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Win a pair of Reebok trainers


Reebok trainers

Congratulations to both our winners and thank you for all your entries. You’re such a sporty bunch – we’re very impressed! More comps soon…

We’ve got two pairs of Reebok trainers to be won; one for men and one for women.

For the ladies we have a pair of Reebok Reenew trainers from the Easytone range of women’s trainers up for grabs.

Designed to tone your legs and bum muscles with every step they are the ideal for walking and everyday activities helping you get that perfect bod! The SmoothFit seamless design means they are extra comfortable with reduced rubbing and irritation. Who knew toning could be so simple?

For the men we have a pair of Black ZigTech Premier trainers up for the taking. The unique zigzag shaped outsole is designed to return energy by transferring energy horizontally along the zigs instead of vertically, so the shoe provides a return of energy from heel strike to toe off. In white, blue and silver they are a classically trendy running trainer.

To win a pair of the Reebok trainers all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog telling us about your greatest sporting achievement – it could be running a marathon, running for a bus or losing a few pounds. We’ll pick a winner at random next week.

And don’t forget to tell us which trainers you’d like just include men’s or women’s in your comment.

Good luck!

Closing date is Thursday 23rd June 2011 – please read the full terms and conditions.

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  • Pete A

    To be honest it was winning the Blackburn schools football league when I was 11…….all downhill from there :)

    If I won I’d like the mens shoes in size 11

  • Adam Hamadache


    I once decided (rather randomly) to cycle from London to Cambridge which is about 60 miles, armed with nothing other then a map, a bottle of water and box of cereal bars! It took me the best part of six hours (mainly because I kept getting lost) and I was in agony for days afterwards. Thouroughly enjoyed it though and now I cycle all the time.

  • Heather Mitchell

    Since January 2011 I decided I had to get fit not fatter. I now run 3 times a week and not only do I feel fab but my clothes fit better and my confidence has increased. I love it and would recommend it to anybody.


    I got out of bed this morning, does that count?

  • Zoe Homes

    I’m yet to complete my greatest sporting achievement… I’ve done the Lincoln 10k road race for five years in a row, with the aim of doing it in under 60 minutes. No joy yet! PB is 63 minutes and for some reason I just can’t go any quicker. So I’ve signed up for the British 10k in London in July which will be my LAST ATTEMPT! If I can’t do sub-60 mins on that day, I’ll never manage it, and I’ll choose a different distance!

  • Nicky Russell

    I won a Gold Medal at Judo in a competition when I was 12 (I showed off my medal prodly for about 12 months, and neglected to tell people there were only 3 entrants in my weight group) :D

  • cathy james

    my greatest sporting achievement was when i started power walking, and lost 50lb in weight

  • Jacqueline Bowden

    Passing 6 weeks of RAF basic training at the grand old age of 22 in 1989( believe me that was old !!!) with no real physical preparation!! It nearly killed me and I lost 1/2 a stone !!

  • susan kelly

    My greatest sporting achievement is when im running out the door in the morning to get the kids to school when 1 of the kids decided to tell me when im near the school they have forgot something so its like a marathon trying to get back to the house to pick up what was forgotton and another marathon to get back to the school gates b 4 the bell rings so thats why I live in runners as if I had heels on it would b hard to do a marathon in them

  • peter arnold

    Ran a marathon earlier this year. Would like to run a quicker one though. (Men’s 10.5uk)

  • Alison

    Had to be my bronze medallion lifesaving award, was really proud as it was hard work at the time

  • sarah bailey

    Definitely winning the midlands lacrosse tournament with my team. We did hours of training, early morning runs and sprints. The goalie was injured half way through so I had to step in and ‘take one for the team’. Although I gained A LOT of bruises, the feeling of winning after overcoming lots of injuries was AMAZING!
    Women’s size 6

  • Janet

    I think my most sporting achievement, was to take part in the run for cancer last year. I finished the course, but was only hobbling by the end. LOL Ladies trainers please

  • Amy

    My Greatest achievment to date is loosing over two stone and I’m still going!

  • Christine Bray

    I have just lost 50lb since February 14th and now go to spin calsses and Zumba at our local DW sports centre!

    But as far as sporting achievements I was most proud of swimming a length at school and getting my first certificate! I still have it but no longer display it on my bedroom wall LOL!!!

  • Hfortune

    Was at a baseball game in the US and the ball (I’m sure that’s not what it’s called!) came towards me at speed. To avaoid it hitting me in the face face I caught it – pure fluke as I can manage to drop a ball that is handed into my hand!!

  • temesed

    It might not count as a sporting achievement, but a couple of years ago I needed some extra cash before Christmas, so I took a night shift as well, after 2 following days, which meant I woke up on Monday morning and went to bed on Wednesday evening – worked 60 hours without sleeping! I think that’s quite an achievement :)

  • Rachel

    My greatest sporting achievement? Actually using my gym membership for longer than the first 2 weeks of January. For the last 2 years, I have attended for 10 days or so, but continued to pay my membership for the whole year, and only my bank account lost pounds….

    Now, thanks to my new found commitment, I’m over 25lbs lighter, due to regular classes and workouts, and finally feel comfortable enough to wear a bikini! :-)

  • Chris Jones

    Being 28 now i look back on running a schools cross country race when i was 13, i should have won the race but came 2nd place because i thought i had cramp in my stomach and slowed me down. Turns out the next day i was taken in to hospital because my appendix had burst… i’m still proud that i managed to finish it at all. lol

  • Emma

    I managed to swim 50 lengths this year of my local 19 metre pool and have continued to do this atleast 3 times a week. I feel great for swimming!!.

  • Nicola Seary

    My greatest sporting achievement would be finishing any event at my many sports day’s as a child,I am the least well co-ordinated person I know.

  • Claire Smith

    Jumping 1.25m in the high jump aged 10 at school – been on the slippery slope ever since!!


    My gretest sporting memory was winning the individual knockout competition in my local darts league.If I win mens size 9 trainers please.

  • L Brown

    One time I wasn’t actually picked last in the playground for playing Rounders! That was my greatest sporting achievement til I took up Tae Kwon Do at the age of 40 to encourage my dyspaxic son – then surviving each class was an achievement!

    Women’s trainers size 5 – and good luck to everyone!

  • Amanda Senior

    If I was lucky enough to win a pair of trainers it would be so I can keep up to my son when we are out at the park. Flip Flops are so inpracticle when chasing after a 4 year old playing football etc :)

    Ladies size 6 PLEASE!!!


    Many years ago (I turned 60 this year so at least 40 years ago) in a valiant attempt to impress the guy I had set my sights on dating, I put my name forward for the annual “Men v Women” football match held by the supporters of my local club. The day of the match arrived, I had made sure that my intended would notice me as I ran onto the pitch in full make-up (!!) and freshly coiffed hair (!!) only to pull a muscle before reaching the half-way line. At least it caught his attention as he and a couple of his team-mates carried me off the pitch. He must have been impressed by my weaker sex display as we have now been married for 35 years.

  • Chris Evans

    I recently ran across the Severn bridge twice from England to Wales, and it was dipping it down.
    (Men’s size 11)

  • Simon Phillips

    Climbing Half Dome in Yosemite and not falling off.

  • Amanda Jack

    When I was 7 I broke my arm in 3 places, I missed out on sports day at school. After 2 ops the next year I won the egg and spoon race! Its the only sporting event I have ever won in my life and still the proudest to this day… kinda sad I know, but if I had these awesome trainers I may start winning again YAY!
    If I were to win I would like the womens trainers in a size 5.

  • Dan Allen

    I think my favourite memory was coming first in the Inter-school chess challenge when I was 9 years old. I got a little plastic cup and everything! How proud I felt!!

  • Linda Brooks

    For my first race at a Navy Family Day when I was 4 or 5, I decided to head off the competition by running horizontally across the track to the finishing line. The other kids weren’t pleased but I won a jewellery set for my initiative! It’s been downhill from then on!

    If I’m lucky enough to win, I’d like the women’s trainers in an 8 xxx

  • Sarah

    Has to be swimming 1250 meters when I was a child – I could of gone further but I got pulled out of the pool by my Mum at that point lol.

  • Kelly Padwick

    I am not very sporty, but i’m very proud of myself for completing the race for life a couple of years ago…and I didnt even come last!!! x

  • Belinda Matthews

    I used to do a sponsered swim every year 50 lengths of a pool

  • Belinda Matthews

    forgot to say womens

  • Tracy Nixon

    I was never really sporty as a youngster – I was a little overweight so tried all I could to ‘skive’ pe – even forged notes from my mum saying I couldn’t do pe for some reason!

    Anyway, when I was 12, my parents took us (me and my 2 brothers and sister) on holiday to Tenerife. There I joined in the kids club and tried a sport I had never tried before – pistol shooting and archery! Well during that 2 week holiday I was awarded several certificates for ‘outstanding performance’, coming first in their shooting and archery competitions etc. These certificates really boosted my confidence so when I went back to school and showed my friends and pe teacher and they told me how great that was – I began taking part in my pe lessons once again and grew in confidence too!!!

  • Tracy

    Since last year, I’ve lost more than 50lbs (and still losing…), and I’ve taken up Spinning classes. I now do three Spin classes and a Zumba class a week – all this from doing no exercise at all!

    (And I STILL weigh more than 25 stone!)

    If I win, I’d like a pair of the Men’s in size 9… since I doubt the Ladies’ 8 would fit me. Oh well! Damn me and my big feet. :)

  • nicola hawley

    ooh lots to say, I enjoyed being captain of the Hockey, Rounders and Athletics team at school, and went on to play hockey for Yorkshire. Won several ‘cups’ with my local hockey team. Cycled to Istanbul (highly recommend as came back a size 8)Have done the London to Brighton bike ride. I actively encourage my children to play sport as the sense of achievement that you feel is beyond words

  • Claire Toplis

    My best sporting achievement would be running with Paula Radcliffe when I was at Bedford running club….. ladies trainers please so I can relive my glory x

  • beth

    From puffing my way up a few flights of stairs to burning off a 1000 calories in the gym my new years resolution to get fitter has certainly brought me a long way but i have to say my proudest achievement was reaching the summit of pen y fan in under and hour when the guide book recommened 2 and a half

  • kim mayhead

    I’m not the most sporty person and never have been. My greatest achievement was when i won the mums race, my son was so proud of me !

  • Hannah Arnold

    Mine has to be back to my school days where I was Captain of the Girls Cross Country Team!

  • Elizabeth Hansell

    I did a 20 mile hike, when I was in the womens royal army corps (43 years ago) I’m still as fit now I go to The local sports centre 2/3 times a week could do with a nice new pair of trainers. That will get all the other ‘old biddies’ wanting to keep up with the Jones’s and going out to buy a new pair LOL!!!!

  • Anthony Bray

    I’ve just managed to walk over 2 miles! Now that doesnt sound too sporting but I’ve just had both hips replaced at the beggining of this year and am now up and ready to ‘party’ bring on the new trainers!

  • Christina Wong-Curley

    My early childhood education was in Malaysia. Represented school and district in athletics, volleyball and tennis.

    I have my heart set on the next Race For Life event. This is my goal and I will achieve it.

    If I’m fortunate to win, I would like the women’s in size UK5.

    Thank you.

  • Melissa Hall

    My greatest achievement so far is overcoming my fear of the gym. I signed up and drove there about ten times before I could build up the courage to go inside!
    I am now much fitter, and have signed up to do the great North Run in September in aid of an Animal sanctuary.
    For anyone who is embarrassed or frightened, I just say bite the bullet, and go for it, chances are, everyone was as nervous as you when they started! ;o)

  • http://WWW.twitter.com/suedong Sue Bell

    I held stacks of sporting records at school and I was the School captain for both atheletics and rounders. I am now ladies captain at our bowls club, so sports of some kind has always been a good way to keep fit and healthy.

  • Chris Jones

    sorry forgot to say mens traineras size 10 if i win, lol

  • Mark Godwin

    Just started playing football again after 12 years (broke my
    ankle and stopped playing)trouble is my calves have decided they don’t like it!

  • Dejeniera Pygott

    My team won the city high school girl’s football championship. I still have the trophy.

  • Dejeniera Pygott

    And women’s trainers please! Sorry, I forgot to mention that

  • Susan Seaman

    winning the ladies darts singles cup 3 yrs running in clacton on sea

  • Li Young

    got a gang of workmates to run a half marathon for charity – 13 miles of long tortuous feet blistering agony – but it was so worth it!!

  • John Aspey

    My greatest sporting achievement was playing for lancashire in a rugby tournament!

  • sam henderson

    i’ve never been into sports, as i never had any decent sneakers.

    women’s size 5

  • Amelia Kennedy

    Winning the egg and spoon race at sports day in primary school (about 40 years ago!)

  • Rosie Dharamsi

    Winning the mother’s race at my daughter’s school sports day! I knew all that training on the treadmill would come in handy one day
    women’s size 5 please

  • Jennifer Kelly

    I would love to say something exciting to say, but I honestly believe my greatest achievement was winning the high jump in sports day when I was 13!! My other half is amazing though, he runs 4 miles every day :) I can barely walk 1 ;)

    I would like the mens if I win, thanks x

  • sarah wilkins

    Getting myself fit enough to cycle to work everyday. It was a great way to exercise whilst the kids were at school as a working mum its hard to find time for yourself. Trouble is its quite hilly were we live

  • nikki r

    watching my 5 year old come second in an egg and spoon race is my proudest sporting achievement

  • san

    I climbed killimanjaro last year- not in my trainers though! (womens size 8 please)

  • kendra Florence

    Setting a new long jump record at school when I was 12.

  • nicolene abdessselam

    i was a running junkie at school and loved it…..would love relive those times.i would love the womens trainers.

  • Margaret Humphreys

    I made the reserve netball team as Wing Defence back in 1983..didn’t get to play an actual game but i DID make the team :-)

  • A Benson

    Surviving a 10-mile cycle ride with my friend

  • Arvinder Seehra

    I managed to get around 3 mile run at school – the pain is everlasting.

  • http://@steelliott Steven Elliott

    Wining gold at the Giuldford Ice Arena for coming 1st in the under 18s Speed skating tournament in 1997!

    Prior to that, my main achievement was ‘the most spectacular trip and slide’ at the Nottingham Ice Arena in 1996.

    I would like a pair of men’s trainers to keep me on my feet!

  • Kimberley Stone

    My greatest achievement is when I came first in the ladies category in a triathlon. It was only the second one I had competed in. I was also really pleased to finish it quicker than many of the male competitors.
    Unfortunately I don’t have enough hours in my day to be able to return to that level of fitness, but I do still workout 4 times a week.

  • FionaLynne Edwards

    I lost about a stone just before my wedding – by walking, jogging and getting up at 5 o’clock in the morning to Step with Cher!

    Womens’ please

  • Marina Wilson

    My only sporting achievement was getting my bronze and silver in Ballroom dancing which i loved from 11-16 and getting Grade 1 in ice skating (i had to do a reverse turn for that!!) Later in life, i’ve got to admit I was proud doing a mile run (in dhekelia cyprus) it was for charity and 16 of us did a mile each. It was well rewarding when i crossed my mile finishing line!

  • Harpal Kaur

    My biggest achievement was losing 2 stones after the birth of my daughter

  • C Hui

    Would definitely be working my way back to fitness after a bad back injury!

  • Gareth Bayford

    Ran the Paris Marathon – 2 years in a row!!

  • andrea miles

    I once did a 20k run

  • Coralie Pearson

    My greatest achievement was completing my first marathon in October 2010 after beginning running in the February. I am now addicted!


    My achievement is setting up a little home gym in the spare bedroom and using it daily

  • Ant

    The most memorable one has to be winning the sack race at primary school, i still remember it and it gave me so much confidence in my school life from that moment onwards.

    Mens shoes please

  • Glenn Hutton

    Playing at the old Swansea FC football ground, Vetch Field in 1980.

    We were the East London schoolboys (U15) and we beat the Swansea youth team 3-2 after extra time, when we were expected to lose by a wide margin.

    We were watched by a crowd of around 3500 people and it was amazing!

  • Glenn Hutton

    To the above comment: Men’s size 11 please! ;0)

  • katie corr

    my old secondary school used to make us run around the park which was attached to the back of the building+in all weathers too!talk about cruelty! when I visit the old place now I can’t imagine walking it,let alone how I did it in silly,ugly gym knickers we all used to have to wear!Im proud of myself for my stamina back in the day!X

  • Jo thomas

    my greatest sporting accievement, was canoeing 18 miles down the river to raise money for the school, my husband and i had never been in a canoe when we agreed to do it, it was a long wet day but we did it and loved it, and raised lot of money, i would like the womans size 7 please

  • Stuart Underdown

    My greatest sports achievement was finishing the London Marathon last year. I’m quite a large bloke and wasn’t very fit when I started training so to cross that finish line was an amazing feeling. I would love to win the mens trainers as all this running has caused me to lose a couple of toenails so the comfort of these trainers would be lovely.

  • Marycarol

    Managing to stick to my diet and exercise plan and so far losing 22 pounds. Hope to keep going for while longer. Women’s size 4 please.

  • K M Dudley

    It’ll be the next few weekends, when I’ll be completing 2 zumbathons and walking 10 miles through the night for our local hospice. I better lose a few pounds!

  • Deborah Goad

    Doing the Race for life with my 11 year old daughter Nicole a fantastic day.


    my greatest sporting achievement was last year, at the age of 42 I learned how to ride a bike – with the help of my 9 year old! She now tells everyone she taught her Mum to ride a bike

  • Steve Turner

    My best sporting achievement I love doing half marathons and injured myself at the Nottingham one, but managed to finish. It set me back months but now fully fit looking forward to the Great Eastern Run.

  • Amanda Stark

    My greatest sporting achievement hasn’t happened yet. It will happen in August. I am doing a parachute jump from 10,000 feet in the air. I have never done anything like this before but i am really looking forward to it.

  • Gareth Dixon

    getting up to 10 miles per practice run, in preperation for my upcoming half-marathon

  • Rachel Holmes

    Winning a fight in my Taekwondo competition last year. lol pity next round I got kicked in the neck and was knocked Unconscious. Never again yet at least I can say I did it.

  • Rachel Taylor

    My sister has booked me in to do a 10k fun run in August. If I manage it this will be my greatest achievement and those trainers will really help! Ladies please

  • Cheryl M

    I was always rubbish at sport and my life was made miserable by the ridicule I got for it. But a few years ago I decided that I just had to do better and more than I was. I started to walk, bought a treadmill, and now ensure I do twenty miles a week. To me that’s a real achievement!

  • jemma price

    My best sporting acheivement is doing the high jump at school, and winning for my school class.

  • natalie tod

    Hi i would love to win the ladies trainers. I had a baby 4 months ago so i need to shift my weight for my holiday at end of year. I dont like gyms as i feel people are looking at me so ive took up power walking jogging zumba and biking. I really need a good trainer that i can use for everything with good support but cant really afford any at the min so these would be great. xx

  • kelly smith

    my greatest achievement is actually dragging myself out of bed to go to the gym a few times a week :) although id love to do the race for life, but noone would do it this year :( x

  • Stephanie Cummins

    i have only just started my fitness routine but i ran my first 5k a few weeks ago

  • Sam Kumar

    My greatest achievement was coming first in all the events of an Olympic style event that I organised myself when quite young and in which I was the lone participant. It was hard work, but I did achieve a clean sweep.

  • andrew petrie

    Winning the 400 metres on school sports day when I was 14.

  • Lauren

    My greatest achievement is using exercise to help alleivaite my asthma so I can live independently.

  • Kelly Smith

    I rather foolishly signed myself up to do the Leicester Half Marathon relay as a team for a forces charity. Having never run before and always convincing myself I couldn’t do it I have actually started training and last night did my first run that was over one mile. I am very proud of myself especially as my doctor was recommending exercise to help combat my mental health problems

  • Luisa Lauren

    My greatest sporting achievement was running the race for life, I was really really proud. I have even signed up to try get a place at next years London Marathon, so am trying to get fitter to be able to do it if I get through the ballot. (If I win could I get the Womens size 6 please)

  • Jo-Anne Richards

    Mine isnt very good, its walking to school and back everyday to do the school runs. I have to do 3 runs a day.

  • Sarah Drummond

    My greatest sporting acheivement is i recently started playing badminton, the first few weeks i couldn’t hit the shuttlecock or keep up with the other players, but after 3 months i’ve totally improved and really enjoy it!

  • Simon Ashford

    I managed to win our local ten pin bowling league – that was a few years ago now though !

  • Gemma

    Cycling around the whole of Anglesey in one day: it worked out at about 110 miles. I hated most of it, but I finished and it’s now one of my proudest achievements.

  • George Johnson

    I am fat and need to get fit

  • Margaret Johnson

    Awesome shoes, would look really good on me

  • Lisa Woodhead

    both hubby and I have embarked on a fitness regime and have lost over 7 stone between us in the last year…we now walk 6 miles a day at weekends along with our 6 year old and 4 year old.

  • Debbie Hurst

    Hello, I’d love to win these for my husband to wear during the fundraising Runs he is doing this year. (The next one is for the Steve Prescott Foundation).
    If I’m lucky enough to win, I’d like Mens, Size 8.
    Thank you and Good Luck everyone!

  • Brenda Cor

    Since January 2011 I decided I had to get fit not fatter. I now run 3 times a week and not only do I feel fab but my clothes fit better and my confidence has increased. I love it and would recommend it to anybody.

  • Karis Boone

    I primary school I came first out of all the unfit people in the long jump.

    Id like womens, size 6 if I win please.

  • Beth

    I can now hula hoop for an hour straight, as long as there’s something good on tv and the baby naps!!

  • Christopher McKendrick

    I once did, like, 4 whole chin ups :)

    My proudest achievement really is holding my own against far more experienced and talented squash players, even managing to win a a game. I may have pulled muscles I didn’t even know I had, but it was totally worth it.

  • Dale Askew

    Mine would be completing the Blenheim Triathlon, 5 months of training and learning to swim again!

  • ellen

    running after and catching up with my dog who had lost us on a beach early one morning .

  • Olivia Phipps

    I am running the Cancer Research UK Race for Life on Sunday and (amazingly!) I have managed to stick to my training programme for the last 6 weeks! Thought I would give up after a week but have been running 3/4 times a week every week – I feel so much fitter and better for it!

    Women’s please!

  • Rudy Roversi

    So far has been joining the gym – now I need to start going to.

  • Denise Whiskin

    Ladies – Size 6 please

    Greatest sporting achievement was at school & I was in the team selected to represent the school in the county cross country race. Didn’t win, didn’t even place but I finished & was pleased as punch because some of the other ‘fitter’ kids didn’t even finish!

  • Crystal

    Mine was taking part in the Race For Life to raise money for a brilliant cause . I used to dread Hockey (and the teacher who took us for it!) when I was at school so I used to nag my Mum to write a letter excusing me from the lesson . Naughty , Naughty ! x

  • Sarah Ballantyne

    My greatest sporting achievement was playing rugby for 2 years when I first moved to Cambridge. I was painfully shy, very self-conscious about being overweight and unfit, and unco-ordinated to boot. One day I saw a flyer looking for ladies to play rugby and thought that I would love to be the kind of person who could just go for it. In a moment of madness I turned up at one of their training sessions, legs shaking and mouth dry sure I wouldn’t even be able to ask for more details – I ended up joining the training session in borrowed kit then joining the team in the pub afterwards. I played for 2 years – I was never the star player but I made loads of mates, got fitter, had a fantastic time and left a much more confident person. My first try was my proudest moment!

  • sion williams

    mine is doing the London Marathon with my dad, but it might have changed next month after we cycle from bangor to cardif together raising money for the fantastic charity 3rd world hope!

  • Cath Smethurst

    Has to be when I started running and walking again a few years ago, I found that I was able to outpace people that were seriously fit whilst hill climbing!!

  • stuart w

    Did the Yorkshire 3 peaks walk in 11hrs 37min without any training (not a good idea) and about 1 1/2 stone overweight. Did I die or what for the next few days, aching in places that didn’t exist before the walk!!

  • Bon williams

    to be honest, I’m not really the sporty type, my greatest sporting achievement was probably when I came second in a cross country race in secondary school, I only pushed myself to run fast because it was the middle of winter and I was absolutely freezing! after the finish line I really struggled to breathe and the surge of adrenaline caused me to promptly throw up on the grass-I still remember what my P.E teacher said to this day ”hmmm I see you had rice krispies for breakfast!”
    (if I was lucky enough to win I’d like the womens in size 5 please)

  • Lili

    My greatest sporting achievement would be running a schools cross country race, I came 2nd.

  • lisa s

    Mine was being told I would never be able to do cross country at school due to my bad asthma. I decided this wasnt an option as it was boring and said I would give it a go. They told me to stop half way but at that point I was 7 and there was no way I was giving up so I carried on and ended up coming fourth. I was so proud although my teachers were very worried indeed!!!
    If I win I would like a size 6 pair in ladies so I can take to the street!!!

  • Bev Cordle

    Walking 20 miles in the Cotswolds last year for charity. I couldn’t walk properly for a week afterwards!

    Women’s please!

  • Pamela Gossage

    The first time I swam 1 mile

  • Johan Sijbesma

    Men’s size: 12
    Not really a sporty type so instead of making something up I’ll just stick with the running to the local supermarket just before closing as my girlfriend really wanted some chocolate. Managed to get in just before they closed. I later realised I could have just taken it easy and gone to the petrol station which is open a hour after the shop closes and also sells the chocolate.

  • Darren

    Running a half marathon on a hilly course in just under 2 hours

  • Emily Spooner

    I hoping it is to come…. I really wanted to raise money for alzheimer’s research and realised I had to really challenge myself to get the best sponsorship .. so despite by greatest previous run having been to catch the bus .. I am hoping these trainers will me get around the 10miles I need to do in October!

  • Jemma Lucy

    Womens :)

    I (the bullied, chubby, frizzy haired kid in school) got picked to represent my primary school after winning a race against the whole school! It was decided that I was fastest in the WHOLE school, I couldn’t believe it! I’ve never ran since though… so I need to get back into with these amazing trainers!

  • calley bryson

    I WON THE MUM AND DADS RACE AT MY SONS SPORTS DAY …..yes Im shouting as I am still soooo excited to beat all the other Mum’s :D My son was very proud of me that is my most proudest and bestest sporting achievement EVER!!!

  • Kelly Koya

    losing 3 stone last year by working out the gym and cycling

  • Fran Grasby

    My biggest achievement was walking the Race for Life just after completing treatment for cancer – I was practically last but boy was I glad to be alive!

  • Cassandra

    My greatest sporting achievement was running a 10K race for Wakefield Hospice, I didn’t come anywhere near first but at least I completed it! :D

  • Julie Cook

    My husband and I did a charity walk, 17 miles from Matlock to Buxton, in November, it started off as rain, changed to sleet then a blizzard by the time we finished. 2 weeks later we found out we were expecting our son!

  • marcus

    my greatest sports moment is winning the sack race at school

  • Frances hopkins

    I’m sure I haven’t had my greatest sportest achievement yet, but with those beauties I would be able to get in some training

  • Nick

    Terrible at sports but love running so best achievement was when I could run round the field at school without having to stop every five minutes!

  • juliette

    walking the london moonwalk 26.2 miles through the night was a challenge I was delighted to successfully complete and raise money for a great charity

  • Danielle Welsh

    I like walking and jogging on a daily basis. Could really do with a good pair of trainers as I suffer from blisters regularly !

  • fiona

    Mine was walking/scuttling/crawling up Slieve Donard !

  • Phil Darling

    I’ve lost 3 1/2 stone after giving up smoking, and have now taking up jogging. My greatest sporting achievement has to be making 5 miles in 35 minutes

  • Phil Darling

    oops forgot to add to the above – mens please size uk10

  • Philippa Davey

    When I was 6 I came second in the sack race. My nan was so proud she bought me a sticker book!


    A long time ago pre children when a won sports day every year at primary school

  • Alan Gilbert

    Completing a 10k race in 44 minutes 6 month after a cruciate ligament replacement operation. That was a Personal Best at that time

  • Lisbeth

    My proudest achievement is jogging 20 km in 1 h 45 minutes while chatting with a friend

  • Claire Sims

    Mine has to be when I played tennis with none other than Tim Henman! I won a VIP day at Wimbledon including a training session with the man himself. Me and my partner went and had a fantastic day which we will never forget

  • Nadia Mitab

    My greatest experience was losing 5 pounds in 10 days! All that jogging helped xx

  • http://mse c burton


  • Miss Natalie Wallace

    I lost over a stone and a half with Weight Watchers. Has made me feel much happier and a lot more confident. Mens trainers size 10 please.

  • Chris Campbell

    Fellwalking has helped me lose weight

  • Anthony Bray

    My best sporting achievement has to be playing football with my grandson recently! I had both hips replaced this year and am now back up to fighting fit! Bring on the trainers I’m ready for a jog!

  • Cathy

    Mine is doing the 3 peaks just last month. I’ve never been into sport but my Mum has breast cancer and I decided I wanted to do something to raise money and show her some support. I had to train daily for 6 months, it was hard work but worth it as my mum is very proud of me and I’ve improved my fitness to the point where I enjoy running (6 months ago that was never an option).

  • Elizabeth Hansell

    I have recently had a gastric bypass and am well on my way to a normal BMI. As I left the professors office after my first three months check up I said “my goal is to do a half marathon”. The old proff said my dear never do anything by halves! So yes I’m in training to do a marathon so could do with a new pair of trainers !

  • Dawn

    Completing my first cross country course!
    womens size 5 please

    Thank you

  • karen Railton

    mine was walking 10,000 a steps all last year
    womens trainers size 7 :)

  • Claire

    I accidently bought a dress which was too small, and I couldn’t fnd the receipt, so I ran almost every day and amanged to lose weight and fit into it for my birthday:)

    If I won I’d like the womens’ in size 5 UK.

  • Rhonda

    I can now Bench Press 87.5kg from only being able to Bench Press 9kg.

  • Christina Curtis

    I have recently lost 3 inches from my waist!! – womens trainers please.

  • Mohammed M

    I would like a Men’s size 9 please.
    My greatest sporting achievement was when i was back in school. I never really was a sporty person in secondary school, but in one P.E. lesson, i had to run a cross country and was really proud because i had come third. This was by far my proudest sporting achievement!!

  • Mei Yin

    My achievement has to be in secondary school on sports day. I was chosen for discus for my form, when i was in year 9. I had beaten every girl who was participating in my year and not to mention all the boys except one. The distance which i threw was 24 meters and i was very proud of myself!!!!
    May i have the ladies reebox trainers size 6 please!!

  • vina pb

    my greatest sporting achievement was doing a 9 mile midnight walk for st lukes hospice.. i cetainly felt the pain for the next two days.. buti felt good as it is nothing compared to the pain that it felt by those that suffer from cancer..

  • Jay

    Completing the super-advanced 10 minute boxing session on the Wii, and the trainer saying ‘that was a great workout’ lol!!

  • Cassie bedford

    I run the race for life a few years back. I had to walk over half of it in a lot of pain as I had a problem with my hip. I couldn’t stop or ask for help as there was nobody along the way!

  • Charlotte Chrimes

    Swimming 1000 metres in the local pool aged 11. I swam lengths and every one was breaststroke except for one!
    If I won I’d like the men’s trainers to give my husband :)

  • susannah southurst

    mine has to be coming 4th in the trampolining sussex competition. Would love women’s trainers in a 7 please

  • Alan Bailey

    I managed to stop smoking about 30 years ago, when fags were 50p for 20. I did “cold turkey” but I did have a heavy cold at the time.

  • Solange

    Going to the gym everyday for a year!(apart from Xmas of course)

  • Julia Rockett

    I recently lost 2 stone in 6 months after having my 3rd child by watching what I eat and exercising by doing a fitness dvd, jogging, swimming and cycling!

  • Julia Rockett

    Oops, forgot to add I’d like women’s trainers in a size 5!

  • anita cain

    I did the local midnight walk (10 miles) in 3 hours a great achievement, even if i do say so myself!
    women’s please size 7

  • Jason Walker

    Completed my first Half Marathon this year ;)

  • Jaymes

    Easy one this – as a little fattychild, my PE teacher used to pick on me to stand in front of the class and fail at sports.

    Until the day I managed to throw a shotput right onto his foot, taking him out of action for a good five weeks. Sympathetic? Not a jot. Sorry Mr R, and your fabulous foothold leggings.

    Since then, I’m still a fatty, and I could do with some good trainers to sweat it off, but I’ve got an aim like nothing else!

  • tina corder

    I would love to win a pair of the men`s trainers for my hubby, as he has been working so hard with my 16 year old daughter who wants to go in the army. He takes her running and circuit training as well as being my full time carer.I think he deserves a treat.

  • liz denial

    My greatest sporting achievment was when I chased after & caught a shoplifter. He was about 6ft tall compared to my 5ft & I think he was that shocked that he just handed the goods he’d stolen over to me. My friend owned the shop he was stealing from & she was very proud of me

  • D Henderson

    Mine takes me back to my school days when I was Captain of the Girls Hockey Team

  • Kasia

    Mine is downsizing in recent months. Getting a labrador puppy is the best diet.

    I’d like men trainers in size 10 so my partner could walk with me.

  • sue masterson

    My greatest sporting feat was to run a fun run – over 5 miles

  • Lyndsey Colgan

    I used to be good at the high jump in High School, that was the last bit of real exercise had!

    If I win, I’d like the men’s, size 11 please! :)

  • Sue Hunt

    Mine was being picked for the school netball team more years ago than I care to remember. I wasn’t very sporty but could almost always hit that hoop! Ladies size 7 if I’m lucky please :)

  • Caroline French

    Not quite a sporting achievement but since having my 2nd child i took up Zumba classes, turns oput to be the only exercise i have ever truely enjoyed and am addicted! have since lost 3 stone of baby blubber :-) . also very proud of my husband for running The Grizzily in March (20 miles of cross country cliffs, beach and hills in our hometown in Devon-you wouldnt catch me doing that!!)

  • Mrs Rachel Heap

    My best sporty achievement was running the “race for life” it was only 5K but I raised £200 and I felt like not had I only achieved something for myself I had also achieved something for other people

  • Andy D

    My greatest sporting achievement was winning the Donkey Derby whilst on Holiday as a Kid at pontins in the 70s Then went back to the chalet to watch Borg win Wimbledon. Mens Size 8 please

  • Paula Green

    My 1st London Marathon aged…..53

  • Sarah Laycock

    Losing my passport before leaving home for an early morning flight – I blitzed those stairs at least a hundred times!

  • M

    Losing 8st – No good at running but love walking.

  • paul allcoat

    The weekend i managed to play for my county at Bowls, run a 10k in a great time and have my first real flight alone in the UK with my paraglider…it felt real good :)

    mens size 8 please

  • sarah allcoat allcoat

    I am incredibly unsporty but I did manage to run The Race For Life when my daughter was small…that felt like quite an acheivement for me…and for a good cause too

    ladies size 4 please

  • Ashleigh

    my biggest achievement is running around with my kids – not the most sporty person but love spending time running around with my 2 lovely children

  • Svetlana

    won chess game playing my Dad, but only once

  • Jo Young

    I was the Suffolk under 18 girls Table Tennis champion when I was 15.
    Oh also I had my first ever hole in one at golf 3 weeks ago in my clubs scratch championship!
    If I’m lucky I’d like the Womens trainers please :)

  • Anna M

    After completing 4 months of fitness bootcamp, three nights a week every week, i was proud to be awarded Bootcamper of the Year.

  • Clementina

    Ladies – it was completing Shaun T’s Insanity 60 day workout. It kicks butt!!! Dig Deep, don’t compromise form. OMG!!! Y’all should try it ;)

  • Helen S

    I’ve been trying to get fit and lose a few pounds and my New Year’s Resolution remains in place. I mainly do cardio training on the treadmill and initially I could only run for 30 seconds at a time and at 28 seconds I was reaching, breathless, for the down button to reduce the speed. I’m now glad to say that I can run for 25 minutes non stop and the pounds are slowly dropping off.

  • Ally

    Winning the schools three-legged race when I was 8! Although I suppose I have to share that glory…

  • Andy Hayes

    I’ve lost 4 stone over the past year through running. Now I’m entering Triathlons – I just need to learn to swim propperly now. No problem I feel I can do anything.
    I need new running shoes though – mens size 12 would be great.

  • Kerrie

    running away froma bumble bee, im sure it would have stung me otherwise

  • Sean

    i did a local run for charity, last year, it was a great achievement for me

  • Laura Sanderson

    Mine has to be completing a triathalon, actually really enjoyed it too!

  • Karen

    Mine is winning my first trophy in my 40s in a dance competition. I went on to win several major titles over the next 2 years. Just shows that you should never give up hope of achieving something. (NB I was rubbish at all sports etc at school).

  • Katherine D

    My six year old daughter wasn’t confident on the sports field, and after an anxious night before sports day I was worried about her. When her turn to race came I suppose a mothers’ instinct kicked in at the sight of her worried little face, and as she was in the outside lane I ran the whole 400m alongside her, yelling encouragement all the way! She came second and now a teenager has never forgotten the acheivement or the part her Mum played. Happy memories.

  • David Ferguson

    Greatest achievement was finishing the 2nd day of my karate black belt grading, even though I had cracked a rib uring the 1st day’s assessment. Mens size 8(uk)

  • http://www.catchingupwiththeclarkes.co.uk Robyn Clarke

    I lost a lot of weight last year, but its all crept back on, these trainers could be the motivation I need to get back on track(excuse the pun ;-)

  • Vanessa Cox

    My biggest challenge is to stay fit so between my job, school runs, and a few weekly gym sessions, I think I’m getting there… :)

    I’d like the women’s trainers if I’m lucky :)

  • Hazel rush

    I lost 3st from jogging daily!

  • keith Ellis

    getting my bronze swimming certificate …

  • Dee

    No sporting achievements for me, but I have just lost 2 stone on the maple syrup diet – now all I have to do is keep the weight off – for ever!
    Women’s trainers if I’m lucky, thanks. x

  • Joanne B

    I don’t have a greatest sporting achievement yet!
    I used to spend sports day in school fixing my shorts so no-one saw my knickers! lol
    But I would love to give the ladies Easytone trainers a whirl – they may be my greatest achievement to date!

  • kerry

    I used to run the 200 metres for my primary school and the 1500 metres for my high school,i always came first or second and won a few medals but then i started smoking and that was the end of the running unfortunately.

  • Aleck G

    Starting to go running in the evenings and actually sticking to it even after doing long hours at work.

  • Allan

    My greatest sporting achievement is running a marathon back in my youth. Would like women’s trainers please

  • Jane

    I suppose my greatest achievement is losing 2 1/2 stone in the last year. Women’s trainers

  • Doug Murray

    Has got to be racing my brother up Goatfell in arran – ok not really a recognised sport but I thrashed him!!

  • Claire Butler

    Representing the school at Javelin for the B team and yet coming 2nd overall only being beaten by my own school A team,

  • Jill Priday

    Running the Comrades Marathon in South Africa – 56 miles

  • Jill Priday

    ps Mens size 9 to encourage my partner to run with me!

  • kathy Wilson

    I’m not really into sports but I feel my greatest achievement is going on a long bike rides with my two girls. They love it when mum goes with them.

  • http://Facebook Regina

    I finish work at 9:30pm my BUS comes at 9:37pm so each shift ends with me running for the bus,4 out of 5 times I make It but a pear of rebooks would give me a 5 out of 5 :)

  • Katherine Coldicott

    Winning 400m at school sports day

  • Mark Doherty

    After being told that I had to give up football due to a chronic knee injury, sticking two fingers up at my surgeon & taking up triathlon!

  • Heather Vaux

    I always win the drog dragging event….you know when you open the door with the dog on the lead and it takes off down the street at top speeds with owner in tow :) Seriously, I’m not a sporty person but have kept to my promise to walk 30 minutes to one hour per day….having the dog helps.

  • kayleigh beirne

    I’m not the most fir person hence why I need to win the trainers to get me back in to it so my biggest achievement is probably my swimming lessons when I was small to date! lol

  • Kellyjo walters

    after being paralysed by a stroke and told id never walk again at the age of 18, this year I walked the race for like 5k in 1 hour! x

  • Kellyjo walters

    race for life that was ment to say not like

  • Kate Greenaway

    I used to be really fat and lazy, over the last two years I have lost over 3 stone, I swim 120 lengths a week and I LOOK GOOD, even if I say so myself!!!!! MY current trainers on the other hand DONT LOOK GOOD, this is a true story.. HELP!

  • dawn

    mine is getting up and out of bed, trying to live a normal life, which is very hard when you have M.E and a muscle condition which mean the amount of energy it take me just to do basic day to day things is like a normal person running a very long race along with having the flu. every day a struggle.

  • Jeffrey Willis

    Still only weighing 11 and a half stone at age 46 when I love food so much.

  • Raj Sandhu

    I’ve always loved running, my biggest achievement has been completing a half marathon. (ladies trainers please)

  • JessePartington

    I once rowed single-handed across…….the local canal!

  • Craig

    My greatest sporting achievement was the last game of the season in a U16′s football game. We were 2nd in the league and we were playing the top team, but we were only 2 points behind. After going 1-0 down we pulled it back to win 3-1 and clinch the title.

    Mens size 9 please :)

  • katherine grieve


  • Kelly Booth

    I used to be a gymnast and competed in many competions. But the one that stands out for me was back when I was 14, I was warming up for my bar routine, just before I was about to compete, and whilst attempting my dismount I slipped and hit my head on the lower bar. I collapsed in a heap on the floor, unable to move and slightly dazed. Everyone rushed over to me to see if I was ok. Thankfully no serious damage had been done, just to my confidence.

    Just at that moment my name was called to take my position to begin. My coach told me that I did not have to go ahead if I did not want to. However although I was petrified that I was going to hurt myself again, I did not want to let my team or my coach down.

    So I got up, saluted to the judges to let them know that I was ready and did my bar routine. It was not perfect but I was so pleased that I had done it.

    I ended up coming second in the whole competition but I was more proud that I had not been discouraged by my injury.

  • Michelle Williams

    Getting on the school hockey team when I was 13.

  • Jo F

    Has got to be when I was picked for a few gymnastics displays at our local sports centre when I was very young. Not sure I could even manage a handstand these days!

  • Fiona Mallard

    I ran the BUPA Manchester 10K this year.. next, a half marathon!

  • Robin Brooksbank

    losing 4 stone

  • Susan Tooley

    I held (and may still hold) the school record for the 100m hurdles…..was back in 1986 tho, so its doubtful!!

  • Cheryll H

    The Three Peaks Challenge – hardest thing I’ve EVER done. Except labour :)

  • Jason Northern

    I reckon the marathon relationship – 15 years and still going strong. That counts as sport, right?

  • Teresa Barnard

    being able to run 5 miles without any walking!

  • Sarah Tilley

    I once did a sponsored run.. a long time ago…
    I would love to win the women’s trainers

  • Stacey Webb

    Deciding to get a dog was probably a great acheivement for myself & my fiance, he has totally changed our lives! our little cocker spaniel is full of beans so we have to take him out running every day and on top of that he is an absolute joy to have. No more couch potato evenings anymore!

  • Elliot Dawson

    Deciding to join the local rugby club! great for fitness & a great place for making new friends!

    Mens size 8 please

  • Elizabeth Davies

    I did the mum’s race on the primary school sports day…I got 1st and all the kids cheered! hehe

  • Mary Dunlop

    I ran the London Marathon some years back, and one day I would love to do it again.

  • Leanne Lunn

    It has to be the amount of miles i walk at work every night!

  • Beth Bowdler

    My greatest achievement was to start exercising for the first time when I was in my fifties. It took a lot of courage to enter a gym for the first time. Now I take part in fantastic classes like body combat and body pump to keep fit and have never felt better!

    I would like the women’s trainers in size 4 please.

  • Celia Hooker

    Winning the Ladies finals table tennis competition after a few years of trying (women’s)

  • Pearl

    I won the obstacle course on Sports day when I was 10! I had never won anything during any sports day but I suppose all that “training” in my living room while watching Gladiators worked!

  • Jules

    My greatest achievement is doing the Great North Walk every year for charity (The Great North Air Ambulance). It’s been hard especially as I have had pleurisy twice but coming over the finishing line is a fantastic feeling. I did run in the mum’s race last year – came last but got the biggest cheer :)

  • Paul Wilson

    Battling against my chronic fatigue problems.

  • Ruth Murray

    My greatest sporting achievement is actually just managing to keep fit after having my baby girl 5 months ago! Phew!

  • Lynsey Ward

    Running race for life this year and raising £270, im not a sporty person so this was a great achivement and intend to do it again!

  • Susannah Glover

    I won the egg and spoon race when I was 7. I still have the medal!

  • bethy

    I ran for president

  • Vicky Smith

    Losing 20lbs to help shape me up for my wedding. Accomplished mainly through working on an allotment we took over that was in a right state! gardening is such good exercise!

  • Gillian

    My greatest sporting achievement was when I competed in the high jump at my School’s Sports Day. It was in 1985 and I came second from last! x

  • karen turton

    completing the 45 mile route of The Ten Tors, i still would love to repeat the achievement but i am too old.
    gents size 7

  • jennifer mason

    climbing slieve donard mountain in newcastle co.down. i have mcardles disease and this makes climbing difficult but i thought i was superwoman and took this challange with my husband, daughter, sister and brother-in-law. it took me approximately 5 hours up and about 3 down. I will say one thing this will be the one and only time i do something like this as i couldnt walk for nearly 4 days after this. but as everyone keeps telling me it was a great achievement.

  • Louise Dungavel

    Well the longest was the Marathon Moonwalk (26 miles round London in my bra!) but have also completed the Great North Run 3 times.

    Would like the women’s pair please if I win.

  • Gary Humphrey

    I came a very respectful third in a back stroke in the swimming gala. Only downside was i was trying so hard i swam right into the finish line/end of the pool and knocked myself out lol,still at least i made the podium

  • sophie kilby

    doing couch to 5k

    womens :)

  • Matt Brooks

    Its got to be scoring the winning goal in a charity football match so i donated our prize to the charity

  • Laura P

    My greatest sporting achievement was learning the offside rule! Oh wait…

  • Julie Harris

    As a school child I was very timid and hated netball. One memorable day I had some kind of turn and just went for it. ” Ooooh ” my team mate squealed ” The little mouse has grown rats teeth !”

  • chris carvell

    my best sporting achievment was winning a bronze judo medal at the british nationals.

  • Iain

    My greatest achievement was playing football once more after smashing my leg as a kid in two places and dislocating my knee cap, while playing football. 2 operations, a fortnight in traction, many months of physio and a year with no contact sport, i was back playing :)

    I’m still rubbish though, maybe should of asked for a bionic leg.

    Mens trainers.

  • Emma Smith

    I used to run for the county and one Saturday morning we had a change from the norm as Tessa Sanderson was there, so we spent the morning throwing javelin’s with her instead – I was rubbish!!

  • Emma Smith

    ooops, forgot to say ladies size 5 please

  • Andy Worthington

    Running the 3 peaks (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon) in under 24 hours when I was 15.

  • Sue robinson

    I swam my length when I was 9 years old :)

  • Libby Alexander

    I would say the 36 long hours of being in labour with my daughter.
    I kicked like David Beckham, dribbled as much as Michael Jordan, swore as much as John McEnroe and panted as much as Paula Radcliffe.
    I finally got a home run though :)

    (Women’s if I win please)

  • Deborah Bird

    My greatest sporting acheivement was winning the shot put at high school LOL x

  • Ester Paradzai

    My greatest sporting achievement would be when I raced my husband to run five miles for charity, it was so much fun training with someone I love that we had a great time and we raised £11,000 for mencap as well.

    (I won by the way)

    Female trainers if I am chosen

  • Rachel King

    My greatest sporting achievement has been completing a sponsored 5k swim.
    I would like to win the women’s trainers please!

  • nikki

    Mine was in my late teens, during my last year at school. I was very fit, running for my county both long and shorter distances, I was also captain of the hockey and netball teams and also house captain.
    Since then sport has taken a back seat to my job, marriage and children, but I have recently taken up running again and I’m hoping that in the future I will be able to say that my greatest sporting achievement has been running a marathon!

  • Lisa Ellison

    After having spinal surgery 4 months ago, the biggesy achivement recently has to be walking 200 yards quickly !!!

  • andi

    waaaaaaay, back in the day (ok, around the late 1970′s) i was a member of the Commonweath Games training squad for swimming. A fact that my kids now find completely unbelievable!

  • Paul Witney

    Running the school cross country course in the fastest time. It’s all gone a bit pear shaped since then.

  • marita

    I ran a 4 mile fun run once! Okay, I was 8 yrs old but I’d love to do it again one day!

  • Glen bailey

    12 miles a day until boke me legs in accident.soon will again when get strength

  • Kirsty Caffrey

    My greatest achievement was completing the Race for Life 10k race last weekend and raising in excess of £700 for Cancer Research – it was the first time I had ever ran anything like that distance and I had such a sense of achievement I have this week joined a running club!!!!

  • Andrena Harrison


    Mine would be coming 3rd in Long Jump at District Sports when I was about 15.
    I never really did long jump and had to enter at least 3 events, so randomly picked long jump!!

  • Saj Farid

    My greatest sporting achievement is waking up in the morning and walking for a mile and a half to work each morning, and then walking the same distance back home at 5.30 each evening.

    when I started I didnt think it would last but now over 3 years later I love walking to work(am I crazy?)

    Mens trainers

  • http://extremehousewife.blogspot.com Laura Hadland

    I started going to the gym last December and I’ve been 3 or 4 times a week ever since – I think that’s a great achievement from nothing before!

  • Beth

    Walking 6 miles last weekend

  • Joanna Sawka

    I learned how to play tennis :)

  • Catherine Overgage

    Winning a regional badminton competition that didn’t finish till 1.00am at the age of 16 years and going back home and telling my parents that I had a legitimate excuse for being home late!!

  • Lucy Martin

    I would love to win as they look fab xxx

  • emma jones

    biggest achievement was shedding 10stone!!!! and being able to try my hand at any activity now!

  • Andrea McGlashan

    Completing x6 yearly 50 mile duathlons (The Highland Cross) raising money for great causes. The course comprises of 20 miles on foot then 30 mile cycle. The course is arduous with nasty hill sections, there is usually 4 seasons in one day – and the midges always turn out to cheer you on!

  • nicola p

    Womens, size 5 please. When I was in secondary school I took part in the relay race representing our school. I don’t actually remember where we came, but it was great taking part!

  • http://facebook nora commins

    need to get fit and loose weight if i had a new pair of runners it would encourage me to start women runners

  • Hayley Spencer

    Doing the Race For Life :)

  • ryan young

    think it was last summer i played four rounds of golf on four different courses in one day for cancer research.

  • Carolina J.

    No records here, but from hating any physical exercise I’ve come to love running, walking, hiking etc.!


    Winning a swimming gala when I was 10, I was so proud!

  • Rebecca Denyer

    I am the most un-coordinated person ever so for me my biggest acheivement was being able to use a cross trainer for longer than 30 seconds. It took a while but after a bit of practise i actially managed ten minutes without getting in a mess, my boyfriend was so proud when i told him as he was very embarrassed when i kept tripping on the treadmill the first time he took me to the gym
    Womens please ( may as well have an incentive to keep going)

  • Andrea K

    learning to swim properly as an adult and managing 40 lengths

  • Nicole S.

    Swimming 100 lengths last year at school! Was very proud of myself! Women’s

  • nikki

    My acheivment is loosing a stone in weight through exercise. I suffer from Crohn’s, and find a lot of healthy foods (tomato’s, lettuce, spices, beans, skins on most fruit) are what causes all the pain, so i can’t “diet” too hard.also the steroids have piled on the weight over the years so i am relying on excercise. I can’t afford to join a gym, so i’m regulary pounding the streets, with my 2 yr old in his buggy jogging/speedwalkin/walking. Another stone and i’ll be happy, a stone and a half and i’d be ecstatic

  • nikki

    Please see my previous comment, i forgot to say i’d like womens trainers.

  • lynn warburton

    i havent actually achieved my greatest sporting moment its in july at parents fun day at school i will be competing in the sack race! could do with a new pair of ladies trainers to hopefully aid my jumps to the winning line.

  • Jenny

    Finishing the London to Brighton bike ride for the British Heart Foundation (54 miles) and going to work the next day..!

  • Fiona Melloy

    My most recent is completing the race for life after only running for 3 – 4 months. Managed to run without stopping and raised lots of money for all those affected by cancer.

  • Sally W

    Well I have a few, may seem insignificant to most – but quite big for me. Firstly I finally joined the gym, I began to grasp that the 20+ years that I had been a smoker had taken there toll, and that my figure wasn’t about ping back to shape as it did in my early 20′s – so that’s a big thing for me as it’s way out of my comfort zone. Then, I actually went further out of my comfort zone and started going on my own without my husband for ‘help’. Lost no weight, but an inch of my waist and an inch off my hips – can’t go much as have a young family – but it all helps (that said, i’ve had a bad ‘nibbly’ fortnight!). Trainers would help – obviously, as I now regularly do 4k speed walk on treadmill in about 35 mins!!

  • Stuart Osborne

    Got a bit ‘cuddly’ ( to quote my wife) during my 2 year stint of unemployment – however, I joined a gym and got a job and have lost 8kg in 11 weeks – amazing!! And boy do I feel better.

    Men’s trainers please if I win.

  • Sally W

    Forgot to say that I would like the ladies trainers should I be chosen as the winner! Just been browsing your website as well looking for capri (but loose) pants for the gym – no joy in my size i’m afraid :-(

  • Julie Rayner

    I did a charity bike ride and managed 12 miles. Not bad seeing as I hadnt been on a bike for years!!

  • karolyn holden

    I would love to win the men’s trainers for my son, as he is a break-dancer ,and will soon be starting a class teaching kids ,so he will need these fantastic new trainers to impress!

  • katie deane

    oh fantastic im going to need a pair to get back in shape i got a baby due in sept plus be a great idea to wear while preggers and great pressie to the daddy to be and my husband to be :)

  • irene lyons

    after a hip operation walking with easy tone trainers life is wonderful

  • Adz0210g

    First year of high school in cross country I came 65th out of the whole year, a year later I came 5th!! And stayed in the top 5 throughout! I also won my first Brazilian jiu jitsu fight in fourth seconds in my first tournament :) check it out on YouTube “Adam Grayston armbar”.

  • Mohammed3105

    My biggest achievement is losing 2 stone in 2 months after not being able to run and missing the train because I got too tired to run for the train to work and had to make up excuses all the time, ” helping a lasy cross the road” luckily that has changed,