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Wake up and make the coffee


I love the smell of Panama* in the morning.

Coffee culture has constantly evolved over the years and the popular settings of coffee houses in television shows such as Friends, Fraiser and Seinfeld has only fuelled this trend.

And re-creating the perfect cup in your own home has never been easier with coffee machines for your kitchen now available.

If you’re after a filter coffee machine then this silver ‘Grind & Brew’ bean to cup coffee machine from Cuisinart has a 10 cup capacity and is fully programmable with an auto start time feature and an automatic shut-off which turns the unit off four hours after brewing. A great feature is the gold tone filter which means there is no need for filter papers.

The Krups ‘XN250A40 Pure Grey U’ coffee machine is tailor made for Nespresso pods, with automatic pod piercing and ejecting functions. Among the other features are Thermoblock Technology, pre-programmed and programmable cup sizes and automatic shut down after nine minutes.

The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio Play & Select titanium by Krups is exclusive to Debenhams. Pint-sized yet powerful, this Krups KP150940 Gusto Genio Titanium coffee machine works with a 15 bar pressure to create coffee shop quality espresso at home, using pods, which are available in more than 26 fantastic flavours.

This Krups XP5240 espresso machine is ideal for pump espresso and has a universal filter holder with an easy eject system. It is also ideal for ground coffee, E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) and soft pods.

Technical features include a Thermoblock heating system for temperature regulation, a ‘Demitasse’ warmer for maintaining temperature, a removable steam nozzle for frothing.

For bean to cup machines the super compact bean to cup coffee machine ECAM 23.450.S. You can make perfect espressos at the touch of a button and enjoy cappuccinos, caffe lattes and create other milk drinks using the traditional frother of this bean to cup coffee machine from Delonghi.

*one of the most expensive coffee varieties in the world.  Planted in the 1950s as a rust resistant crop and rediscovered in the early 2000s. 

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