last.

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  • Erline


    When will it be available in stores and will there be any activities in store that I wouldn’t want to miss???


  • http://www.cherishedtrinkets.co.uk Janine

    I really can’t wait for this I hope I get my mitts on one!

  • charlotte

    I have reserved one of these!, im so excited to get it! Can’t wait (:

  • clara


    how did you reserve a Palette?
    i’d be intrigued to know, I missed out on BoS I and II (: thanks

  • Curvety

    You will be mine my precious!

  • Anna

    Which Debenhams stores will stock them?
    Because I don’t remember seeing UD products at my local one ):

  • Nicola

    How do you reserve one of these online? is it possible??


  • http://blog.debenhams.com Editor

    Hi all,

    Glad you’re all as excited as we are about this fab Urban Decay palette. It will be available to buy on 22 February. Check back on debenhams.com then.

  • Wendy

    Thanks so much for this information – will it be available to purchase at Urban Decay stands in Debenhams stores on 22nd, or just online?


  • Hollie

    Wendy, apparently it hits the online store on the 22nd and will be in-store on the 28th. I’ve heard there are only a limited number being distributed in the UK. Around 2000.

  • Tasha Beasley

    Is there a waiting list for this as my friends in the US said itsvery limited and sold out over there real quick

  • Wendy

    Thanks Hollie!

  • Julie-Ann

    This in on debenhams website now! Just ordered myself a couple.

  • Sarah

    Its available from debenhams.com now!

  • bunnie

    oh no its out of stock already :(

  • Wendy

    Hi, could you please clarify exactly when in March this will be available in stores – Thanks!

  • Alexandra Rowan

    Has this sold out online?

  • http://blog.debenhams.com Jenny, editor

    This should be released in stores from 28 February, but we suggest you check in advance if your local store will have it and when, as delivery times may vary from store to store.

  • Guy

    Hi Jenny, is it sold out online already?

  • Sarah

    Urban Decay’s Alice in Wonderland palette will be back in stock at debenhams.com on Wed 24th Feb!

  • Jess

    Thanks, Sarah. I am so desperate to get my hands on this!

  • Elvira

    Is it really coming back in stock, where did u read/see that?

  • Kerry

    Hi All, I’ve just spoken to Debenhams order line, and they tell me that they do not know when this fantastic item will be back in stock as they arn’t notified. The manager suggested that you just keep checking the website for details. Sarah must have an inside source (great).

  • Heather

    The new Debenhams at Newcastle upon Tyne Eldon Square had their shipment in yesterday and as far as I could tell they had only recieved around 10. 6 had been reserved (including mine) and there were only 4 out on display.

    If you live nearby try and get one today!! They probably won’t be there long!!!

  • Laura

    I have mine, its wonderful!!

  • Rebecca

    At what time do you guys know??


  • Elvira

    Has it been back in stock? is it gone4 already in that case?

  • Vicky

    Hey, what time-ish is the palette going to be put up on the website? X

  • Samantha

    Oh I hope so Sarah, I missed this and I won’t get a chance to get to a store until Tuesday and I’m sure it’ll be sold out by then.

  • Pippa

    Are they sold out online again!? I tried getting one first thing this morning!


  • raisa

    what time today will i be able to order the alice in wonderland palette

  • LH

    It’s online now :D

  • Elvira Warn

    I bought it this morning and I’m so pleased that they relaunched it online :D

    thank u debenhams staff!

  • Elmo

    I finally got one! Thanks for relaunching it online! :D

  • Pippa

    Yay! I got one! Finally!

    Oh, you sneaky Debenhams staff :P You did make it difficult! I suppose you had to, there are only two thousand being released in England :D

    Thank you for rereleasing it online, I couldn’t be happier!


  • Sophie

    If I didn’t accidentally find this page I wouldn’t have even known it was available early! I was going crazy last night trying to get hold of the palette. Finally made my order today and I’m so excited and cannot wait for it to arrive :)

  • Sara B

    GOOD NEWS! The palettes are now being sold instore – got mine this morning :) Grab yours fast!

  • Suzi

    Aaaarggh I really want one of these. I have only just discovered Urban Decay and it’s fabulous…I’m hooked. Is there anymore stock left? Please xx

  • http://utube Janean

    Got mine today in the post as boyfriend brought it for me Wednesday, its great. Carnt wait to try the eyeshadows out!

  • Al

    I can’t see it online – has it sold out again? I can’t believe I’ve missed it!!! Help?

  • Laura

    are there going to be anymore coming in stock online anytime soon. All the debenhams stores that sell urban decay are miles away from me :[

  • Poppy

    It has sold out online so we drove to the city and bought TWO!! It was well worth it, the colours are sublime and the pigmentation stunning!!!!

  • Si

    Finally got one after getting fed up of ebay! Managed to get one ordered over the phone which is being sent from one of the stores so wife will be a happy bunnny.

  • Hayley

    I have just ordered mine over the phone….. right ring customer services tell them what your after and you get put through to someone who orders you one and its 10%off aswell…. but £3.65 delivery charge…well worth it!!

  • lisa

    I got one off the Debenhams website at about 3pm. When i got home they had sold out again.
    Keep checking back every day folks thats the key!

  • Al

    I just bought two today! If you don’t live near a store – like me :( – you can still phone the number on the website and buy it like that – easy peasy! :) x

  • Tracey

    I just bought mine (I’ve been calling everyday for the past week!!)
    They are in stock right now if you call the Debenhams To You team over the phone :o )
    Hope you’re lucky!!! x

  • Al

    Heat were listing the palette as being £10!!

  • amy

    i just ordered mine over the phone.cant wait now till i get it.x

  • Nicola

    Got mine yesterday in store. Colours are gorgeous. Love it x

  • Alice

    I just ordered mine over the phone! There is still about 40 left at Oxford Street! :)

  • Laura

    just ordered mine off the phone! the lady i spoke to was lovely, really friendly. apparently there are only about 40ish left so if i were you i would hurry! x

  • Emma

    Having seen Laura’s post at lunchtime – thank you Laura! I rang the number to be told they were out of stock but to try my local stores… they even gave me the local numbers! brilliant! My friend Marie called one of them and hey-presto I now have my set! Thanks Marie!! The lady at the counter said it was the last…. but i’m sure we saw one or two tucked away…! definately hurry…!

  • Holly

    I got mine on the phone tonight! Can’t wait – I love my book of shadows vol II


  • sophie

    orderd mine on the phone :) been on the net all day looking but out of stock hurry if u want it x

  • Andrea Searle

    Hi Laura

    Did you call the online number or store number,
    thanks in advance : )

  • melie

    hi !!!
    i am so sad…. I ordered it by phone at lunchtime, the lady took all my details… and then in the afternoon, call me back to tell me that it was out of stock !!!! :( ((
    do you know where I can find it ??? or I can phone ???
    thanks !

  • Anon

    I called the tel no on this website on monday lunchtime & ordered 2 for home delivery :-) couldnt believe they still had them in stock!

  • Kristina

    I’ve been trying to get my hands on one all week. No such luck :( I’m completely heart broken, you just know that some people are buying them and they’ll hardly use them…

  • kiran

    GUTTED!! :( If anyone decides they dont want it im happy to take it off them :) or if any crop up plz let me know

  • Elvira

    Hi I’ve orded mine two weeks ago and got the confirmation bur no pallett… When is it coming???

  • AS

    I just bought mine today!! I called debenhams and turns out that they still had some in cardiff so I told my boyfriend to pick it up for me!! Apparently they still had 40 yesterday so hurry!!

  • Shelley

    Ive Ordered Mine Now Waited For Ages To Get Hold Of One Soo Happy! Hurry Up And Order It Before It Goes Out Of Stock Again :) Free Delivery Code Is SHD1 x

  • Fee

    whats frustrating is that so many are on ebay!!!!

  • lorna

    i have just managed to order one on the phone. they ask which store is closest so they can check if theyre in stock and i can tell you at 18.16pm on 15th march, there are 7 left in cardiff so that might save some time :)

  • Shani

    Omg i soo gotta have it does anyone know where i can get them where they are not out of stock?

  • sophie

    im sooooooooo mad i orderd one and have been looking forward to it coming and find out after a long wait and no notification that its been cancelled :(

  • Debbie Mclean

    Im getting this for my 18th! Cant wait to use it :D :D

  • June Harding

    I got mine in the Newcastle Eldon Sq branch but it was a week or so ago. They still had quite a few left. There are also loads on E bay so obviously people have bought them purely to sell!!! They are going for astronomical prices though, but if you’re desperate to get one. it might be worth a look!!

  • Daniela

    Just order mine! I thought it wouln’t be available any more but IT IS STILL AVAILABLE. If you really want this pallete call and get it! =)

    this pallete is GORGEOUSSSSS!

  • Katy

    Got one today! It’s an absolutely gorgeous palette. The pop-up scene is most charming. Had been looking in cardiff for ages to no avail, but there were a few left in Wrexham if anyone near there was after one :) x

  • thatistatz

    I WANT IT!!!!! T^T
    I want it so bad…

  • Natalia

    available again today online :) I just ordered mine

  • maria

    does anyone know if there are any to order anywhere (apart from e-bay) or do i just have to call different stores?

  • Moi

    I’ve been checking back to see if there’s any more. I phoned up a few times and they said they’ve fnished and won’t be getting any more in at all. I just randomly checked here today – and they had 1 random one in stock. So happy!!

  • Natalia

    I just received mine today and I love i to bits :D

    I ordered mine over the phone last week. Customer service was CRAP!!! They DO NOT provide you with a tracking number. There is NO OPTION for you to find out about your order… The e-mails come to you very late…. And the last but not least… some people from customer service have different info than the others…

    GUYS!!!!!! Take us seriously…. we are the ones paying your wages!!!

  • kmorrison

    does anyone know if they have any left?

  • Mirimiri

    Same question here,are they still ebing produced&sold?

  • sophie

    can u stil get hold of this product if so where i realy want it

  • Michelle

    I bought one on the airlingus flight from zuerich to dublin and Im totally in love with it… I really recommend it to everyone…

  • Michelle

    i know its super late. is it still possible to get hold of one. please email me if you know of getting it anywhere! thanks!

  • Jen

    So these aren’t available anymore?? I checked the UD site and they don’t have them on there anymore either :(

  • babs

    can someone please tell me if i can but the alice in wonderland palette now?????? where??????