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Win our brand new ‘light as air’ bra


Light as air bra

Finally the ‘weight’ is over, we’ve launched our lightest ever t-shirt bra weighing just 48g. And even better, we’ve got 5 to give away!

When finding a perfect fitting bra a woman should be able to forget she’s wearing it which is exactly what you’ll do when wearing our ‘light as air’ bra. Our research showed that lots of traditional t-shirt bras were quite heavy due to their dense foam structure, required to give an invisible fit.

Over 90% of women in trials agreed the new ‘light as air’ bra felt like a second skin. It has no bulk, and moulds to the body, feeling noticeably lighter than  other bras.

It’s a weight off your shoulders – literally- and we’re confident that once you try this bra, you’ll never wear another t-shirt bra again – it really is that comfy.

Buy ‘light as air’ bra (UK)

Buy ‘light as air’ bra (Ireland)

How they measure up:

  • Light as air t-shirt bra – 48g
  • Regular t-shirt bra – 58g
  • Push up bra – 92g
  • Gel push up bra – 235g

For a chance to win…

The competition is now closed. Readers told us in a comment at the bottom of this post how they lighten up? 5 winners were selected at random to win a bra and we had great fun reading all your entries.

The winners are: Alison Church, Kerri Simpson, Claire Jones, Jackie Ponting and Laura Moran.

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  • katie deane

    i lighten up by getting the pool out putting the music on and inviting all my lovely friends over for a bbq cant get much better than that laughs and smiles with all my friends and family always puts a smile on my face :-)

  • Trevor Taylor

    My wife needs an UPLIFT and im sure she would be floating with joy if she won

  • Diane Ayres

    I go for a long walk in the countryside. It really de-stresses me.

  • Mrs H

    I lighten up with a nice cup of Camomile, Honey & Vanilla herbal tea

  • Ciara Nolan

    To lighten up I either do a face and hair mask and have a nice long bath with nice music or I put on some great lively music and dance around my apartment like a crazy loon!

  • Andrea

    I’d love to win one of these but I’m an E cup so I got excited for nothing!

  • Sanna Burns

    Instant de-stressing comes in a perfume bottle… A spray of something luxurious, light and fresh. Like the new (?) Estee Lauder perfume Beautiful/Sheer. Bound to make my steps lighter..even if my bosom isn’t ;)

  • caroline mccabe

    I find simply going outside and getting some air helps me to lighten up. I particularly enjoy Summer evenings when after a busy, stressful day and after the rest of the household is in bed I venture out into the garden, sit on my wooden reclining chair with a chilled glass of wine ( or a cup of tea), close my eyes and relax. It is so peaceful and still with just the occasional sound of birdsong. I sometimes stay out until it is dark but as long as it is warm enough it beats being indoors!

  • Madeline S.

    When I feel down I visit or call my 3 year old niece. She’s a breeze of fresh air, she never gets upset and she always has something cute to say or she just gives you a peck on the cheek and everything is much better.

  • Kayleigh Baldock

    I lighten up and destress by cuddling up with my two little sons on the sofa and watching our favourite disney films :)

  • Judith

    I de-stress by going to the hairdressers…I don’t mind how long it takes!

  • Bella

    I cannot stand bra’s and this sounds perfect.

  • Stephanie

    To lighten up, I stay in pyjamas all day and cuddle with my boyfriend on the sofa!

  • Alex

    I run to lighten up. Literally and figuratively! About a mile into a run, no matter what annoyances and stress I have seem to drain through my trainers and into the tarmac. And I lost 2 stone doing it. Brilliant! It is all good.

  • Katie mackenzie

    This will brighten me up as in 7 days I’ll be 42 now no laughing everything is starting to sag yup girls my boobs are going south they left north 23 years ago mind you after having my daughter,so could you please help me keep them looking as good as they used to. (*;*) hehe xx

  • Lorraine Johnson

    I stick on the Glee CD & dance around the houe (only when I am alone lol!!)

  • Katie mackenzie

    Lighten up by at least once a day SMILE ;) xxxx

  • Rita Mistry

    I lighten up by putting on my favourite cotton PJ’s and curl up on my sofa with a good book, vanilla candles and a large glass of vino.

  • Amanda

    I lighten up with a good old cup of tea … But after reading this, maybe i should lighten up by removing my push up gel bra and getting the lightest bra ever!!

  • jade

    I lighten up with a spot of online window shopping! Laptop on my knee, fave stores in my favourites bar and a bag of Haribo or a bar of Galaxy and I can be hours just nosing at the new ins and sharing with my fashionista friends. Okay, so my bank card occasionally comes out to play but hey, a girl’s gotta treat herself!

  • Suzi Hares

    I lighten up by going into the garden & attacking the weeds (there are always plenty),lol. Fresh air & excercise always puts a smile back on my face.

  • Linda

    I have 4 kids and more often than not things are busy and hectic. I always try to take five minutes out of the day just to have a tickle and a giggle. There’s nothing like laughter to lighten the mood and children’s giggles are infectious

  • Ann Lai

    I de-stress by shopping!! Haha it’s the best feeling by all your favourite clothes, shoes, bags and pretty new things!

  • Lisa white

    We 4yr always lightens my mood. When I come in from work she runs up to me to give me a big kiss and hug. Xx

  • Deana Kneen

    I lighten up by hanging out with my great dogs in the park.

  • TingyN

    I lighten up with a cup of tea and a spot of Internet browsing. I look at holiday destinations, new party shoes or sometimes if it’s really bad maybe I look at houses in Australia!!

  • Georgie Doughty

    Scented candles, music & a nice hot bath with lots of bubbles <3

  • Lucy

    I lighten up by opening the windows for some fresh air, putting on some cheesy sing-a-long music and dancing around whilst having a good clean up! Then I’m left with a fresh, clean house and a smile on my face :)

  • cindy b

    Spending time doing what I love helps lighten me up… Night out with the girls, spa day, relaxing with a good book…

  • Michele

    Cooking while listening to music lightens me up. I feel quite exhilarated in our wee kitchen, chopping and stirring and creating something my man will enjoy and knowing it will lead to something else that will def lighten me up ;-)

  • Tanya

    I lighten up by listening to my Disney soundtracks, with the window open, my cat in my lap and a big mug of tea :)

  • Charlene pearman

    I lighten up by being crafty

    A cheeky mid-day nap never hurts either ;)

  • Julie Valentine

    I lighten up and de-stress by going shopping on my own, I like nothing more than to browse around the stores checking out the latest fashion items and accessories, trying all the new perfumes out etc… and love it when I find a bargain !!

  • Clare Hargreaves

    I like to lighten up by having a good laugh with friends.
    Laughter & good company has to be the best stress buster :-)

  • Kerry

    Nice summer evening walk, bottle of wine and some candles…

  • Sarah blann

    I lighten up by running around after my 2 boys at the park when they finish school …. Beats the gym anyday :) xx

  • kerry webb

    I lightening up by spending time with my three daughters. aged 9/4/2

  • Victoria Barron

    Always with the housework. Plenty to be done. Put the music on loud….really loud and dance around the gaff like a mad thing while hovering and cleaning. Always feel great after it.I get excercise, the flat gets cleaned and I treat myself to something bubbly after! All good

  • Diane Bassette

    with a cocktail and some friends :)

  • Lisa Grassetti

    I lighten up by cheery music, positive thinking and a cup of coffee with great friends

  • Shy Raiytt

    I lighten up by playing with my gorgeous 14 month old baby girl. She’s lovely and bubbly and always smiling. Her smile makes me smile.

  • Louise

    I lighten my day up by going to the gym and doing a nice work it always lightens my day :)

  • Brigid Murphy

    I lighten up when i have friends around to eat, and i get all dresszd up and want to feel free and light in my new underware.I adore beautiful underware.

  • martina mckenna

    taking a nice long bath and an early night with a good book

  • Maggie Ali

    I lighten up in a hot bath tub listening to my favourite music :)

  • Mara

    I lighten up by only bringing the necessities when we go places. otherwise, there is too much to carry around! I would love to win this. Thanks for the chance!

  • http://www.twitter.com/khal_khaleesi Heather Cranmer

    I lighten up by listening to music and sometimes dancing. It’s so much fun =)

  • Lisa King

    I lighten up by getting outside with the kids and having a great time

  • Kerri Simpson

    To lighten up, I have a nice bubble bath that my hubby has run for me and either read a book, or catch up with the world on Facebook or Twitter!

  • Ann, West London, ENGLAND.

    As a 36DD it will certainly lighten up my chest!!.

  • Debra Hainsworth

    I lighten up by taking the dogs for a nice leisurley stroll in the park.

  • Vanessa Cox

    I lighten up when my house is all clean and tidy, washing and garden done and I can sit down, relaxing with my hubby and with a nice glass of wine :)

  • Kim b

    I lighten up by meeting the girls for lunch every Sunday gives me an hour to catch up chill and relax minus the children

  • Julie

    I lighten up by getting together with friends and family :)

  • Kerrie Watts

    Kick back with a glass of wine, a good book and some crisps. Alternatively, tie fairy lights and helium balloons to oneself.

  • Jessica

    I lighten up with a good laugh – puts everything into perspective.

  • Amy

    By going for a nice long walk and doing some shopping, it certainly lighten up’s my figure and my purse :)

  • Claire Jones

    I lighten up when I take my gorgeous Weimaraner dog out for a walk on Dartmoor. It’s so beautiful and relaxing that I really de-stress when I’m out with him. I share all my worries and thoughts with him which is great!!!

  • titi danso

    i lighten up by relaxing with a cup of cool water on the lounger

  • theresa

    Oh I lighten up by doing the following….hot bubble bath….with continuous supply of red wine and chocolate..that hour is heavenly….I’m cleansed, I’m tipsy and I have my sugar rush!!!!!

  • Mandy James

    I lighten up by putting on some chillout music and running a lovely hot bubble bath, lighting some candles and soaking the days worries away! Ahhh bliss :)

  • lexy law

    i take my dog for a walk along the beach seeing his face covered in sand and diving for stones i cant help but smile!

  • zoe corbin

    I love to lighten my day up by going swimming and hanging out and having fun with my friends and family.

  • Katherine C

    I lighten up by relaxing with my hubby, my cute cat and a fat glass of red wine on the couch after a long day. Nothing like family and conversation to take my mind of things :)


    I lighten up when i see the smile on my husbands face dont you just love it :)

  • Hazel

    I lighten up by putting on a very cheerful CD and dancing round the lounge.

  • Susan Robinson

    I put my feet up with a hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and maybe a drop or 2 of Baileys :)

  • Amanda Rose

    I lighten up by watching a comedy – Will & Grace always makes me laugh :)

  • Patricia Edwards

    Sit here on my PC and forget about the housework

  • Kav M

    I get my stress out on court by playing tennis! Great way to lighten up!

  • Jojo

    I lighten up by painting my nails whilst watching re-runs of Thirtsomething :-) hurrah for 80′s dramas!

  • laura warren

    I lighten up by sitting in my favourite coffe shop, with a latte and a toasted teacake and watching the world go by, relaxing and day dreaming in peace … Bliss xx

  • Jane

    I have a nice long bubble bath & switch my phone off. Very de-stressing!

  • Rhoda

    I lighten up by snuggling in with my hubby and watching a good film.

  • Hel Cruse

    I lighten up, when I take a photo of my non-smiling husband….. I lift my t-shirt and give him a flash…..That always results in a brilliant smile, and makes me giggle helplessly and I can’t take the photo!

  • katy young

    I lighten up buy going for a run, then pampering myself with a long hot bath!

  • Niamh barron

    I lighten up by not taking myself too seriously you have to be able to laugh at yourself :)

  • Sharon Hingley

    I lighten up by having a long , bubble filled bath with scented candles and Michael Buble crooing in the background.

  • Sandi

    I lighten up by taking a cool shower.

  • gabrielle svensson

    I lighten up by spending time with my husband, he always make me smile!

  • Morowa

    I lighten up by taking my heavy bra off at the end of the day,and sit with a glass, or bottle (depending on the day), with my boyfriend.x

  • Vicky Monks

    I lighten up my dinner hour by taking a stroll to Debenhams :-)

  • Rowena Miles

    I lighten up when my husband tells me he has done the housework and prepared a nice meal. lovely

  • felicity

    Sitting in the sunshine.

  • Aimee o shea

    I lighten up by meeting up with friends and having a laugh or going for a long walk!

  • Loma Wood

    If I am in a temper I clean, if I’m anxious I cook & if I’m stressed I knit like fury!

  • deborah charles

    To lighten up, I spend time with my family. My 2 littlies put a smile on my face everytime.

  • Brandy

    I lighten up every Sunday when I get to talk to and see my parents living in the States on skype. Mums have a way of making everything better no matter how old you are!

  • Chris Andrews

    To lighten up – total relaxation – jacuzzi / bottle wine / good book

  • Lisa Chilton

    I lighten up by drawing doodles and writing funny notes and leaving them around the house for my husband to find. It makes me giggle waiting for him to find them. :D

  • Tracy Newton

    I am another one who can only lighten up after all my jobs around the house are done. I then light a scented candle and have a soak in a scented bath.

  • Jane Dale-Beaumont

    I lighten up by watching my staffie dog ‘sugar’ play with my chickens it is hilarious,she ‘herds’ them like a chickendog.

  • carole

    a nice glass of wine and a good book

  • Jill Ashton

    Glass of sauvignon blanc and a bar of galaxy chocolate works every time

  • Susie

    I lighten up by getting cosy on the sofa with some goodies (i.e. sweets and popcorn!) and watching a favourite movie.

  • Emma

    I light up by writing comedy, there’s nothing better than laughing to help you unwind.

  • frances cremin

    i lighten up when all the housework is done child in bed relaxing reading a good book

  • deborah hume

    I lighten up by having a day out in the country away from all the stresses of life xx

  • Susan Chafer

    I lighten up by going to the gym. Not that I love going, but it makes me feel good afterwards!

  • klara

    I lighten up with a short trip to the countryside….nothing better than waking up in a lovely country house, having walks in the forest and eating some great authentic food…perfect for recharging my batteries :)

  • Aisling Rosney

    How do I lighten up well these days being a mum of two sets of twins life is hectic ao I lighten up when their all tucked up in bed, run a bath and chill out it doesn’t take a lot to lighten up these days ;-)

  • Isabell Whitenstall

    I lighten up by walking along the coastal path with my Hubby and my Springer Spaniel

  • alison reid

    a walk along the beach at dawn with my two dogs, love it when theres no one else around

  • Ella Mar

    A lovely Zumba class followed by a cool shower, makes me feel great.

  • Fiona Maclean

    a glass of fizz, a scented bubbly bath and some relaxing music:)

  • Rasha

    I lighten up when the house is clean and the kids are sleeping:)

  • Kasia

    I lighten up playing with my gorgeous labrador and watching Friends.

  • Nicole C

    I lighten up when I leave the office, get home, make a brew and put my feet up and watch the telly.

  • Helen

    By going for a nice walk (ideally in the sun!)

  • Alison Sperry

    I lighten up when I go pottery painting with my friends. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it, it’s very relaxing!

  • clare relph

    I like to strip off into my pjs with a big bar of choc and cup of tea lol x

  • Sandra Clarke

    A day at a health spa helps me lighten up.

  • nikki reynolds

    I lighten up by walking around the house naked….. haha no not really i dont think my kids would appreciate that! I lighten up by going for a swim i dont feel as heavy in water lol


    I take a relaxing walk across the fields with my hubby

  • Carla

    By taking the time to just enjoy the moment and a glass of wine helps too!

  • Delia Finnerty


  • Karen

    I laze about watching an old film, or get engrossed in a good book

  • sharon griffin

    i lighten up by lazing on my bed with a good book and my tabby cats Bill and Ben laying next to me :D

  • Joan Williamson

    I lighten up with a cheeky little Pinot Grigio while canoodling with my lovely hubby on the sofa.


    I like to enter competitions on the internet, helps me relax.

  • Sharon B

    A lovely relaxing swim on a hot summers day. XX



  • Emma Howard

    A nice long soak in the bath always works wonders for me!

  • alyson maher

    I always do my best to ensure a good giggle at the end of the day with mu hubbie – best way to de stress :)

  • Lux

    Angry angry music. gets the tension out and makes the world seem a little brighter after.

  • Adelle

    i lighten up when its the weekend! x

  • Chris

    Relax in the sun with a good book.

  • hassina begum

    I like to put my feet up with a nice drink some snacks and read a book in peace and quiet.

  • Kirsty fox

    I lighten up by going for a walk around Ashdown Forest with the hubby and kids, there is nothing I love more than watching them climb trees and pick up leaves and feathers etc their faces light up when they find new things and then if it’s summer we sit and have a picnic or in winter we take a flask of tea and some biscuits!

  • Ann Marie Corcoran

    I Lighten up with a trip to a spa or beauty salon, love having facials, massages, manicures and pedicures, if it’s a spa chillin out in the relaxation rooms or a dip in the pool and a few minutes relaxing in the jacuzzi.BLISS

  • Denise

    I lighten up when the sun is shining and Andy Murray wins in the tennis :D

  • Clair

    lovely picnic in the park well do!

  • nora commins

    i lighten up oh big time when im shopping in debenhams

  • Marcella


  • Maryam

    I lighten up myself by just talking to my mom and sometimes by just going shopping :)

  • noreen walsh

    i like 2 lighten up and destress,ideally i like a good head massage so relaxing and great 4 tension headaches but if i can’t get that. a nice peaceful place wit a nice chick lit book nothing 2 heavy and slowly unwind.ah that nice.

  • becky68

    I lighten up by shopping in my local Debenhams…..ahhh retail therapy can’y beat it!

  • Karen Painter

    I lighten up with meditation followed by tai chi.

  • Fiona MacKenzie

    Get in, get my sloppys on and have a brisk walk on the beach with the dog – the weight of the day just evaporates

  • Laura Walker

    I lighten up as soon as walk through the door at home and see my lovely husband smiling at me! cheesy but true

  • Mrs Jackie Ponting

    I lighten up any room by entering it

  • Carolynn Woodland

    A glass of wine – but no more than two!

  • Alison

    I like to lighten up by whipping out a bar of choc and a nice cuppa… :)

  • S Bull

    I lighten up when the kids are fast asleep and I can collapse on the sofa with a large glass of wine and a big hug from my hubby :) x

  • Egle

    Summertime…Perfect time to find Mr.LoVe…And buddy “LIGHT AS AIR” will help me to look flawless!!!

  • suzanne wallage

    When I can afford it I go horse riding that is really relaxing.

  • Colette Hallinan

    Time with my little boy always lifts my mood:O) He’s so entertaining

  • joan

    I lighten up by listening to my favourite music.

  • Cherryl Thomas

    …By getting lost in a really good book!

  • Sidra

    I lighten up when I just go to beach in a sunny n warm day n enjoy sun bath……..

  • tracy baker

    i lighten up by having a nice glass of wine on the patio at the end of a working day

  • JOANWalsh

    taking our dog for long country walks

  • ann carline

    I lighten up with a lovely bubble bath and a chilled glass of wine

  • Susan jackson

    I lighten up with a wander round the shops and a lovely latte in my favourite coffee shop

  • Jane Ryan

    A scented bubbly bath.

  • Martina

    I have a glass of wine and read a nice book.

  • Christine Johnson

    When all the jobs are done, everyone in, then l can relax

  • Wendy Murray

    I lighten up when I get in from work, step in through the front door and I can smell the wonderful aroma of bukhoor burning, I can hear Buddha Bar or some other chill out music playing, and he has a nice glass of red wine or a G&T waiting for me. Oh and he has made my tea. Bliss. PS Not every night of the week though ;)

  • yvonne grylls

    A glass of wine,a hot bath & a good book – can’t beat it !

  • alexandra

    hot bubble bath and a good book!

  • Kathryn Casbolt

    Zumba :)

  • Jackie F

    I like to call a friend and have a good gossip.

  • belinda porter

    playing with my grandchildren their smiles lighten me up

  • Maeve Kelly

    cold glass of white wine and a book

  • Valentina

    I lighten up when all my housework is done and relax with a glass of wine.

  • Amanda Robertson

    I lighten up by watching my cats antics in the garden

  • kim mayhead

    I listen to music on my i-pod, anything as long as it’s loud!

  • kate

    I lighten up by going for a jog whilst listening to my favourite music then having a long hot bath. perfect :)

  • Mrs Rachel Heap

    I lighten up by putting my feet up after a long day at work

  • Sue Cook

    I put the lead on the dog and walk along the riverside watching for signs of wildlife, these animals have a struggle to survive but yet the birds sing and the fish jump, all my troubles seems small afterwards.

  • Christina Massue

    I lighten up with a good funny film.

  • Laura Pritchard

    I lighten up by doing something silly & childish like rolling across my lawn or blowing bubbles in my drink!

  • Kathleen Goodship

    My way to lighten up, is to drink a cup, of my favourite brew, made specially for two.

  • jaycee2

    holiday pix do it for me-happy days!

  • Carol

    Sitting in the garden on a sunny day with a good book

  • Christina Palmer

    I lighten up when I spend time with my Grandson – however low I am feeling he always manages to bring a smile to my face and brightens up my day

  • http://DebenhamsDesignTeam RHIAN THORN

    I would “lighten up” by getting the girls over for a night of “rom com/ girly” movies and sharing a large tub of cookies and cream icecream while having a good old gossip!

  • Linda Johnson

    I lighten up by playing hide N seek with my little boy, all life’s problems seem to melt away when we have some fun!

  • phyllis ellett

    A mug of steaming hot tea and a plate of Hob Nobs !!

  • Sarah Cooper

    Going on holiday xx

  • Lorraine Partyn

    I lighten up by going for a swim

  • Eleanor Jones

    I like to curl up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and a magazine!

  • Nancy Bradford

    I lighten up by drinking herbal tea (iced). It’s cool and refreshing.

  • Hannah Beadle

    A walk around the lake feeding the ducks the only sounds the birds tweeting in the trees bliss

  • Emma L Clarke

    I lighten up by watching episodes of Only Fools & Horses. No matter how many times I watch them, they always cheer me up when I’m feeling a bit blue.

  • Marina Wilson

    I lighten up by playing folk songs on my mouthorgan..they relax me and all the family can join in and we have great family time

  • Hilary

    I lighten up when I realise I am still here I’m 70 years old this week and celebrated 50 years marriage last week -

  • Rachel

    I always find that a pot of ben & jerry’s helps quite a lot! And if I am feeling healthy then a session of yoga makes you feel great.

  • Mel Chambers

    I lighten up by arranging to have the house to myself for a couple of hours then hoovering in my underwear while dancing to my MP3 player.

  • Julie Barrett

    I de-stress and ‘lighten up’ with lots of cuddles from my beautiful dog, a bar of choccy and a good film.


    I lighten up when my two young girls are in bed and I can relax!!

  • christi

    I tend to “lighten up” whenever I go on a diet !

  • Trudi Walsh

    I take a nice long hot bubble bath and bathe the stress away!

  • Fiona Sykiotis

    Cuddling with my son on the sofa watching some great comedy

  • Maya Russell

    I lighten up by walking everyday to school – getting an enormous amount of fresh, country air.

  • Barbara Edwards

    Weeding the garden most people find it boring, but I find it very relaxing lol

  • Stephanie Armstrong

    I sit in my garden with a cup of Earl Grey tea – you can’t beat it.

  • Bryony Sayburn

    I go to a fairground and re-live my childhood, binging on candy floss and hotdogs, followed by going on the dodgems, roller coaster and Big Wheel!

  • Sandra

    With champagne – all those bubbles make me feel light as air.

  • Christina

    100 lengths of the pool makes me feel virtuous – of course followed by a glass of two by way of celebration!!

  • brenda heads

    I lighten up with a good gossip with a friend.

  • Hannah H

    Walking or listening to music

  • Diana Adams

    I meditate using techniques from ho’oponopono … works a treat :)

  • Melanie

    I light-up when my children tell me they love me :)

  • hayley andrews

    with a sigh of relief, when the kids are finally asleep!

  • Jan

    A dip in the sea

  • susan willshee

    I lighten up by doing a bit of DIY. Painting, wallpapering, fixing leaking taps, repointing brikcwork, etc. It’s such a fantastic feeling to look at my handywork and think ‘I’ve done that’.

  • a thorpe

    an unexpected chat with an old friend and plenty of laughs about old times!

  • Frankie Tuck

    I lighten up by taking a trip to the coast. Sea air has such a calming effect.

  • Jenny

    I lighten up by a walk by the river :0)xx

  • Catherine Dingwall

    I take a long swim

  • Diana Storrie

    I paint my nails as this totally relaxes me.

  • valerie mccarthy

    while hiking the many trails with my family.

  • Irene Shiels

    I lighten up by making pancakes and fairy cakes Yumm!

  • Carina Jones

    I lighten up at the end of a long day when i have put the kids to bed and its just me and my husband snuggling on the sofa eaten chocolates or sweets…. its the best feeling and helps me really relax.

  • Jane ER

    Jumping on my daughters trampoline! And you need a good bra when you are doing that! :D

  • Chloe Lettington

    I love to hang out with my friends & family on a hot day and relax in the swimming pool in our Swimming costumes! Bring on the cocktails!!! :D

  • felicity bush

    Do some yoga; shoulder stands or head stands send all the blood round the other way and really lightens me up!

  • Katy Sanderson

    I lighten up by having my boyfriend cook for me while I enjoy a nice glass of wine!

  • Susan Luckie

    By having a massage, afterwards I always feel as light as a feather.

  • jane mandis

    With a glass of red wine in the garden in the evening just chilling.

  • Sylvia

    A cup of coffee and a good book usually does the trick

  • Lucy Wright-Booth

    I live by the sea and whenever I’m feeling down I go down to the beach. It always make me feel instantly better!

  • Louise Cannon

    Chatting with my girlfriends over and Italian pizza and wine!!

  • Linda Brooks

    I will lighten up with a bra that gives me some oomph and lift!

  • Lindy Hine

    A walk by the sea always lifts my mood, the sound of waves lapping is very peaceful!

  • lorna anderson

    going to the gym makes me smile

  • terina davidson

    i love to lie in a bath pampering myself with my favorite music playing glen miller’s in the mood.fats domino blueberry hill,& the platters are a real favorite for relaxing.great way to relax.

  • Pamela

    Malteasers, Aero Bubbles :)

  • Silvia

    I lighten up by potting some new flowers for my garden.

  • carolyn

    Relax in friend’s boat with a glass of wine.

  • Janet Kam

    A glass of wine chatting with friends

  • Heather Vaux

    I lighten up when my husband walks out the door….grins…I’m joking. But the peace and quiet when I have the house to myself is bliss :)

  • Emily Hutchinson

    I go and sit in the garden and watch the birds :)

  • Karen Rice

    I lighten up by writing down what I eat and planning meals in advance and plenty of exercise.

  • Sarah Williams

    I lighten up and relax by taking a well deserved shopping trip and often enjoy browsing the rails of clothing at my local Debenhams and finishing off the trip by having a lovely pot of tea in the Debenhams coffee shop.

  • Jayne K

    Watching an action movie.

  • hazel hulson

    I just watch mr bean on tv reminds you to lighten up okay to have fun once in a while a laugh is a great tonic not sure what mr bean would do with a bra though

  • Cat

    Get naked!

  • Catherine Gregory

    Some retail therapy followed by a latte in Costa Coffee


    chill out on facebook or write in my blog it really de-stresses me. fab product!

  • irene lyons

    with a light and aire bra I could feel on top of the world

  • http://lyonlyonsatfacebook irene lyons

    with a light as air bra I could feel on top of the world

  • Pauline

    walking fast in my new light running trainers

  • Romana Richards

    I keep my husband company on his boat while he fishes. I drive it and get lost in the solitude of the vast open sea.

  • Andrea Milton

    By going up the stables and spending some quiet time chilling out with my horses.

  • Donna Bailey

    Spending time playing with my dogs, down on my hands and knees and being one of the pack is what I do to lighten up!

  • najma jogi

    playing with my children

  • liz martens

    I lighten up by baking for my family, chills and relaxes me and gets all those good feelings flowing when i see my husband and kids enjoying my concoctions!

  • jess

    music and huggs

  • Amanda Mudie

    by spending time with my gorgeous fella and our two dogs.

  • Anna Quinn

    when the house is empty and i can sit down to a good read

  • katherine grieve


  • danuta myszor

    when watching a comedy film

  • Louise Howells

    having a hot bath then getting into bed with a good book x

  • Kim Coote

    I walk my Mams dog every day!!!

  • Amy Coakley

    I love to hop into the shower when things get a bit mad in my house, its the only place they’ll all leave u alone :)

  • Suzanne

    I have a furious five minutes bouncing on the trampoline – very refreshing and makes the kids laugh, which then makes me laugh too.

  • Claire Osman

    with a bath a book and a glass of wine :-) bliss x

  • Claire

    I laugh at people i come across who feel it’s their duty to moan and complain about everything – life’s too short – lighten up!

  • http://blog.debenhams.com/win-our-brand-new-light-as-air-bra/new-launches/ Laura Moran

    Going shopping :) Tea and chocolate, absolute life

  • Val Baird

    I lighten up by just thinking of something that makes me smile.

  • Diane

    Sitting by the sea listening to the waves

  • Tara

    I lighten up by dancing my stress away! It feels amazing & I recommend it to everyone ;) (Just make sure you’re alone when you start busting out your moves…)

  • michelle

    by eating less lol

  • sayyora

    When I do shoping without thinking of money.

  • Sharon Simmonds

    I lighten up by giving my daughter a bottle, book and cuddle before puttIng her to bed and then relaxing either in the bath or cuddling my husband infront of a good film.

  • Janine

    I lighten up by making sure I laugh at something at least once a day. Laughing relives stress instantly and allows you get things into perspective! :D

  • Annette

    a latte coffee and a huge bar of chocolate does it for me :)

  • Michaela

    I love cooking with my boyfriend, we have a lots of fun sometimes :-)

  • jacqui fisher

    fab site indeed, with much good stuff.

  • alison herbert

    Lighten up with a nice cup of tea and entering my comps on laptop

  • Leonie Sanford

    By entering (winning) competitions like these

  • nafisat oyewale

    Going clothes shopping or window shopping does it for me.

  • Paula Isaacs

    I like nothing better than a relaxing pedicure. Makes me feel better from the feet up.

  • Joe Dee Phoenix

    as a 38dd i need all the help i an get lightening up! gardening or walking round lakes is how i lighten up. X

  • clare doherty

    With a coffee and a slice of cake.

  • Sarah Arnett

    I go for a walk around the local nature reserve and listen to Les Miserables!

  • Cassie Pickering

    Have a laugh with friends

  • rabya

    give my self a facial-bliss …

  • vivian

    sitting at my computer chatting to my friends

  • Alison Church

    Going into the city with my friends for a meal,plenty of wine and aright giggle

  • Angela Wallis

    A hot bath, singing at the top of my voice, all clean ready to put on my new Bra.

  • jeanette

    driving home from a busy day at work with the roof down on the car, wind in my hair and The Jam on the cd!!!

  • Kelly Padwick

    By having a little boogie in the living room with the kids :)

  • Lynette Dobson

    with a big glass of sauvignon blanc

  • Pat Marchant

    Got to be planning, booking & going on holiday-even looking through brouchures makes me feel better & as for that 1st time when you open the balcony door & look out…..well!!!!

  • Sue Lempkowski

    A hot bath and a glass of chilled wine

  • Deb Gillard

    Nice glass of wine (well it makes me light-headed anyway!)

  • Katherine Coldicott

    Taking my two dogs golf ball hunting around the local golf course.There must be some really bad players.

  • Michelle Rayner

    There’s no better way to lighten up than to challenge each other not to laugh whilst trying to make each other laugh – it works every time!

  • Stella Swindell

    A good workout, crossword or the Ken Bruce show on Radio 2.

  • janice atkinson

    Girly chat with my friends….can tell them anything and the weight of the world just lifts from my shoulders.

  • laura jones

    a warm bath full of essential oils a face pack and just drift away

  • Lindsey Wileman

    A night out with my girlie mates – this might come in handy for that ;-)


    i Lighten up .. with a bottle of bleach every 4 weeks but Sushhhhh!!! dont tell anyone!

  • Susan Parker

    Going away in our motorhome is the best way to relax and lighten up. When the sun is shinning, sat outside with a glass of lager.

  • audrey wright

    Unwind and feel good by getting in a bath, full of lovely, scented bubbles.

  • wendy moore

    With a nice glass of wine at the end of the day

  • Rhian

    Sitting in the garden looking at my vegetables growing.

  • Sarah Sheen

    I lighten up by reminding myself that there are things I can change, and things I can’t. And at the end of the day, I can always escape to a fantasy world in many forms; books, films etc.

  • Erica McNeall

    Curled up with my cats on my day off.

  • nagina

    i lighten up when i go to bed en see my daughters face wen she is a sleep shez just like an angel….

  • keane

    bath with candles and a box of chocolates x

  • Dorothee

    when I pick up my children each evening from the nursery.

  • Sharon Lake

    Walking my dog

  • Natalie Robinson

    I love to laugh. Nothing lightens my mood like a right good belly laugh

  • Rona G

    The Yorkshire Dales in springtime.

  • H Rogers

    I lighten up singing with Rock Choir- always feel better after singing with friends.

  • Addy knight

    With a bar of chocolate,all to myself :)

  • janice taylor

    I love to listen to music and eat some chocolate and maybe a Baileys.

  • Agnieszka

    I have two motorbikes, I de-stress as soon as I put the leathers on, it just gives me the kind of freedom that nothing else does.

  • Brenda Davies

    Large glass of wine and mindless telly

  • Elaine

    Mowing the lawn. Simple to do and gives your mind a chance to wander.

  • cath

    a glass of wine does me just fine

  • Jo Boyd

    I lighten up by having a tickle fight with my hubby and our two dogs!

  • Suzanne Kerr

    A stroll by the sea on a Sunday morning. Bliss!

  • Andrea Johnson

    glass of wine and a Johnny Depp film :)

  • Jackie Waters

    Daydreaming about happy times

  • Soraya Rodrigues

    I eat fruit and yoghurt at meals to lighten up.

  • Kirsty Winwood

    with a nice long run by the river with some music

  • penny

    taking the dogs for a walk in the woods, listening to animals and birds all around us

  • angela


  • Rachel Harding

    I make a frothy coffee and listen to music.

  • H Diamond

    I lighten up with a long soak in the bath before getting my gladrags on for a night out – a ‘Light As Air’ t-shirt bra would look fab under my dress and improve my mood even further!

  • juliette

    a hot shower with some lemon zest shower gel lighten’s my mood or a great uplifting cd

  • E Ahmadzadeh

    I really lighten up by seeing joy in my family’s face and when I finally come home after a busy day and take a shower.
    Another one is when I dedress to have a good sleep.

  • Sarah Price

    I love a head massage from the husband, then a nice jet bath and a hot chocolate. This is a sure way to chill out and get a peaceful nights sleep :-)

  • Kayleigh Charlesworth

    I am 24 and I lighten up by cross stitching. Old before my time, my friends take the mick but I find it relaxing and productive!

  • sally hall

    go for a walk in the countryside

  • deborah davies

    i de-stress by having a nice hot bath with candles around the bath and a nice glass of wine. always works for me! :o )

  • Alice

    A nice glass of wine!

  • Kelly

    There’s 3 simple steps to lightening up.
    1 – Put kids to bed
    2 – Pour a pint (thereabouts) of decent wine
    3 – Read a good book!

  • zainab govalia


  • maxine fuller

    Knitting. x

  • Susan

    I find peace looking at the birds in my garden.

  • Debra Gibson

    nice glass of vino in the company of loved ones

  • Gerri Tennant

    Walk in the garden and listen to the birds – it never fails.

  • Amy Latham

    I listen to some relaxing music in the bath with some candles, nothing better.

  • Jade Lauren

    I have a good dance around the house!

  • Julia

    spending time in the caravan with the family away from the stresses of work!

  • Carole Bayliss

    Oh the pleasure and joy of dressing up (that’s Wellies, So’wester and Macintosh) then going outside and splashing in puddles. Great Unwinding Fun for ‘kids’ of all ages – especially wrinkley’s like me!





  • sam

    going to a field or park and having a fun day running around with kids and a great picnic

  • Chris Fox

    I love to read a good book at bedtime, a great way to wake up feeling good is to go to bed feeling good!

  • Sally Welcome

    going out with friends for lunch ,catching up with the gossip and having a good old laugh

  • Ryan Lloyd

    I walk

  • sarah foran

    I put the music channel on and have a dance and a sing with my children round the living room

  • michelle rogerson

    i de-stress by going on facebook and sitting down with my glass of wine and enter comps

  • kuli lombardelli

    I love to do things for others. It always lightens my mood when I see their surprised smiles.

  • Molly

    Reading on my bed, anything from books to the Debenhams blog!

    Ice cream on the beach :)


  • Nicola Staples

    I cross stitch, it’s very good at helping you relax and switch off from everything else! :)

  • maxime goodwin

    attending my local ZUMBA class always lightens my mood!!

  • Corinne

    A good ol’ yell at hubby usually does the trick. He then yells back and we all feel a great load lifted after that!

  • Erica Price

    Just got into yoga.

  • helen newton

    I lightnen up when I have a babysitter for the kids and me and my other half can enjoy a glass of wine together….

  • Nickie Chapman

    By reading a trashy novel in the bath :)

  • helen watson

    A candlelit bath and a glass of wine heaven!

  • Sue

    Whizzing along a coastal path on my bike with the dog running behind.

  • Jane

    Get lost in a book

  • gem

    I work in a boring call centre. So I lighten up by trying to get a particular word into the conversation which has no relevance. For example, jelly, puddle or dong. All very amusing :)

  • Chrissie

    Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate

  • Hazel Christopher

    Since having my little boy, I’ve lightened up a lot, he keeps me young and makes me feel I have a good excuse for reverting back to my childhood. These days if I get stressed I watch him sleep and it relaxes me, I tickle him and his giggles make me smile. Yes it’s soppy and mumsy but it’s true, he “lightens up” my life in so many ways.

  • elaine robinson

    i light up, the minute i finish work.

  • Lauren Andrews

    I love to lighten up by taking my dog for a walk! He loves to play catch and chase his tail so it’s always good fun :)

  • Samantha Fenn

    I sit with no tv, no noise at all when the baby is asleep… I work as a nursery nurse so silence is sacred to me =)

  • lisa scott

    I lighten up if i’ve had a stressful day at work with lots of hugs and kisses from my gorgeous kids and if i’m really stressed i bake yummy cupcakes. x

  • Sharon Curran

    Treating myself to a bubble bath with candles, relaxing music and a glass of wine

  • Val Pownall

    I just have to look at my beautiful little granddaughter because she lights up my life.

  • tinkerbell

    with a SATC boxset

  • Stephanie Geary

    When I am having a hard day, either through work or some other mundane thing, then I simply look at my son who gives me this beaming smile…..and then I dance like a loon to keep him smiling. :D

    Hes my personal lift me up. :)

  • Elaine Kerr

    I hike up my bra to its tightest setting and go to a Zumba class – the music and atmosphere really lift your spirits -but you do need a bit of support in the bra dept, you come out of the class still dancing (if you’ve got any breath left)

  • Crystal

    I lighten up when I hear music and I can a good dance!