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Watch the brand new Debenhams TV advert


Our brand new TV advert has landed, and you’ll be able to catch it on TV until 13 November 2009. The first screening will be during the 8.30pm edition of Coronation Street on 19 October or you can watch it below…

You’ll spot that sought-after dog cushion by Ben de Lisi in there, along with some great outfit ideas for women, men and kids.

The location: If you’ve ever been to Eltham Palace you’ll probably recognise that gorgeous 1930’s Art Deco interior. I spotted it straight away. Not only is it a great place for a party, it’s full of elegant and ingenious design features.

The director: Thomas Napper was the perfect choice to bring our story to life, having worked as Second Unit Director on blockbusters such as ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Atonement’.

The voice: Did you guess it? The voiceover was Paul McGann, a one time Dr Who.

The music: Love is the Drug by Roxy Music is one of those songs that everyone seems to recognise despite being released over 30 years ago. Just the thing to get us all in the mood for the upcoming party season.

We asked Michael Sharp, Deputy Chief Executive at Debenhams about the idea behind the new advert:

“Design is at the heart of everything we do and our new ad reflects that. Our TV campaign allows us to showcase our design heritage and remind our customers what we’re about in a way that no other retailer on the high street can do. Stylish, exciting products that are accessible to everyone.”

Watch videos on Debenhams TV

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  • bernie toon

    who designed the silver sparkly backless dress worn by the girl standing at the bar …how much is it and do they have it in leeds i must have it …please tell me xxxxxxxxxxx

  • http://blog.debenhams.com Editor

    The dress is a Limited Edition design from Star by Julien Macdonald. It’s been very popular on our website and we’ve sold out unfortunately.

    If you would like to find out about any stores that have stock available, please contact our customer services team on 08445 616 161.

    I hope you find one.

  • http://debenhams kev

    my girlfriend really likes the silver sequince dress in this new advert, do you know where i can get this from? as ive searched all over the debenhams website and rang them and they said they do not stock it? i also looked on the julien mcdonald website aswel but had no luck

  • http://blog.debenhams.com Editor

    Thanks for your comment Kev.

    If you are referring to the floor length silver dress from Star by Julien Macdonald, then I’m afraid we have sold out of this on the website. It is a Limited Edition design so we make fewer of them – you have to be quick to grab one.

    That said, you might be able to find one in one of our stores or have it ordered for you.

    Please contact our customer services team on 08445 616 161 and someone should be able to help.

  • kayleigh

    was wondering were i can find, the silver dress the woman is wearing when she picks up the glass of champayne please!!!

  • Tasmin

    Hey don’t suppose you could let me know who the designer is of the dress at 45 seconds in? Its very nice and i can’t find it on the website. Thankyou :D

  • Vicki Oakes

    Who designs the silver sparkly dress with the ruffles in the skirt. The girl wearing it picks up a glass of champagne. I cant find this on the website but would love it for xmas.

    Can ne1 help?

  • Claire

    Hi can you please tell me if the siver hitch up sequece dress by Red Herring Special Edition will be available again? The website says out of stock in all sizes and there are none available in store in NI!!

    I’d love it for Xmas parties this season!!!


  • Liz

    Can anyone tell me the name of the silver ruffled dress with waste band on debenhams advert? Lady receiving glass of champagne is modelling it.

  • Hannah

    i too love the silver sequin dress its the short one in the advert, pulled in at the waist please can you tell me where i can get it?? i really want it for my birthday please

  • Jessica

    I really love the short sliver dress worn by the girl taking a` drink, please tell me how i can get my hands on it! thank you!

  • Ro

    Hi, I really like the sequin mid-length dress with the band at the middle and the flat ra-ra bottom, but can’t find it on the website. I think the girl wearing it is at 48 seconds. Please could you tell me the price of this and what label it is?


    Great advert – please can you give me the details of the dress worn by the girl who looses her earring? thanks…

  • http://blog.debenhams.com Editor

    Thanks for all your comments. I’ve added the most popular dresses from the advert to the blog post so you have the relevant information. Please be aware that these dresses are going to be in demand so I suggest you get in there quick to bag yours.

    If the one you want is not available online then please do give our customer services line a call on 08445 616 161 to find our which stores are stocking it.

    We’ve got new dresses coming in all the time so visit debenhams.com often for the latest styles.

  • sally Jarvis

    the dog is beautiful …where did you find him.

  • Helen

    Is this advert shot at Eltham Palace? I think I recognise the art deco background. We got married there nearly 25 years ago!

  • kate palmer

    who is the man in the ad?

  • http://blog.debenhams.com Editor

    To those who asked, the cute little dog was a Pug called George from a dog modelling agency! The rather handsome man is an actor called Travis Oliver. Some people think he looks like one of the actors from ‘Love Actually’ but he wasn’t actually in the film.

  • Bella

    OMG…… i am in love with the RED HERRING SPECIAL EDITION dress it is stunning!!!!!!! i have tried to buy it online but it wont let me it says in selected stores, please can you tell me which stores, i want it!!!!! Xxxxx thank you Xxxx

  • Vanessa

    Frustration Frustration Frustration…. the Red Herring Special Edition dark grey sequin dress, the one with the fantastic hem is selling out as soon as stock arrives instore.

    Is there a store anywhere that has stocks of this dress???? It is a must have for my wardrobe I LOVE THAT DRESS!!!!!

    Any help given so that I can get hold of this dress so greatly welcome and appreciated. Please order more of them.
    Thanks in anticipation

  • Nicky

    Please can you tell me if the lost earring is from Debenhams and the product code if so?

    Thank you

  • Kirsty

    I phoned your customer service line to see if the Red Herring Special Edition dark grey sequin dress was going to be stocked in any Edinburgh stores and after being passed around 4/5 people I was put through to what I think was an Edinburgh store and told that they didn’t know if they would be getting it in or not and that Glasgow might have it. I found this service poor and am still none the wiser as to where I can buy this dress, I really expected better from Debenhams. It now seems like the advert is very misleading and a blatant attempt to stir up hype for the store for items that no one is actually going to be able to buy.

  • tracy

    hi is there any chance you know the name of the designer and the stock code for the silver dress that is 45 seconds into the tv advert please as i have been to debenhams looking for this and as they are out of stock and it is not listed on there website they cant find out if there is any due instore becuase they have not got the relevent stock number thanks

  • Marth

    Hi. Been trying to find the red cushion with the pug on it online and can’t find it. Any ideas where I will find it? Product code or something. My friend loves pugs and I would like to get her it for her birthday. Thanks. xo

  • http://blog.debenhams.com Editor

    The item number for the red dog cushion is 3290010276. The cushion has been a best seller but I hope you manage to get your hands on one. Call 08445 616 161 for your nearest Debenhams stockist.

  • heather

    The dog in the adverts name is OSCAR not George, he’s my brother pug dog and he’s gorgeous..

    heather b

  • http://yahoo allana

    when is the haiti fashion show

  • Jennifer

    Hi. This is a very different question from those posted above. However, I was wondering if you could help me or put me in touch with someone who could.

    I am currently working on my dissertation concerning the use of advertising in music and considering the differences in background music in TV advertisements when targetting either a male or female audience.

    I noticed that you chose a song by Roxy Music. When you considered this choice did you feel this was more applicable to a target audience and why? Therefore, as well as considering the products and the season did you take the audience into account when choosing the background music?

    Any feedback would be great if possible!
    Thanks very much, Jennifer

  • anon

    Hi can you please tell me if the siver hitch up sequece dress by Red Herring Special Edition will be available again? The website says out of stock in all sizes and there are none available in store in AL!!

    Thanks very much!

  • julie ball

    I saw a silver dress recently in More Magazine, it was to the floor one shoulder dress , think it may have had one sleeve very slinky & shiney, I’m sure it said it was from debenhams but i cant seem to find it anywhere????

  • d watkins

    will the hitch up dress ever be available again.

  • d watkins

    i would like to now if the hitch up dress will ever be available again..thanks

  • Mrs Dawn Whiley


  • http://blog.debenhams.com Jenny, editor

    I thought you ladies might be interested to know that we’ve got a new sequin hitch hem dress available online while stocks last: