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Will Harper Beckham be a shopaholic like mum Victoria?


More clothes for little girls

Is little baby Harper Seven Beckham likely to grow up a shopaholic just like her Mum Victoria? Some recent research would suggest so.

Why do women love to shop so much?  Is it nature or nurture? Research that we’ve commissioned suggests that the answer is most certainly nurture. In others words, women are taught to shop … by their mothers!

Clothes for baby girls are out-selling clothes for baby boys by 20% here at Debenhams so that by the time children reach the age of four, infant girls have an estimated 1/5 more clothes than a boy of similar age.

This doesn’t even start to cover the likes of Victoria Beckham who’ll no doubt have masses more for her newborn baby girl Harper Seven. David Beckham recently admitted he’s scared that his home will turn pink following the arrival of his baby daughter.

Dr. Karen J. Pine, a leading psychologist says:

“Human society puts a great deal of emphasis on female appearance and this will inevitably result in more clothes being purchased for girls than boys. Parents encourage the importance of clothes through leisure activities such as shopping and play that involves dressing up. While Dads are taking their sons out for football matches, women are taking their little girls shopping and encouraging them to take more of an interest in fashion”.

So this suggests that the shopping gene is nurture not nature. Mothers are literally turning their daughters into little versions of themselves by providing them with more clothing than their sons.

What about you? Have you found that you spend more money on baby girls than boys?

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