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Welcome to the H! by Henry Holland blog



Welcome to the H! By Henry Holland Blog. I still find it weird writing that something is by ‘me’, it kind of feels like you’re referring to yourself in the third person. Which, I promise, I don’t do…

Anyway, I just wanted to say a quick welcome to the blog and how much fun I have had creating this range and how desperate I am for you all to see it. I still can’t really believe that it has happened; the fact that I am hopefully going to be seeing loads of you walking around in the pieces just makes me a bit giddy to be honest.

I have lost count of the times I have been asked when and where you can buy my stuff in smaller towns all over the country and now I will finally have an answer!

The idea behind this collection was just to create something that is as fashion forward and exciting as our previous collections but that is so much more accessible in both price and availability and will appeal to a younger customer. I am probably going to sit in one of the Debenhams stores over night while they build the shop (maybe with a bottle of champagne!) to see it all happen.

The whole process of designing and creating all the pieces in the collection has been so much fun and exciting all the way through. The Debenhams team is amazing and have made the whole thing a total pleasure.

The pieces that I have enjoyed working on the most would probably be the playful printed pieces and mini dresses and the denim bits and bobs. I also am a bit of a shoe freak, even if it is girl’s shoes, so the shoes and accessories pieces were also really fun to create.

The inspiration behind this first collection was actually one of my favourite television shows of all time, “My So Called Life” it was such a seminal moment for people my age, and the clothes and the colour of Angela’s hair (the main character) were just as important as what Jared Leto was doing.

Anyway, enough from me talking about myself I really hope you enjoy the site and come back to the blog soon as we’ll be putting up loads of exciting content, running competitions and showing previews and all sorts on here. Don’t miss out.


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