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Wedding planning update: Finding the photographer



So I hope that everyone had a very merry Xmas and New Year? It’s back to wedding organising for me (no rest for the wicked!) but this time I’m really throwing myself into it as a) I want to have everything sewn up as soon as possible so that I can concentrate on … b) detoxing and losing weight so that I look the best I’ve ever looked as these are the photos that I’m going to point to in 10  years time and say look how pretty/photogenic I was back then!

Which leads me on to sharing my experience on the second most important person on your big day – your photographer! I don’t know about you (you’re probably all ultra super photogenic people) but when someone pulls a camera out on me, my face does this weird gurning thing. However, I have been ultra-lucky to find a photographer who doesn’t make me nervous, and that for me was a key point in finding her. We had a few suggestions from friends who recommended photographers they knew or had at their weddings and while we saw a few people that we liked, we chose to go with a photographer that I happened upon by pure chance when I googled a wedding fair at our venue. It just goes to show that you should never underestimate the true power of the internet!

Celine’s photos really struck a chord with me, just look at her website www.celinechaplinphotography.com and you will see why. This was the type of wedding photographer we wanted – not staged or in-your-face cheesy photos but totally natural reportage style. After meeting with Celine I instantly felt at ease and found it really easy to talk to her about what we wanted for the day and also our less-than-model-standard at being photographed! After we made the all important booking we had an ‘engagement shoot’ with Celine and even though we had been engaged for some months we were keen to have a “trial” at being photographed and I have to say it does allow you to get to know your photographer better. We went on a crisp November day over to Hampstead Heath and Celine got some truly lovely shots of us, so we felt the need to end with a celebration in the pub! (possibly not a good idea to let your photographer see you drunk but possibly good training for them for on the day!)

I have known a few of my friends who put immense pressure on themselves for how they look and super stressed at being photographed on the day and I have to say that while I hope to look super fabulous and photogenic (obviously), I know that I won’t be stressing out about a camera being present and for that I have the fabulous Celine to thank!

Top photographer tips:

  • Do your research! Get together a few names of photographers and check out their website, portfolios and, of course, pricing!
  • Do meet your potential shortlist of photographers, this ensures that they know exactly what you want and you’ll know how they like to work!
  • Do opt for the engagement shoot! It’s useful as an icebreaker and to get to know your photographer (and for practice!)
  • There are many options on coverage and delivery of your photographs – have a think if you want start to finish photo coverage!

Helpful links:

Celine Chaplin Photography
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  • Your flatmate

    Final tip – don’t tell your flatmates where your practice shoot is, they may happen to jog past on their weekly run and attempt to put you off! 

    Loved Celine’s photos, you both looked very much in love and gorgeous xx 

  • Bridesmaid

    Surely your second most important people on your big day are your
    bridesmaids!! ;)


    Celine’s photo’s looked fab and I like that they’re all very natural looking
    photos – nothing looks too posed.  Really looking forward to seeing the photos
    of the big day!

  • Sharon

    How fabulous and glamorous your “practise shoot” sounds!  Thanks for the tips – I’ve checked out Celine’s website and the photo’s are gorgeous!

    Can’t wait to see photos of your big day – hopefully you’ll put more than one up on the blog?!

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