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We’re all going mad for mini skirts


What age do you think a girl should throw out her mini skirts? I’m hoping I can get away with mine for a few years yet and it seems popularity is on the up.

While 20 years ago wearing a mini skirt over the age of 33 was not the done thing, the latest research shows that us ladies are happy to wear shorter skirts up to the age of 40. If you’re a celebrity, then getting to 50 is no reason to change the way you dress… just take a look at Madonna.

Experts put the shrinkage of skirts down to a boost in gym culture, giving women even more confidence to show some skin and designers agree. Matthew Williamson commented in a recent Q&A “Women are working hard on their bodies so you find older women wearing younger looks”.

We may be heading for winter, but that’s no reason to increase your skirt length. Just throw on some tights and boots, and the mini skirt becomes an all-weather essential.

Try these skirts for size…

Cobalt hued mini at 38cm long

Cobalt hued mini at 38cm long.

Red Herring cobalt blue bandage style skirt

Peplum detailed mini at 39cm

Peplum detailed mini at 39cm.

Red Herring black contrast waist peplum skirt

Dark denim mini at 32cm

Dark denim mini at 32cm.

Red Herring blue torn denim mini skirt

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  • Leesa

    33, 40, 50? What is up with those arbitrary ages? I know many women think that there is an age beyond which you shouldn’t wear mini’s but I disagree in that age is not a factor. Physical condition on the other hand is. It is like saying you shouldn’t drive beyond the age of 50, 60, 70? You shouldn’t drive beyond your ability to drive safely, Wearing a mini skirt should follow some common sense rules like, how well does it fit? How are your legs? Do you look sexy or at least attracive or at least not creepy?