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We’ve gone Gaga for cups of tea


Rocha.John Rocha tea set

The epitome of British refinement, ‘taking’ afternoon tea, is making a surprising come-back but our retail boffins have noticed a striking link, could it be down to an American?

Sales of china teacups and saucers are up to 119%, and other afternoon tea essentials such as tea pots, plates and cake stands are flying off the shelves since Lady Gaga made delicate crockery her accessory of choice. She was pictured drinking from a china cup and saucer earlier this year and was bizarrely seen walking round cup and saucer in hand wherever she went.

‘Ladette to Lady’ Social & Etiquette Expert, Liz Brewer says, “Traditionally, English afternoon tea epitomized elegance and has thankfully returned to fashion not only as a daily ritual, but as a way of impressive entertaining, especially for those on a limited budget!

Liz also debunks a popular myth… “I’m afraid the ‘pinkie’ may have returned in some circles due to the increase in tea drinking but it is in fact incorrect. Raising a pinkie’ is totally unacceptable, and unkindly – it is considered a pretence to good manners indicating the owner doesn’t have any.”

Surprisingly, it seems that the American pop eccentric knows a lot about traditional British etiquette. Gaga’s pinkie remains firmly aligned to her remaining digits – the correct way to take your cuppa.

If afternoon tea is your thing, then why not check out our new home designer Lisa Stickley‘s checklist for the perfect tea party, I’m getting hungry just reading it…
Lisa Stickley's perfect afternoon tea

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