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We’re all going on a family summer holiday


Holidays with kids

We are going on our summer holiday to the south of France and we can’t wait for some quality time together as a family. Sun, sea, sandcastles and a few sangrias – here we come!

The only problem with holidays with a little one, as I am sure all parents will agree, is the packing and preparation for the trip! It is nothing short of a minor military operation. What with the bottles, feeding equipment, nappies, creams, favourite toys, cuddly toys, black out blinds and then there’s the clothes! The baby has the largest suitcase leaving the parents to struggle with trying to fit their items in a carry on case!

Long gone are the days of throwing your outfits into a bag care-free and jumping on a plane in a glamorous fashion with champagne in hand. It’s now all about carrying as many bags as you can, child under one arm, pram under the other and fingers crossed they don’t cry the whole way on the plane.

I have flown with Chloe only once before to Cyprus. As it was not too long a flight, it was only slightly traumatic. She got a little upset on the way out as she wanted to go to sleep but couldn’t as it was so light on the plane. So with that in mind, my top tip for parents making their first journey soon… make sure you have a blanket so you can create a covered area to make it slightly darker for them (leaving them room to breathe of course) plus have a few bottles of milk or their favourite drink to comfort them if they get upset. Don’t worry too much about your ‘routine’ on the plane. This goes out the window.

My only other advice would be to write a list of things you need to pack for the trip under the different headings of your child’s day. This way you can make sure you don’t forget anything that could be vital to ensuring the transition to a new environment is as relaxing for baby as your holioday should be for you. I use the following headings for my list;

  1. Sleeping
  2. Eating
  3. Playing
  4. Changing
  5. Bath time

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Enjoy your summer holidays, let me know in the comments section where you’re off to or if you’re enjoying a holiday at home this year.

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