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What’s your perfect Pancake Day recipe?


Pancake Day is almost here which means an excuse to get creative with your cooking, ditch the diet or have some fun with the kids.

Before you start, give the kitchen a once over to check you’ve got everything you need and stock up on ingredients. Your pancake making supply kit should include:

If you’re a pancake-making newbie then here’s a basic recipe for pancake batter. Be aware though that quantities can vary according to taste.

Batter ingredients:

250g flour
4 eggs
1/2 litre milk
1 pinch salt
50g butter


Sieve the flour and salt into your mixing bowl and mix together. Make a well in the middle and add your eggs. Beat the egg and flour together to create a creamy mixture. To this, add the milk little by little then add melted butter and whisk until smooth. For best results, leave to rest in the fridge for a couple of hours before cooking.

To cook your pancakes, add a knob of butter to your pan and melt on a high heat. Then add half a ladle of batter and tilt to spread over the bottom of the pan. You’ll need to cook for a minute or two on either side, and voila!

Get Involved…

We want to know what your favourite pancake filling is? Good old lemon and sugar, golden syrup or perhaps something altogether more exotic? Whatever it is that you’ll be filling your pancakes with this year, let us know and we’ll feature the top ideas we’d like to try.

Email recipe ideas and/or photos of your pancakes to blog@debenhams.com with the subject line ‘Pancakes’. Please include your name and where you’re from.

You can also leave a comment with your recipe below.

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  • Abbie

    My favourite pancake recipe involves melted chocolate and fresh strawberries, a classic combination, and it tastes divine! fill the pancake with fresh strawberries add a generous drizzle of melted chocolate… and for those chocoholics out there, add hot chocolate powder or cocoa to the pancake batter to make it extra chocolatey!

  • Emma

    Classic lemon juice & sugar. Or for a special treat, nutella and mashed bananas. My mouth’s watering just thinking about it

  • Tracey

    I love lemon and Sugar…But also freshly squeezed Orange juice is also very good……..Enjoy !

  • http://blog.debenhams.com Jenny, editor

    Orange juice… now there’s an idea. Thanks Tracey.