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Why we’re all buying Prom dresses


Prom dresses

It would seem that the American phenomenon for proms has finally taken hold in the UK with prom dress sales hitting a massive peak.

Forget the school disco, it’s a prom that teens are now getting dressed up for at the end of term.  In some areas nine out of ten secondary schools will be hosting a prom style event which means our prom dresses are flying out the door.

So what’s the difference? Unlike a school disco, proms are much more formal with eveningwear the required dress code.  Since the start of the summer ‘season’ we’ve seen a 57% increase occasion bag sales, a whopping 1,322% increase on false lashes sales and party shoes have also sold faster.

Could it be shows like Glee and Super Sweet 16 that are making this trend more popular? We reckon so. American teen movies depict this glamorous event and we’ve decided we want a bit of the action, plus it doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. Debenhams has plenty of dresses to suit all budgets.

‘Ladette to Lady’ Social & Etiquette Expert, Liz Brewer says: “Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge has been a brilliant role model for girls as she has shown that clothes can not only be recycled but also high street fashion is okay and appropriate.”

Watch our prom dress video below for more style inspiration…

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