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Wedding update: It’s all about the dress!



So I’ve been a bit slack in the blogging department recently (apologies) but in my defence life at Debenhams has been very busy with our spectacular Christmas Spectacular event. I’ve also been quite busy getting wedding things ticked off the list, so expect the blogs to be coming thick and fast from now on.

I’m starting my return with what I think is the absolute best bit about weddings (apart from the love and commitment part of course) … THE WEDDING DRESS!

From conversations with family and girly friends I think everyone tackles this differently. I actually researched through about 30 wedding magazines (no I’m not exaggerating the number!) and made a scrap book of all of the dresses that I really liked. After a while there did appear to be an apparent theme to the dresses that I’d put in there – so I was pretty comfortable that I knew what I was shopping for. That said, I have gone with the complete opposite (can’t give too much away here!) which goes to show you the power of the trying-on session. I had booked a couple of pretty full-on weekends for my mum and I and had mentally prepared myself to try on 100 dresses.

But, it was actually the first session at designer Caroline Castigliano where I found “the one” (yes that is ultimately cheesy but it just felt so right) and, high on wedding buzz, I bought it that same day! Much to the disappointment of my mum and bridesmaids, I then cancelled all my other appointments. I am absolutely in love with my dress (it’s a little unhealthy) and I’m not going to tell you how many times I’ve tried it on since. I can’t wait for the big day to see everyone’s reaction and of course will share some pics with you all so that you can all see the end result.

My top dress shopping tips:

  • Have a trying-on session of your existing dresses in your wardrobe – does a particular shape flatter/suit you more?
  • Do buy some magazines and create a scrapbook of dresses you like so that you don’t get overwhelmed in the shop – you’d be surprised as to how many white dresses you can actually fit in one room!
  • Don’t be influenced by others – sounds easy I know! I know a couple of brides who had some pretty pushy sales people in their trying-on sessions
  • Don’t overthink it – if it feels and looks fabulous don’t stress yourself out too much
  • Know your budget! This is a good one to keep in mind as it is very easy to get carried away!
  • The right accessories (and underwear) is going to be key so check out the Debenhams range of all thing bridal.
  • Need more advice? A personal shopper at debenhams can help you work out what will fit and flatter you best.
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  • Janet

    I absolutely loved shopping for my wedding dress – can’t believe you got it
    so quickly!!  Can’t wait to see what you went for!


    Janet x