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WIN a Landmann barbecue


Win a Barbecue

Summer is here again and that means two things, it’s time for the World Cup and it’s time to bring out the barbie… and to celebrate we’re combining the two!

We can’t think of a better way to enjoy a World Cup summer than a good old fashioned summer barbecue, in fact we liked the idea so much we teamed up with the lovely people at Landmann to give one very lucky person a brand new Cronos model 12775 barbecue.

Landmann barbecueSound tempting? All we’re asking you to do is send us your best barbecue tip or recipe. It could be a secret marinade that has been passed down from generation to generation, an ingredient you wouldn’t normally expect ot see on the barbie, it could be anything really, that’s down to you.

Simply email your tip to blog@debenhams.com, we’ll put up as much as we can on the blog and then pick a winner.  Entry is open until 30 June. Good luck and happy barbecueing!

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  • Jen Parker

    Marinate pieces of chicken breast in 1tbsp olive oil, the juice and rind of 1 orange and a couple tbsps of dried tarragon for a few hours, before placing on wooden skewers, wrapping in parma ham and bbqing until cooked through… Delicious!

  • http://blog.debenhams.com Jenny, editor

    Hi Jen, fab tip but don’t forget to email it in to blog@debenhams.com to be in with a chance of winning the BBQ.

  • nesrinydkl

    hi..ıt looks great ..ı love ıt…

  • Laura

    Use a red onion cut in half to clean the grill racks.

  • Catherine Gregory

    For cooling down on hot days and great for vegetarians why not try some tropical kebabs, add big cubes of peaches, apple and bananas into a bowl with a little lemon juice to stop them browning. Put the fruit onto kebab skewers adding a glace cherry every now and then. Paint with a little cranberry jam and sprinkle with mixed spice. Cook long enough to warm the fruit, delicious and refreshing on a hot summers day

  • kayleigh white

    My tip would be….cut slices of lemon and pop into an ice cube tray. Fill the tray up with water and freeze. This way you have instant lemon and ice to pop into your drinks. No more wasting time when you want to be getting on with the bbq!

  • Ken

    Thanks for all your tips guys but make sure to mail blog@debenhams to ensure you’re entered into the competition. And please keep your tips and recipes coming, anything from what fillings you like on your burger to how you get your sausage just right!

  • fatima desai

    marinade chicken with lemon, spinach and coriander spices
    halfr cook chicken then bbq it dipped in tomato ketchup, sweet chilli, hot pepper.

  • LauraD

    Use rosemary stalks as skewers…gives chicken a fabulous flavour!

  • Lucie Aiston

    chunky slices of pineapple marinaded in sticky bbq sauce then cooked on the BBQ for a few mins! Great to accompany the meat! yummy!

  • Niki Wild

    Dessert tip -

    Leaving the skin on, make a slit down the length of a banana, prise a Cadburys Finger of Fudge inside, wrap the banana in tin foil and rest on the coals of the BBQ. Leave for approx 30 minutes and then check to see if the skin had discoloured then you know it is ready. Place the foil parcel on a plate and let your guests scoop out the yummy mixture with a teaspoon. As an extra indulgence try a scoop of ice cream on top.

  • Ken

    Thanks for all the great tips and recipes everyone! But don’t forget that if you want to be in with a chance of winning the barbecue you have to send your entry to blog@debenhams.com! Good luck!

  • christine roles

    diced chicken
    soy sauce
    tomato sauce
    Combine soy sauce, honey and tomato sauce and marinade the chicken for 30 minutes.
    Meanwhile cut the sausages and vegetables into chunks.
    Thread the sausages, vegetables and chicken onto skewers and BBQ until cooked through.
    Throughout the cooking, brush kebabs with the marinade.
    Serve with boiled new potatoes (jerseys) and mixed salad.
    Tip: if using wooden skewers, soak in water for 30 minutes before using to prevent them burning when on the BBQ

  • Claire

    I’d flavour everything with a dash of lime or lemon … mmmm, the thought of it’s making my mouth water – the smell of fruit wafting while cooking out in the sun. What more could we ask for?

  • Maggie D

    Peaches and ice-cream
    Place the peach halves, cut-side down, on squares of double-thickness foil. Curl the edges of the foil up around the fruit and place on the barbecue. Cook for 5 minutes. Turn the peach halves over and spoon on ice-cream and sprikle with chocy bits – yum – can also use bananas if preferred.

  • Terry

    For Chicken Thighs and Legs
    Make sure the bbq is hot, (all burners on full power gas setting).
    Then turn off one side and place your chicken on that side, brush your marinade on and close the lid.
    Turn the chicken every 5 mins or so and brush with more marinade. After about 20 mins and turning the chicken 4 times the chicken should be cooked. I always cut mine to have a look inside to make sure …………yummy

  • Tim

    Buy a cast iron reversible hotplate
    the bevelled side is great for fish and the flat side can be used to fry eggs and cook pancakes

  • yvonne parsons

    This is a great prize i have sent my tip to blog hope who ever wins has some great barbecues

  • Jill Mason

    Take some bananas in their skins (not too ripe) slice in half lengthways, put some maltesers inside, put the two halves back together, wrap in foil and place on barbecue for about ten minutes. Absolutely delicious.

  • Chris Lewis-Jones

    honey, garlic, chilli, balsamic vinegar…we’ve all become used to such (once exotic) ingredients being used to enhance the flavour of food cooked al fresco nowadays…but how about the traditional and oft neglected Marmite? Rub just a small amount of it into the skin of a chicken, or a nice thick tuna steak, an hour or so before you barbecue it, and you’ll be amazed at the extent to which it enhances (but doesn’t overwhelm) the flavour of your food. Add sugar, garlic and chilli for a jerk like flavour. Great with courgettes (and almost any other firm vegetable) too. Cheap, convenient and British. Just like me!

  • G Wilson

    When cooking steaks, brush them with Apple juice for a really wonderful flavour

  • Jennifer

    To stop chicken from drying out on the barbecue, and also to ensure it is thoroughly cooked, boil it in stock for 30 minutes beforehand. This has the added bonus of giving it a lovely flavour, too, and the stock can be frozen for later use!

  • Debby

    Spray apple juice onto meat (steaks or burgers) before they go onto the BBQ this will have two benefits –

    Help to tenderize the meat
    Reduce the tendency for the meat to blacken / burn

  • Paul Oliver

    Peppered Pineapple.
    This is a great recipe dish that can be prepared in advance either finishing the dish by grilling slices of pineapple when required and placing in the sauce or cutting the pineapple and placing in the sauce directly.
    Served with a scoop of ice cream you have got a fantastic dish.

  • David Smallwood

    Keep the lid closed and get someone else to do the cooking while you sit back and enjoy a cool beer and watch the footy.

  • hari

    it looks like a photocopy machine

  • hari

    never used it. lets try it

  • felicity morris

    Marinate lamb chunks over night in 1 250ml bottle of lemon juice and half a jar of fresh garden mint (colmans) per 4 pounds of lamb. Mix all together and refridgerate. Place on skewers with pepper, onion and mushroom and bbq!

  • Karen Minter

    Let’s face it, burger rolls can be boring, a bit dry and tasteless so use pitta or garlic&tomato flat breads or tortillas for wrapping burgers and steaks.

    For Vegetarian kebabs substitute meat with Tofu cubes.


    Always keep a water mister/sprayer handy. If something is cooking too fast cool it down a bit with the sprayer. Also useful for burns until you get to the 1st aid box.

  • Dennis Marshall

    Try salted asparagus – delicimo 80)
    Salt the asparagus, and put a dob of butter on hotplate. Cook slowly for 5 – 10 min.
    Best fish is cooked in foil, lightly seasoned, splash of lemon and dob of butter and on the grill for 10 – 15 minutes depending on size of fish. Ooh, I feel like using that BBQ now!!

  • Denise Queen

    Home made chicken burgers. Mince chicken thighs (less dry) or breast)with egg (to bind), breadcrumbs, tarragon, chilli, tomato ketchup, soy sauce, dash of lea and perrins and fresh garlic plus a little salt and plenty of black pepper plus a twist – try adding a heap of parmesan cheese too. Scrumptious! Form into burgers and heh presto – Fabulous burgers which go down well with the little ones and us big ones too. To save time can be prepared in advance and frozen and used at a later date too. Roll on some sunny days..Happy BBQing everyone…

  • Denise Queen

    Oops…. forgot the onions for those of us who like em!!!

  • nausheen

    Summer time and grilling go hand in hand, but if you want to have a lighter dinner, or are looking to reduce your red meat consumption to improve your family’s health, you may want to try my salmon BBQ recipe:)

    Salmon doesn’t take long to grill at all, and the natural taste of the fish is a great base for almost any seasoning. If you want to get a more traditional barbecue flavor, you can make your own sauce by using ingredients like ketchup, apple cider vinegar, molasses or brown sugar, salt, pepper and oregano. All you’ll need to do is grill the salmon for a few minutes without the sauce, then allow the steaks to marinate in the puree that you’ve created for a few minutes. Then, place the salmon steaks on the grill for a second time so that all the flavors can combine.

    Healthy Eating :)

  • nausheen

    One of the first things you will need to get is a grill, and the first decision you will need to make is whether to buy a charcoal or a gas grill. The gas grill has convenience on their side, while the charcoal has taste. Also, the charcoal grill is all about slow cooking, so if you do not have the luxury of time, it may be a good idea to go with the gas grill.

  • Dan

    A friend of mine brought some fish fingers to my last BBQ… and now they’re an essential ingredient evertime. Try it!

  • http://nil shazad zaman

    a friend of mine recommended chiken tikka massarla on the bbq i muust try it some day if i win.

  • Robert Hart

    Always have a bottle of beer on hand to spray on the flames, keeps the heat down and adds flavour as well.

  • lynne corder

    whoops !!! have never owned a barbacue but would love to try salmon and sweetcorn

  • r lowden

    Check the weather forecast before sending out any invites
    Then have a plan B

  • kev

    My favorite is onions softened in a pan with a little oil, then add magners cider reduce, then add lemon grass and chilli sauce,

  • Norah

    marinate ur chicken in ANY spices mix u like and a generous amount of sour cream! trust me..chicken never tasted better ;)

  • silvia

    An mix of meat( lamb,pork.beef and chiken ) roast and serve with a souce of olive oil garlic,origano,lemon juce and ground black pepper and rosmarine lovely mediterranean taste try and let me know enjoy

  • louise Doran

    Hi, My best tip is not a recipe or an ingredient but it is to have a meat thermometer… Every year thousands of people get sick from undercooked meat. Please if any tip should be listened to it is to BE SAFE………. Thanks all……….. hope I win

  • Lona Jones

    A Mint marinade for sausages and lamb chops – Fresh chopped mint leaves mixed with sugar, vinegar and olive oil – mmmmmmm the smell when they are then cooked!

  • martain

    get your neighbour that you invited around to clean the barbi

  • John

    Slice a pineapple, core and grill slowly, both sides until golden brown, delicious

  • http://blog.debenhams.com Jenny, editor

    These are all fab tips but don’t forget to email yours in to blog@debenhams.com too in order to be in with a chance of winning the BBQ.

  • Steve

    Try apples such as Granny Smiths, cut into 4 slices and then halved again, covered in a honey/chilli/oil coating and add this to your meat or vegetable skewers.

  • Jo Bryan

    Here is a quick BBQ ‘Starter’ that will totally impress your guests Warm
    through whole individual goats cheese just so that the outer skins sets
    but the inside begins to soften and melt. Serve on warmed ciabatta or
    french stick garnished with mixed salad leaves.

    Totally unusual to the normal dips and crisps

    I sent via email last week

  • Sarah Whittington

    Add herbs & spices to meat to get a wow factor,it enhances the meat giving it so much more flavour than just barbequed plain meats.

  • Renuka Rajadurai

    mines more of a dessert than traditional bbq dish, but its so simple i think everyone should give it a go because i have yet to meet anyone who didnt LOVE it.

    take a large banana, slit the skin from top to bottom length wise. push as many cadbury chocolate buttons, or better yet, caramel filled chocolate buttons, into the slit, straight into the banana flesh. then press the skin back together to its closes again and wrap in foil.

    Throw it on the bbq for 10 minutes and pry open the slit in the skin to find a simple bbq take on banoffee pudding! (sometimes i make them in the oven because i like them so much!)

    we just moved house and have a lovely terraced backyard and would do ANYTHING for a new bbq. We would be over the moon about a new Landmann and would review it on the stylesage website… *fingers crossed*

  • Karen Parker

    Always have the oven or an umbrella on standby, that way you can still enjoy and the weather can’t spoil !


    Just coat whole cloves of garlic in olive oil and place on the barbeque. This may sound odd, but try it.A delicious accompaniment to any dish.


    Just coat whole cloves of garlic in olive oil and place on the barbeque. This may sound odd, but try it. A delicious accompaniment to any dish.

  • Daz Humphreys

    Have a small electric or battery fan by the barbecue. It will keep you cool, blow the smoke away, keep insects off the food and the air will keep the charcoal glowing hot!

  • Laura Mynett

    Make a quick, tasty garlic crostini by cutting a French stick or ciabatta into 1cm slices (cut diagonally). Drizzle with oil and rub with a clove of garlic. Cook on BBQ until toasted then top with salsa sauce and parmesan cheese.

  • Mark

    If you hold a last minute BBQ try this for quick BBQ sauce
    Mix equal quantities of tomato and brown sauce and add a very very small amount of cola (to caramelise and make the sauce stick) and you have a brilliant quick sauce.

  • Rachel

    Marinade chicken with salt, pepper, home made thai green curry paste and thread the marinaded chunks of chicken onto skewers with green pepper, onion and aubergine.

  • Rose

    For those difficult veggies – french beans; mushrooms; cherry tomatoes (and/or any veg you fancy) wrap in a foil parcel with a sprig of rosemary and a clove of garlic, then place on the bbq for about 15 minutes.

  • Jennifer Hamilton

    Get a BBQ with a lid so that you can close it down and save on your fuel costs. Oh, and remember NOT to start cooking immediately on a coal BBQ because you’ll burn the outside of the food but it won’t be cooked through and no-one likes to get food poisoning!

  • Lisa

    Relax…cook your food slowly to avoid burning – use the time to chat to your guests and drink wine :-)

  • J Oliver

    few spoonfuls of very lazy chopped garlic, put in a small metal takeaway dish, mix the garlic with tomato ketchup, put at back of bbq to warm slightly and you have a very simple but tasty garlic relish to go with your burgers.

  • d mullooly

    Dunk any meat before barbying into a dip of honey, lime, rosemary, and oil for a foolsproof treat

  • Ashobi Finni

    Confused about a marinade for your chicken? Just mix barbecue sauce and a touch of honey you can’t go wrong!

  • http://www.bostin.net Jo Green

    My tip for a lovely barbeque dish is chicken marindae in olive oil, garlic and fresh rosemary from your garden… or dried if you have no fresh. Leave for at least half an hour.

    Also chicken, olive oil and garlic and cracked black pepper with lemon juice…leave for half hour at least or long.

    Barbeque… and it’s delicious with mixed leaf salad.

  • becky caplin

    we always start cooking sausages in a frying pan on the bbq to start off then put them directly on to the grill, you cook the saysages properly with out the fully charcoal effect, lush!! also Holy Cow bbq sauces are lovely, marinate some pork or chicken in these, yum yum xxx

  • caroline norfolk

    home made burgers.. 1lb of mince mixed with 1 egg and some breadcrumbs to bind them together. Add plenty of herbs i like mine with a kick so add chilli. Before you shape them into burgers though put a chunk of cheese in the middle when it melts inside the burger it’s yummy.

  • graeme potter

    Make your own sweet and sour barbecue marinade by mixing tomato sauce and vinegar

  • http://blog.debenhams.com Jenny, editor

    All of these sound so delicious. Good stuff!

  • Ron

    Basic rules for successful BBQ.
    Ignore the weather.
    Make sure the cook is well lubricated.
    Turn up the music – ACDC ‘Highway to hell’ will do it.
    All sausages should cooked black whilst still raw on the inside – its a fine art.
    Burger buns should be flame grilled.
    Any smart Alecs offering advice should be left to see if they can cook any better.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tina-Saunders/100000159962653 Tina Saunders

    bake bananas in their skin then open up and drizzle a little honey – delicious!