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Win a Valentine’s Day gift worth £1000


The ultimate Valentine's gift

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us and it’s a reminder to us all to show the ones we love how much we care. You might do it with gifts, with words or simply by spending time together… but we’ve got something that would be an extra special gesture.

Eric Van PetersonDesigner at Debenhams Eric Van Peterson explains all about the competition we are running…

“There is something more important than computers and football, and yes even more important than our mobile phones. It’s called LOVE. It’s a shame we don’t think about it more. It is the reason we are here.

I am inviting everyone to get romantic in time for Valentines Day. Give me ten words or less that sum up your most passionate, romantic, thought. It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 80, give me your best shot.

The person who sends me the most original message, a phrase or simply words, will receive an 18 carat and diamond heart pendant worth £1000 engraved with your original words.”

10 runners up will receive a special gift from the Van Peterson 925 jewellery collection at Debenhams. View the collection.


Leave your entry in a comment on this blog post. Your entry must be 10 words or less. Please make sure when you input your comment that you enter a valid email address in the required field so we can contact you if you win. Good luck everyone!

Competition closes at 11.59pm on Wednesday 9 February 2011.

WINNER: Eric Van Peterson chose a winner from the thousands of entries. Congratulations to Parmeh whose entry “I’d choose you in every lifetime” seemed a perfect sentiment for engraving on the beautiful necklace.

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  • katherine grieve

    When your heart feels full

  • Julie Henderson

    Stunning would love for my mum

  • amanda

    my angels always in my heart xx

  • Tinyian

    Wow – Wife would love me forever & ever

  • Stewart Osgood

    In darkness, in silence, in turmoil, there’s you, my light

  • Kate Pollard

    Love is adventurous… it opens the world!

  • margaret

    Love-passion of heart making people drown in desire

  • Tina Watson

    Love is
    ME and You
    Simple but True x

  • Eleanor Beavan

    love is an invisible hand that never lets you fall

  • Kim Coote

    Feeling comfortable in each others company without speaking a word

  • tina campbell

    i have arranged a romantic evening in darling

  • Helena Foley

    Shopping together for his, and hers lingerie at Debenhams.

  • Leanne Bucknall

    Four years old,
    innocent, true,
    love unconditional,
    returned to you!

  • Neha Nagpal

    I spend my time thinking,
    Wishing you were here.
    I stop and look around,
    Hoping you were near.

    Just because You are not with Me,
    Doesn’t mean a thing.
    It’s knowing that I know,
    That You are my everything.

    So whenever You feel lonely,
    Just look inside Your Heart.
    And know without a doubt,
    That in our spirit We will never be apart…… :)

  • belinda graham

    growing old with My Soul Mate, My Husband …My Life xxx

  • natelle cooper

    A rippling river sipping Champagne ,sensual strawberrys and soft music

  • pam catmull

    I always miss out on this special day,

    Because you see,its also my birthday,

    All resteraunts are packed no quiet corner for two,

    A love heart would be wonderful.i’d shout YA-HOOO !!!!

  • http://www.sabinalucia.com Sabina Lucia

    Be brave, open your heart and you will sparkle.

  • Sultana

    What a beautiful necklace! Would love to win this as a Valentines gift (to myself!) <3

  • Jill Jones

    Years have past but love still lasts, truly yours forever.

  • deborah davies

    true love equals contended life

  • Neha Nagpal

    a hug from 8000 miles away so strong that i could almost feel it

  • laura mackenzie

    When I wake beside him I can’t believe he’s mine

  • Emma

    Sometimes, somethings are special,sometimes someone is close sometimes you may noever say the things that matter most

  • Natalie Sung

    Sensations from a kiss.

  • cathy west

    Charlie and Cathy still loved up together forever.

  • Emma Barron

    lying on a rose petal bed beside one you love

  • Emmet Maloney

    Keeper of my Heart, provider of my dreams

  • Rose Grant

    I tell you I love you every day for fear that tomorrow isn’t another.”

  • Kenneth Deed

    2011 Could be a very special Valentines day indeed. My fingers are sooo crossed!

  • Lou Chambers

    There is nothing like the feeling of being ‘in’ Love.

  • Vanessa Bergeron

    Happiness is a mood and Love, its cheating code.

  • Ben Andrassy

    You are my summer’s day, And sunlight on my skin

  • Michael Miller

    I ♥ U Beyond Art and Poetry

  • Maxine Dudson

    Always there for each other.

  • Rebecca Denyer

    Without Him the sun never shines x

  • Laura H

    “Forever in my thoughts and forever in my heart”

  • Anna Mizerska

    All I care about is being with you forever.

  • Christine Taylor

    Love my children, but ‘ in love’ with my grandchildren!

  • Andrea Lee

    From laughter, memories and tears, love grows strong.

  • Chloe

    Forget the world, I just need you x

  • lesley husband

    trust respect honesty and love

  • Michelle Waudby

    Love is like a bright heavenly light, blissful and empowering.

  • hayley sanderson

    when your partners your best friend

  • Tommy Sweenie

    Best amorous feelings are those that words can’t describe.

  • Evelyn

    I love you more with every beat of my heart

  • Alison E

    eyes meeting…hands touching..breath short..lips about to kiss..

  • http://facebook alison bradley

    you are my whole, my parts and my soul

  • Rachael Laing

    Husband suprising me with something pink because he knows me

  • allison coxon

    Mutuality Yearning Worship Infatuation Fascination Enchantment = MY WIFE.

  • Linda Bunning

    True Love lasts longer than two life times.

  • Sarah Williams

    A hundred hearts would be too few
    To carry all my love for you.

  • maggie riordan

    Just a look, and a wink. I’m reduced to jelly.

  • Mia Fergusson

    Love,the treasure of the earth is you.

  • Joanne thomas

    with passing time our hearts entwine and love grows stronger

  • Natalie Wallace

    Loving each other and standing by each other through the bad times and the good.

  • george

    romantic chap fantastic fella,
    your my prince,
    im your Cinderella

  • Joanne Ogden

    Two hearts, one soul. That is love’s sole goal.

  • http://www.rumbalucia.co.uk Lucy Cadman

    Love is THE reason.

  • Helen McCallum

    Pudding is definately on the menu.

  • Jen Parker

    Come what may, I’ll love you until my dying day!

  • John Perry

    You are my sunshine

  • Katie Bradley

    A refreshing cup of tea served every morning without being asked

  • Yasmin Butt

    Real, everlasting love is fascination, lust and friendship on fire

  • Kerry Farrow

    Tingling sensations,
    A Blissful Kiss
    Melting moments
    Lifetime of bliss

  • Kelly Hooper

    So entranced with another you dont feel the rain

  • Rana Begum

    Love without reason lasts more longer!

  • Alan Johnson

    Waking up in each others arms, even after an arguement

  • Lisa Conway

    Loving you is my job for life. My everything, always.

  • Tracey Wolverson

    We are together forever with our unconditional love X

  • Karen Froud

    Eternity is not enough for all my love for you.

  • Katy Jenkins

    If I could rearrange the alphabet, Id put U and I together! x

  • Donna B

    Because you are you I know what true love is..

  • Stephanie Pinder

    Our love will last till the stars turn cold

  • karen


  • Andy Harding

    Our first Valentines Day as Husband & Wife

  • Georg Ball

    Cupcake, I want to gobble you up!

  • shydayliy

    kisses on the neck sending tingles down the spine x

  • D Thomson

    You are my life.

  • Natalie Wallace

    Standing by each other through the bad and the good

  • maleka harcharran

    you lighten my world when the tides get rough.

  • Rana Begum

    Love without reason lasts the longest!

  • Nicola cummins

    Just being with the one you love!

  • Carol

    A hundred hearts would be too few
    To carry all my love for you.

  • Natalie Wallace

    sorry misread the rules for this competition as my first comment was over 10 words and I didn’t realise until after I’d submitted it please disregard it if you can.

  • emma cella

    You’re the one who holds
    the key to my heart.
    Thinking of You.

  • lisa

    Be spontaneous! That is true love. Whether you go for a romantic break to Paris or have a lovely dinner at home(followed by a massage)! As long as it is heartfelt it’s wonderful! x

  • Mr Les Woods

    41 years wed. ‘I do.’ Best words I ever said.

  • Sarah Thompson

    Beautiful Brilliant Gorgeous Great, Best Friend & Soul Mate

  • Kayleigh Reddish

    I Love My Husband More And More Every Day

  • Andrew Thompson

    Whats love got to do, got to do with it?

  • Cazza

    I’ll love you til the day after forever

  • kelly layton

    Partner, sister, mother, dad, all the love i’ve ever had

  • Cazza

    I’ll love you til the day after forever

  • Joan Rowan

    The ultimate desire is to be touched by love.

  • Melanie Jones

    Love is… not asking how much her new dress cost.

  • Elaine Churchill

    Lying next to you, head on your chest – bliss!

  • jo le prevost

    i wear this heart as my heart will go on loving you

  • Sarah birks

    To see your eyes, to hold your hand, to smell your skin and to feel your curves. Is what love is to me! I love you!

  • mandi crockford

    Always and forever in my heart & never be apart ♥

  • andrea caizley

    lifes too short to miss out on love.

  • Andy Stirzaker

    Sipping cocktails on a sun-drenched beach is nothing without you

  • ros

    The things I do for a necklace!

  • murray nisbet

    If you`re a dream i hope i never wake up

  • Liz Crabtree

    L ove doesn’t brag
    O r
    V ow to
    E xpect anything in return

  • Cheryl Dickson

    You make my knees turn to jelly…baby!

  • Paula Green

    If love is blind,why is lingerie so popular?

  • Robert Gaffney

    till death do us part, i love you x

  • Cheryl

    Met, parted, together again – soon to be married.

  • Tomasz Mizerski

    Nothing will ever stop me from loving you.

  • nicci cowdell-murray

    Chris & Nicci never apart
    lovingly close to my heart

  • Lynda Bolton

    All my love
    Forever yours

  • Angela Steatham

    Simon my love!

  • Laura Rosser

    Forever wonderful
    Captivating and spectacularly breathtaking
    My mind is waking

  • Trish Fletcher

    True love does not remember the injury.

  • Clint Willmer

    Your a gift from above, my one true love.

  • Maria Rogers

    Life’s a box of chocolates and you’re my strawberry cream.

  • John Seaman

    To be together forever would not be time enough.

  • Shyreem Raiytt

    Without you there would be no me, I love you

  • jane nicholls

    We only need each other.



  • Diane Ayres

    Without love inside, a home is just a house.

  • hazel gray

    there’s just something about you
    it’s like the flight of the dove
    it’s all I can do
    I wonder if it’s my love
    for you

  • Suzanne Root

    I live to love only you, you are my world.

  • Klara cort

    When you kiss me, the whole world vanishes
    (that’s how my fantastic husband makes me feel)

  • Jen Tonkin

    You make me complete, I cant imagine life without you.

  • Elaine Churchill

    My love, my heart, my soul, my everything, to you…

  • Justin

    Loving you is easy cos beautiful

  • FionaLynne Edwards

    Loved you since ’92 – in ’98 we said “I do”

  • Karin

    I loved you within one split second, but now forever.

  • Justin

    Loving you is easy cos your beautiful

  • Andrea McGlashan

    …you can have my last rolo

  • Stevie Whalley

    Each day I love you more,
    Today more than yesterday,
    and less than tomorrow.

  • Mary

    My love for you grows stronger with each passing day.

  • sana shah

    near or far my heart is joined with you forever

  • Dawn Smith

    Hearts entwined
    Our love enshrined
    Forever thine
    And always mine

  • Amelia Royle

    Love is finding your sole mate

  • Ricky Willis

    I love you unconditionally, you complete me x

  • Jocelyn Clark

    Would you like to use my money to buy that car you have always dreamed of?

  • Julie Booth

    Our love swims strongly between the shores of our souls.

  • Astrid James

    Quiero estar contigo para siempre (I want to be with you forever in spanish)

  • kirstine meredith

    Romance will never die just open up and dont be shy.
    Keep your love alive and you will strive on passion.
    Something that will never go out of fashion!

  • sarah scott

    a love denied grows stronger¬!

  • David Fane

    When you find true love you find everlasting happiness

  • gillian close

    My soul I would surrender to ensure your future happiness

  • Alison Serdet

    Staring into love filled eyes that are staring into yours.

  • Pete Aighton

    Loving my wife a bit more than salt & vinegar crisps

  • Helen Stott

    sometimes hot, sometimes cold, still love you when your old.

  • Martina

    To the moon and back I carry your heart x

  • nicola levesconte

    MY love, MY life, MY everything

  • Seb Stallard

    To be together, falling in love forever xxx

  • Cath

    To see your smile makes my life worthwhile.

  • h butler

    Your love frees me of all pain.

  • etleva

    i ask myself every morning,
    will my love for you will be the same,
    the answer is what keeps me going

  • hazel rigazio

    You touch my soul just by being you.

  • Patricia Monaghan

    You’re the best friend that I’ve ever had/will have….

  • Denice

    Only a single heartbeat will ever seperate us.

  • Michelle

    Best friends, never ends
    Shared dreams to all extremes
    Together. x

  • Jan Douglas

    You smile at me and even the angels are jealous

  • Joey Grey

    Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it

  • juliette

    my heart glows every time I see your smile

  • Sarah Faraz

    “The only true gift is a portion of yourself.”

  • Andrea

    23 wonderful years, thanks

  • Gareth Snaith



    Husband, Lover, friend,
    My Soul-mate till the end

  • Alex

    Walking down a moonlight beach with my one love x


    It’s the little imperfections that make a person beautiful

  • Julie P

    Time spent together..means i want you forever

  • prathyusha

    i want be your father when you need support
    i want be your mother when you want to cry
    i want be your sister when you need company
    i want be your brother when you need strength
    i want be your friend when you want to share
    i want to be your partner when want everything…….

    be my love…love you for life

  • Vicki

    Your my guardian angel guiding me through the darkest nights!

  • Bruce

    My wife’s my Valentine everyday of the year.

  • Joanne

    You are a beautiful diamond set deep within my heart.

  • Isabel Marie Baker

    Love is true,the only love for me is you.

  • Heidi

    To be loved is to feel the sun on both sides

  • Deborah Ryall

    Selfless, passionate, unconditional love is but just a kiss away.

  • Linda

    Like A Diamond Our Love Is Precious Strong Clear Pure

  • prathyusha

    i see god in you because i love you

  • prathyusha

    if you truly love you will see god in their face and now i can see

  • Deborah Ryall

    Appreciation, Cherishing, Fidelity, Passion, Respect, Devotion and tenderness MY LOVE

  • Emma Glass

    A touch, a glance, an understanding, creating new life, unconditionally.

  • Nicola Neal

    I can be me. You can be you. Together.

  • Nicola

    Being with you.. is all I need

  • Debra Wilks

    Love is four letters, the meaning eternal.

  • Belinda Hendry

    alll my luv all my life

  • Andy D

    Be my coconut-topped munchkin

  • Godfrey Callus

    Every day I say I love you,
    Every beat of my heart says it too.

  • Charles Harvey

    I’m honoured and blessed to have married you.

  • Ileana Fernandes

    Beautiful Silence; one where two mouths meet in a kiss!

  • Tony Keeley

    You are the breath of life in me now, always.

  • Godfrey Callus

    Everyday I love you,
    Every heartbeat says it too

  • kate hester

    Keeper of my heart and dreams x

  • caroline raher

    The love between two people is magic and exciting xxx

  • laura C

    I can’t promise you forever because thats not long enough

  • http://www.girliegossip.com Becky

    Buildings Burn, People Die But Real Love Lives Forever.

  • Elizabeth Tierney

    When In your arms nothing else matters <3

  • Kelly-anne Wynd

    A hooded glance, you smile at me, inviting a kiss.

  • Jemma Beynon

    Till I loved I never lived.

  • Lorna Totton

    My Husband and Friend all the days of my life.

  • Nicola 1971

    comforting silence, blessed contentment feeling whole together as one

  • Simon Charrington

    In my eyes you are my future’s dream

  • Azzer

    Your eyes… Portal to your soul… Falling in… Blissful embrace.

  • Alison

    You are my dreams and my life

  • Louise

    even our belly buttons love one another

  • Samantha Grinstead

    I look at you know and I know its love

  • simone lee


  • hannah griffin

    My lover my best friend my heart and my soul. Never to be parted. Made for each other in every way. I love you my soul mate even more every day.

  • hannah griffin

    oops more than 10 words got carried away will try again heehee

  • hannah griffin

    my lover my best friend my heart and my soul

  • Harpal Kaur

    To love each day like it is your last chance

  • Dave Jones

    Even words are insufficient to convey our love

  • M Neeson

    Live like it’s heaven on earth!

  • Rosemary Drummond

    Feeling love when there is only a comfortable silence.

  • Lori D

    My bald, wrinkled, husbands head on pillow next to mine

  • Julie

    You are my love, you are my life

  • http://freestuffalsofacebook jacqui fisher

    To be loved, by far. Is the must, have indeed. Very special alot, Id say so.

  • Amy Hobbs

    Love in my heart, be held in your Hand.

  • Mel Chambers

    Words, gold, diamonds, cannot express my love for you

  • Helen

    Love Lasts Eternal x

  • Margaret Dunlop

    You are my heart, my soul, my passion

  • Sarah Arnett

    You keep my heart beating, you keep my body alive

  • http://blog.debenhams.com Jenny, editor

    Please remember it’s 10 words or less and that the winning message will be engraved on the back of the necklace… great entries so far. We are feeling all romantic!

  • Evelyn Johnston

    Without you I am incomplete.

  • anne Marie Karance

    its amazing feeling to love but even more amazing feeling to be loved

  • JoC

    Eternal Heart…My Soul Dwells Within. Your Love Holds Me Bound.

  • Dar

    I believe, God above,
    Created you for me to love

  • Kelly-Marie Dudley

    I became me when I met you

  • Selma

    Feel so good and comforted just knowing you’re there

  • Catherine Smith

    Two heartbeats, one love, everlasting passion

  • dawn

    live without fear,laugh without tears,love without hope.

  • darren longthorne

    you remind me of an english rose
    so beatiful with or without clothes

  • ANJU

    You’re not just my wife, you’re my life!

  • Kelly

    You are my one

  • Grace

    Lets link our hearts together forever

  • Ann calland

    You are always in my heart and soul

  • Helen

    Our Love is like a rare coin hard to find but special to keep

  • catherine

    My Love, My Heart, My inspiration

  • darren

    our love entwined
    engraved and signed

  • sue

    Everyday is Valentine’s day with you.

  • Marian

    My Love and my life x

  • Sarah S

    You love me, no matter what my faults are.

  • Rob

    eternity itself could not stand between me and you

  • Claraclutterbuck

    Love snuggle-bum-cuddles with my soul mate

  • kirti


  • Lindsey

    please return me to MC

  • rebecca bate

    may all your tomorrows be yesterdays dreams!!!!

  • Laura

    2011 – our wedding, our future, our love. Forever.

  • Michelle Bruce

    You held my heart when you held my hand.

  • Rachelle Shaw

    You tripped me so i fell for you

  • Rachelle Shaw

    I Love You

  • Jens

    You are more precious than any diamond

  • Kris

    In life and love, never settle for comfortable

  • Rashi Jain

    in my heart by day, at night into my dreams

  • Rita V

    You will always be ‘the one’ P…hold me in your heart forever!

  • marianne shaw


  • Rita V

    Hold me in your heart forever P…!

  • tracy


  • paul eckersley


  • sharon e

    my friend, my love, my soulmate x

  • Julie Brett

    You complete me.


    Melie 20 years your heart has been mine,Love petie

  • Belinda Matthews

    you are forever in my heart

  • Deborah Franklin


  • Loma Wood

    perm,mullet,crew,feather,we still curl up together!

  • Jeffrey Farrell

    I can’t help myself, I love you and nobody else.

  • Alan

    In my heart and in my dreams–forever and always.

  • Elle Blue

    Walking hand in hand, our names written in the sand.

  • http://blog.debenhams.com pauline leblanc

    keeping a peice is you with me my love.

  • carole sullivan

    The best feeling in the world is knowing that I’m loved by you.

  • Amy W

    You are my diamond, my strength, my light, my purity.

  • Kate H

    Here is my heart for you, forever.

  • Mathew Ray

    All my nights and all my days, I love you.

  • http://Debenhams michaela vaughan

    Your my best friend. Now always and forever

  • nadia harvey

    L’ amour toujours l’amour – for ever


    Love is, above all, the gift of oneself.

  • helen

    truly yours i am forever you are mine

  • Beverley Keenan

    Love is cutting your toenails when you can’t reach.

  • Raj

    This heart belongs to you and only you, my lovely.

  • Carol Ahmad

    Mmmm Ali.x

  • Chris Driver

    My heart skips a beat when I see your smile

  • ann carline

    You and me together forever

  • Lisa Palin

    To the diamond in my heart
    with love

  • Christine Johnson

    like the sands of time, my love will always shine

  • Chuck

    You are the one.

  • Leanne

    I promised
    I’d never sing of love
    If it does not exist
    But darlin’
    You are the only exception

  • Leanne

    Darlin’, You are the only exception

  • Keith Houghton

    Our Love is more than a 9 2 5

  • Chris

    Take my hand, together forever more.

  • Janine Fenton

    Martin, you compleat me. My love is whole and eternal.

  • Anthony

    My love for her is a journey. Starting at forever, And ending at never.

  • Hilary

    Diamonds sparkle but not like you.

  • valerie mccarthy

    Through all the ups and downs, with losses and gains, I followed my heart to be with the person that I love. I would cross oceans, move to new territories to continue being with my love. It is my love that brought me to Europe, created my beautiful family and who continues to bring happiness into my life. When we felt the world was trying to separate us, we continued to follow our hearts. Love rules us and our family!

  • Ian Sutterby

    Darling I shall always Love you Like Diamonds, Forever

  • Vic

    Yo bitch. Do ya want me or not. I might have some bling.

  • Kathryn Casbolt

    True love is like a circle – never ending :)

  • Diana Storrie

    I adore you

  • liz denial

    My love, my life, my one & only

  • Mazzy S

    My beautiful boy – always surrounded by your love.

  • angie f

    love is special like you.

  • Lauza M

    Sweet, funny, loving, fun, my forever shining light.

  • David James

    You deserve this after spoiling me for 53 years

  • Mike

    Love’s paradox: You always lift me, yet keep me grounded.

  • Lucy Pasifull

    Today, Tomorrow, forever.

  • Kerry

    Till Death do us part xxx

  • Amerjit Kaur

    Everyone has love but not everyone can find it

  • caty_r

    You light up my heart and brighten my soul

  • Bob Clark

    lost in love – forever friends – totally together till time….

  • delia hunter

    to my precious little diamond I Love you xx

  • Marcus Bartrip

    Sparkle in love. Sparkle in life. Forever yours.

  • Chintan Brahmbhatt

    This is the sad time of the year for the first time in last 10 years. The one I love doesn’t love me anymore as she says!!! I believe whatever happens, it happens for a very good reason. Anyway I wish you all a very happy valentine with your loved one…

  • carla morris

    Striking.. magical.. truly exiting.. passionate…all why I love you

  • wayne bisson

    a mere token of the total love for you x

  • Peter Snitch

    For our past, present and future our love

  • Louise Fellows


  • Nina Greaves

    Out of my sight, but never out of my heart.

  • Kristian

    I Love You

  • jean newlove

    little flower lent not given..to bud on earth & bloomin heaven x

  • Christian

    I Love You Todger

  • carolyn mckean

    I love you.

  • Lisa W

    Your unique you rock my world, your my gem


    True beauty can only be seen with the heart

  • Katie Robinson

    Without you I am nothing.
    With you I am everything.

  • john williamson

    As my good friend Buzz Lightyear would say “True love lasts to infinity and beyond.”

  • Joanna S.

    Close or far apart, always a smile within my heart.

  • Remi Guermonprez

    A glimpse, electric, comforting, a touch, soothing, a kiss energising, neverending

  • kris bates

    You are my soulmate, my rock. Forever and ever.

  • Anne Thompson

    kisses,hugs and laughter you’re my treasure

  • vickie

    I will always love you, you are my world.

  • Gilly Ludlow

    You’re like a diamond
    shining brightly into my heart

  • Paul Stanley

    You are the diamond of my heart

  • coco-chips

    May we be together forever in this life and next!

  • kayleigh white

    To my sweet Cherub, I will always love you.

  • antony abbott

    My love for you is bound in Gold & Rock

  • Cindy Sutheran

    ♥-2 become 1

  • Richard Pickles

    Id do anything for love!

  • Jennifer Schofield

    My heart keeps beating solely for you – I love you

  • Kate Mac

    You stole my heart but I captured yours

  • Fiona Hodgkiss

    My heart longs for you.

  • James

    Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds.

  • Fiona

    True Love

  • Susan Bennett

    Roses are red
    Opportunity knock
    I’ll bring the champers
    You bring the chocs

  • Amanda marman

    With your love I am complete.

  • jacqueline maguire

    we love you always no matter if your bossy pet

  • Martin

    My all, my only, my eveything – nothing else matters

  • Beverley

    I find in you, Every day for us something new.


    You’re the key to my heart, my soul, my world! xxxxx

  • Andy

    Forever together

  • Patricia Starkey

    Friends are like diamonds – the ‘dearer’ the better!

  • maureen.m

    Caring & Sharing: ALWAYS!!!

  • Ian Clyde

    a gem for a gem
    my creme de la creme

  • Alan Sutherland

    My soul mate,
    my rock,
    My love,
    love always Alan

  • Bruce Harmer

    Yesterday today tomorrow my love is yours forever.

  • Amanda Sandy

    Love, unfathomable, unfailing, uncompromising, unconditional it unites us all

  • jodie

    Life is nothing without love, your love.


    From first sight, we were soul mates.

  • Nigel Hollingsworth

    Love ALL life,and life loves you :)

  • Neil Molyneux

    My love for you is without equal

  • Jeff Rothner

    Can we try a little ardour?

  • Lisa

    I won this heart, like you won mine. Love always.

  • Kate Bettinger

    I will love you, always.

  • trudie barnaville

    i need the valentines necklace

  • Rebecca Smith

    Always and forever, I am yours. Together.

  • Carol Rowley

    Just a look will tell me you love me

  • john lake

    Warm and passionate, love lies content in our embrace.

  • Darren Moore

    13 years on
    And still going strong
    Yours Forever

  • Nick Harper

    Mary, I love you today and always. Nick

  • Francessca Coulson

    A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you x

  • Alison Reid

    fragile, handle with care

  • Judith Taggart

    One heart, one love, one future.

  • Alice

    Precious heart

  • Dave

    Heart to heart, two hearts as one. Forever.

  • David OBrien

    Yes True Love is a Many Splendored Thing

  • M williams

    You are my one and only love, now and forever more…..

  • karen

    love is life without it we are lost

  • Josephine Barber

    Love and romance are food for the soul

  • shirley evans

    passion,warmth,and love unfold.When secret admirer,finally told!

  • yvonne grylls

    Paris, champagne,roses & You. Wow!

  • karen sheppard

    Allow your love to flow and it’ll return to you.

  • Marie Starr

    No diamond ever sparkled brighter than love in your eyes.

  • deborah hume

    Stand together forever strong

  • carol griffiths

    my love, my life, my all x

  • christina Mckay

    To you, who determine love and faith in my life.

  • Joyce Donnelly

    You are what I never knew I always wanted

  • Denise Sears

    Love makes dreams come true

  • Rachel Dann

    A twinkle in your eye, a lifetime in my heart

  • Linda Steele

    You will always be my soulmate now and forever.

  • jonathan reed

    I’ll be seeing you soon, yay!

  • Steven Smith

    I’m the tiger you wanted to tame

  • Ian Clyde

    a gem for a gem my creme de la femme

  • Nancy Bradford

    I love you even when you are farting.

  • kim mayhead

    I love this necklace its so beautiful please pick me

  • joanne farman

    i love you so much my heart sparkles.

  • Jessica Sjoholm

    We’re just two people who found each other x

  • Linda Harrison

    Life starts with Love, Love grows with Life.


    Married 35 years I’m still your little Rose x

  • Linda Harrison

    Love grows
    Life flows

  • K Murray

    You are my soul’s other half, my entire world.

  • Lesley Marshall

    Eric Van Peterson, desert island, swaying palms, hot sands, LOVE!

  • Trevor

    Sparkle and shine, like this necklace, be mine.

  • Charlotte

    Forever and a day I am yours

  • Eve Pell

    A special place within my heart
    only you can fill.

  • Kelly Young

    Thank you for this great competition!!

  • Donna

    I Love You

  • Julie Anne Goodman

    Roses red, violets blue-this necklace is especially for you

  • Jenifer-Mary Pettitt

    What a beautiful exquisite romantic smooth golden diamond studded heart.

  • Cath

    My hungry heart needs yours to satisfy my desire…….x

  • Gayl MacKinnon

    Hearts desire my soul on fire burning embers of love

  • Brian Davies

    Darling wife – Heart stopping beauty – you AND the necklace

  • Rebecca Hunter

    My love, my life, my everything.

  • Karys roberts


  • Christopher Cox

    3.8.1 xxxxx
    3 words, 8 letters, 1 meaning
    I Love You xxxxx

  • kim holgate

    Times grow old, days grow long, our love forever strong

  • Penny Stephens

    25 years later and our souls still found each other

  • Julie Henderson

    a bed of roses in a million poses

  • Tinyian

    A log fire is my biggest desire

  • Clint Dillon

    Every day any way, iwll say i love you.

  • James

    True love happens when nothing is sought in return

  • Lee Wood

    I longed, I prayed, you came, you stayed. My Love

  • Lee Wood

    No sweeter thing have I found in my life. You

  • Zoe Corbin

    Will you marry me? Gloriously in love we will be.

  • jodie yorke

    one word = artistic

  • patrice

    True love is timeless,
    seventeen-seventy, we have it made….

  • ImmortalBeloved

    Quoting Beethoven………Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours

  • Alyx Thomas

    Together at last,everthing is in the past.

  • Izzy Baker

    unconditional love was meant for me & you my Love.

  • Kevin Shek

    You’re the Gem in my Heart, Never to Part.

  • antikhab hussain


  • Gina L.

    First date, romantic kiss, dream wedding, marital bliss!

  • robert ward

    each kiss is like the first kiss when its you

  • suzzee langton

    You are the breathe that sustains me every single second………

  • paul bridges

    love is made for sharing,
    with you forever

  • Michele Platman

    You’re my world; I never think of anyone else.

  • rena plumridge

    Truely adore you love you so

  • Chris Camplisson

    I will love you ever and always

  • Katy madley

    I wanna stand with you on a mountaintop…..

  • Gillian Thompson

    together forever

  • Donna aitkens

    Your heart = my Diamond. je t’aime.




  • angela ferebee

    He is my strength, I am his weakness – that’s LOVE

  • Jasper

    Familiarity breathes consent

  • Jane Barrett

    Thank you for spending your life with me.

  • sharon

    you three children were created from true young love.

  • Soraya Rodrigues

    My constuctive critic and admirer.

  • ian walmsley

    New pendant for you, new golf clubs for me ? xxxxx

  • colin brown

    you make my life complete

  • Lucy Kichenside

    ” The Lion fell in love with the lamb” True love

  • Vina Pb

    I am who I am, because you love me..

  • margaret jones

    26 years and still truly in love

  • carly j

    My life began the day the day you said yes

  • Joyce Duval

    LOVE always find a way to the heart :) )

  • honey

    u r my love forever xxxx

  • Fiona

    Two Hearts
    Together in Love

  • Shelly

    A love that cannot break or bend
    My best friend

  • Emma M

    With you it is so clear,
    I have no fear.

  • david hanley

    My first,my last,my everything.

  • Stacey Farrell

    Precious diamond, my valentine, let’s forget the world and shine. xxx

  • Joyce Duval

    Love is the MOST beautiful thing on earth :) )

  • Mandy Charlton

    Love is loving an imperfect person perfectly forever

  • Matt McAndrew

    This marriage thing is a drag. Let’s get divorced ;-)

  • Alison Braganza

    Love…unselfish, everlasting and heartfelt.

  • Alison T

    Unconditional,romantic,sparkly loving shared by just we two!

  • susannah brown

    1000s of words have no meaning for my special feelings.

  • leanne gidlow

    now when did
    You last let your heart decide?

  • Joyce

    We are nothing …without LOVE !!!!

  • Hannah Wilson

    Being yourself, together x

  • Terrina Bishop

    Joy and sadness, laughter and tears all shared together, forever.

  • Paula Isaacs

    This is my heart, it belongs to you

  • Vicki

    You are my sun, you make me shine.

  • Thelma Ellis

    Love will triumph in an open heart


    MY WIFE,

  • sarah

    just me and you baby.xx

  • Kieran Walsh

    20 years on 14th of being a unit great prize

  • Michael Butler

    Honeymoon’s over – down hill from here.

  • Cher

    You give me the strength to face all my fears 26/09/09

  • Cam

    Together, we are as one.

  • Mike S

    golden love, a timeless classic sure to please

  • claire oliver

    Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.”

  • Alex

    Love is both an art and a fortunate accident

  • valerie allen

    wow what fantastic,romantic gift.

  • Carol Mc

    find my heart

  • Carole Bell

    A diamond heart, like my love for you, is forever.

  • Jennifer

    You have my heart, gilded, and endlessly yours.

  • Martin Richmond

    No day can break until you awake.

  • C George

    You are my star, you show me the way

  • Lorna Garratt

    tu es mon âme soeur ( you are my soulmate)

  • Lee Wood

    My heart was placed in ice, Now it’s in Paradise.

  • Cherryl Thomas


  • Andy S

    Muirn Beatha Dan – Our souls entwined for all eternity

  • Samantha Brown

    Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies

  • Terri Cheshire

    Never asking and always knowing. Always making me smile.

  • Steve Jones

    a heart filled with magic that you placed in mine

  • Fiona Hawthorn

    Roses red, violets blue, diamonds exquisite, just like you. x

  • Angela Jenkins


  • Missy Smart

    Love is a lifetime of Christmas in one.

  • Margi W

    Gleeful kindness, radiant joy, aching excitement, ‘tween girl and boy.

  • Ray

    Your heart is more prescious than gold x

  • Janet Kam

    Together forever and never to part

  • t nathan

    You and I fit perfectly, our jigsaw is complete.

  • Michelle

    Our love is like Adamantium, it can’t be broken.

  • Lee Wood

    So glad we took the chance,
    on our immortal romance.

  • Lynette Smyth

    “If there is anything better to be loved, it is loving.”

  • charlotte mathieson

    Love, like a river will cut a new path.

  • Ann Law

    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend .. clearly !

  • Christopher Harris

    Good as gold, eyes diamond bright
    Forevermore, my heart’s delight!

  • Howard Law

    Wife, less of the messages – get back in the kitchen !

  • Karin

    Love everlasting, 2 hearts that beat as one

  • Michael Horsfield

    you truely love someone , if you’d die for them!

  • A P Law

    Violets are blue
    Roses are red,
    Do you mind no trapping me,
    when you f… in the bed !

  • Rachel

    I want to step into the future holding your hand.

  • Gemz

    You’re my tectonic plate. I love all of your faults.

  • natalie

    Love you more today than yesterday but less than tomorrow

  • leanne gidlow

    Hearts together, hands across the night.
    forever finally in sight

  • Heather Tuby

    Soul Mates forever x

  • leanne gidlow

    Soul meets soul on lover’s lips


    I’ve fallen in love many times… always with you.

  • leanne gidlow

    Hold me in your arms, keep me safe from harm

  • leanne gidlow

    Every heartbeat bears your name

  • Virginia Angel

    Everyday I am with you is just like the first.

  • Pinaz Pajnigar

    You carry my heart

  • Pinaz Pajnigar

    We’ll never be apart, because you have my heart.

  • Nathen Sample

    Love, the only unmasterable emotion

  • Gary Angel

    You can never be replaced , you’re in my heart Forever x


    Love means nothing in tennis, but it’s everything in life.

  • Roy Paterson

    Passion is the source of our finest moments.

  • Mike Green

    To the Debenhams blog people: I hope you’re going to Google the winners to check they’re original. I can’t believe how many people have ‘borrowed’ lines from poems, sayings and songs!

  • Lisa Collins

    My heart is filled with magic.

  • Rita Paterson

    Passion lies in all of us.

  • Janine Coletta

    from two hearts and souls comes a love that grows

  • Sue Hewerdine

    Diamonds are precious – nothings as precious as the giver’s love!

  • Clair

    nice dinner, nice wine, nice talk with the right person.

  • Denise Keeley

    The gift of our child the result of true love

  • Margaret Akel

    You hold the key to my heart

  • Joanne Glenn

    Who needs diamonds? – You are my rock!

  • karen k

    sean, my heart, my soul, my world

  • lisa

    The flutter of butterfly’s is pure love which lasts forever x

  • Samantha Jerome

    You love me how I’ve always wanted to be loved

  • David Rowlinson

    My Love, My Wife, Forever.

  • sweir

    why have silver when ive already got gold

  • Bee

    Enchanted and tenderly embraced by your eternal love x

  • Yvonne Dimbleby

    The angels thought
    they needed you
    more than I do.

  • Sarah Jones

    There is only you

  • Ms A. Bliss

    Our hearts beat together as one for eternity.

  • Ayma

    May Our Love For Each Other Bloom Over Decades To Come!

  • Jenny

    Ther was no me before you.

  • Claire

    ever thine ever mine ever ours

  • Carmen Bateman

    Reach for the Stars, because you are one! Love You.

  • diane carsey

    A loving smile melts my heart forever

  • mandy power

    your my lover, my friend, my one and only

  • http://writerzblock.wordpress.com/ Writerzblock

    My many imperfections
    Your singular, unconditional love
    Makes life perfect!!

    —(In a Haiku format – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haiku)

  • faiza hamayon

    A=ll belongs to
    N=oble love….
    my husband name describes it all ‘HAMAYON’…would love to have engraving of your name.

  • Lee Wood

    When there’s nowhere to run,
    I know where to run.

  • jacqueline byrne


  • Kevin

    Your a diamond in my mind, in my heart forever x

  • Helen Hodson

    Delirious days
    Soulmates for eternity
    Never wake the dream

  • john lake

    Love is the golden chain that binds and entwines.

  • Catherine Smith

    Living and Loving and always forgiving

  • Rochelle Lear

    My One True Soul Mate, Together Forever

  • Anthony Jones

    You Are My Friend, My Lover, My Soul Mate

  • Karen Martin

    You captured my heart, then gave me wings to fly.


    We were two and had but one heart.

  • Lee Wood

    When we touch, Love’s tears fall in heaven.


    Love is like curry, the hotter the better…

  • george

    from cradle to grave ‘love you always’ engraved

  • Yulia

    I do not care who you are and where you are from as long as you love me.

  • amanda mills

    If to love is madness, then I am completely insane.

  • greg mills

    I saw your eyes, realised my destiny, surrendered my heart.

  • Ross Millar

    In dark moments my love of you shines bright.

  • Anne Balfour

    A life without love is no life at all.

  • susannah southurst

    love you today, love you tomorrow , love you always

  • Michelle Lynch

    together we are one;apart we are none

  • Kelly

    What is love without us?

  • M. W.

    Love is the engine and the energy of everything.

  • Vicki Church


  • Jimmy Ryan

    A log fire is my biggest desire

  • J Hamilton

    Everyday and in every way, I love you more and more

  • Hannah Beadle

    Your so beautiful it hurts to look at you x

  • Kathryn

    Love, is knowing you really do complete each other.

  • Ron Goodwin

    Together we can live forever, and beyond.

  • Sarah Laycock

    Often stirred, Sometimes shaken, Love can never be forsaken

  • karen massingham

    Love is so much more than a word

  • sarah foran

    Love makes my life complete

  • Lee Gardner

    close to my heart always and forever, love you

  • Michelle Lynch

    why is my comment awaiting moderation when i’ve just sat and wrote that myself?

  • ali mckenzie

    Your name is written across my heart in indelible ink

  • kath adamson

    you will always be the wind beneath my wings

  • veronica cairns

    there is only you

  • George Robertson

    Is it wrong to love your best friend?

  • Paul

    They say some things are too good to be true, but I just hope they ain’t talking about you. I’ve heard everything must come to an end, but I just can’t imagine me without you….. ♥

  • Emma Holness

    Forget my last rolo, I’d give you my last breath.

  • Sue W

    Thinking of you still makes my heart miss a beat.

  • A Harrold

    Your love is my life’s engine.

  • http://writerzblock.wordpress.com/ Writerzblock

    My many imperfections
    Your singular, unconditional love
    Makes life perfect!

  • Kathryn Todd

    My wish is to receive your kisses for eternity.

  • Debbie Pearson

    I love falling asleep knowing I’ll wake up to find you here.

  • Tess

    You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams

  • Godfrey Callus

    We will never be apart
    because you are my heart

  • Val Pownall

    You are the sparkle in my heart

  • Niamh Buckley

    Our love is like our wedding rings there’s no ending

  • nicky hawley

    like two swans & white Doves,you are my love


    love always

  • Sharon Bell

    Twas Love at first sight then two hearts became one

  • Simon Betteridge

    Till I loved you, I never lived.

  • David Wood

    Falling in love is easy,
    staying in love requires work

  • Christine Hobbs

    Warmth, an inner glow; feelings I’m proud to show.

  • Geri Gibson

    Impulse, thoughts meet, linked each through our eyes to inner being.

  • June Gaynor

    This heart is forever whole with you in my soul.

  • Lynn Sanders

    My life is truly blessed because I have you.

  • http://facebook lisa

    Cherish everyday together and your love will grow stronger.

  • A Nevard

    Love You Lots & Then Some More

  • Pinaz Pajnigar




  • jane orford

    I trust you with my heart
    please dont break it

  • Diane

    Romance isn’t a science ~ it’s a heart.

  • Jess Mandeville

    Hate sleeping because now reality is better than any dream

  • William George Hynd

    God was showing off when He created you.

  • duane

    Your love reminds me of music.

  • Lynn Doe

    Love Unlike a Dying Ember Glows But Does Not Die

  • http://facebook Nadia

    Love endures,love conquers;love is the soul of universe.

  • Yasmin

    share embrace love

  • Shirley Davie

    You were the first… and are my last LOVE

  • Rachael Lines

    My love, the cause and solution to all lifes problems.

  • Miss M Morrison

    A look, a smile, a kiss, our hearts, entwined forever.

  • Pamela

    You are incredible

  • elaine osborne

    the gift of love i give to thee

  • Sue

    I need you more than want you.

  • Christine Burridge

    My other half, my everything, I couldn’t love you more.

  • Lee Wood

    If Love was a single letter, it would be U

  • Mandy

    Calls and commutes, kisses and caresses. It’s us. Always.

  • Aimee

    Not money, success or glory. All I need is you.

  • claire woods

    No time to show it everyday
    but I do love you so much
    Valentine’s day is the day
    to show you just how much you mean to me

  • Peter Potter

    Moon, spoon, June, balloon, baboon, Vidal Sassoon…

  • Steve Randall

    Love is a cold lasagne suspended in deep freeze

  • Laura Pritchard

    For foot tickles and massages, through football and bad moods.

  • Ali Norgate

    Be close to mine,your beating heart.

  • Ali Norgate

    Be close to mine your beating heart

  • Dave Harper

    Everytime I see you, I fall in love again.

  • Andrea F

    I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart.

  • Susan Gale

    Love opens our hearts: in passions, togetherness

  • Terry

    a heart from me, and one from Van P

  • cactusjo

    Love beyond time

  • brenda heads

    My Love My Life Forever

  • vicki

    It’s always you…

  • Patricia Edwards

    Two of a kind, with our hearts entwined

  • Ann Rowe

    Loving someone should not be a destination it should be a road travelled.

  • A Reid

    Roses? Red. Violets? Blue. Love Forever? Me and You.

  • Helen Hodson

    Delirious days
    Soulmates for eternity
    Never wake the dream

    (Re-posted as for some reason my previous comment from a couple of days ago is still awaiting moderation? :S)

  • Helen Hodson

    Delirious days
    Soulmates for eternity
    Never wake the dream


  • Tracy Davidson

    Two hearts, two minds, two souls in loving harmony

  • Helen Waite

    Our love is selfish – we are the same being

  • Jose May

    Your love gives me life .

  • Liz Brammall

    You’re my husband and lover, but more importantly my friend.

  • http://loquax sammy marshall-pleavin


  • Suzy Cooper

    Life filled with love brings a love filled with life.

  • helen p

    charlie kushla, you’re my monkey

  • Duncan Day

    Love you more and more each day that we’re together

  • niall

    You & me, 2 gether 4 ever

  • Chris James

    From hairy toes to button nose, love and hugs forever


    Didnt know i could love you even more than i already do.


    It must be love ,love,love


    I didnt think it possible to love you more than i already do.

  • John McKenzie

    LOVE my Wife Love my Children Thats Love for Me.

  • joan

    Forever my love – my husband

  • michele

    The love of my life always x

  • Wendy Murray

    Keith, my heart beats only for you. X

  • David Paterson

    Life with Love is worth every penny of Pain

  • Carol

    Together forever my darling beyong time.

  • clare allen

    True Love Is Once , Twice , Forever

  • Sue Harrison

    Love is wordless, true and eternal.

  • Ruth Tesdale

    Eternal is a love so bright that death cannot dim.

  • Chris Davies

    I wish time would never stop when I’m with you

  • L Farnworth

    My heart with your heart, till the stars go out.

  • Helen A

    Tears Laughter Good Times and Bad Thats what Love is

  • Ben Peter Lindsey

    My Angel, I Love You x

  • Keith Gowthorpe

    We’ll travel the road, sharing our load, side by side.

  • susan younger

    Love and strength are a wonderful thing.
    In to our relationship happiness you bring

  • Debra Southgate

    In my heart, let us never be apart

  • James

    Enter me! Cheers


    JM/DT Got Engaged January 1st 2011 12.25am Lanzarote x

  • Sandra Clarke

    Too sublime for any words, that’s our love.

  • elaine noble


  • Kelly Padwick

    Precious people are those who steal your heart

  • Sarah M

    True love transcends everything, it cannot be broken.

  • Nicola B

    Love is the risk we take to truly live.

  • Shyreem Raiytt

    It was never just me, it was always We x

  • Carla

    You arouse my body and soul and make me whole

  • randy saunders

    2 Hearts Forever Entwined By Our Lord.

  • Sandra Blickett

    All that I am I give to you.

  • Bee

    Life and Love Hurts…but never when You are near.

  • Bee

    Sacred…Special…you saw me and set me free x

  • Esma Harris

    You take my breath away each and everyday.

  • Tricia in GB (UK)

    Quantum Entanglement (reverse) see you on the wires

  • Kay

    best lover, best partner, my best friend

  • Ian Astley


  • Verity Elmes


    Natalie, Elle-Louise
    Caitlyn and George

    My little family, i adore them all!!! Six names, very simple but so meaningful
    Actually my grandparents have just passed us down some little nick-nacks in a box along with a family tree and this would be something else i could pass down to my own great, great, grandchildren in many years to come What a great piece of history it could make somebody!

  • Laurence Croucher

    Let our hearts meld as one, seamless in love

  • Lucie Aiston

    A Mothers Love will never die!

  • Bella B.

    HEART is Honouring Eternal Ambrosial Romantic Tenderness

  • Jo B

    Love is all, everything else fades! Always cherish love!

  • Geoff Hibbert

    Your name in engraved in gold upon my heart.

  • James Yates

    Love needs no words….Love Just is.

  • helen brown

    To my darl, my heart will go on x

  • Grace

    Can’t imagine life without you

  • Adele Knight

    Forever in my heart,our love will never die

  • Simon

    Mmmmmmmmm!!!! Yes Please!

  • Tracy Davidson

    My heart beats faster when you are near

  • Ms C Rustam

    I ♥ u boo…b happy always!

  • Elisa

    As if you were on fire from within.

  • Barbara S

    Sweetheart XXXX

  • carolelou

    I love you now,forever and always.

  • Carole Mackenzie

    Yesterday is history,
    Tomorrow is a mystery.
    Today is a gift.
    Thats why we call it the present.

  • Carolelou

    I love you,now, forever and always.

  • Caron Bray

    My hope, my heart, my love, David

  • Hassan Bilal

    The person i love the most in my life and i always will is my SWEET and best mum in the whole world. LOVE U MUM…alwys

  • khadija bi

    love is more then love that you kown

  • Pameh

    I’d choose you in every lifetime.

  • neelam rani

    the best love is my Mothers and alway make her happy

  • Tarlok M.

    Two souls created in heaven, united as one on Earth.


    With everything we have been through our married life with your cancer our daughters death and my illness’s it has made so much stronger where it could have driven us apart, i love you forever and always Alan. xx

  • Hannah

    Forever my love mike

  • Kerry Kydd

    10 print “heart u”
    20 goto 10

  • Suzie G

    I’m the luckiest girl in the world

  • Priscilla Christine Stubbs

    44 years together and still so much in love

  • Chris Leigh

    roses are red violets are blue and so am I,when im not with you

  • Dianne Leigh

    Love is the warmth in my heart, life is love and love is life

  • Melanie Clarke

    Thanks for being my sunshine through a very cloudy year

  • Bridget Johnson

    true love like walking into the sunset

  • denise cross

    I think about you even when we’re not close by

  • Marianne Masterson

    A treasure to behold is a treasure indeed

  • gill

    from me to you chuckle

  • faiza

    When I think of YOU
    I long 2 feel UR touch…
    When I’m with YOU’
    I wish the moments wouldn’t fly so fast…
    YOU mean the world 2 ME….
    I want YOU 2 know,
    how lucky I am,
    to have YOU in my life!
    I Luv U, Honey…
    You r really very special 2 ME…

  • Donna

    All you need is love.

  • sue x

    its great to be a valentine at any age

  • Tracey Claxton

    You’re the fire that burns the passion within my soul.

  • Donna King

    My love will always stay true to you

  • Darren

    I will love you forever

  • Malcolm Butterworth

    Together as one, until we are gone.

  • Emma

    love is like this diamond necklace beautiful and everlasting.

  • Jackie L

    Lets toss a coin heads Im yours, tails your mine.

  • marie

    Love is me and you, together forever

  • Asad Akhlaq

    I live to love and love to live, because of you.

  • Arabella Pullon

    Without you, there is no life; you are my life.

  • victoria knowles

    You run the bubble bath, i got the champaigne and chocolates

  • victoria knowles

    match made in heaven, still fantastic after eighteen years paul

  • mark w

    Eva forever

  • miss emma louise hogan

    You will always have love

  • michael henshaw

    When i think of my soul mate,i smile.

  • paul

    my love is for you only and always


    Claire, your the wind beneath my wings

  • http://twitter.com/Delilah64 Nicola Lester

    His breath, heartbeat and very being, my life, my love.

  • Teresa Naughton

    Hearts and flowers, what more could you want.

  • Julie

    From my Heart, sorry for the fart

  • chris

    love is…. the look in my eyes when i see you

  • bill irvine

    A dream present for my girlfriend.

  • suzie

    to love is special, but to be loved is everything

  • Teresa Naughton

    Roses are red, hope this blog is too.

  • steve grant

    Love in its truest form has no language or words

  • kev bryan

    i’m sleeping somewhere cold
    Until you find me there

  • Michael

    Valentines is just one day, my love will last forever.

  • Sharon Clarke


  • Caroline

    Thank you for turning ordinary me into amazing us.

  • James Brunton

    I Love You Today, Tomorrow and Always….

  • Joyce Threadgill

    Take care dear HEART
    I’m always with you.

  • Cristina

    Hallmark days come and go, our love will last forever

  • Madalaine Collins

    Two hearts beat as one in complete loving unity for eternity.

  • Natalie Greasley

    hes my love,my life,my world,my everything.x

  • linda curtis

    my heart is yours please dont break it

  • linda dungate

    my heart belongs to you please handle with care

  • anthony curtis

    your not just my wife your my life

  • Pam

    Through all eternity and time we sought each other out.

  • Pam

    My beloved, I’d choose you in every lifetime.

  • Michelle

    I have a Smile in my heart whenever your around!

  • Chris

    My heart I give to treasure, my love, yours forever

  • Chris Lewis

    My love is like a deep red rose undying, and long lasting.

  • Ronica

    Love is never having to say you’re sorry.

  • joan

    Make everyday a valentine

  • Lisa Jacks

    You and me, are like two peas in a pod

  • Janet Webster

    Love is intangible , euphoric, irrational, magical and mystical.



  • Kerry

    Russ I cant wait to marry you! x

  • Raymond

    Yvonne, Without you there would be no me.

  • Tracy Davidson

    Roses red, violets blue, no flowers lovelier than you

  • Stuart Sproull

    Two Hearts, One great love.

  • Raymond

    Yvonne, Put simply without you there would be no me.

  • Carole Thornhill

    I love you now, forever and always

  • valerie S

    After all this time, his smile is still mine

  • Darrell Lawther

    a truly stunning design, words straight from my heart

  • Lea grieveson

    Love ment very little till i meet YOU.

  • Jen

    For you the world I would give x

  • Lisa

    Our love is infinite xxx

  • Dan

    Our love is purer than gold, more precious than diamonds

  • Emma Alderman

    You are perfect and so is the love we share.

  • Nicola Shipley

    First you held my hand, now you hold my heart.

  • maggie

    diamonds are a lady’s best friend.

  • simone lee


  • lisa gilberthorpe

    No matter what happens, your smile will get me through!

  • rachel b

    Many words to say love you. None for how much.

  • Charlotte Anderson

    You’re my World, My Everything… I Love You

  • vicky

    You make every day is worth living

  • Christine

    Lovely little gift, big message

  • Alison Large

    25 years and still enjoying the adventure …

  • Anjanette Cranston

    My Princess My World Your 18 Carat Gold

  • Jo Boyd

    Passion’s for the moment. Love is forever. Both is perfection.

  • Caroline Hunter

    Caroline loves Ivor

  • Annie Jones

    Ten words, not enough to express my love and stuff.

  • bertha wilson

    Love you lots your my everything xxx

  • jason savage

    love is feeling my partners heartbeat running through my veins

  • Vikki Measures

    I give you my heart, may we never be apart.

  • Julia Constantinou

    You know it’s love when forever is not long enough.

  • Julia Constantinou

    Love and Death are armed the same sword

  • Mark

    What a great present for my fiancee for Valentine Day.

  • Catherine hardy

    Luv to win this !!

  • chris rooney

    Debenhams is my smile!

  • Christine Colgrave

    Forever… Valentine. x


    Your my soul mate,reason for living,my everything x

  • Louise Archer

    Want you, need you, love you, miss you x

  • Sarah R

    My love, the sunshine that lights the dark corners

  • Karen

    My pledge to you, always and forever!

  • Alison Martin-Jones

    our heartbeats mirror
    our souls entwine.

  • Joanne

    Growing old together, love only gets better.

  • Dave Batte

    Love is like oxygen , you get to much you get too high



  • Colin Edy

    My darling Lynn, without you my life is meaningless

  • Sarah Quinn

    Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

  • Lloyd Martin

    My words are not necessary – you alone know my heart

  • Sandra Oliver

    Once lit,the fire of love burns forever

  • Sarah Quinn

    The definition of love – us.

  • Emilie Ruddick

    Love is you

  • Shal Hodder

    Simple words that mean so much, I love you.

  • karolyn holden

    Love is ALWAYS having to say sorry!

  • Pete

    Romance, Love, Respect.
    Together forever

  • kerry elliott

    Simply love, honour and cherish till death do us part.

  • Tracy J


  • Helen Stratton

    True love found me, it came from your soul

  • Ruth

    Love, is waking up in the morning and knowing someone is glad you are alive!

  • Emily Griffiths

    My heart, my life, my world

  • Matthew Burr

    Pain is nothing when we are together, everyday when apart.



  • Karen Richards

    Love Everlasting – A lifetime of happiness

  • Tony Greig

    If I had the heaven’s embroidered cloth….

  • Andrew David Lilley

    Il mio vero amore è come un faro nella nebbia sopra un oceano

  • Sue Bell

    You are my half of my heart and my soul, my world!

  • Mrs Melanie Edjourian

    I love my husband more and more each day x

  • jae baker

    without you my soul feels heavy and lost

  • Julie Bruce

    Flames of love leave embers burning deep inside the soul.

  • Clair

    Butterlfies do cartwheels in my tummy

  • Andy

    A diamond can’t be compared with your heart’s glare.

  • Cesar

    The sweetness of your heart is reflected in your kisses.

  • Jillanne David

    my tent for coffee?

  • Gill Wood

    True love comes in pairs, together forever you and I.

  • Razina Corrigan

    When i see you my heart aches and i know that everything will be okay, your my always.

  • Linda Miller

    Twenty five years together – and I love you as much as ever!

  • shirley evans

    Loving and caring,Giving and sharing,Passionate yearning overbearing.LOVE!

  • caroline herbert

    Dave Mobbs will you marry me?

  • Ashley Sparke

    Simply becuase I do

  • Richard Harrison

    Love is like a Butterfly, Beautiful song

  • Ellie

    Without you my life is meaningless

  • Steve Jardine

    Love, not seen or touched, only felt with the heart.

  • Chris Daniel

    For my Heart and Soul – Only You

  • Nat Walker

    A Life without love is a life un-lived

  • Mark Stocking

    When you love someone, all your wishes come true

  • Andy

    I love you forever Courtney x

  • Kevin Farmer

    Guard my heart

  • Barbara Fabian

    Think of an ocean, our love is deeper.

  • Michelle Farley

    You make me smile even when I feel like crying

  • Lindsey

    Love…is simply you x

  • Christina Palmer

    Your smile lights up the darkest day

  • Sandra

    My precious love, I will cherish your heart for evermore

  • Jen Rogers

    Pass me my teeth – and I·ll bite you!

  • Isabella

    love makes us live happily ever after :)

  • ocean

    good luck for me to get this for my girlfriend

  • Pam

    One life, one love, one chance, one you, WON YOU.

  • shaun

    as long as my heart beats you will be inside

  • Lindsey

    You showed me what true love is….

  • Bee


  • Bee

    Your Desire.

  • Darren Clarke

    There’s no such word as “Loved”, because Love is forever.

  • Susan Moore

    Love is shared

  • Jeena Cooper

    Love is to receive a glimpse of heaven.

  • Jenny Hawarden

    Love is the KEY that opens the gates of happiness…

  • Jana Copley

    LOVE is TWO hearts that beat as one.

  • Jennifer Heath

    Words are not enough,
    I love you past the sky

  • jia

    U open my eyes to see the LOVE, the TRUE LOVE that made up U and I

  • ginette Hughes

    Life without love is like a piano without keys.

  • danielle david

    Love is the answer, so please repeat the question?

  • jia

    U open my eyes to see LOVE,
    the TRUE LOVE


    The sparkle in your eyes reminds me of this diamond

  • jasmine

    Love me without fear
    trust me without questioning
    need me without demanding
    want me without restrictions
    accept me without change
    desire me without inhibitions

  • aleen

    Tell me ..
    what the life without you ?!!!

  • Rachel Bell

    You sheltered my body and nutrured my soul

  • Rachel Bell

    I would be lost without you

  • A Dainty

    Our hearts are entwined forever

  • Raymond

    I accept you totally, unconditionally & forever

  • Derek Wallin

    Loving you feels like winning the Lotery everyday!

  • Stuart Cooper

    I give to love and love to give.

  • joyce bolton

    we were not too young

  • Emma Powell

    Love builds bridges where there are none

  • Rachel Spencer

    Your in my heart more than I am

  • sarah m

    to say i will love you forever is not long enough

  • latifa

    guilty pleasure..sweet tears,live inside me with no fears.

  • Heidi

    you make my life worth living

  • jennifer

    our love is recession free
    yours i’ll always be


    When all is dark only love lights the way!

  • Suzy

    LOVE is


  • Kieran Walsh

    20 years married 14th feb, would so love this prize

  • Rebecca Colby

    Love is free. Give generously.

  • liz wright

    you are my life

  • Michael

    Stay married cant afford a divorce

  • fleur


  • nino amoroso

    Wedding anniversary tomorrow, 16 years of wedded bliss!

  • Carolyn

    Love is sometimes having to say you are sorry,

  • Judy

    When puppy love lasts forever you are already a winner!

  • Bee

    Lovers; flawless, faultless and free.
    Sensually together in tender harmony.

  • Heidi S

    Love is not our choice but our fate

  • paul foster

    the best thing a man can win,is her heart.

  • Dawnyj

    Our love is strong as the ocean’s waves

  • Genevieve Wray

    Love is a heart opened with tenderness,generosity and joy.

  • Sharman

    My heart swells for you, prompting other organs

  • sue mccall



  • Tracy Davidson

    I promise to love and honour, but obey – no way!

  • Ellie

    awaken my many facets
    reflect rainbow colours of my soul

  • Elspeth Durrand

    Candlelight, delectable food, beguiling music and … most important … my husband!

  • Karuna

    Love is Truth and Truth is Love

  • Joanne Lowther

    To have you love me is all I need

  • Karuna

    Love is Truth & Truth is Love xx

  • Elaine

    My diamond is as flawless as the love it represents.

  • Dawn

    As deep as the oceans as high as the clouds

  • SAL


  • Sana

    breathing itself isnt worth it without u- my heartbeat

  • Joan capps

    When I think of my love, I smile

  • Jessica

    Love is a gift sometimes undeserved, but always welcomed

  • Janet Wotton

    Heartbeat -

  • alison langton

    love is putting up with your partners little habbits

  • alison langton

    love is putting up with your partners little habbits and smileling

  • rachael woodhouse

    No matter what happens tomorrow, I’ll still love you!

  • esther james

    Love is as simple as sitting together in contented silence

  • Samantha

    Love is Tom, Tom’s my Life. I LOVE my LIFE.

  • marnie

    Love is selfless

  • Bee

    Be Loved & therein find Happiness

  • Audrey Johnson

    Love is having one utensil and not carying about cooties

  • Bee

    The 11th Commandment

  • Bee

    Ne’er be afraid, Love is here to stay

  • sophia

    Just to love and be loved in return.

  • Annie

    Love – the expression of our highest self and divine spark.

  • Jo Orr

    Forever with you is not long enough…

  • sruthi

    Until ‘GOD’ close my EYES, I can’t imagine my LIFE without you my HUSBAND..love…makes life so beautiful

  • Midi M

    Lots of hugs, lots of laughter!

  • Jane

    Now I’ve found you, I’m holding on tight.

  • Mavis Bertaut


  • Gillian Stokes


  • Isabel Rothon

    Feeling on top of the world, that’s what love does.

  • ZARA

    Seeking euphoria and serenity intertwined, I find him; my paradise.

  • Lee Wood

    You took my dreams and gave me hope.

  • Janet Wotton

    During every breath, each new heartbeat – always my sweetheart.

  • Jaz Singh

    Just like a real wife only better!

  • Anna Helm

    before loving another, one must learn to love ones self.

  • Lance

    Love is a many splendoured thing.

  • laura

    to have and to hold forever

  • Lisa

    Met on Valentines Day-Hubby-Son-Love-Bond-Happines-Forever

  • Michelle Lynch

    I had never imagined a force as strong and pure and true
    As the one I would be bereft of if I no longer had you

  • Dawn Costen

    Unbreakable – No matter what life throws at us. Eternally Joined.


    Love Is A Many Splendid Thing

  • Tom Gorringe

    Diamonds are forever – like you and me

  • Linda Sweet

    With every hearbeat, hear the words, I love you.

  • zelia ward

    learn to love yourself, and loving others becomes easy

  • Paul Ralphs

    For all the years left in my life… my Wife !!

  • Neil Browne

    LOVE: Everlasting foundations deep within our hearts and souls

  • Lauren Owen

    Your love makes me sparkle

  • Tracy Darby

    Love has many facets, just like you

  • Jennifer Dyson

    A Symbol Of
    My Eternal Love

  • andy lumley

    My love , My life ,………… Forever Husband and Wife

  • Anthony Gonsalves

    A day without your love is a day without life…

  • David Darby

    love is having someone to snuggle up to

  • Kay Sale

    A look a sigh a touch
    Love you so much

  • keeley whitfield

    Love is the ultimate gift.

  • Karen Jones

    My Love, my life, my best friend, my everything

  • Martin O’Sullivan

    Love can last a moment or a lifetime, treasure it.

  • Janet MacDowell

    You hold me in your hand, and heart, forever.

  • dionne

    My favorite hello and hardest goodbye

  • James

    Your love is all I dream of.

  • Kim Pearce

    Holding you in my heart, forever and a day X

  • June Munday

    Love keeps you warm when its freezing outside.

  • Elaine F

    Loveyoumillions x

  • Alana Reid

    It was instant.

  • Emily Dale

    No-one comes out alive – love with everything you are.

  • Alex Potter

    To everyone in-love: I guess we’re all a little crazy.

  • Tracy Davidson

    May our two hearts beat as one forever

  • David Riman

    A necklace is not love, merely an expression of it.


    Eternally yours.

  • Elaine

    Together forever

  • irene

    to love is to live

  • Katy Burr


  • m.khan

    Love is Heavenly Divine and Lovers are Heavenly Angels.

  • Shy

    One chance encounter became a lifetime of happiness and love

  • Shy

    From the beginning of time until the end, I’m Yours

  • Sheila O’Donoghue

    Finding what true love is all about

  • Tracy Davidson

    To the love and the light of my life

  • Danielle

    More than my own life.

  • Kate

    My most romantic and passionate thought is simply my partner: Darren

  • Adrian

    Take it from me, i’ts give and give.

  • Cheryl Kean


  • Pam

    I’m mother, wife, sister, daughter.
    Multi-faceted, love transcends all.

  • Gareth

    I would give you my heart if you needed it

  • rebecca evans

    Eggsy hearts Sweetpea.

  • Darren Baldwinson

    You and me. Sweeter than a pair of jelly babies.

  • Kerry

    Lucky to have found you

  • Clifford Chapman

    Heavens to Betsy, I’ll love you forever.

  • Darren Houghton

    My girlfriend complained that I would never be able to write a love poem as there were no romantic words to rhyme with her name. Always up for a challenge, I wrote…

    ‘Lydia, oh Lydia, I never want rid o’ yer.’


  • Aleksandra

    Hurry to love people, they pass away too quickly

  • Zac Farley

    Her laugh,her smile,all memories that last for miles

  • sandra smith

    Life without Love means nothing

  • jade bennett

    My sister – you may live far away, but your close in my heart

  • Claire Lucia-Wright

    Me without You is not Me.

  • Elaine Smith

    Love is at the heart of our very being

  • Debbie Tomkinson

    Love.. Together.. Forever..

  • caroline aylott

    accept all love and never be dissapointed

  • Paul Marshall

    Make love and not war!!!

  • Cathy Thorp

    Our holiday romance, five thousand days and still counting!

  • Gemma

    Flutterings with kisses sweet, Our love Grows with every heartbeat

  • Tim Britter

    My heart only hears rhythms beat from your soul.

  • Malcolm Knox

    A lover’s gift. Love returned is gift enough for me

  • patrycja herzogchodoruk

    L.O.V.E FoReVeR

  • mariusz chodoruk

    One Life,One Heart,One You,One Kiss->One Love;***

  • Tracy Davidson

    From one head over heels in love with you

  • fouziah

    my love,my life,my world=you <3

  • James Rolph

    me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me & you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex

    above all others, love yourself

  • Lucia

    a personal item can keep love alive, memories and feelings

  • Annie Moffat

    Love….the last word

  • Ella Swinbank

    Treasured memories.

  • Nick McFarlane

    Love Is To Life, As Human Is To Being

  • Joanne

    Love felt for a moment, lives on for a lifetime.

  • Louise Taylor

    Here alone, your heartbeat draws me home.

  • Gemma

    Your smile is my heartbeat, your laughter my soul.

  • Colin

    You are my heart in human form

  • Ms Frances Courtney

    There are no joys above the pleasures of Love

  • David Gowers

    Eternal,Valentine,Perfection = You

  • David Gowers

    Eternal Valentine Perfection = YOU

  • Lien Tran

    What will be … will be! ^^

  • Evelyn Murray

    Love is living with a longing never to be apart.

  • Jade

    True love begins when nothing is looked for in return

  • Laura

    I Carry You With Me Wherever I go

  • Shasha Wilson

    I live for L.O.V.E

  • Ellen Morgan

    Two hearts, one soul…..happy wedding anniversary to my husband xxx

  • Mary Bradbury


  • sam gandy

    I WAS 16 SHE WAS 14 I AM NOW 53

  • Ade

    Live everyday like it’s our last and I’ll love the same

  • Gavin

    Mine doesn’t function without you

  • Rosalind Norrell

    You do not choose Love, it chooses you.

  • liz harwood

    to love and to cherish,from now til we perish

  • Rebecca wilkinson

    Keep your heart to live, give it to feel alive.

  • marion mitchell

    My heart soars when my husband walks through the door! x

  • Mary

    Para siempre

  • Liane

    You are my dear heart x

  • Toni

    Warm and voluputous;breathe in the overwhelming scent of you

  • Evie

    Love life, love yourself and love will follow you always.

  • Nicola Fossey

    March 2010 our wedding day, March 2011 our first child

  • Mark Staunton

    Two souls one thought,Two hearts that beat as one.

  • Andy Bennett

    My Perfect Love.

  • Jane Brown

    Until mine stops beating…its yours to love x

  • Debbie Stanley

    My Love My Life My Everything Always

  • Gemma Ling

    Dedicated to the one I love….x

  • Peter

    My friend, my love, my soulmate, my life.

  • Joe Wilde

    I love you like a fat kid loves cake

  • Heidi Rhiannon

    On Christmas Day he proposed, I’m marrying my best friend.

  • Alison Powell

    This heart, filled with love, beats only for you.

  • Kate Jones

    You fill my heart, head and soul.

  • Adam

    In our dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.

  • Maria Webster

    You are the skip between every beat of my heart.

  • Linda S

    All I ever wanted…

  • Alison Fenwick

    People who say you can’t buy happiness just don’t know where to shop!!!! love Debenhams!!

  • Margaret Rowan

    To LOVE…the essence of LIFE

  • Ali Vollans

    the diamond in his life, the rock of his world.

  • Ali Vollans

    the diamond of his life, the rock of his world

  • Juliette Atkins

    Men come and go but bestfriends have unconditional love forever

  • Sophie

    True love is the ultimate energy.

  • Karen

    Fluid Curvacious Movement As One

  • Rebecca lewington

    No force on earth has the power of true love

  • Matt Reilly

    Love is simple and true;
    It completed me and you.

  • Ian

    Never alone with thoughts of you

  • Jenny Woodward

    you are my passion,
    my one true love.

  • Rebecca lewington

    My heart, my soul and everything in-between, love you

  • Tracy Wharton

    Laugh, Love, Live.

  • raymond slater

    Having been married 43 years it might be time to give my Angel a Valentines gift,when we were courting I use to spend all I had on her on this special day but times are hard now I can hear violins playing in the back ground this gift would sit nicely on her neck and shoulders,scrooge the second

  • charlotte

    I could search my whole life and never find another you.

  • Cat Davies

    love bears all things believes all things hopes all things endures all things, Love never fails……………..

  • thomas stopper

    Have I told you that I love you lately?

  • Kwadwo Dekyi

    Your eyes are filled with all the Love I need

  • yvonne frost

    to be loved and to love is all i desire

  • Margaret Rowan

    A golden heart
    With a little sparkle
    Filled with LOVE

  • Patricia Borland

    You complete me

  • Lisa Troccoli

    love is 2 people, one life x

  • Suze

    Hearts of soft red velvet petals encapsulating passionate fiery flames

  • Yvonne Parsons

    love the warmestfeeling on coldest night

  • Amanda J Coffman

    Infinity has found us, always we will be together

  • Jacky S

    I Will Treasure Forever Your Heart Of Gold

  • Paul Hagan

    When i was sick you comforted me I love you

  • Lynda Williams

    Love is the memories we cherish forever. X

  • Rachel Dempsey

    My husband, best friend, am thankful for everyday with him.

  • Laura B

    More than all the stars in the sky…

  • Lisa

    Always and forever…

  • caroline swaby


  • Katy Morrison

    Even at its ugliest Love makes us feel most alive!

  • Surya

    To care, is to love… x

  • alyson fletcher

    Start and end each day with Ilove you.

  • sharon winson

    Our love isnt perfect but it makes us happy.x

  • carl winson

    if i could take one last breath it would be yours.

  • Ann-Marie Dickason

    You gave love, strength, happiness. I gave you my heart.

  • Lyndsey Helen Rolf

    I’ll never feel alone with your love in my heart

  • Rob Belbin


  • Debbie Ankrett

    2=1 always and ever together

  • Paula

    Love never grows old it grows stronger

  • Sandy Birch

    Heaven is to love and be loved

  • Pat French

    Loving me for me

  • Barbara Webster

    To him Im perfection to me he is a hero

  • Kim Nutley

    Love is solid as a rock,Blind date 27yrs on.

  • Yvonne Poole

    25 years and you still take my breath away.

  • Greg Tewes

    My soul, my deepest feeling, belongs to you ”til the end

  • Jay

    The most undescribable wonderful, passionate and sexy feeling ever.

  • Kyla Giles

    My love for you gets stronger on every waking moment

  • Steve

    Look into my Heart and you will see yourself

  • Qurratul-Ain

    I can give my life for your one moment love.

  • sonny prince

    Dreams only last one night but love can last forever.

  • Sandra Edmonds

    You are a true diamond with a heart of gold

  • Angela Reynolds

    Being you makes our love true. x

  • Alice

    You are my love, my life and my everything…

  • Tony

    25 years is silver, but the time has been golden.

  • Jenny Bowers

    Your love makes the journey an exciting adventure…

  • Melanie Cornwell

    Where do cuddles go when you’ve finished with them.

    ( a question from my young son)

  • Emma Peacock

    Love, Laughter, You. Nothing else matters.

  • Laura

    Nothing worth having will be easy to obtain!

  • Ann Skelly

    Your my life, my love, my bridge over troubled waters

  • Ruth Ilgunas

    Love is like music, it warms the soul and heart

  • Terri

    Finding your true love is finding your best friend.

  • lynn bramley

    love feels like magic in my heart everyday

  • Maureen

    Love is spending quality time with loved ones.

  • Stephanie

    Standing never alone, always with you

  • Leah

    Mum, when we are apart, know your in my heart x

  • Chris Wilson

    Love is when you see the world in her eyes

  • darren bartropp


  • pen

    Can anyone tell me how to leave a blog .I can’t seem to enter this competition x

  • Verona Hughes

    All the Love in my heart is yours xxx

  • Bob

    My heart is your heart sweetheart

  • marian smith

    In twilight years passion still burn as strong as ever

  • Sharon Dancu

    Eric, won’t you please give me your heart this Valentine’s?

  • pen

    Holder of my heart ,maker of my dreams

  • Ann Confrey

    Come closer darling, rest here against my heart

  • marian smith

    In twilight years passion still burns as strong as ever

  • Kate

    Your eyes say more than your lips ever could

  • Louise Gibson

    LOVE:A vibrant rainbow that embraces passion,smiles and sunshine

  • Jilly

    Our toughest year , our deepest love

  • Abbi Cox

    With love we enter the world, so with it depart.

  • liston webber

    No words can capture your beauty heart and soul x

  • Lucy

    high days,
    birth days,
    wedding days,
    all ways

  • ian

    I still catch my breath each time you walk in

  • Emma

    Love conquers all.

  • Janice

    Time stood still the day I met you!

  • Maxine Desborough

    Love is Eternal

  • Maxine Desborough

    Love is Everlasting

  • Kitty

    Joined at the soul
    We make each other better

  • J Bee

    Love is for everyone, but is better shared

  • ian

    True soul mate

  • david cavender

    when i met you i kissed heaven

  • Holly Henry

    Saying I love you everyday….

  • Allan Scouller

    You are in my heart, my heart is yours forever.

  • pen

    Holder of my heart , maker of my dreams

  • Andrew Leyland

    I am made a giant and dwarved by your love.

  • Kate

    Love that’s solid as gold and sparkles like a diamond

  • lee burlow

    actions speak louder then words
    my actions
    a cuddle
    a kiss
    a cup of tea

  • Michael

    True love comes but once and you are mine.x

  • Alice Kariuki

    Love is overrated… But still!!

  • Pippa

    no language more powerful than your heart’s whisper to mine

  • christine neaves

    love rises within exploding like a fountain of sparkling diamonds

  • Lisa Llewellyn

    Love will overcome

  • Annette Thomas

    Like gold love passes on through generations

  • Jax

    Like electricity when we touch
    Simply loving you so much

  • elaine

    my heart misses a beat love is the bestest thing

  • Brenda Roberts

    Always be there for one another, never give up with the one you love and always love them completely with all your heart. The most romantic thing is being loved by the one you love. Give them support and care whenever they need it.

  • Christine

    Your love fills my once lonely heart

  • Elaine

    Your Love is my Life

  • Nuala

    Let me count the ways…..Always!

  • K.M.Harris

    MY ALL

  • Elizabeth Nicholls

    Love, actually is all around us

  • Ruth Nottage

    My love, my life my everything

  • Kirsty

    1 person in the world, means the world to another.

  • Jessica B

    The Only Dream that Mattered came true.

  • Jerome Navaratnam

    Ultimately YOU, which is the ULTIMATE…my darling!

  • Juliet Beane

    Unconditional. Eternal. Ours.

  • Dominic

    Love is pure class

  • Christine Melling

    There are no jewels more precious than my children xx

  • Sam

    My heart – full of love – belongs only to you

  • Olivia

    Thinking my tears may bring you pain ceases their flow.

  • Paul Beane

    Juliet. Paul. Barnaby. Sebastian. That is all. That is everything.

  • donna

    Mothers and daughters are closest
    when daughters become mothers

  • Evi Giakoumi

    Wherever I’d be darling, without you would be nothing

  • Hazel

    You complete me.

  • claire warn

    To love and be loved are precious gifts from the heart.

  • James Green

    Love is a smile deep within your sole

  • S Ward

    love will endure us x

  • Vanessa

    All my senses afire. Anticipating you.

  • Danielle Donohue

    I don’t just see you smile…I hear you smile!

  • jacqs

    You mean everything to me.
    The rest is just wallpaper…

  • margaret wheeler

    love,hold & cherish

  • Shauna Greed

    My heart, my love
    my darling
    forever and ever,

  • Kylie mclaughlin

    I hear your heartbeat even whilst thousands of miles apart.

  • Bernal

    The best thing about me… is you

  • Holly

    Love…that look, that smile, the one.

  • Mrs Ruth Edwards

    Love is smiling on the inside and out

  • Jennifer Ankers

    Love is a Wish your Heart Desires.

  • Madeline Green

    Love you forever

  • Claire Houghton

    your heart precious as gold, your eyes sparkle like diamonds

  • Antonia Leonie Scott

    In love or single with this heart you’ll blingel!


    My husband my inspiration my soulmate today and every day

  • Sonia Church

    Without them I am nothing.

  • Lisa Cameron

    Always there.x

  • Caroline B

    the look of love is in his eye’s

  • anna

    I love you so much!

  • Katherine Mitchell

    Love endures.

  • Cat

    Lying facing you every night and appreciating what I have

  • anna sekula

    Your love makes me happy

  • Taz

    you changed my life with the blink of an eye

  • Taz

    Me without you, is like a world with no air.

  • Taz

    There isn’t a love so true, as my love for you.

  • mary

    wear my heart with pride
    let no one divide

  • Mel

    You didn’t steal my heart; it was always yours

  • Amy Aranyi

    l’amour est pour tout le monde (this says: love is for everyone)

  • Sarah Swainsbury

    You dont have to tell some one “I Love You”, sometime that smile will say it all.

  • Taz

    When I feel sorrow, in your love I can wallow.


    i’ve fallen in love many times….always with you

  • Jo Evans

    A love this intense is almost destructive!

  • Taz

    A symbol of two souls merging into one love.

  • Caroline Green

    Love is the diamond in my life, a bright sparkle to light my days

  • Lindsay Campbell

    Two hearts, one love
    Two souls, one destiny
    Dec 2010

  • Taz

    You are the rhythm of my heart.

  • debie Burns

    True Essence of togetherness – Never ending Vin

  • Zivile

    love – life of engine …

  • camilla

    a whisper on the wind ~love. eternal and forever xx

  • Kevin Young

    My heart is
    here for

  • Taz

    My love, my life, my beautiful wife.

  • Leah Matthes

    You’re my happy thought, forever in my heart.

  • Elaine mc

    Love with all your heart! X

  • Shirley Merriman

    Love, Romance & Passion will erase all sense of time


    Jim you and me,to infinity and beyond Patricia X

  • Josie Maynard

    Love knows who you are and where to find you

  • Joanne

    Love… a moment felt, a lifetime lived.

  • Deb Dyer

    Always and Forever.

  • Caryne Pearce

    My love is my life, my heart and my soul.

  • Katherine

    When hope is gone, love remains

  • Maria

    I have finally found my other half that makes my life whole for better and for worse.

  • Elaine mc

    My heart belongs to you! X

  • Gurpal Kaur

    Love breath of life, Openhearted, giving, comfort, contentment, exhilarating, Romantic

  • steven d

    Best Friend, Soulmate, Love of my life

  • Nicola

    Forever and for always

  • lynda nixon

    My love for him will never falter, nor my spirit will never die, together forever, means forever, until all the seas run dry. i love you.

  • Laura Ross

    All you need is….

  • Chelsea

    your heartbeat plays my favourite song.

  • funmbi adeagbo

    The world isn’t perfect but you are.

  • s harris

    “Love is within MY Heart”
    (as i was born on valentine’s day)

  • Donna Reeves

    Hold my heart gently, it is easily broken.

  • Amber Hayward

    You fill my heart with rainbows xxx


    Ever loving you brings joy and meaning to my life

  • Paula Murphy

    Love to all my family and friends
    x x x

  • Melanie Young

    Marrying the love of my life in September

  • Elaine Brown

    Love is someone who stays when everyone else leaves

  • Janet Baker

    My love, my soul mate. You complete me.

  • Taz

    May not be original but only true – I love you!

  • Kim Willing

    Love is like a rare jewel,
    ……….. Very Precious.

  • Maria Chiu

    “Love, not hate. Hate, with love.”

    Notes: Love and hate are intertwined. Hate arises because we yearned for love.

  • Brian

    Despite all my faults, I still love you.

  • Margaret devaney

    Now join your hands, and with your hands your heart.

  • Rachael Thompson

    Sometimes I forget why, then I remember you.

  • Sandy

    The unwavering truth that keeps me going? I love you.

  • ann hopkins

    never stop loving me

  • Ben Irving

    I love you, for when I don’t say it x

  • Sarah-Jayne Windridge-France

    smilEs xxxxx

  • Jen

    Our perfect love gave us our perfect daughter

  • Kerrie

    I remember you by heart

  • Linda Finley-Day

    Live the Love!

  • Fleur



    grow old with me the best is yet to come

  • Lynda

    Until the 12th of Never…

  • Andrea Pemberton

    Love, Love and Love Even More x

  • Cat

    Summer sun, snow angels, log fires, champagne and you. x

  • Emily Griffiths

    My heart, my love, my world

  • Steve Johnson

    …my Wife

  • Kitten Women

    Together always. Love you, need you, can’t live without you.

  • jannine

    Love today, remember forever!

  • Mukesh

    Love can thrive, when everything else has d(r)ied.

  • L Hardwick

    My love, my life, my forever.

  • Kimmy

    Music and Candlelight,lying in your arms,fuzzy feelings inside.

  • Florence Cross

    My love – my life x

  • Camilla

    My heart stops beating without you…

  • Carly

    Always in my heart, Forever in my soul

  • Karen Saunders

    Love is the brightest star x

  • Peter

    Belonging to my beloved is everything for me

  • Elizabeth Barrett

    Love is …

  • darren bartropp

    my heart adores you xx

  • Emma Fulford

    Love is balance, grasp to tight you lose it.

  • Elizabeth Barrett

    Love is … the three of us holding hands.

  • Christine Gibbs

    Wild rushing torrent
    Gentle soothing balm

    (Valentine’s day competition)

  • Lauren

    I don’t want your heart just a place within it

  • Karen

    from that first butterfly; till life has passed me by

  • Vun Shan Chong

    You’ve made a difference to my life.

  • Carly

    My darling, Every beat is for you always

  • Jo Hewlett

    Love is patient and kind, love protects, trusts, never fails

  • Angela Bowler

    Tulips, Roses,Caviar,Champagne,Massage, Kisses,Chocolates,Lots of love!!!!!

  • Liz Hoare

    To know, to love, to want!

  • Lisa Greenhalgh

    It’s a circle thing!

  • Elena

    I am the best thing what happened to you!

  • Lorraine Shellie

    When you breathe I wanna be the air for you

  • Jasryn

    Every day and every way – I love you.

  • Carolyn Jarvie

    Smothered in red rose petals after a candlelit bath

  • Em

    I’m about to marry you… My love, my best friend. You.

  • Ian

    When I’m not there to say, hold this & know

  • Shirley Merriman

    Love, Romance & Passion will erase any sense of time!

  • Paul

    Will you marry me?

  • laura

    always and forever, forever and always x

  • Abella Danny

    Respect, Trust, Cherish, Like, Adore – The Honeyed Building Blocks Of LOVE!…

  • Abella Danny


  • Annette

    True love is eternal, a burning ember rekindled by recollection.

  • janet jones

    Your smile told me you loved me

  • Elaine Cullen

    Past – Me, Present – You, Future – Us

  • christine ribchester

    Your the topping on my bagel

  • joan scott

    35 years together love you more every day

  • Emma Davis

    My life,my love is what I offer you x


    50 years of you and me – Golden Anniversary

  • Christine

    1950 when we met – together today wth no regret!

  • Claire

    “Love is sharing a part of yourself with others”

  • Jo

    Live, love…..and eat cake!

  • Wendy Barrie


  • Julie B

    His eyes meet mine across the room, I am lost

  • Richard Spratley

    My gray hair my wrinkles my love always

  • Richard Spratley

    You are the diamond in MY heart

  • Gayle

    My life truly began when you said you loved me

  • Vicky Love

    Love – sitting together as we watch the sun go down.

  • Rhian

    Love you my little kissy fish *mwah mwah*

  • andy roberts

    Will you marry me, yes i am serious.

  • Josephine Rich

    Love heightens the senses such that nothing else matters.

  • David Munro

    Love overcomes all human obstacles and barriers with a smile.

  • Stephanie

    My Unconditional Love Forever x

  • Susannah Brown

    To love and be loved is the essence of life

  • Juliet Moseley

    Love is us, forever xx

  • Sally Rivers

    My husband, my best friend and soulmate of 30 years

  • Sue

    Love, the essence of life, without it there is no point.

  • Karen Ilsley

    Husband, Friend, Love Of My Life
    Always Your Loving Wife

  • Mrs Andrea Goodheart

    Mr & Mrs

  • carol redfern


  • Shirley Parker

    We may have just met, but you are definitely my valentine.

  • Marianna

    Thank you for daring to love me!

  • Julie Kenyon

    You’re nothing short…
    …of my everything

  • Kelly Hill

    Everyday I Love You A Little Bit More…. x

  • Kelly Hill

    Last of the English Roses… x

  • dave kellas

    only you, can light 1000 candles deep in my soul x

  • Laura

    Love brings overwhelming and unbridled joy and completeness

  • Mel

    It Hurts, Excites, gives you life. But love never Dies.

  • Janet Gregory

    Love is joining together our hearts and minds entwined.

  • Karen

    Live life for love and laughter

  • Rachel B

    Two Hearts
    One Beat

  • Lorraine Neighbour

    Love ie like a circle – it has no end !

  • Ruth

    Hard to find…Lucky to have

  • Rachel

    I love you just the way you are…

  • Lynda Costelloe

    All you need is love,love is all you need.

  • LynnDLou

    Live, Learn, Love, Be. Always.

  • Michelle

    You are what happened when I wished upon a star

  • sanjan

    I cherish your heart because in me it bides x

  • Angela Maccabe

    When you walk through the door my heart is home

  • Lili


  • Lu

    Love , once acquired, is forever desired.

  • Lilian

    True love stands the test of time.

  • Viv Newman

    To love and be loved fulfils our life

  • Max

    It’s only love but it’s enough!

  • Alison

    You are my heart’s desire, no diamond is required!

  • Warren

    Loving you is the easiest thing in the world.

  • carol


  • Cazzie

    Just one in the world, but the world to me

  • TD

    This space is now taken x

  • Deepali Agarwal

    Mystery is not why people love, it’s why people hate!

  • N M W

    I just like to make sure you are happy x

  • Susanne Temlett

    Cupid’s arrow left a you-shaped hole in my heart!

  • Alydee

    my first my last my soulmate my everything Love you

  • Jacky

    Love is having someone special in your life.

  • susan froggatt

    you are the diamond in my heart love you X

  • Faye

    x live, laugh, love, life x

  • Deepali Agarwal

    Love becomes divine when soul finds its being; soulmate

  • Oliver Cottle

    Even now you take my breath away, I love you

  • Sunil

    Finding you was finding my reason of being on earth

  • Emily Bowden

    You have changed my life forever, let’s grow old together

  • Sue

    Our love makes me smile inside

  • Holly

    you give your heart once and forever an eternity together

  • Annette MacDonald

    Carpe Diem, mon cherie


    Seeing you smile, makes it all worth while

  • Shelanne Jackson


    This is the text speak my love uses to tell me “I’m madly in love with you”

  • Roslyn

    I love your hugs, your laugh, your smile

  • Roslyn

    I love your hugs, your laugh, your smile,

  • Shamim Prophett

    Love is a moment that lasts forever…..


    Your heart speaks with mine through the language of love

  • Caroline Morris

    you have my whole being and my soul eternally yours.

  • Victoria Nickless

    My one true love, to who I gave my heart.

  • Patrina Law

    Cooking a meal for someone is an act of love.


    Special times are always precious!

  • Dean Partridge

    The endless desire I have for you.

  • Dawn Ash-Kashani

    Provehito in Altum

    (in all things but especially love)

  • Rajesh

    You encapture me by your presence and now I am yours forever.

  • Alice

    If life is a bicycle, love is the pedals

  • Linda H

    This and my heart.

  • jemma allerton

    Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours.

  • Diane Peebles

    My World My Life My Everything xx

  • Maeve

    You are the music that makes my heart sing!

  • sudha garg

    Life without you would be like cake without sugar.

  • kirsty muir

    his smile. it replaces a thousand words

  • T Armstrong

    You held my gaze once, you’ll hold my heart forever

  • ronald

    Love should overcome poor health and lack of wealth.

  • Maureen

    Life has been tough
    But 40 years are not enough

  • Jeremy Harpham

    4 My Love. 4 My Wife. 4 Life.

  • TD

    All you need is love! Ba ba ba ba baaaah!

  • Sheila

    Our two hearts beat as one.

  • Kerry

    Being loved makes me feel happy and secure.

  • Alison Thackray

    Love is Intoxicating, there’s nothing quite like it.

  • Ruth Kennedy

    Eternally Yours x

  • Heather Nelson

    Two hearts, two minds, entwined. One love, forever.

  • Harvinder Nagra

    You know it’s love when forever is not long enough.

  • Mirka

    Love is helping you to cope and carry on…every day…

  • Adam Kashani

    Diamonds are Love is forever

  • Aman Nagra

    Never go to bed mad stay up and fight

  • Elizabeth Boorman

    Through our ups and downs we have four beautiful daughters

  • linda bethell

    when i say i love you it will be forever

  • Saba

    In the END, it is the only thing that COUNTS

  • Louise Graham

    I’ll only love you forever.

  • Cat

    Take my hand and heart x

  • munz

    my drug, my heart, my life … love

  • m.kashani

    living is lifeless without love!

  • Maureen

    Wake me with a kiss x

  • Lisa Mcgrouther

    If love is not madness it is not love

  • William McGrath

    Our tears our joy our kisses our life our love

  • Suleman Hafeji

    love is inspiration,
    unlocking every emotion,
    our hearts in unison.


    Love is a universal language, interpreted by all individuals

  • Margaret Collins

    Our love IS a many splendid thing x

  • Tabs Davis

    log cabin, fur rug, log fire, soft music in love x

  • Sunanda

    You are my ‘raison d’etre’.

  • Ellie P

    I love you, always.



  • Sarah


  • Sarah

    Love is eternal

  • Sharon Cosgrove

    Forever Love

  • rob coopey

    Don`t dodge the storms,learn to dance in the rain

  • rob coopey

    true love is worth waiting for

  • Denise McSpadden

    “Unconditional lovingkindness nourishes my soul and roots of compassion.”

  • Tricia

    Love to hate you-and hate to love you

  • Melody Welch

    Love might not make sense sometimes, but it doesn’t matter!!

  • Tricia

    They said we would not last but 45 years says different

  • Annette

    One Heart, One Life, One Love

  • Tricia

    You are my heartbeat, my life, my being my soul

  • Chris Garrett

    I want to grow old and grey with you.

  • Joanne Trezise

    Loving and being loved nurtures spiritual growth.

  • Tricia

    what is love-you and me

  • Ian Price

    You are loved first, over all others, by me x

  • Naimish

    Love is thing which can hold your life forever xx

  • Naim

    With real love you can’t sleep & remembering your precious moments

  • sarah

    love = our baby daughter due to be born in april

  • Lisa Hilton

    Serendipity… expect the unexpected x

  • Patricia

    To never have loved is to never have lived.

  • Kevin

    Let every heart surrender to love so true and tender!


    An embrace, a kiss, entwined lovers’ eternal bliss

  • angelface

    Everyone has a heart , everyone can love , everyone needs love.

  • Dollyblade

    Love Heart: “Will You”, “Hold Me”, “Kiss Me”, “Love Me”.

  • PJ

    “To be complete, love must be shared

  • michelle


  • Sherrie McKean

    My love, my life, my heart, my home, my everything

  • Margaret McKechnie

    Defribbulate me! If required!

  • Oli


  • Becky

    Need a facelift? Fall in love…:)

  • Becky

    Make love not lypo…:)

  • Becky

    Love has no race, no gender, no age…..xx

  • Becky

    Best things in life created with Love! XX

  • Becky

    World’s worst judge is Love!

  • Mel Raudnask

    Warm hug. Cold day.
    Love you, I say.

  • Donna

    Because you are

  • Zawji F M Z

    Love is You
    I Love Love
    So I Love You

  • Mala

    YOU mean The World to Me
    I love You Always

  • Mahjabeen Chand

    My heart swells whenever I see you walking towards me.

  • Marina

    Let’s continue the conversation we started 32 years ago!

  • Marion

    Love is the feeling I feel when surrounded by my husband and our beautiful children.

  • aliceb

    I still wanted you.

  • Ayo

    The Love we share is more than Beautiful.

  • Sarah Talbot

    A smile is worth a thousand I Love Yous.

  • Helen Sales

    I was drowning, you gave me the kiss of life.

  • andrea holmes

    i will love you always.xx

  • Patricia

    flower is awaiting her bee, come make honey with me

  • Denise Woodcock

    Beautiful and loved

  • Denise Woodcock

    Beautifully yours

  • Dawn Ashman

    Diamonds are forever, true love is for eternity

  • dawn ash-kashani

    Provehito in Altum…in all things, especially love

  • tobias batchelor

    the labour was worth every moment.

  • Margaret Rowan

    Have a Heart…..say “yes”.

  • Greg

    When we’re old and grey, remember me this day

  • Jeremy

    My Heart…forever in your hands

  • Dex

    I will never forget your first “i love you”!

  • Pippa Simpson

    “i’ll dance forever to the beat of your heart”

  • Annette Polak

    Without you, everything else is just a displacement activity.

  • Jessika

    Love is life, a life without love is worthless.

  • Pippa Simpson

    “your faults are what make you completely perfect to me”

  • Pippa Simpson

    “you make wet Monday mornings feel like hot Saturday afternoons”

  • Sheila Dosieah

    We are like two lost souls. Lets make it last forever x

  • Ginny Nicholas

    Love from husband you see – greatest gift god’s given me

  • Baldev


  • Tracy Davidson

    My heart beats only for you

  • Chel

    I breath you in: my heart sings!

  • Hayley Belsham

    Love is caring more for someone else’s happiness than your own.

  • Karen

    Just yours, forever xx

  • Kaye

    Sometimes the perfect person for you is the least expected.

  • Jason

    my love for you is for today, tomorrow & forever

  • Jason

    my heart loves you and needs no reason

  • Elaine Kidd

    Saying “I love you” is easy, proving it is harder.

  • Naz

    Te Amo.x

  • Hajy

    You are my life, soul and heart.
    I love you.

  • Naz

    You are my life, soul and heart.
    Te Amo.

  • Naz

    i love you more with every breath i take.

  • Deana Bell

    and Laughter
    we have it all x

  • Caroline Scott

    We create our love anew each day

  • Zawji F M Z

    Love is You I Love Love So I Love You

  • Emma

    Your home is in my heart

  • Julie Metcalfe

    If I could re-arrange the alphabet,
    I would put U and I together!

  • Michelle

    As my nephew says to me… “I love you more and more than Mickey Mouse”

  • sarah

    me + you = love xxx

  • sarah

    love is me and you but no one else x

  • Lynn marie Blair

    Neil & Lynn Love Infinity x

  • Karol Jedynak

    “Your love is king,
    crown you in my heart.”

  • Kathleen

    Art is in heart because you have to create ways to let love in. xXx

  • Louise

    Ever mine, Ever thine, Ever ours

  • Gordon

    Grow old with me, the best is yet to be

  • Louise

    Just you and me x

  • Louise

    Love’s just a small word
    But hard to say
    When you do
    Its with you everyday

  • Gordon

    We made it through – just me and you

  • Jake Morris

    In life and death, I will love you forever

  • Lisarun

    Running through fields of gold

  • Sophie

    When I met you I realised forever just isn’t long enough.

  • Greg Tewes

    Everyday we’re together is the greatest day of my life

  • Rebecca

    You and me
    In this life together
    Forever and always

  • bella


  • Diane Stanbury

    Embrace me with love

  • Hannah

    sometimes i wonder are you really worth it? then you kiss me

  • carol oneill

    love is energy to enhance our experiance of life.

  • Hannah

    sometimes i wonder AreYou really worth it?then youkiss me

  • Gillio

    Give love every day, for it exists in the present

  • Gillio

    To know love, give love, love one another

  • Michelle

    Mataveri Airport?

  • T Severn

    An enchanting, everlasting beauty perfectly echoing our love throughout eternity

  • Eseosa Omoruyi

    Love Endures.

  • Julia Wrigley

    Your smile lifts my heart, imagine a kiss.

  • Jenny Challenor

    I have fallen in love many times, always with you

  • Louise Campbell

    You are the light into my soul. You are my purpose. You’re everything.

  • Bee

    Remember your spirit…never forget your soul…Love is here

  • Elizabeth Donohoe

    Together Forever

  • rachel daine

    our hearts entwined our lives combined together forever

  • Antonia Paradela


  • Germaine Bretel

    Warmth of velvet butterflies that caress your heart, is LOVE!

  • lucy cotterill

    Love is like a ray of sunshine on a stormy day x

  • julie

    Two hearts beating as one.

  • julie


  • Sarah Jakeman

    You make me complete..i will love you forever

  • Harwins

    Tumse pyar hai <3

    L – Life
    O – Optimism
    V – Vivacious
    E – Eternity

    Look inside your heart and you will see the true meaning of Love, Love is You, Love is around you, open your eyes and you will see it!

  • Muhammad

    My Heart Beats To The Symphony of Your Sweet Love

  • Andy Webster

    My love, You complete me

  • Meryem Yorel

    You are forever in my Heart, my Love, my Angel. X

  • Catherine Littlewood

    True love is an open heart that doesn’t let go.

  • Lesley Wenden

    The sight of you makes me warm and smiley inside x

  • Suzie O’Brien

    You had me at hello

  • Lisa Hilton

    Serendipity…expect the unexpected x

  • Weaver’s


  • Anita Hodson

    I love you, miss you, yearn for you every day

  • Susan Adamson

    Loved unconditionally the heart and soul blossom

  • Weaver’s

    Heart2Heart x143x

  • Deirdre O Sullivan

    Together, apart, family is always with the heart

  • Mandy Nagra

    Believe in Love?
    Best friend. Lover. Husband.
    Yes I do.

  • Maureen Dennett

    Love you from SanDiego to Seattle

  • Glen Hall

    After 49 years – just snuggled up together, for ever !


    touch you,feel you, love you,forever.

  • Abby

    One who has not loved has never really lived.

  • Margaret Rowan

    My Heart…..
    My gift to you on Valentines Day & Forever…..

  • Lorraine Brennan

    I promise to remember x

  • julie

    Love is having someone special in your heart

  • Helen Humphries

    People learn to care by caring & love by loving.

  • Caroline Brown

    Senses touch,
    Ignite -
    Open up.
    Fusion formed,
    Souls beautifully warmed.

  • Justine French

    YMCA (You’re Mine Cherish Always) x
    My story behind YMCA is I was on a night out with my now husband and we were at the place where we met, we had been seeing each other for 3 months and I wanted to tell him I love him so I asked the DJ to dedicate the next song to Andrew and tell him I LOVE HIM, but I didn’t ask the DJ what the next song was and yes, you’ve guessed it! It was YMCA, another of my many blonde moments!

  • Helen Smith

    Sometimes the heart can see what the eye cannot

  • Ruth

    Always in my thoughts, etched across my heart..

  • Ben

    My heart I give to you, let’s grow together

  • Mrs Jacqueline Bowers

    Love is like a whisper said gently in your ear, and your heart must fully open for you to truly hear!

  • Jade

    My First, My Last, My Future
    I Love You xxx

  • Tom

    You are the love beyond my dreams

  • pam

    A true heart beats sunshine into your life.

  • Misty

    “My Love” – “My Life” – “My Always”

  • Carol Grant


  • http://debenhams Margaret Rowan

    Cuddle Up, hold on tight,
    Love is in the Air……

  • Sonia Adkin

    You are my only love – yesterday, today and forever

  • David Argent

    LOVE,there warmth, there light
    that makes you remember them.

  • James

    vola mecum, mi angeli, ad caelum et sideras

  • James

    Fly with me, my angel, to the heavens and stars

  • marina shaw

    my life changed the day i fell in love with you

  • julie

    Having you in my heart

  • julie

    My Love, my Everything

  • julie


  • Pippa Simpson

    I will dance forever to the beat of your heart

  • Tracy Davidson

    Your smile makes my heart skip a beat

  • felicity

    Love is: both looking ahead towards a shared future

  • Doug Stewart

    Romance, Love, Valentine’s Day.
    Van Peterson’s is the only way.

  • Hazel Goodall

    Love carries us through the most painful, & beautiful moments

  • Rosey

    2 Hearts that beat as 1

  • Ginny Nicholas

    Love from husband you see – greatest gift God’s given me

  • Dave Wheeler

    Value And Love Each Nanosecond. True love,Is Never Ending.

  • Larraine

    Set in my heart like a diamond set in gold.

  • beck carpenter

    A Heart of gold and the Diamond in my eye

  • helena haddock

    Love will always be here, even when you are not

  • Penny


    my gorgeous soulmate Graham!

  • Tracy

    “Enchanting jewel, beauty personified, our hearts entwined for all eternity”

    “Spellbinding, everlasting beauty perfectly echoing our love through eternity”

    “An enchanting jewel echoing the perfect symmetry of our hearts”

    “A perfect symbol of our everlasting love captured for eternity”

    “An enchanting symbol of our everlasting love preserved for eternity”

    “Custodian of our hearts eternally entwined in perfect symmetry”

    “Custodian of our hearts entwined for eternity in perfect symmetry”

    “Echoing the perfect symmetry of our hearts eternally entwined”

    “A timeless, everlasting beauty perfectly echoing our love through eternity”

    “Beauty everlasting and timeless, enchanting and captivating, epitomising our love”

    “A spellbinding jewel, timelessly epitomising our love for eternity”

    “A captivating beautiful jewel, timelessly epitomising our love for eternity”

    “A captivating jewel, perfectly capturing the essence of our love”

    “Timeless and everlasting beauty, our love personified for all eternity”

    “Enchanting , everlasting beauty our love personified for all eternity”

    “Enchanting, everlasting, beauty personified our love for all eternity”

    “An enchanting beauty, symbolic of our love for all eternity”

    “An enchanting echo of our hearts in perfect, eternal symmetry”

    “An enchanting, radiant jewel symbolic of our hearts eternally entwined”

    “A jewel of enchanting radiance, perfect symmetry with eternal love”

  • Toni Floyd

    You are all I need to make my life complete

  • laura tennent

    to remind you that your loved

  • samantha bennett

    every day is valentines day with you in my life

  • elaine

    Miss you Elvis

  • Ann-Marie

    H eart Beat
    E cho’s Again
    A nother Day
    R esponding to
    T rue Love

  • Leigh Manning

    Love you to the moon and back x

  • Tracy White

    You keep my heart shining.

  • Mrs D Snee

    My heart is like a treasure chest and your locked inside.

  • Dave Bell

    Once in a lifetime.
    Same as it ever was!

  • Virginia Hill

    No photo needed,….
    Your imprint has
    developed in my heart.

  • Jo Jackson

    Love – a look, a smile, a touch. Love is everything.

  • lynette

    Love is all around us with every breath we breathe

  • Rachel Peck

    my soul to my heart

  • Kiran

    My favourite love letter is ‘U’

  • Tara Hilton

    Our hearts are one and shall be so forever.

  • Carolynn Crabb

    I give you my heart and all that it holds.

  • CJ

    Love you lots and lots like jelly tots!

  • June Downie

    Unspoken love in his eyes that says ‘I love you’

  • sheena kavanagh

    words are loosly spoken, true love comes from the heart x

  • Samantha Foster

    L O V E

    Is infectious, warms the heart, and fulfils your dreams

  • Samantha Foster

    L O V E

    Hold on to it, keep it, treasure it.

  • Samantha Foster

    L O V E

    Treat it delicately, keep it smiling, and beat as one.

  • Samantha Foster

    Love is a tablet of happiness, painfully good.

  • ♫_Miranda_♫

    ♫ True Love Never Dies ♫ It Only Gets Stronger With Time ♫


  • rosie pratt

    soul meets soul on lover’s lips

  • Sarah B

    <3 Spiritual Connectedness <3

  • paulag

    My perfect match, my one true love

  • louise roughton

    You know you’ve found love when you look in their eyes and find yourself. Love is when you miss him even before he’s gone.

  • Stephanie Armstrong

    Love is beautiful when we share it together


    Love makes worlds go around,
    having no ‘axes’ to grind !

  • Carl Bishop

    Eyes met, my breath held, we kissed, I melted x

  • matthew mcnulty

    My love, my life , and now my wife xxx

  • Mohammed

    Nice shoes :)

  • Paula Isaacs

    You’re my diamond geezer, with a heart of gold

  • Margaret

    No matter how far apart you’re always in my heart

  • Catherine Whittall

    Love is more than just a word, it’s a feeling

  • Julie

    From the start you have my Heart

  • Julie

    Bliss from a kiss

  • dawn summerhayes

    We piece together like the perfect puzzle

  • Sarah

    What is love..? Me: hand, you: glove.

  • Claire

    When there’s nothing left, there’s love.

  • Sinta Billington

    My love to you
    Pure like gold
    Bright like diamond

  • Rebecca


    My heart is yours forever

  • Paul

    My beautiful wife…..worth so much more than gold!

  • JL

    Thank You for your Love

  • laura morgans

    True Love is simplicity, honesty and an uncomplicated closeness.

  • Catherine Miller

    You will always hold the heart of this little one!

  • S Brady

    Love’s all I need – I found it in your heart.

  • Annette

    You’re my favourite distraction

  • Shirley

    True love never dies.

  • Amanda

    When you have love in your life, nothing else matters

  • Cheryl Mor

    My soul burns when I think of you.

  • helen watson

    I am yours and yours alone always and forever

  • Vikki Mail

    07.05.2011 – my wedding date!

  • Nigel

    My friend, my wife, my lover, my soulmate, my everything

  • Lin Oliver

    Rose petals in our bath,in our bed,then passion!

  • Gareth Hughes

    I wish to be who you deserve.

  • jodie yorke

    My love my life my forever

  • debbie jackson

    Two hearts that join are now one together

  • Jackie ONeill

    In my heart forever

  • Mazz

    Love will never leave when we are together.

  • vicky haddock

    My love, my life, my heart

  • linda wiles

    2 people, one heart, one love, forever

  • Stacey

    Your love is the key to my heart and my world, our love means more and more everyday.

  • Monica Burns

    Darling, you were mine,
    From the moment we met online

  • Ann English

    I’ll always be with you,
    the diamond in my heart.

  • Alyssa

    Love you more today less than yesterday forever true.

  • Alyssa

    Love you more today, less than yesterday, forever.

  • Elaine F

    After agonising about piling on the pounds – my husband said to me

    “The more there is the more there is to love”

  • Kate

    Loving you always is like a dream comes true.

  • Joanna

    You make my heart skip every other beat.

  • Helena

    True love is being together forever.

  • Alyssa

    Love you more today, less than yesterday,forever.

  • Vega Hende

    Sparkiling light,
    dazzling shape,
    elegant nape,
    for my heart only.

  • Sarah Davies

    Serenny – you make me sparkle

  • rebecca jackson-makin

    let’s not forget sunshine can also fall on the heart

  • Chuck Jones

    You don’t sweat much for a fat lass.

  • Leslie Evans

    Love You, Wife, Mistress, Lover, Mother of Our Children

  • Becca

    You’re my part-time lover and my full-time friend

  • Gilla

    Lover and friend.

  • Velvet

    My heart is complete
    With the love we share,
    And our love grows more
    Beautiful each day.

  • Helena T

    I’m on cloud nine, care to join me?

  • tracy

    LOVE – the greatest free gift on Earth.

  • Steph

    True love never dies, it only gets stronger with time.

  • Janet A

    You are in my every waking thought.


    50 years of you and me – Golden Anniversary


  • carol taylor

    may this heart remain unbroken.

  • carol taylor

    there is no stone in your heart,only love.