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What’s on Tor’s wedding list?


Tor and Mike

We love reading Fab Frocks, the style blog written by the lovely Tor Brierly so we were super excited to hear about her upcoming wedding this summer (and her Fab Frocks gets Married blog too). We asked her how she’d found the planning process so far and what she thought of our Wedding Gift Service. Here she reports back…

“We’ve been planning our Alice in Wonderland themed wedding for almost a year, and now there are just three and a half months to go.  It is the most exciting, emotionally draining, physically exhausting thing I have ever done. But I know I’ll miss it when it’s all over.

I’m what the wedding industry calls a DIY bride: my invitations, table centrepieces, oversized props, and even my bouquet have all been handmade either by me or my helpfully crafty family. I’ve spent what feels like months hand stitching homemade bunting, and making jewellery for my girlfriends. What I haven’t been able to make myself I’ve loved shopping for: my bridesmaids dresses are from Debut at Debenhams, my shoes are beautiful Dior satin heels and my dress…well, that’s a surprise!

Tor's wedding plans

About a fortnight ago I consulted my long to-do list (which I have stuck to religiously!) and discovered it was time to sort out my gift list. Several of the girls at the office had already asked when I was going to register and put together my gift list, so I knew it was something I would have to look into. My boss declared: “It’s the best bit! They give you a beepy machine and off you go – it’s like free shopping!” So I duly found an afternoon that soon-to-be husband and I were free, and booked us an appointment with the Debenhams Wedding Service.

It was surprisingly easy, and one of the most fun wedding tasks we have done together for ages! Filling in the paper work took minutes, and then we were given our beepy machine (also known as a scanner!) a gift bag full of vouchers and handy brochures, and away we went! We spent 3 glorious hours looking at every item of homeware Debenhams had to offer, and imagining it all fitting into our new marital home. I think we went a bit beep crazy, because we managed to add just over 150 items to our list in no time at all.

Of course, as well as the usual practical presents (cutlery set or pastry brush, anyone?) I also added an array of beautiful ornamental items to our list. Mike was devastated when I added two of the Ben de Lisi ‘Ella the dog’ lamps to the list, but I just couldn’t resist them: to the dismay of my minimalistic beloved, I love clutter, and anything kitsch or featuring animals!

I know it’s not in good taste to expect wedding presents. But I’m secretly excited for the day, 2 weeks after our wedding, when the Debenhams van arrives laden with boxes for me to unpack! In the meantime though, it’s back to reality: I’m off to construct a giant tea cup from cardboard and papier mache. Lucky me! ”

We wish Tor and Mike a lovely wedding, perhaps they’ll send us some pics of those gorgeous wedding presents when they arrive…

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