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Why mums love shopping online…


J by Jasper Conran kids' feature

I used to love some regular retail therapy; window shopping, shoe shopping, browsing at whatever I fancied without a care for the world. But having a small toddler in tow can change things slightly.

For those fellow mums, I’m sure you would agree that the days of care-free shopping trips feel like a thing of the past. It can be a brave undertaking to go on a shopping trip without a precise plan in place! Shopping trips these days with chloe are quick and well planned with little or no time left for window shopping. I always have to make sure I have a list of what I need to buy, where to buy it, appropriate drinks and snacks to keep chloe patient and then march around with the buggy to get it all done as quickly as possible.

And then of course, let’s not forget about the inevitable tantrum if you’re out shopping for too long! My advice, do not let it embarrass you, just move your child to as quiet a place as possible and let it pass and then carry on with your day. It’s not easy but we all just have to grin and bear it a little bit until the tantrum stage is over.

Thank goodness for internet shopping and how easy it is to shop online now. Returns are easy to manage too with the  product being collected from your own doorstep. It means I don’t miss out on any of the latest key items for my own wardrobe! Plus, it’s far easier shopping for Chloe on the web.

Check out the J by Jasper Conran kids’ feature online now too, there are some fun PDF downloads to make and play with your children – print them out and shop online in peace, for 10 minutes at least.

But I do love going out shopping and and browsing the latest looks. So my advice… hand the kids over to Dad/mum/aunty at the weekend and go and spoil yourself rotten with a good cup of coffee you can take your time over, a sizeable slice of cake and then dawdle as slowly as you like through the shops browsing at what takes your fancy. Enjoy!

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