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Win outfits from the new Debenhams TV adverts


Win the outfits

We recently launched our new TV adverts which we hope you’ve had a chance to see.  But there’s more good news, we’ve got a fabulous giveaway too… fancy winning the clothes from the ads?

To celebrate the launch of the new season range in store and our Life made fabulous campaign, we thought we would give one lucky winner a complete Autumn/Winter wardrobe makeover by winning the clothes from our new ads! Featuring collections from designers such as Ben de Lisi, Julien Macdonald and Henry Holland the prize is worth over £500 and covers off all the key trends for the season – ’70s glam, ’60s pop and retro casual.

Can you imagine working the Star by Julien Macdonald faux fur coat and satin blouse? Perhaps the super-glam spotty dress is  more your thing. Our beauty editor Sarah has got some tips on how to coordinate your make up to each of these new trends too. Head over to the Beauty Club blog for more.


Leave a comment below and tell us what has made your Life Fabulous? You’ll need to fill in the email address field when submitting your comment so we can contact you if you win. Only one comment per person please. The winner will be picked at random from all qualifying comments after 30 September 2011.

Good Luck everyone!

Please read the full T&Cs

70s glam trend

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  • lucy osborne

    my children have made my life fabulous, there’s never a dull moment in my house!

  • Hazel Christopher

    Becoming a mum has made my life fabulous and made me a better person, I’m far less selfish these days.

  • Jenna Keller

    My life has been made fabulous since the birth of my little boy 18 months ago. Every time i look at him i feel so blessed and i have never known such strong love. It makes me feel fabulous knowing i created such a gorgeous, happy little boy and that he is a part of me.

  • Coral Lonsdale

    My life has been made fabulous in the births of my 2 grandchildren especially my little grandson, he kept me going after I had a heart attack.

  • zishy

    the day i got married to someone i really loved it made me feel do happy that i had become mrs now and after a year i gave birth to a baby boy that time changed my life in a good way now my baby boy is 4 years old god bless he also calls me mum

  • Diana Cotter

    Trips abroad have made my life fabulous – different food, different fashions – but I’m always glad to come home.

  • Kerri Simpson

    My family (human, furry and feathered) have made my life fabulous!

  • gaynor brown

    my little man has made my life fabulous he has autism and we were told he would not talk show love eat ect and with us pushing him for the last 4 years we now have a very happy chatty little man who is the apple of my eye he really has made my life fab i would never be without him just goes to show ya mums always know best ;-)

  • katie deane

    my wonderful amazing husband to be a my our baby who is now 10 days old she arrive 16 days early and we both nearly didnt make it and its made me really think about how lucky i am to have all the things i have so glad me and baby are fine now alltho she is small she is the biggest part of my heart all i need in life is my husband to be and my baby that makes my life the most fabulous life ever i have soemthing to smile about every morning

  • Jane Knape

    My life has been made fabulous by marrying my husband Robert 5 years ago today !

  • Katherine D

    Looking back at my life before children it seems all in shades of grey, but being a Mum painted the world rainbow coloured. It was as if the sun first shone when my eldest was born, and my babies still make life fabulous when nothing else can.

  • Lynne Slatter

    Gaining the confidence as I’ve got older to show my sense of style with pride

  • Laura Gauden

    Becoming a mum to a healthy baby boy after a traumatic pregnancy has definately made my life fabulous!

  • Zohaira

    Falling in love and getting married soon has made me feel fabulous.

  • Diane Ayres

    My family have made my life fabulous. They are wonderful.

  • Kim Coote

    Finding out I’m going to be a Grandma has made my life Fabulous!!! I think children bring out all of your emotions. They make you happy, sad, you laugh and cry with them.

  • Annika Myhre

    My beloved husband has made my life Fabulous!

  • Louise Howells

    Meeting my fiance and having my Son has made my life fabulous xx

  • Patricia Long

    My husband, my children and my job!

  • http://Facebook Jenny Bourke

    My family have made my life fabulous because they are always there through the good and bad times.

  • ian henderson

    meeting my wife has made my life fabulous as it finally reunited me after years with my dad when we got married – the best day of my life for 2 reasons and would love to win this for her to say thank you

  • Rachelle Lowes

    My family and extended family make my life fabulous but thats just standard! The one item in my wardrodbe that makes me feel fabulous when i wear them is my Jimmy Choo’s!!

  • Kerri Culhane

    The day I became a mammy. 6 yrs7mths & 2wks ago!!!!

  • Naomi Cleary Graham


  • Niamh Barron

    Being comfortable with myself & loving myself has made my life fabulous

  • http://facebook Evelyn Dalton

    My husband and 2 children and to see how they turn out after 24 years of marriage and how much respect they give me puts a smile on my face that makes my life fabulous.

  • Clare

    my adorable nieces have made my life fabulous :)

  • Hannah

    Growing up on a farm in the countryside but going to University in the city. I get to have parties and feel glamorous during term time and during the holidays when I come home I feel lucky to live in such a beautiful place (even though helping to look after the animals can be really stressful!)

  • Sandra Clarke

    A loving, honest husband, shortly to celebrate our Silver Wedding in December and a 12 yr old son who is an angel. Money can’t buy love and I am very lucky that they have made my life fabulous.

  • Julie Henderson

    having so many precious memories and anecdotes from my grandparents before they both died – i have learnt so much from them i only wish they could have lived forever

  • Cheryl Seddon

    Meeting up with an ex boyfriend from my teenage years – we now get married in December and I just can’t wait. It is the best thing ever!!

  • andrea miles

    the news that I’m going to be a Granny

  • http://Na Satyam

    My life is fabolous because God’s given me the best parents, awesome husband, amazing siblings and adorable cuddly baby boy!! X

  • lyndsey sinnott

    my life is fabulous because i have everything i need good home good family and good friends now all i need is good clothes :D

  • Jen Deegan

    Having a ‘glass half full’ attitude is what makes my life truly fabulous…not only does it impact on my life, it also spills over to my friends and families lives too. I start each day with my head held high and ready to take on whatever the day throws at me..

    As the saying goes, life is for living so I’d love the chance to do it in style :)

  • louise summers

    i have a fabulous life…everything i could need except this voucher….it would top it off :)

  • Maura Fitzpatrick

    l had a tumour remove from an ovary, and had a tube an ovary removed many years ago, my chances of having children were 3% against the odds l gave birth to my beautiful daughter at 41, after loosing all hope, lt just goes to show you should never give up hope, shes my life 110% X

  • nicola graver

    my life is made fabulous every time i get a chance to shop with my mum. we spend hours in debenhams and never leave without a purchase.

  • Linda Callaghan

    My hair straightner, best invention ever!

  • Lauren Browne

    Having the best Husband, family & friends anyone could ask for has made my life fabulous!

  • Susan Jordan (@ItsCherrySue)

    Realising that you’re never given more than you can handle has made my life FABulous! As a single/working Mam to two teen lads I did wallow for a while but receiving a 2.1 in my Degree last month and a lot more responsibility in work as a result proves that ANYTHING is possible once you put your mind to it. :)

  • Julie Cuzen

    My son who is 14 and on the autistic spectrum being selected to represent the West of Scotland in 100 and 200m track event! My son is my hero!!.x.x

  • Emma Bourke

    Losing two stone has made me feel fabulous. My confidence is at an all time high and I can finally feel good in clothes.

  • Lubi Petrasova

    my parents have made my life fabolous because of them I am here to share my beautful moments of life with them and my partner.

  • Paula Isaacs

    having my family around me to support me when I need it and celebrate with me during the good times

  • Amelia Goodhead

    Buying my first house with my wonderful boyfriend and sharing it with our two fluffy bunnies :)

  • Rakhshanda Ilyas

    Sharing my life with that someone special has made my life fabulouse. Every morning is a new day for me with ever growing love and surprises :) I luv u Hubby <3<3<3

  • Caroline McCabe

    My life is fabulous since meeting my hubby of 14 years at work and then (after believing we couldn’t have children) having our daughter Olivia – now 8. Olivia has really enriched our lives and we have made a lot of friends through her friends and associations. She loves to dance and we enjoy watching her – last year in a Pantomime. I also enjoy and appreciate life more since taking voluntary redundancy from my job of some 20 years. We have less money but have come to realise that there is more to life! I love to spend time outdoors whenever possible and we have had some lovely holidays this year in our caravan.

  • karen browne

    My family, friends & pets make everyday Ab Fab :)

  • Louise Dunworth

    My life became complete on the 27th of June 2011 my 13th Wedding anniversary when I gave birth to my second Little Boy Harry after a long wait of 11years when I had my first son Cillian. Well worth the long wait my 2 boys are my pride and joy xxx

  • Sheila Byrne

    Deciding to give up smoking and sticking to it has made my life faboulous, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my health, my clothes and my skin.

  • Alice Beaumont

    My fab fab friends make my life fabulous every day!

  • Pamela Denison

    Living a vegan lifestyle makes my life fabulous because I feel healthier, I eat better and I can enjoy pampering myself without harming any animals.

  • Moira Maxwell

    Corny but having my little boy has made my life faboulous, he is now 3.

  • Colin O Leary

    My better half!!!

  • Aileen

    Ah shucks, my husband and little girl :-)

  • Eleanor Beavan

    My partner makes my life fabulous, so cheesey but he is the most kindest, caring person i know

  • Paly

    The unconditional love of my family has made my life fabulous!

  • Karen McKay

    My three beautiful nieces have made my life fabulous.

  • Claire C-S

    One day last year I decided to break out of my normal routine,
    And try out as a dancer for the singer Mika, and his team.
    He was holding auditions for his concert that day -
    I was going to go to his concert already anyway…
    I had always wondered what it would be like up on stage,
    So I danced my heart out for what seemed like an age.
    I was accepted and had an hour to learn the routine -
    I like to think they saw in me a dancing gene!
    I donned a heavy monster costume, out of which I could barely see,
    And prayed I wouldn’t mess up and it make a fool out of me!
    I was at the end of the line, doing a zombie walk,
    And the last to throw down to Mika a red rose stalk.
    I managed to do it, even though it was all a bit hairy,
    I’d never done anything like that before, it was so scary!
    I’m quite proud of myself for not being a wuss,
    And the confidence, the costume and the experience has made my life fabulous!

  • Jacqui McCarthy

    Finding my Mr Right

  • Joanne cooper

    My life is fabulous to me, i am so blessed to be spending it with the most important person in my world.

  • Deana Kneen

    Appreciating each day for what it is and living it to the fullest, because you never know what tomorrow may bring! Pretty fabulous!!

  • marie brew

    knowing that my children are healthy and happy makes my life fabulous and having my family and friends around me when i need them

  • Louise Loveridge

    Deciding to be the real me, and live the life, the way I wont too. Not live my life for other people. XX

  • Jessie Hickey

    Having my super, fun and sassy friends with me through the good times and the bad! Girl power:-)

  • Nicola Langdale

    The birth of my daughter has made my life fabulous, she has given me a purpose in life and makes me laugh everyday, she’ll be 2 this month and I can’t believe how quick the time has passed. Whenever I’m struggling with something I think of doing it for her and that gives me the motivation to get through it.

  • Angela Kopic

    Buying the piano made my life fabulous! Playing the piano makes me feel good, always…it makes me happy and fulfilled:)

  • Petra May

    Marrying my husband, the birth of my daughter, my identical twin grandaughters and my wonderful Mum and Mum in Law, all these things have made my life fabulous and worthwile over the years no matter what adversity has come my way.

  • Barbara Murphy

    My life is Fabulous for a number of reasons – my job as a Special Needs Assistant brings me soo much job satisfaction and means I am have the time off to spend with my own two beautiful girls and brilliant husband who started a new job this week after being made redundant last year – life is good and long may it last!

  • Lorraine Burke

    Online Shopping, Chocolate, Sky+, Red Red Wine, Good Friends, Health and most importantly, Family. xx

  • Catherine Jordan

    Knowing I have a Denenhams right on my doorstep makes my life fabulous.

    If I’m feeling down I can find a pick me up from high end to bargains or if I just want to wander the beautiful store for a browse the staff are so helpful & friendly.

    Other stores should take note!

  • Fiona Durcan

    My best friend, soul mate and partner who is my husband has made my life fabulous. I wouldn’t be without him. He drives me mad at times, and we have our moments, but life would be a bore without him, his mad jokes, sense of humour, smile and his ability to give me a good ticking off if I need it. M, love you lots.

  • Anouska Gray

    Retail and buying new clothes make it fabulous, buying new clothes always gives you that good feel factor :)

  • kashish dawra

    the love of my life has made my life fab!!

  • Sheila O’Brien

    Finding the perfect hairstyle and colour that really suits me has made my life fabulous !!

  • Charlotte Hooson-Sykes

    This year, I’ve spent the last 6 months on a diet and exercise plan and have, so far, lost over four stone and dropped from a size 22 to a size 16. This has made me feel more than fabulous, I feel healthy, I feel fit and I’ve still got another couple of stone to go! Hopefully next year I’ll be running (well jogging maybe) a charity run and I hope that will be the next goal to make me feel fabulous :o )

  • pearl

    the power of positivity has made my life fabulous, being positive makes every day brighter, it has made my work life easier and my relationships with people better, its a great feeling (“,)

  • Kimberley Randall

    Finally meeting the love of my life, Gary and moving from Canada to the UK marry him. My new friends and family have been wonderful and welcoming – I am truly blessed and thankful!

  • Sara Buckley

    Getting a fun new makeover with my friends and many compliments afterward has made my life fabulous!

  • Betty Nolan

    I’m an SNA and for the last 2 years I’ve been looking after a little boy with downs syndrome. I absolutely adore him, so I couldn’t wait to get back to school after the school holidays. He is so full of hugs and kisses. My own 3 children and partner complete the package and that’s what makes my life so fabulous

  • Helen Boyle

    Apart from my family & friends, giving up drinking has made my life fabulous. I have lost weight, have bags more energy and know that I can have a great time without a glass in my hand. Now it’s a nice cuppa all the way!

  • Amber Worthington

    What has made my life fab you ask? well i’ve only been around for 20 years but it’s been a tough life to say the least, however. the birth of My 1 year old son, the love of my life who lives on the other side of the UK but still able to give me a warm fuzzy feeling, Everything having peole always around to support me when times were hard, and discovering my biological father and his daughter meaning my older sister. however theres allot more to come and thats only a little thus far. I’m sure there is more fab things to come.


    Appreciate life and your family, in the long run your health is your wealth, money isn’t everything.

  • Monica McMahon

    My 3 little people make my life fab….

  • Bridget Casey

    I have just become a grandmother for the second time, it would be great to win this to get a beautiful outfit for my grandson’s christening. x :)

  • nicola stafford

    Deciding to let go, loosen up a little and enjoy every moment with my two beautiful children has made every day fabulous!

  • Geri Gibson

    Fingers crossed, touching wood
    Everything so far is good
    No disasters for my crew
    Seems with luck we’re sailing through
    No we’re not out on a boat
    But financially we’re all afloat
    Got our health both young and old
    That’s fabulous,that’s like
    Pure gold!!!!

  • Melody Atkinson

    Working as a nurse, helping children get better makes my life fabulous :)

  • Abigail Rowe

    Learning to look after myself and be fit and healthy :)

  • Yasmine choudry

    would Love to win this Fab prize
    please enter me

  • Sara Friend

    Finding petite clothes so I don’t have to wear childrenswear for clothes to fit me, especially now that I am a primary school teacher!

  • Heather Marie

    Waking up in the morning and knowing I have a whole day in front of me,to make my own decisions and chosse the direction I wish to go in.. The little things make My Life Fabulous x

  • Niamh Scolard

    Deciding to get a small tattoo of a heart in memory of my Beautiful Dad so it feels like his heart is always near me has made my life a more Fabulous Life.

  • Jane Kelly

    Corny but my kids and my grandkids make my life FABULOUS every day.

  • Gillian brown

    My life has been made fabulous by my wonderful positive attitude to life, it has given me an amazing family with whom we live every day to its fullest! x

  • Rachel Medhurst

    The thing that has made my life fabulous was making a choice to change my life a few months ago. I cut old ties and started new ones (all on my own!)….my life has completely changed and hopefully soon my actions will lead me to meet a fabuous man to complete me! :)

  • Fiona Banks

    My life is fabulous because I believe that being content is truly enough !!!!

  • Donna Le-bon Olive

    Finally having self acceptance and enjoying being me. This has made my life fabulous and able to enjoy my wonderful family and friends all the more..

  • shirley munro

    the best things in life aint things … the most fabulous realisation life can bring… but having fabulous things can also make you smile and when you smile the world smiles with you :D

  • Sue Eaglestone

    The birth of my son; 13 years ago now, but the best achievement of my life. Xx

  • Sharne Stiggants

    Losing 3 stone and reaching my target at Slimming World has made not just my life but also my children’s life’s Fabulous as I can now do so much with them and have so much more confidence that I have even started going out with friends again :) )

  • Lottie

    Henry Hollands clothing range has made my life fabulous! Wearing his clothes fills me with confidence and happiness and suits my outgoing personality! Fab fab fabulous!! Thank god for fashion <3 xo

  • Karen Wright

    Knowing that my family will be there no matter what. My parents have helped me achieve so much in my life and could never have done that without them.

  • Sarah Mccloskey

    My list of what has made my life fabulous must start with my wonderful supportive parents. My lovely husband of 14 years and our wonderful 3 children make every day fabulous. My fabulous life has been enhanced by friends, my home,dancing, studying, in laws, fun and my fulfilling job as a director of nursing in a lovely hospice. We never seem to have enough money to buy loads nice clothes which I love but as you will have gathered I have a fabulous life so can’t complain! Thanks for the chance though:-)

  • ali thorpe

    What makes my life fabulous is that sudden and unexpected warm fuzzy feeling of contentedness I get when I’m laughing with a good friend, relaxing with my family or when I’m walking down the street on an average day and something or someone makes me smile.

  • Denise

    The family and friends who are there to support me when times are hard and who celebrate when things go well. :)

  • Garry Newby

    Meeting and marrying my second wife at the age of 40.

  • Ash

    fashion makes my life fabulous!

  • Therese Tutty

    Having my 2 children, 5 and 6months, has made my life fabulous even though I spend nothing on myself anymore, it all goes on them. But they’re worth it :)

  • jackie maher

    joining a support group called Laois Offaly Families for Autism made my life fabulous because they gave me support,knowledge and friendship I needed to help my son who has high functioning Autism .I and many other families would be lost without them.

  • Michelle

    I recently lost five & a half stones, I feel so much better now and enjoy life more, shopping is so much more fun now too! That and my amazing family make my life fabulous.

  • Julie


  • Claire Smith

    My son has mad my life fabulous – I am SO proud of him.

  • Denice Dolan

    Being a strong enough person stand tall and deal with having to live the rest of my life with no use of my left hand and dealing with chronic pain 24 hours a day, after an accident 7 years ago. These 7 years have been a constant stream of hospital appointments and over 15 surgeries and some very tough times. But despite these challenges what has made my life fabulous is that I have rebuilt my confidence, got engaged to a wonderful man, bought a house together, and we are now planning our wedding for 17th march 2012.

  • maria hackett

    been married to my hubby made my life fantabulous

  • Alex

    My boyfriend Owen who I adore. My niece Nicky, my niece Emily and my nephew Mikey who make me laugh. Oh and taking up running and losing 2 stone and 2 dress sizes!

  • Debra

    My life is fabulous because I realized that each moment is precious, and I want to live it to the full.
    I am me and I amas important as every one else and no one has the right to tell me differently.

  • caroline milward

    Discovering the variety and choice in debnehams at reasonable prices

  • Alli Marshall

    Having my 3rd baby has made my life fabulous – he was an unexpected surprise & is truly wonderful.
    With the prgnanacy I put on weight & I’ve now lost that & more so I want to feel like a yummy mummy now so need a new wardrobe of clothes!

  • Deirdre o dwyer

    Having my 2 children and a great husband hasmade me the happiest person I could ever be!

  • Marie O Malley

    Im 50 this year so im having a ball I look 40 this is the best year of my life i feel fabulous just bought a outfit for my birthday 26 Oct in Debenhams look fab

  • babs

    Changing my career to something that I love made my life fabulous!

  • Glenda Bailey

    My Children. I’m a single mother of three. I have two sons with autism (6, and 4), and a 2 year old daughter. Its a blessing to know such fabulous little people so full of personality and to love them! Enjoying the small moments. Life is too fabulous for it to fly by too quickly. :)

  • Orla

    learning to overcome a personal dilemma in the last 12 months, it has made me see life differently and made me a stronger happier person. now, nothing fazes me i live life for what it is everyday and the love and support of my husband family and friends really do make my life fabulous and more determined to acheive the impossible!

  • theresa

    Chocolate, Saturday night pizza, skinny jeans, Wine,Cheese and onion crisps,marshmallows, money, Sunday morning lie on , music, shopping, a husband and two beautiful children..God I am grateful for my wonderful life!!!

  • Rachel Douglas

    Apart from the hubby and kids that I have to mention !
    Shoes have made my life fabulous because they always fit – no matter what size the rest of me is my shoes always go on without a struggle :-)

  • sandi green

    Finding out that working out is fun! Means I can eat all the good food I love an still fit into gorgeous clothes.

  • Emma Lawlor

    Meeting my boyfriend. I couldn’t ask for a better person to spend the rest of my life with.

  • Katie Hatliff

    My life is fabulous because i have a wonderful supporting family an amazing husband and gorgeous daughter all helping to make things worth while without them I’d hate to think what my life could have been!

  • jo

    my nan has made my life fabulous,without her i wouldnt be the person i am today.shes helped me out loads throughout my life and passed on great knowledge,the kind of knowledge that only nans know…..like how to measure up for curtains,how to make a great stew,try to save your money for a rainy day and dont let your ironing pile build up!!….as silly as these things sound,being a wife and a mum of 2,they really do come in handy and help me to be a better person :)

  • M Neeson

    Changing my career has made my life fabulous. After 20 years in financial services I retrained as a teacher and haven’t looked back since I graduated four years ago.

  • wendy burgess

    my life is fabulous because I have a fabulous husband and three fabulous children who make my life complete.

  • Becky John

    My 2 children have made my life fabulous.

  • Ethel

    This year has been fabulous. I’ve passed my driving test, passed my college exams without needing to repeat them in the summer (yay), got a certificate in psychology and I’ve finally started on a diet and exercise regime that’s working. And the best part; it’s only September yet!


    being close to my family, to people who I care and they mean the word to me,is fabulous

  • Hollie Gladden

    My darling son makes my life fabulous xx

  • Julia Cashman

    Having my kids and family around me, dropping a few pounds off my backside and being able to keep afloat in these financially stormy times!

  • jacqueline buist

    I would have to say meeting my wonderful Partner & having two fantastic boys, who mean the world to me also I got a job after 12 years out of employment all these factors have made my life fabulous

  • Andrew

    working with a youth group and helping them develop into confident individuals has made my life fabulous!. best job in the world

  • Louise Kilburn

    Having my little boy. He’s enriched my life in so many ways and makes eah day a joy. He’s an absolute character and seems to have the best bits of both me and my husband!! Can’t wait to see him grow into a lovely man! He is fabulous and so he makes our lives fabulous too.

  • Kimberley S Stone

    My children. Growing up my one ambition was to be a mum. It’s fabulous to know that I have achieved my dream and being a mum has exceeded my expectations. I’m happy and contented and don’t want for anything more in life (other than ensuring my kids happiness)! If they’re happy – I’m happy!

  • Vicki Shelley

    My husband and my 3 year old daughter has made me fabulous. I love waking up every morning knowing how bad my hair is, that I am truely loved.
    Though finding a nail hardening polish that actually works comes a close second!!!!

  • aoife carey

    having my boys – 12 years apart – been amazing starting again and seeing their relationships build

  • Lorraine Cooper

    My 19 month old daughter makes my life fabulous every day. She also makes it frustrating, crazy, messy, silly, but most of all fun!

  • ChrisO

    There are lots of things that have made my life fabulous: having children, meeting someone special, passing my driving test; getting divorced, but going back to Uni in my late 30s and gaining a fab degree in Humanities with Literature is something that has made me particularly proud of myself. Then gaining a place on a teacher training course and passing with an ‘outstanding’ grade before gaining my first post as a Newly Qualified Teacher. Last year I passed my NQT year so now I am really a teacher….. it just shows you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it :-)

  • Yvonne Poole

    Quite a few things, marrying my wonderful husband when everyone said he was a “bad un”, having lots of kids, getting the dogs, stopping smoking & drinking and finding my own religion. Have made quite a few changes and am happy to say that life is indeed FABULOUS!

  • jacqueline jones

    my 3 children and my hubby make my life fabulous they are my world.

  • Gemma Fletcher

    Losing 8 stone, graduating from university, getting married and my husband being diagnosed with kidney cancer then receiving the all clear (interim) all within the last 6 months has made my life fab and obviously made me realise what living is all about x

  • marjorie wilson

    Beating cancer, having a fantastic family and my two beautiful grandkids, have given me the positivity to fight all that life throws at me :)

  • Samantha Eyles

    Having my daughter was a fabulous time in mine life. I also got engaged recently which was also wonderful.

  • Jenny

    My life became fabulous when I realised I was happy in my own skin.

  • Katherine De Riera

    My fabulous husband and my gorgeous two sons have made my life absolutely fabulous!
    Thankyou for the fabulous competition!

  • bernie reid

    The thing in life that makes my life fabulous of course you say you husband and kids and family that is an obvious one but its the little things that happen to you in a lifetime watching someone achieve something they never thought they could. When i was twelve i was diagnosed with arthritus and was confined to a wheelchair i fought against it not allowing myself to believe that this was my life. I never thought i would get married have kids or even deserve to be happy with someone so when you get all these things and are able to get out of bed every morning and enjoy life that is what makes things truly fabulous!!! and of course a shopping spree in debenhams haha !!!!

  • sandra henderson

    Finding out that yes i can achieve good things in my life has made it fabulous-there is no need to be scared to try-if it doesn`t work out then just try a different approach but dont give up on dreams.Just trying to do things is fabulous and it has given me such a boost,my confidence in life has returned!

  • breda flynn

    My fantastic husband and 3 great children make my fabulous life compleate and to top it off our 2 lovely dogs bruce and rocky .

  • helen dunford

    my five children ,i am so proud of them and love them more every day!

  • Tanya

    Marrying my angel Dennis on 10th sept this year,he has changed my life from mundane to fabulous,much like the boots I purchased from Debenhams whilst shopping for wedding shoes!!

  • Debbie Birdsall

    Six years ago my husband and two children moved the entire contents of our home overseas to live in Spain where we hoped our new life would begin. Unfortunately things didn’t work out as we had hoped and we came back to England and tried to pick ourselves up and start over. The children are so much more happier since we came back and my husband is now an HGV Driver, previously in IT which he hated. I have a lovely job working in a Special Needs School and am also building up a home based cake decorating business which I hope to be able to do full time eventually. So, what has made my life fabulous…..that after an emotional and stressful time in Spain, we have returned to England a stronger and happier family, with the addition of a spanish cat my daughter rescued and brought back with us. Oh yes, and recently losing almost two stones in weight which means I no longer hate clothes shopping…so the new clothes would come in so handy as my wardrobe has lots of empty hangers at the moment! Thank you.

  • DawnLouise

    My husband. Without him I am nothing!

  • Leia Stevens-Taylor

    After a very tough year with several operations and 2 resuscitations, I was cared for by my family and fiance. Unwavering love and support in the hardest of times made me see how fabulous he is. Now my husband, he makes everything he touches fabulous! I adore you Mark Taylor xx

  • Lisa Jack

    The birth of my son, Oliver has made me fabulous Having a crippling phobia of needles my whole life, I didn’t think I would ever have children but I did it and was so proud of myself, its still a problem but it doesn’t rule my life because my son gives me a strength I didn’t think I would ever have.

  • Lisa Blackburn

    7 Weeks ago I had a Hysterectomy and every day since coming home from hospital my husband has been my full time carer when I couldn’t do anything for myself. He also still worked full time and also looked after our 2 young children and still kept the house running like clockwork – so he and his love is what makes my life fabulous!

  • Kim Long

    Having my children has made my life fabulous. After being told I couldn’t have children and then going through treatment to try and have them I now have three beautiful children. I still feel so grateful that I survived my daughters terrible birth but I can honestly say she was worth it. They have truly made my life complete. Xx

  • Laura Halls

    my 3 children James 6 Lucy ‘amost 6 and Keane 4 most deffinatly make my life FABULOUS!, Lucy was born at 26 weeks weighing just 2lb 1oz, and we were told she may never walk/talk if she survived such an early birth she spent 3 months in special care, and Keane was born at 33 weeks weighing just 4lb 5oz he spent 3 weeks in special care, Lucy now has multiple health issues and Keane has Cerebral Palsy all caused by their early birth but they just take it all in their stride and are truly amazing and i am blessed to be their mummy

  • julia owens

    loosing weight, three stone so far, another seven stone to go. it has given me the confidence and ability to complete a 10km walk for charity and even like what i see when i look in the mirror.

  • Debbie Purdy

    I was a young woman struggling with Buliemia, negative body image and very low self esteem when I met my wonderful husband. He made me get help and taught me how to ejoy life again and I love him now more than ever….. But carrying our 2 boys for 37.5 weeks (they were early babies), breastfeeding them successfully for 15 months each, nurturing them and helping them to grow and develop has been the biggest achievement for me. I now realize what’s most important in life and I have the most fulfilled and fabulous life that the ill young lady would never have dared dreamed of back then.

  • Hannah Collins

    Our son Elijah. Many years of trying (unsuccessfully) mean’t that we were referred for IVF. We took a holiday just before our treatment was due to start and bingo! Apparently all we needed all those years was a Greek holiday! Our precious little miracle has most definately made my life fabulous.

  • Clodagh Monaghan

    Waking up every morning and being grateful for my life has made me realise how lucky I am. I might not have everything I want but what I have I appreciate and this makes me realise my life is fabulous!!


    Meeting and marrying my lovely Hubby has made my life Fabulous! He is my soul mate ! He makes me laugh, when i’m down, ever after 21 years of marriage !:)

  • Carole Faulkner

    Moving to Northern Ireland 11 years ago with my partner, because if we hadn’t have moved we wouldn’t have the life we do today with our 2 wonderful boys and for me to be able to be at home with them.

  • Mary Baldwin

    My gorgeous son, who always, even today when I look awful with a sinking cold, tells me that I am a pretty lady. He is the best confidence booster ever – knowing that I have his unconditional love is the thing that makes my life fabulous.

  • pauline hill

    just being me

  • Beverley

    For me it is all the groups I belong to and the different friends and how each different friends contrubites something important to my life. With it is my belly dance girls who give me body confidence or my pagan friends who give me spiritual confidence but the fact that they all agreed that my boyfreind was a BLEEP and give me the tools to leave him.

  • Anni

    After never having a sister or a daughter, my life became fabulous when I became a young nannie, when my son became a daddy, to his almost 6 month old daughter. It’s the loveliest feeling in the world, when she looks into my eyes and smiles!!

  • Joanne Allen

    My life is full of fabulous little moments, it could be a cuddle from my son, a conversation with my mum, a fabulous outfit that I feel great in, waking up to sunshine, a glass of bubbly, a cookie, a massage from the husband. Life is not always fabulous, but these little things give me a purpose in life!

  • Michelle Pinto-Bannister

    The birth of my daughter whos 2 this year and my marriage to my wonderful husband last year have made my life fabulous!!!

  • Sylvia Wright

    Discovering the pleasure of online shopping at Debenhams has made my life fabulous

  • reddy

    finding my ‘soul mate and slowly re’gaining past & making good new friends with people who are interested in life and ‘do’ things & who have something wider in life to say for themselves rather than the kind who think that 911 is the number for emergency services … whats made my life fabulous is ive finally found compatability and intelligence in others who i can learn from <3

  • Kelly MD

    On January 1st, I decided to be happy. To stop worrying about my flubbery belly (which has magically diminished), to get out and live life, to give up on false hopes that were holding me back… and I have to say, the past 8 months have made my life totally fabulous!

  • Ruth Ross

    what has made my Life Fabulous?

    First, When I met my husband Alec 12 yrs ago in Saudi Arabia. Married in the Philippines witnessed by my parents, friends and all the locals, met my mom in law who was really kind and lovely. Having my daughter after 3yrs of struggle with IVF and here she is now 6 1/2 yrs old. Having my husband here all the time to support me and my family back home is wonderful, and introducing me to Debenham’s collections and outfits all made my life fabulous. The first black dress he bought for me was by julien macdonald.

  • Camilla Philip

    Walking into a Dean Street Bar 11 years ago and locking eyes with the man of my dreams and knowing it in that INSTANT! Chemistry is a magical thing! It’s been nothing but FABULOUS ever since!!! OOhhh and I have the luxury of FABULOUS in bed every Saturday morning with my breakfast!! LUXURY!!

  • Ann

    The new, interesting and special experiences that my 3 children share with me on a daily basis makes my life more than fabulous!

  • Roisin Dunne

    easy – my precious beautiful fabulous daughter!

  • Mrs Helen Fletcher

    My Dog who prevented me from being a recluse after the death of my two Dogs within three months of each other

  • Nols x

    I lost my Mum at the age of 21 and this year bat the age of 32 My father as diagnosed with cancer. On going back to the hospital nwe were told that the cancer was localised and therefore treatable. Knowing that I will have my Dad for the foreseeable future has made my life fabulous

  • Mary Tobin

    My beautiful daughter and wonderful husband of 36 years!

  • Lucy

    Meeting someone who loves me for exactly who I am, warts and all!! That was 4 years ago and I can’t wait to put on my wedding dress and feel fabulous, knowing that the rest of our lives are going to be amazing, as life is what you make it!


    a perfect loving family where all care for past present and future generations is a blessing from ALMIGHTY….and touchwood am blessed with that.

  • Denisa

    My life was made fabulous by the fact that I was born into a loving and caring family, with great parents, not perfect but fabulous, whom I adore, and a younger brother to die for

  • Lisa Bowler

    My son has nade my life fabulous – he makes ne laugh and cry, and has given me some amaing memories.

  • Eva Hunt

    The birth of my beautiful baby girl Isabella.She makes my day fabulous and loving each day and everyday :-) xxx

  • Tracey Rainey

    Having lost nearly 4 stones since January has made my life fabulous. I have more energy, love going out and love shopping for clothese.

  • Katie

    Meeting & marrying my husband, and also overcoming epilepsy to train to get the job of my dreams – a teacher. I had to work so hard, overcome personal problems and epilepsy did make it even harder than usual – but I’m nearly there xx

  • Libby

    Learning to sew and customise my clothing, really makes a difference when your a frugal shopper c:

  • Lisa

    My amazing family & boyfriend have kept my life fabulous after my Mum suddenly passed away a year ago. My 21st Birthday and University Graduation this year wouldn’t have been as enjoyable as they were without them I know the proudest out of everyone would have been my crazy fun Mum! She was so mental! in a very fabulous & good fun way :) haha She got me hooked on Henry Holland after buying me a ‘Harry Potter’ blazer xx

  • Bea Ntsosa

    I love designer stuff but hate paying loads,with Debenhams i know im in the right place!georgeous stylish designer labels at the price i can afford.thats what makes my life fabulous!

  • Lisa Conway

    Getting myself a pet cat has made my life fabulous! All my life I craved a dog but long work hours made it impossible. Eventually I listened to friends advice and got a cat. I thought I was settling, a cat would be independent and aloof….. Wrong! My glamorous British Blue Shorthair follows mr everywhere, loves snuggles, and makes me smile a dozen times a day. What took me so long?!

  • juliette

    Realising that life is for living and you have to deal with the hand you have been given. The destiny is in our hands. Make the most of what you have and not what you want to have

  • Kylee Bell

    My two beautiful children..and my wonderful mother for babysitting now and then!

  • http://twitter Paula Millard

    At no means do I live a glamorous lifestyle…. but after struggling for such a long time financially, what has made me fabulous is finally getting married. After being together for 13 years, we decided to stop trying to do the big wedding everyone expected. After a small register office ceremony on VALENTINES DAY and meal at a hotel, I felt fab in my beautiful wedding dress with my handsome husband and kids

  • Ann-Marie Gemmell

    A lot has happened in the last decade – my two beautiful girls were born. Ive spent the last 2 years trying to get back to my normal weight and now I am almost there a new wardrobe would make me feel like a yummy mummy. Ive just turned 40 and want to feel fabulous in my new wardrobe :)

  • Julie Hinson

    deciding to give up drinking and smoking to hopefully live longer and happier

  • Rachel Lee

    having my eye on one or two outfits in Debenham and I can’t have them all – then the sale comes along and I CAN have them all and then some! Fabulous x


    Having a different than the norm childhood as I was a competitive ice skater, so lots of early morning starts and training such as ballet and in the weights room with big body builders often made me giggle!!!

    Then reaching my late teens it was realised ice skating was not a career (there was no Dancing on Ice back then!)so I went to University. By obtaining a Degree in Business Studies I was able to build up my professional skill set and jobs. I saved enough money to travel extensively for my age and have experienced lots of cultures and realised how lucky I am to have been born in the UK. I now try balance my life and provide to 5 charities and am about to do a charity trek to Machu Picchu in Peru for MS Trust which is my way of offsetting that balance.

    Today, I am now a Director of a Management Consultancy and have the most wonderful job and life and always pop along to Debenhams in Princes Street to pick up outfits, shoes, jewellery and bags etc to look good in work and play, and there is also my lovely cosmetics lady that I get all my indulgent goodies from!

    I firmly believe that your building blocks in life shape who you are and take you to where you want to be – and wouldn’t a Debenhams outfits from the TV Adverts show that vitality for life of very well!

  • Jillanne David

    Travel has made my life fabulous. I’ve seen and experienced so many amazing things from being charged at by a silverback gorilla to snorkelling with seals, stayed with tribes in the Amazon and best of all, I met my partner, Owen.

  • Kayleigh

    My mum makes my life fabulous, she’s the most kind and selfless woman I know. She’s a my best friend, hero and idol. I love her so much xxx

  • Lorraine

    My family. They make everything worthwhile. :)

  • Vanessa Cox

    My daughter and hubby made me life fabulous! They make me feel great about myself and happy smiling at them every day and I love my life with them. I can’t imagine it otherwise so that’s why they make me fabulous :)

  • lindsey Johnston

    Meeting my husband, everything went well from then!

  • abby bookham

    My life is fabulous because of my lovely husband and 3 girls

  • Claire Carr

    I guess I have made my life fabulous by being head strong and independant. I found an amazing man and have a gorgeous family… what more can a girl ask for. x

  • A Harrison

    Getting married and having my 2 children was the best thing that could ever have happened to me.But what made my life truly fabulous was the day my youngest (who is disabled and had no speech)spoke his first word and called out to me ,
    ” Mum ” what could be more fabulous than that ?

  • Georgina Lutitt

    My son makes my life fabulous :-)



  • Gill Dixon

    When I had my children I loved them with all my heart. I now have 3 grandchildren and I can’t describe howe I feel about them, its a totally different feeling, when my youngest grandson calls whose 20 months calls me Gaga my heart melts, my other 2 grandchildren have now christened me Granny Gaga I think this is fabulous. xxx

  • Charlotte Cottam

    A gorgeous pair of shoes on my feet makes my life fabulous! (and a cute outfit to go with)

  • Tina Watson

    Its a Clesay but My children have made My Life Fabulous..I was a Young Mom and now my children are 16 and 18 and have grown into the perfect Mini Adults and i look at them every day knowing I made them and they completed me.

  • helen

    My husband makes my life fabulous, he’s my best friend :) x

  • lydia russell

    my life is fabulous as i met my husband in 1989, he now have 3 fabulous children whom i adore. Without them my life would be pretty grim, they are my life

  • Charli Pestel

    Meeting my beloved Fiance! He has brought so much joy to my life.. and taught me how to be a better and stronger person! He tells me every day how much he loves me.. and teaches me to love myself also! I am so blessed to have him in my life.. and life with him in it is TRULY fabulous! =) <3

  • Kathryn MacKinnon

    Last week completing a degree at the age of 44 after 5 years of study.

  • Jane Dale-Beaumont

    travelling the world meeting many different people of all cultures and creeds has made my life interesting, i love it.

  • lucene hughes

    losing 24 stone and doing to know i will prolong my life and time with my children.. and of course for my health.
    if you do not believe it i am in chat magazine this week with before and after pictures and telling about the struggle of getting there.
    as a single parent of twins who had a severe car crash and the other driver drove off seven years ago i have been left disabled by it and yes i did have to lose the weight or lose the leg.
    i now feel more confident when i am out in public even though i have to wear a leg brace and feel that people are no longer sniggering at me for being a size 32 who could not walk. i know this sounds like a sob story but its not im now proud of what i have achieved and will never go back to the way i was.

  • Kasia

    Buying a dog made my life fabulous. Thanks to walks I lost weight and everyday I have the best friend around me.

  • Marian Coburn

    Having a very happy marriage and two wonderful children has made my life fabulous. With their support and love I can overcome any trials and tribulations. Also having my jewellery obsession pandered to by hubby is VERY fabulous!!

  • sylvia foster

    Getting a puppy thought my life couldn’t be the same after the loss of our dog through cancer now I have so much to lookd forward to walks on the beach.and it also gets you fit at the same time.

  • SenB

    Being able to have the simple but necessary things in life…but the most important is having the right to live.. which is what alot of people have been deprived of in this world ..especially in these difficult times!

  • caroline mackinnon

    I would say that besides the obvious answer of my hubby and daughter. I would say becoming a nurse 30 years ago, fulfilling a dream. The job satisfaction I get, seeing my daughter becomong a nurse and my husband is now a student nurse ( mature) not a toyboy LOL so proud of them.xxx

  • janice

    My hubby and my five kids make life fabulous for me.
    We have our health we have each other how happy life can be.
    Money is tight we work real hard and sometimes really stuggle.
    But nothing beats a large family. And a lovely hug and cuddle.

  • Emma Lynch

    The love of my friends and family!! :)

  • catherine west

    after 20 odd years of being with an abusive husband, wearing clothes that came from jumble sales. wearing plimsols with cardboard inside to stop my feet getting cold. i pulled my courage together and left him, and then met and married my savior. he wasnt a knight on a white charger,he was a biker on a big black motorbike. he swept me off my feet. he treats me like a queen, i dont need to *go without* anymore, he makes sure im fed and clothed, and most importantly he loves me, he isnt 1 to want to own me. we have a partnership.a relationship. and he saved my life.we have both got serious health problems so now we look after each other. but we dont mind :)

  • Sandie Kennett

    Have felt fabulously at ease with myself since deciding NOT to be a doormat anymore and NOT to settle for second best :)

  • nicola palin

    Getting back with my ex-boyfriend and father of my son. Things can be better second time around and we have just welcomed a new addition to the family with baby Daniel. Life is just fabulous ….well some new clothes to cover my post pregnancy body would be super fabulous ;-)

  • sophie harvey

    qualifying as a hairdress as made my everyday life fabulour and quitting smoking xx and obviously my uncondtionial love from my family and friends xxxx

  • Tamsyn

    Self confidence

  • Cheryl Attwood

    After the death of my husband and soul mate two years ago life seemed pretty bleak My three children have helped me pull through the dark times and now I have decided to move on and my son had helped to make my life fabulous by paying for me to go on a cruise with him at Christmas Life hasn’t been easy but I have been blessed

  • Heather Burgess

    Meeting the most fabulous guy and subsequently giving up smoking and taking up running as made my life amazingly fabulous! x

  • Gillian Faichney

    Facebook with the easy access to friends, family and favourite shops and deals has made my life fabulous. :)

  • Wendy Murray

    Life beginning at 40 for me when I met my hubby. He has shown me how to live life and enjoy life, how to be best friends, lovers and soulmates. The last 10 years have been one fabulous moment for me and here’s to the rest!

  • Ann

    My wonderful son Jack and his girlfriend making me a Grandma for the first time in January, cant wait xx

  • Marian Torbitt

    This time last year was wearing dress size 14 to 16, last week I got a pair of linen trousers…size 8…I feel fabulous…and now I can wear anything!

  • Tamzen Malone

    What has made my life fabulous is rediscovering the woman I was before moving to Ireland. I am still the mother of a wonderful daughter but this year she has seen that whatever personal trials you are going through does not mean wallowing in despair but that you pick yourself up and hold your head up high. During my separation, my daughter has seen her mother continue her work career and go to night school for a Higher Diploma; when she is older I hope she is able to look back and say my mom did alright for herself because this fabulous mother did all this for my fabulous daughter.

  • Beverley Youson

    Knowing that you are loved & cherished.

  • Judith Allen

    Family and friends. And Max the dog.

  • Alexandra

    I’d have to say changing my lifestyle has made my life fabulous. Just 3 months ago I felt bad about myself and had terrible self esteem; that’s when I decided to put down the fork. I have switched my diet to healthier alternatives and turned my life around. Not only have I lost 27 pounds since then, but I feel so much better about myself. Even though I still have a ways to go, I am finally beginning to embrace life and womanhood and feel happy again. This has definitely turned my life around for the better and made it FABULOUS!

  • Sarah Freidin

    Taking up silversmithing has been a fabulous decision. It has been a wonderful artistic outlet and has heightened my appreciation for craftsmanship and design.

  • Ceri Mitchell

    Good health and great friends!

  • valerie fisher

    My two children and trying to keep up with there everyday life,s ,one who love,s the outdoor,s ,and my daughter who is a art director for a magazine in london.

  • Hayley Moran

    My boys who are both autistic.They give me a different outlook on life.Some lows but some magnificent highs-Joe aged eight who doesn’t talk using symbols to communicate.Meeting some really fabulous peolpe whose children also have disabilities and some fabulous,dedicated teachers and support assistant who work wonders with our children :-)

  • Ruth

    My baby girl Ivy has made my life fabulous! I went through terrible bullying at work in 2007 resulting in me leaving my job and losing my salary. It was a very stressful time and my husband and I had to completely change our lifestyles. However I decided to start my own business as a beauty therapist, going back to college and going to free business classes. I’m so happy in my new job. We were then blessed with our first baby girl and now I’m a yummy mumpreneur, bringing up my baby full-time and working part-time from home. It can be very hard and tiring, and there isn’t much time or money for clothes shopping, but it is FABULOUS!

  • snadra parks

    Life is Fabulous because of my family and friends, they have supported me through my up’s and downs, i love them all

  • Lana-Lee Jackson

    Taking a giant leap of faith, travelling across the globe 2 b with the man whom tames me & makes every moment of my new life fabulous!

  • Vicky Greenway

    I am a fortunate woman with a fabulous life
    A new job due to start, great parents, no strife
    I can not complain, no need to see shrinks
    Nights out with my friends for dinner & drinks
    My wonderful husband and daughters (I’ve three),
    Thats is what makes life fabulous for me!

  • Collette Ana

    My baby boy…and I am reminded each time i see his gorgeous smile that my life is fabulous :-)

  • Judi

    Knowing that you can achieve just about anything if you work hard for it and want it enough xx

  • Joanne Fossey

    My life is fabulous because of my wonderful husband and all my new friends, now I’ve moved house and area.

  • Brita Bevis

    Getting to an age when nothing is more important than well being and knowing that I have a great family and caring friends. Somehow, the other things no long seem so important.

  • noelle oneill

    My life has been enriched by going to live in Turkey for a month this summer.It has opened me up to new experiences, culture and I met lots of new people.I was stuck in a rut up to this and had lost my self confidence.This trip really helped.

  • elena woods

    Weight training makes my life fabulous! I feel I am beautiful and sexy… I am stronger and healthier… My body is slim and flexible… I am happy with myself… I love my life the way it is!

  • donna

    love my kids love my grankids

  • Lisa parkes

    My 3 beautiful children love them loads

  • Lou

    Starting painting again. The joy of relaxing time that actually produces something!

  • samantha krzok

    Getting my life organised by ending my very unhappy 15 year relationship last year and meeting the love of my life. Also losing 3 stone so it enables me to shop at designers at debenhams and look absolutely fabulous! Smiles all round. :-)

  • maria louth

    My wonderful husband and our children are what makes my life Fabulous we have been having a tough time of it lately when i lost our 3rd baby but i honestly could not have got through it with out the care of my husband and the smiles of our children i can be feeling low and just one cheeky smile from them makes it all better for a while.

  • jennifer mason

    my daughter surviving a Gastroschisis operation

  • Aggie

    Nothing yet, but I hope this will change thanks to my new Debenhams outfits ;)

  • Gemma Parton

    My husband makes my life fab. This year for my birthday he saved like a mad man and took me to Florida for me to experience the new Harry Potter Park at Universal Studios. I was just like a child and spent the day in awe walking round taking everything in and let’s just say if i saw something i liked he brought it for me.The only down side was how heavy our cases were on ther return trip! he makes my life seem wonderful.x

  • Allison Hoyles

    I’ve got 4 fab kids and a gorgeous hubby,
    Grandchild on the way and life is funny,
    And would like to say, thanks to Debenhams
    I have great quality clothes for not much money

  • Emma

    My husband and I got married at 18. People said it would never last but we are due our 12th Anniversary in February and we now have to gorgeus children. So my amazing husband and kids have made my life fabulous.

  • Elena Pereira-Haynes

    My wonderful friends (few but fabulous), my wonderful cats who keep my low moods a little less and of course my husband who puts up with me and all my bad points!!

    Another thing would be clothes of course and to win this competition (especially so close to my birthday)!!

  • Alison Olsen

    Every experience, whether good or bad because it’s been part of who I am today.

  • Alison Holland

    My parents have made my life faboulous! :)

  • Fabiana Fantozzi

    My boyfriend has made my life fabulous: we’re so different but we compensate each other with our differences and he’s so caring and just wonderful to me

  • Dee Ferguson

    Loving & being loved.

  • Loma Wood

    My whole life has been fabulous but when I retired it became even better. I try to make each day better than the last and to live each day to the full.

  • gaynor fuge

    just knowing my family are happy & well

  • Canan

    Seeing my daughters smile at her first horse riding lesson was one of the most fabulous days in my life!

  • Liz Kerr

    My husband and our two daughter’s who have grown up into beautifull, clever woman who have found their perfect partner’s to, love them loads xxx

  • Sarah James

    All of life’s experiences and how I’ve dealt with them have me the woman I am today. Like Chaka Khan, ‘I’m every woman, it’s all in me.”

  • Marina Frow

    Being pregnant has made me feel fabulous inside and out, its amazing to think I have a beautiful baby growing in my tum, so I try to dres the best I can in honour of her! It’s fabulous thinking of what our bodies can do!

  • Penny lambert

    Living life is just fabulous! Make every moment count. X

  • Gladys J

    God, my family, my friends and the wonderful opportunity to experience life. Might sound very cliche but that’s the truth!

  • martina mckenna

    my life has been fabulous from i met my husband,the life ,the kids and grandson that followed

  • Rosa Erin

    Little treats in life make me feel fabulous, when i can i like a new perfume, fabulous handbag or any little beauty treats…a trip to debenhams means you can get these things and a new outfit to boot! all i would need then is someone to take me out on he town!

  • Jane Berrow

    Redundancy! Every cloud has a silver lining and now I have time to walk in the sunshine.

  • joanne taylor

    what has made my life so fabulous is my children life without them would be empty and even more fabulous is when my grandaugter arrived she fills my life all over again and the birth of my grandson christmas eve (fingers crossed)will be the icing on the cake so thats why my life is so fabulous

  • Mike Wheeler

    Learning to accept that I am what I am and I need to learn to love myself before anyone else will.

  • Sonya Brady

    Losing 7 and a half stone over the past year and going from a size 22 to a size 10 has made my life more than fabulous. In fact I now have a new lease of life, I have learnt to ride a bike at the age of 43 and swam with dolphins on holiday in Cuba, things I would never have dreamed of doing when I was so much bigger. I am now planning to train as a weight loss counsellor so I can share my joy with others.

  • Carol Egan

    Being a little bit selfish has made me feel fabulous – like most mums I always put the children and my partners needs first – then I decided 30mins to an hour in the evening for me time to pamper myself with no interruptions was not unreasonable – I find now that I have that little bit of me time I’m re-energised

  • Rosalind Ashton

    My life is complete since having both my stunning children. After my daughters very quick & early arrival, i thought my life was going to shut down before my very eyes. My children are my world, and i love them more than life itself.

  • Connie Taylor

    Being grateful for everything that I have and not wishing for the things that I don’t.

  • Sam Scholes

    Leaving a long term abusive relationship (at great cost financially, physically & emotionally) is the best thing I’ve done. I feel happier, smilier and would love a new look to reflect my new world.

  • Rachel Collins

    My husband and my dog have made my life fabulous – it may sound soppy but they’re my best friends! xx
    Twitter: Rachel1383 xx

  • Fiona Ashton

    Supportive hubby, darling, gorgeous daughter, fab friends & good food make my life great!


    my new partner has made my life fabulous after many years of abuse

  • clara cort

    My wonderful husband has made my life fabulous! He is super loving and caring and knows how important it is for a woman to look and feel good in her skin, so he always gives me fabulous prezzies, or flowers without an occasion! I am truly lucky!:))

  • jeanette addie

    my mother made my life fabulous. She taught me right from wrong, to respect myself and others and she taught me how to classy not trashy.. She died 21 years ago when I was 20 years old. She was my first and greatest Icon.

  • Sharon Spittle

    Getting back with my Husband after being seperated for 5 years has made my life fabulous.

  • Celia

    My three boys makes my life more fabulous as they complete me. My partner Lewis & my son’s Karlo and Alexander. Without them am just nothing.

  • donna smith

    I would have to say meeting the love of my life, living with him & marrying him has made my life Fabulous :) Here’s to a good ,happy, long & loving future together – with healthy happy babies :) ..winning this competition would contribute 2 tht :) , trying to loose weight so becomin the owner of beautiful clothes will keep me determined! X

  • Sue Shaw

    The younger generation of my family, never cease to amaze and every day do something that makes me so proud to be their Grandma, mother or Aunty. They definitely make my life fabuous

  • Emma Jones

    My 4 gorgeous kids and my wonderful partner have made my life fabulous couldnt be without any of them, they mean the absolute world to me and i thank god every day for my 4 beautiful healthy children x

  • Paula Fox

    My twin boys aged 4½ years who were born at 31 weeks and both were in incubators for 6 weeks, one had heart operation and now they are all OK. That has made by life fabulous.

  • Victoria Langley

    The love and friendship of my family and friends.

  • Julie Thomas

    My life has been made fabulous since marrying the love of my life and having our little boy Bobby.
    Since then I have created my Bucket List and have been working my way through it. So far I have appeared in a film, a play, and done a lot more travelling, learned to knit and have reawakened my more creative side.
    But more importantly I have learned how to live a nice life and appreciate everyone and everything around me.
    Have learned when you realise the most important things in life are things like love health and laughter the rest just kinda falls into place.

  • Diana Orlova

    I was unemployed since last year and this week has become lifechanging for me. I started new job as a Security Officer. I am 22 and I fell absolutely delightful about my new life! I really hope and wish everyone else in this world has something fabulous about their lives! Thank you! :)

  • Helena

    This thing that made me fabulous is my two dogs! They are super cute and they are always there for me. When I trip over or hit my foot on something Coco always runs to me and gives me kisses. They are so caring and sweet! I also love going out with them and buying them treats and toys. I also have little outfits for them and knitted jumpers to keep them warm in the winter.


    hAving my kids so young and seeing how great they are .

  • Irene

    My two dogs make life fab to me. They are loyal and funny and make me go for long walkies every day.They are never grumpy and make me laugh.

  • Shantie Carroll

    My life became more fabulous when I found my inner goddess and started to listen to the messages I got from my heart.

  • Janet

    Small things waking up to another day, the roses in my garden the smile on the kid on the train this morn all make my life fab…!!

  • D Oram

    My wonderful family, they give me the encouragement to go after what I want and always back me, no matter what. They mean the world to me and life wouldn’t be the same without them.

  • cherie

    Losing 3 stone in weight, now need new clothes \(hint hint)

  • Julie Jones

    My family make my life fabulous!

  • christine taylor

    Everyday is a fabulous day for me ! Had breast cancer diagnosed September 1999..I’m still here to tell the tale !!! Life is good !!

  • Jo Bedford

    My rabbit Benji has made my life fabulous!! I used to suffer with severe depression & a lack of optimism for life in general but when my oldest son brought him home 4 months ago i fell in love with him straightaway & all my worries,anxieties & depression faded away.. And,now i’m happy & smile & laugh alot more than i used to. And i am getting my life back on track. And,my 2 sons have almost got their mother back & my partner is thankful,too.

  • janine conway

    My life is fabulous because of my two little girls.
    They are my rocks and have seen me go through so much, and waking up everyday seeing their beautiful faces made me realise that I am a very lucky person. Me and my girls will be best friends for ever and that is why my life is fab!!!!

  • Martine

    My garden- it’s kept me fit and provided me with fresh veg.

  • shaunnagh brown

    my friends and family have made my life fabulous as-well as shopping at debanhams it great.

  • jackie owen

    my two amazing little girls and my fab husband xx

  • Claire Jordan

    being married to my hubby for 28 years – no matter what e go through he is always there being supportive and loving

  • Natasha Cooke

    self-confidence (even though i don’t have much) has made my life fabulous<3! xxx

  • julie harper

    my husband and kids …. his love patience and support know no bounds and their giggles and cuddles make my life fabulous!!! (but i cant forget my shoe collection…they make me feel fabulous!!!!)

  • Lisa Holland

    I’ve my family and friends all around me and best of all my life to live.

  • samantha moise

    Being blessed with my two beautiful Princeses and Prince’s waking up in the morning and being thankful for living to see a new day and positively influencing their little lifes ………………a smile absolutely fabulous and enrichment to my life.

  • steph martin

    my husband, son and close family and my friends have all made my life fabulous. Also deciding that now is the time to lose the weight i want to lose and as a result I am 2 stones lighter :)

  • Sarah Laycock

    Health, Hope and Happiness – you don’t need anything else however much you desire!

  • Jo Mack

    Marrying my husband and best friend makes my life fabulous.

  • Margaret Dunlop

    Being happily married with great family and friends

  • Rachel Murray

    I may get no sleep and look tired all day
    But I have a smile that won’t go away
    I wake up each morning and get out of bed
    Usually woken by a well loved ted….

    “Its time to get up, I had a big sleep!”
    Wakes me from my slumbers deep.
    A half asleep boy wakes me with a smile
    Wrinkled ‘jamas and messed up hair style

    Followed quickly by big sister…..soon to be eight
    “You’ve got to get up, we’re going to be late!”
    Pretty in pink, growing up too fast
    My beautiful girl doesn’t want to be last.

    It’s time for school you see…. September again
    PE kit, dinner money, school books and pen
    Time to make breakfast and wash little faces,
    Clean teeth, shine shoes and tie up their laces.

    I walk them to school and wave at the door
    I really couldn’t wish for anything more…
    They make my life fabulous every day,
    And I just wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Foxykat

    Passed first year college exams and about to go into second year!!

  • Lucy Cain

    Having my identical twin girls made my life even more fabulous :)

  • Rhonda

    My family, my pets, my boyfriend and starting a new fitness regime just over 4 months ago have made my life fabulous.

  • Nicole Smith

    Going back to study after I had my children has made my life fabulous. I now have a great sense of self worth again and knowing that everything I have put into it will/is benefitting my family in the long run. My partner thinks I am fabulous to hehehehhe ;)

  • http://htt Ann

    My 3 beautiful amazing Sons and my darling Husband who have made every day worthwhile, and all the hard work worth it, and whom I am so grateful for every day, I truly feel blessed.

  • kay

    my beautiful family. They teach me something new every day!

  • Alana

    Am marrying the man of my dreams in 2 year :-) will need a new wardrobe as all our money is going into the wedding and I can’t afford to buy any new clothes!

  • Lorraine Partyn

    My 16 year old son who is a well adjusted, polite and considerate young man. I am so proud as have brought him up single handedly. Not all the bad publicity single parents get is justified!

  • Astrid James

    My life is fabulous because I’m healthy and able to live it to the full:)

  • Jennifer Kelly

    My children have made my life fabulous. Not so much my dress sense as I don’t have time to shop any more :O

  • emma robinson

    Waking up each day with a healthy family and food on the table makes me think that maybe my life is fabulous compared to millions of others.Maybe my luck will be fabulous too.

  • christine wilson

    My lifes fab I have finnally tied the knot with my now hubby we have 2 wonderfull children, I have a ok job with a brilliant boss, im very happy how more fab could my life be i have love and happyness thats all ive ever wanted :)

  • Sue M Carroll

    Realising in life you can’t have everything (think of the shelves you’d have to put up ;-)
    Realising friends come in many layers, from coffee friends through, to dinner friends, to offer them a kidney friends… and each enrich your life.
    I feel fabulous when i’m with those friends!

  • Jane Dickinson

    Making vast progress with my career has made this year fabulous and rewarding, despite the many hurdles. It’s good to know that you really can do anything you set your mind to.

  • Ellie

    I have just moved, becoming a single mum in the process and the people here in the village have made me feel very welcome. flowers, cards and chocs at my door. Back to work tomorrow to a job I love with a class full of lovely children. So at the moment, I feel justified in saying that my life is fabulous.

  • Samantha Blake

    My life has only recently become fabulous! Due to meeting some amazing people at university, they have transformed me into what i am now!

  • Victoria N

    Marrying my best friend in June of this year.

  • Julie

    That I have managed to lose a lot of weight and finally feel fabulous and wear fabulous clothes instead of black baggy jumpers.

  • Serena La Pietra

    having ‘money cant buy great legs and feet’ and a fab sense of humour

  • S Mayat

    My friends and family

  • Joanne Payne

    The fact that I have a healthy beautiful little boy and my wonderful husband make my life fabulous every single day!

  • Catherine Baker

    our mortgage is paid off, we are both in full employment and my partner loves me.

  • Rosemary

    My wonderful husband

  • Nicola Kerfoot

    By finally realising in my late 30′s what makes life fabo – a close family, laughter every day and not caring about what people who do not matter think about you!


    My daughter has just made me a gran by producing the most beautiful baby girl so my life is fabulous & I shall enjoy everyone telling me how I do not look like a ‘gran.’

  • Elise Butt

    My fabulous family, fiancee and friends make my life fabulous :)

  • Trish

    Finally having the courage to give up my job after 25 years and go to University at the age of 44 to train to become a Social Worker and for having a fantastic husband and kids who are supporting me every step of the way.

  • claire thomson

    The day i started to make my own family with my husband.

  • liz denial

    Life hasn’t been easy having to retire at 44 due to ill health & disability but my friends & family have always been there to support me & they are what’s absolutely fabulous about my life

  • Patricia Fletcher

    Because I am alive!

  • Merlinda Little

    Breastfeeding! It has made my life fabulous because it made my body curvier while im feeding the most important pesron in my life: me son!!!!

  • Nicky

    My life is fabulous for two reasons; 1. I am lucky enough to have fabulous friends and family who I couldn’t be without, and 2. I make little efforts every day to make it fabulous. I never save my good underwear or nice perfume for special occasions, I make sure I reward myself whenever I do a job well done, and I try and do one nice thing for someone random every day to make someone else’s life more fabulous too.

  • Rachel Wallace

    I am just naturally fabulous ;-)

  • Dawn Haydon

    My life has been made fabulous by marrying the man of my dreams (even if it took a while ….) buying a house by the sea near my home town of Lerwick, recovering from mental health issues with help and support from family and friends and living life to the full!

  • trish lewis

    My second husband has made my life fabulous even though I gave up so much to be with him:)

  • Madeline Johns

    Having my super, funny and brill friends with me through the ultra Fabulous times and the rough’n'tumble! i love them so much, there a craze! :D xxxx

  • anniebanannie

    16 years ago an accident forced me to give up work. Over these years I had my lovely daughter, who is the light of my life and have a great relationship with my husband, family and friends but I have longed to return to being a nurse. So 3 years ago I self funded a return to practice course and have worked tirelessly updating old skills and learning new ones. It has been difficult journey – juggling studying, family and the effects of chronic pain but it has been so worth it when I started a permanent job in July. I am on top of the world and believe I am back doing the job I was made for.

  • anna julian

    dancing makes my life fabulous – whether it’s in the club or with my hoover, it keeps me fit and makes me smile!

  • Jay Scales

    Getting a second chance at love and life – meeting my Mr Right at age 40!

  • chrissyb55

    to get up each day knowing its brand new my faith my famly my friends

  • Grace Line

    My life is fabulous because of my husband, family and friends!!

  • John Hoyles

    I love my wife, she is so great
    She makes my life complete
    She always trys to look her best
    From head down to her feet
    Clothes and shoes and loads of bags
    Just like in all the mags
    But with Debenhams gear I do not fear
    It doesn’t break the bank

  • Ros Marshall

    My darling husband, my beautiful children, my lovable parents, my infuriatingly fab siblings, my fantastic friends and not forgetting my faithful doggy. x

  • Caroline

    My babies but hence my wardrobe has suffered!!!

  • Elizabeth

    My fantastic husband and my wonderful three lads!

  • Debra Gomer

    Definately my children, they drove me mad at times but only one left at home now and i miss the mayhem.

  • Alison Jenkins

    What makes my life fabulous?
    1. My husband
    2. My grown up children
    3. My job that pays the bills
    4. Freedom to choose
    5. Our house & garden

    All dull on the surface but certainly fabulous next
    To what my grandmother had

  • Angie Allen

    My family

  • keely saycell

    seeing my children grow everyday makes my live so Fabulous

  • Camilla walker

    My Life has been made fabulous because my daughter and her partner have just told me they are going to have baby – hurrah and I am determined to be a galmorous grandma. I also have just landed a great new job and….my new year resolution was to loose 4 stone this year I have started dieting now and I have already lost over a stone!!

  • Cyn

    My wonderful sister, Ruth, who is my hairdresser. I keep changing my mind and she keeps changing my hair and everytime I feel fabulous…till the next time..new colour, new image..new girl!!!Thanks sis!!

  • Wendy Curry

    Givin up smoking 4 years ao and sticking to it has made my life so much better because i can now breathe properly again, and i can sing and enoy a happy lifestyle again!!

  • tina santilli

    having my son at the age of 45 has totally changed my life

  • Svetlana

    I always pushed myself too hard, I tried to be perfect, look perfect, have nice things, perfect husband, perfect house and perfect job… but is it possible-of course not! after all dissapointment I felt depressed and unhappy, until I got a puppy, his name is Billy and I had him for almost a year, my life changed around, I am not perfect and he is not(he can be very naughty), but he is always happy to see me and be with me, I started do many things I never done before, he is my angel who brings happiness into my life.

  • Hian Nash

    it will have to when my son apologies to me – we did not speak to each other for 2 weeks. Teenager eh!

  • Christina Noble

    My partner and our two boys

  • Michelle Easton

    What has made my life fabulous is knowning that no matter what happens i have my wonderful family always behind me, supporting and loving me no matter what what more could anyone want. I love you guys xxxx

  • Marie

    Finding and marrying my wonderful (now) husband.

  • Michelle Neighbour

    Now in my early forties and really happy and confident with my outlook on life and not worrying about what other people think trying new things, gaining qualifications and enjoying fashion that i never had the confidence to do before and suceeding with the love of my husband and four children has really made my life fabulous and I enjoy every minute! xx

  • Alasdair MacInnes

    My life is wonderful cause of my girl Jay :D

  • Laura S

    My life is fabulous because despite being told I would not complete my degree and despite feeling so ill to complete it at the time I did manage to complete it and do extremely well with my results, which in turn is now helping me to pursue a career I’ve always wanted.

  • Judy Wright

    My son makes my life fabulous every day :)

  • Jen Rogers


  • Suzi Hares

    Knowing that my kids are growing into happy, well behaved teenagers. I wasn’t such a bad mum after all, lol.

  • Benita White

    Grabbing every opportunity for a new experience- parachute jumps,paragliding,white water rafting, travel and adventure keeps me fit and makes me feel alive !

  • donna reynolds

    My Four children, my fiance and my family make my life fabulous. I would be nothing without them :D

  • Emma D

    Reaching my goal weight has made me feel fabulous – I now have the confidence to wear the clothes I always wanted to wear.

  • Candida Nichols

    Ridiculous~ But Not biting my nails ~For years could not stop chewing AWFUL knowing how it looks ~ then one day I heard Princess Diana speaking about chewing her nails and that successful people DID NOT do this and it gave her the motivation to stop and that was it I had to follow her~ sad but it worked for me!!

  • kirstine meredith

    Having a wonderful family and living close to my Mum and Siblings makes my life fabulous. Health and Happiness shouldnt be taken for granted. I am very lucky :) .

  • Amina Ibrahim

    My family make my life so fabulous, the support they provide me and always being there for me no matter what.

  • Claire Haddrell

    Knowing that i am happy with who i am and who im with x

  • Ashleigh

    Having my kids!

  • janice atkinson

    My two wonderful sons. My oldest has complex learning difficulties but wouldn’t swap him for the world. He makes my life fabulous with his innocent outlook on anything which happens and lights up a room with his smile.

  • Julie Davies

    My life is fabulous as I have an oddball hubby who also has a silly sence of humour, my kids are great, fun,, tell daft jokes, but are also smart…couldn’t ask for anymore!



  • Bon williams

    my beautiful babies and my gorgeous husband (who is always dishing out compliments!)make me feel fabulous everyday!x

  • Sheena Attfield

    My grandson and having good health make my life fabulous xx

  • Shirley

    My kids, and my family as simple as that.

  • Laura Westwood

    My husband has made my life fabulous. We have so much fun together – I love him to bits. Recently, I’ve lost a over a stone in weight with his help. He continues to support me through life’s struggles. He’s the best :)

  • Beth

    I’ve joined slimming world and gone from a size 18 to a 12 (and still going) I feel more confident than I have every done in my life, my boyfriend proposed, I have the most perfect little baby girl, and we’ve just about got a deposit together for our first house! No holidays for a while, but still, life is fabulous!

  • Sarah Woodhams

    my husband whom I’ve been with for eleven years. I can’t remember life before him and he makes every day worthwhile getting up for.

  • viv siviter

    Life is sometimes about negatives but these can turn into positives if you want them to. In the last 18 months I got divorced after thirty years, i have been seriously ill and just been made redundant. But, i have met someone new, my illness turned out to be a virus and i have recovered, and i got offered a new job this week. How fabulous is all that!!

  • Sarah

    What makes my life fabulous is knowing I have a couple of friends who I will do anything for and will do anything for me. What else can I ask for? Well a new outfit will be nice ;-)

  • frances hopkins

    We work hard, trying to do the best for our children knowing they’ve had a decent meal before going to bed with a smiles on their faces after a fantastic day. That makes me feel fabulous

  • Catherine Ball

    My life is fabulous as I have a loving husband and two beautiful girls – one aged two and one aged just two weeks! Now I’ve given birth and can put away my maternity clothes – I’d love some gorgeous new outfits so I look as fabulous as I feel!


    My beautiful family and good health

  • Claire Bailey

    My friends and family are number one
    They make me smile, we have such fun
    Laughing with the ones I love
    Is truly a gift sent from above…

  • Leanne

    Love and laughter has made my life fabulous and not giving up or giving in on what’s important during the hard times. I am blesses with the best family and friends ever!

  • Cathy


  • jacqhale

    Getting over my pnd, loving all the time I spend with my kids and working hard on my marriage!

  • Soosie Boo

    My life is fabulous due to sheer hard work. Hardly ever taken credit, never borrowed money from my family.Everything I have I’ve worked for and appreciate every single thing I have. The love and support of my hubby of 34 years and also the love of my 2 sons.

  • Mary G

    The boys in my life-my husband and son!

  • Rachie G

    Getting married and having my two amazing children has made my life fabulous!

  • Flips

    moving from a small village in Germany to London 6 years ago has made my life fabulous!

  • Laura

    Sleep. (or more specifically, beauty sleep)

  • Rebecca Dennis

    My life is fabulous as I live with my fab fiancee in our great new house and we’re getting married next year!

  • David Nicolson

    My friends and family are all I need to make my Life Fabulous.

  • Deborah Nicholas

    Being married to the man of my dreams and raising our 5 children makes every day of my life fabulous!

  • Dominique Ralf

    Family, Friends and Fun make my life so fabulous.

  • Dolly Fairley

    Taking up Yoga and completing an aromatherapy course has changed my life. The yoga has not only made me look and feel healthier, but it has provided me with a lovely circle of friends, whom I meet up with regularly outside of our classes. My outlook on life has also changed since using aromatherapy oils. I now use oils to help me cope under pressure, deal with stressful situations or just to lift me up a little. I am so much more calmer now and won’t allow anything or anyone to get me down – I am strong and I am happy with my life now – I have my children, my boyfriend and my family and my friends and they all keep me going!!!!


    I have fantastic kids

  • nicola stafford

    Deciding to let go, loosen up and make the most out of every moment with my two beautiful children has made everyday fabulous :)

  • Allison

    My life has been made fabulous by marrying my lovely husband and having our 3 year ols daughter. My life is made even more fabulous by being able to dress myself (including beauty products) and family stylishly through good old Debenhams!

  • Eleanor

    Dropping everything to be there for my friends and family, and having them do the same for me, is simply fabulous.

  • Rachel Quinn

    Recently I’ve started writing and drawing after not doing so for years and I can say that since restarting them both, life is much more fabulous!

  • Alexandra Hamilton

    Losing four stone recently means I need a fantastic new wardrobe in a size that makes the choices better.A small thing compared with others but made me feel great!

  • Miss Natalie Wallace

    I have a great family, boyfriend and dog and they all help me and support me in whatever I do. They are always with me through the bad times and the good.

  • Debbie Curwen

    My wonderful family, the job I love and my great boyfriend have made my life fabulous. My niece and nephew fill my days with laughter, I work with great people and my boyfriend reminds me daily that there is so much beauty in nature. 2011 has been a great year and I hope it continues :)

  • Karen

    My two little boys make my life fabulous. And Moda in Pelle shooooooes :)

  • Paula

    Its far from fabulous! Sorry!

  • Jen

    I have plenty of Fab ice-lollies to keep me suitably fabulous. :p

  • Danielle Welsh

    Giving up smoking and getting fit and healthier. I now enjoy going clothes shopping as things look better on now than before !

  • Zoe

    My fiancee, children and family make my life fab and wouldn’t have it any other way

  • Rachel

    Getting married to my lovely husband! :D

  • Joanne B

    My children and family make my life fabulous. No matter how bad a day I’ve had a smile or a hug from the kids makes everything brighter again! x

  • debbie purdy

    I was a young woman battling with Buliemia, negative body image and lower than low self-esteem when I met my wonderful husband 12 years ago. He made me get help and taught me how to enjoy life again…………….Now after carrying 2 boys for 37.5 weeks each (they were early babies), breastfeeding them for 15 months each, nurturing and helping them to grow I feel truly blessed and now know the important things in life are not your dress size or body weight. My life now is completely fulfilled and fabulous and one that the sorry young lady back then would never have dared to dream about…………….

  • Laura kernan

    My 2 amazing kids have made my life fabulous and of course shopping I’n debenhams comes to a close 2nd:) hee hee

  • Lorraine Muir

    My husband and children make my life fabulous. I was diagnosed with a life long illness 3 years ago. It has made me live life one day at a time and I appreciate what I’ve got everyday and how lucky I am.

  • Joan Mitchell

    deciding that i no longer have to be a size 16 as actually i do deserve a gym membership…………..so i joined 5 weeks ago, have been having ME time 3 times a week, have lost 7lb and feel fabulous and on my way to LOOKING as good as i feel.

  • Jo Bromley

    I’m (not so) young, I’m free, I’m single, I have a great job, great friends and love my life. What more could I ask for? (Other than to be 21 again :D )

  • Lynn Fancy

    After being told I wouldn’t be able to carry to term, having my son who is now 9! He is everything to me and life is just fabulous with him in it!

  • Caroline McGrory

    Visa,Veuve Clicquot,YSL Touche Eclat and Jimmy Choo all have made my life fabulous fabulous fabulous :-)

  • gemma b

    have never been happier. not cash rich but have lots of love and happiness in my life. thats what its all about!

  • sally

    My children made my life fabulous all six of them, Their fab always helping me out cooking/cleaning their always up for a joke and a laugh I dont know where I would be today without them, also my gorgeous dog whos very cute and cuddly and is just lovely you cannot deny his puppy dog eyes even when hes been mischievious :)

  • nora commins

    having good health makes my life faboulous to be able to enjoy life

  • Claire Williams

    In 10 days time I will be having the most fabulous day of my life wearing a beautiful dreamy white dress and being fussed and pampered! Can’t wait, I know I will look back at the photos and smile for the rest of my life!

  • ellen

    my dog , shes the best.

  • Hannah Bowles

    So many things. My partner who drives me nuts at times but who can’t not stop to putting a smile on my face. My amazing new job in one of Mencap’s collages. My wonderful family, who we have all been through many mental and hard times. And not matter how hard they get I know my Mum will always be there for me as I will for her. My best friend and her baby boy, she was told that having children would be impossible having a beautiful baby boy earlier this year. And not forgetting all the wonderful things this life has thrown at me. I treasure them all and look forward to many more.

  • Sarah Louise F

    My brain surgeon has made my life truly fabulous! In 2008 I had brain surgery for Epilepsy & I cannot thank him enough for the way it has changed my life!

  • Lisa Ellert

    My life is fabulous because I have 2 happy, healthy children that light up my life, a fantastic hubby who looks after us all and works hard to provide for us and the best friends a girl could ask for who are always there for me no matter what!

  • Ashley

    My life has been made fabulous by my entire family circle and the love they have shown me over the years. Something I have that not many entrants seem to be mentioning is my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ- without him in my life I wouldn’t be as fabulous as I am today.

  • Ann A

    My husband and our 2 beautiful daughters

  • Tim Bain

    Simple. My friends.

  • Samantha Wackeier

    My life is so fabulous because this year, I have moved in with my partner, got married and soon to be going on our honeymoon, its all happened at once but I wouldn’t change it for the world! x

  • Catherine

    Realising that that life’s too short to be bothered with people who aren’t worth bothering with!

  • Ligaya Bolton

    Being with my 3 kids makes me feel fabulous plus add up my loving husband is great, there’s nothing more I could ask for.

  • FionaLynne Edwards

    Marrying my hubby, having my daughter and buying my lovely house have all made my life Absolutely Fabulous!


    what has made life fab is getting a diagnosis for my son.We knew my son was different to other children since he was 2 and now at the age of 7 we have just recieved a diagnosis.We have been on training courses to help us understand our lovely son and it’s really helped.I now feel stronger and more confident in dealing with a beautiful severley disabled child.While we weren’t sure why our son was different i used to cry with frustration but now feel happy that i can help giude my son through this difficult disability and do my best for him.

  • Amy Drew

    What has made me fabulous??? My Mum and Dad, literally..and the ability to laugh and see the positive in all things…well most things! Laughter makes me feel fabulous, and look fab…the hottest model is not fabulous until they smile!x

  • Georgina Ball

    I got some chickens back in May, every morning I have to get up early, let them out of their coop, feed them and clean out their poop! Now that is fabulous!!! Wait, wait, I think that’s the opposite of fabulous…

  • Ranita Reeves

    My family and friends make my life fabulous, and a steady supply of chocolate helps too!

  • Julie B

    I am getting married in November in Las Vegas and at the same time start my 4th round of IVF treatment, which I am being positive about. I have great friends and family who support me.

  • Alison Bowden

    I have two caring teenage boys and a man who supports me in everything I do

  • Solange

    Definitely my kids. I don’t think I would have got through this life without them. They are my whole world and even though my son wasn’t speaking to me when he left for school this morning I am so looking forward to seeing him when he gets back home. They are kinda old fashioned children show a lot of respect for people and that makes me proud to be their mum. To think I’ve done something right!

  • Kay Adams

    My life has become more meaningful due to recovering from breast cancer 13 years ago.It makes you appreciate life so much more.

  • Helen G

    My family. I love them more than anything! :)

  • Gillian

    My children and my new grandson make my life fabulous and having debenhams on the doorstep is also fabulous !!

  • Tina Shortall

    well what has made my life fabulous…
    my children must be the first reason,my weightloss,my friends and family, my health and the return of my self confidence and self esteem.

  • Rachel Williams

    Going back to school has made my life fabulous. I’m a teacher and, much as I love the holidays, it is great to start a brand new term, with fresh-faced kids and unsullied exercise books!

  • anita c

    My husband is fab, my son is a model 10 year old, i have a lovely house and a happy life – what more do i need!

  • Marta P

    Because I am me – Perfect!

  • Caroline French

    What has made me fabulous is my hard working army husband and having 2 beautiful babies, one pink and one blue!….If only my wardrobe was fabulous too ;-) definitely in need of some fabulous clothes after recently losing most of my baby weight and beginning to feel human again! x

  • Clare L

    I could list loads of the usual things that make my life fabulous, my family, my boyfriend, moving in together after 9 (yes 9!) years but the best thing to make my life fabulous in the last year is getting my new car.

    I’ve always wanted to have an Audi A3 soft top before I was 30. With the big 3-0 fast approaching I took the plunge and ordered my brand new car with all the extras that I wanted. It arrived 4 months before my big birthday in May and has been the best present I have ever had.

    Nothing makes you feel more fabulous than driving with the top down and it sure helped my 30th go with a bang!

  • Helen B

    I’m happy with what I have and hope it continues.

  • Helen

    My life is fabulous because of my family and all that they have taught me – i try to take time to enjoy all life’s pleasures and live each moment to the fullest. My parents advised me to travel the road that you have chosen and don’t look back with regret. You have to take chances to make your dreams happen. I am so happy with my life.

  • Joanna Harrington

    What makes my life fabulous? Any opportunities to get all dolled up with friends and family and feel like a princess!

  • Grainne Guerin

    my friends and family. Everything else is only icing

  • bernieb

    having kids and learning to take all things life can throw at you.

  • Ann Murphy

    I am so happy with my life …because to be married to my husband Pat for 43 years and having five wounderful children.. and two great grand children…to be happy and healthy what more could a person ask for …..

  • Triona Arundel

    I married the man of my dreams two years this November and we are expecting your first baby together next year so all excitment at the moment can’t wait feeling fabulous with my baby bump I love life :-) xxx

  • Audrey Mulholland

    My gorgeous boyfriend, my wonderful friends and my caring family make my life fabulous ;)

  • Alice Charles

    I have a fabulous life! I am young, fit, healthy, happy and living in lovely Ireland! So what more could a girl want?

  • sabrina

    what makes my life fabulous are my friends and family and the people in my life, we have fabulous days out,nights out and memories to cherish forever! :-)

  • kathy finn

    my 3 lovely daughters and my husband. life without them would be very boring, i have watched my daughters grow into 3 lovely young ladies and they make me soooo proud to be their mother.

  • Helen B

    My family and friends are what have made my life fabulous…..and clothes shopping when I need that extra little lift !

  • Douglas Parminter

    Believing in myself.

  • Pauline

    I’ve been given a 2nd chance in life, & I feel I’m one lucky lucky girl … after a couple of bad years, life is finally on the up ….. Austraila bound by the end of the year, hopefully new job in a couple of weeks …… LIFE IS FABULOUS .. :D :D :D Oh & dont forget my shoes, shoes & more shoes … lol

  • Theresa Hannon

    My super-amazing Mum and Dad! I’m graduating tomorrow and they have helped me both financially and emotionally through the last three years without ever complaining! I have the best family anyone could ever ask for!

  • Suzie Kelly

    My boyfriend off 8 and a half years having an affair!!
    Making me young free and single at 33!! X

  • Mary

    Having 4 great kids and a marvellous husband makes life fabulous!!

  • Kathleen

    well what has made my day every day is talkin to my partner on the phone , r skypt, as he has to work away , and we only get to c each other 3 times a year for the last 2 years . But i still feel lucky, happy to have this person in my life .

  • Nicola Keegan

    My life is made fabulous by keeping it simple and enjoying things that money cant buy.. I have a low paying job, live in a tiny apartment and drive an old car.. BUT I have a wonderful husband of 10 years, a loving family, and loads of fun :-)

  • tina lyons

    mascara has made my life fabulous with it on i can face anything

  • jess

    my children make me so happy

  • Amanda Robertson

    My fiance seb has made my life fabulous- I don’t have a great job (have to start at 5am!) but he gets up to drive me to work every time.

  • cherie shaw

    My brilliant partner n beautiful children make my life fabulous :) x

  • Gaynor Thomson

    in 5 years i have lost my dad,mother in law, granddad and grandmother, i have lost my job due to getting injured by a drug addict at my work, so i am now disabled BUT i can now spend all my time being a mother and a wife and catch up with all the things i missed while working ! So being attacked by a drug addict has made my life FAB ! x

  • Emma Andersson

    My wonderful son and partner, and our shared love of the great outdoors, everyday is a fabulous adventure!

  • Sana

    Me…I have made my life fabulous.

  • sue ashton

    My life has been made fabulous by beating cancer and being able to watch my two boys grow up. xxx

  • Teresa Weller

    Losing my parents 18 months apart. 10 long years on my own. Then meeting my now husband of 7 years. He has made my life so fabulous again. Have learnt how to laugh again.

  • Susan Tooley

    My daughter, my family, my friends….oh and pay day…so I can treat myself to something new to wear!!

  • jayne brown

    Being a mummy of 4 soon to be 5! Got married in July and life couldnt be better! It is everything I have always wanted that is why life is fabulous!

  • Julia Rockett

    Having an amazing boyfriend after years of bad relationships and 3 beautiful children!

  • Elaine Jones

    Great family and friends, lovely daughter and good health. Have a roof over my head and food on the table.

  • Lindsay Van Dyke

    My life is fabulous as I have two beautiful children 5 and 2, I am at home looking after the youngest and enjoying the experience!

  • nicola ireland

    my life is fabulous thanks for my loving, supportive husband and our two amazing sons, we are fortunate to live looking out over lovely countryside, also adore all our pets :) xxx

  • rebecca mount

    My daughter has made my life fabulous with her love kisses smiles and laughter. Whenever I am down she brighten up my day. She is a blessing.

  • kushla pope

    going to an adult education class! i learnt about the 17th century last year: this year it’s the high middle ages. fab!!

  • denise horan

    having my gorgous son after my other two children had grown up, then the cheery on the cake my gorgous granddaughter.

  • Natalie O Brien

    What makes my life fabulous? To start with my friends, they have been the ones who listen to me and pick me up when I’m down. Running, I have developed a love of running and love nothing more that to go running up the canals and getting lost for an hour or so. The downs, I know this might sound weird but the downs in my life have made me realise that the ups are extra special and shouldn’t be taking for granted.

  • Sarah Callinan

    From my experiences in life, travel and good health, these factors have made my life fabulous

  • kath watson

    this is a no brainer, my children x

  • Kirsten Murphy

    My life is fabulous because I’ve finally learnt to love myself

  • Orlagh O’Brien

    Going back to college as a mature student to train as a Midwife – what could be more fabulous than watching life unfold before your eyes everyday! :)

  • Lorna

    Fabulous is the feeling to wake on a new day with new experiences, people and things to learn. Fabulous is going to bed at night feeling the day was worthwhile and a difference was made to someone else’s life by listening supporting and encouraging. My family, friends, colleagues and clients offer me the opportunity to feel like this everyday.

  • Akay

    Getting married to the woman of my dreams and making a Distinction in my Masters, having wonderful parents and siblings…so much fabulousness to be thankful for in there!

  • Angie McQueen

    What has made your Life Fabulous?
    Well there’s my Mum, my partner, my children, my partners children, my family, my partners family, my fabulous friends, my dog, my fabulous life style that I’m so lucky to have………………………
    Oh Yes! and that wonderful Personal Shopper in the Bath Debenhams store that made me look and feel fabulous when she helped me chose a whole new wardrobe in the Spring….I’ve had endless complements ever since about the style and look that she suggested for me……………….
    Noun; fabulousness 1.The state of being fabulous

  • Suzanne Gormley

    Having two children after years of waiting and wishing has made my life fabulous. Becoming a full-time mum has changed not only my life, but my wardrobe too!

  • Wendy Thompson-Lee

    having left my partner of 20 years, at age 41, and being single for 3 years, i felt as though I had a wonderful happy life, young , free, single, and out dancing every week, i then met a man from Alaska, whom i had been friends with online for 3 years. When we finally met, it was LOVE at first sight, and because we’d been friends for so long, it felt safe. We got engaged this Valentine’s Day, and he treats me like a Queen. My life is now fabulous beyond belief, and i will eventually move to ALaska when we get married, on a Hawaiian Beach. For a young girl’s childhood dreams of marrying a pilot, to come true (he is a pilot) then that is Fabulous indeed.

  • Sarah S

    Moving from central London to the seaside. I’ve always wanted to live by the sea, and leaving my family was hard but I had to take the plunge and I’m so pleased I did :)

  • sapphire rose

    my life is fabulous since i followed my calling to be a psychic im a fortune teller & tuning into peoples lives & helping them in every way is a fantastic feeling very rewarding..im very blessed to have 4 healthy gorgeous full of character n energy children aged 18.16,5 & 3..i travel all over the country meeting amazing people.i love dressing up n living in a beautiful home full of fabulosity..i encourage all the people i read for to strive to be as fabulous as they are xx

  • Sonia

    I have lost 3.5st this year I have dropped 3 dress sizes I was a size 16 (almost fitting into an 18) and now I’m size 10-12. It has made my life so wonderful and I’m lovin it!!!

  • richard regan

    i got marry to my beautiful wife and we togehter 8 years on and never lose our spark

  • Aisling

    My family and friends make my life fabulous. My boyfriend tries his best also :) And of course my wonderful dog! Feeling good is all about how you feel in the skin you’re in, so obviously clothes have an important role in making me feel fabulous too. If I think I look good, I feel good too!

  • kat bradley

    get up every morning to live life to the full and not knowing what to expected

  • jACINTA Stapleton

    Good Health a fab family a job im still in , a winter wardrobe to look forward to for our harsh winter and my fab laptop to do all the competitions

  • Yasmin Selena Butt

    What has made my life fabulous? Remembering my blessings that I live in a country with freedom of speech and despite being skint am better off then over half the world’s population. It’s great to keep a sense of perspective to stop you complaining and feeling sorry for yourself and getting on with the lovely business of living!! x

  • Kristel Allward-Dring

    My life is fabulous :-) Despite having problems with my hands and being in constant pain, I still make the most of each day – I have amazing husband and fantastic son who both help and support me, and although I only work in a call centre, I enjoy my job helping people with their queries everyday. I also have the most amazing friends. Life is good :-)

  • Joanne Hodkin

    My Life made fabulous by my beauiful 7 year old daughter who tells me every that she loves me and my mum for always been there. Thank you to both. x

  • aindrila

    LOVE TRUST HONESTY between relations makes ur life easy in hard times.glad to have a very supportive family making my every passing day a memorable day.

  • Alison Connell

    I’m going with six ‘f’s. Family, Friends, Fun in your Forties and still Feeling Fabulous.

  • jackie s

    My family make my Life Fabulous. A husband who still loves me after 23 years of marriage and my 3 children who make me smile every day. i am so luck with what i have?

  • andrea byne

    my little baby boy cian made my life fabulous but has ruined my wardrobe at the same time lol :P

  • Niamh Doyle

    Just back from Paris. Bought myself a gorgeous dress in a Parisian boutique. Just knowing it’s in my wardrobe is making me feel fabulous. If I can find the perfect shoes, I’ll be all set.

  • eileen russell

    my family ,they are the best in the world !!!!!!

  • Orla Dalton

    What makes my life fabulous?
    My Family, Boyfriend, Friends and my pet :)

  • Zainab Salim

    Working in one of the well known Airline in the world respect is everywhere for me, having my own poetry page of sharing my happiness, sad, funny moments and lots of more into poetry makes me feel I don’t need that best friend which I never actually had one as I get to talk to thousands who share there feelings with me everyday, isn’t this so good and creative I consider my life fabulous wonderland :)

  • andrea kidd

    my life has been made fabulous by my fiance, who makes everyday fabulous, so a nice wardrobe to impress him keep him keen wouldnt go astray :)

  • andrea kidd

    fashion makes my life fabulous,

  • Carmen Clark

    Why is my life FABULOUS? There are too many blessings to count! Everyday I am fortunate to have people I love and who love me back around me. Everyday I am fortunate to wake up to another beautiful day. Come rain or shine, my life is FABULOUS because I’m alive and loving it!

  • caroline

    having my two beautiful healthy girls at 40

  • SJ

    My Children have made my life fabulous in so many ways.

  • Harriet Smith

    When my sister was born. Up until then it was me and my brother and we dont get on but my sister is my best friend, she is only 9 years old but shes makes my life interesting, shes funny, cute, kind, bit cheeky and i wouldnt be without her

  • Harpal Kaur

    I am blessed to have such a loving family who have supported me through losing my dad to cancer and making me realise that life is for living.

  • theresa carroll

    life lesson & heartbreaks have thaught me to be the stronge, senatve, caring & understanding person i am to day & to see me past those skills on to my children & also know i learn…..make my life so fabulous for me all i need to do is look around see my wonderfull family & friens & know i must be doin somthing right to have them in my life

  • marsha thomsen

    My love of travel,desire to try all things new and to try to stay open to all types of people.

  • Leonie Sanford

    Beating depression

  • Aoife

    My Huge Dark Ralph Lauren Sunglasses. I don’t have much, but when I put them on I feel like a movie star… I feel fabulous.

  • Janet Ford

    My husband putting up with me for all these years has made my life fabulous.

  • Susanne Temlett

    Being able to shop online – no need to arrive home bedraggled by the British weather and the crowds, now I just click my fingers (on my mouse), and anything my heart desires is delivered to my door. How fabulous is that?

  • Aoife

    Being able to live every day with my family and friends = fabulous!

  • shelley dawson

    Having fabulous friends that support you through the good times and the bad!

  • Emma D

    Despite having had a rough year my amazing friends and family have been so supportive, understanding and most of all, they have made me enjoy life for the simpler things! You don’t need money to be happy, all you need is love :D

  • Joanne O’ Dwyer

    My two year old daughter Caoimhe makes my life fabulous – she lets me remember what being a kid was like and now I can relive the innocence and excitement of childhood along with her! She’s my fabulous little angel!! xxx

  • Laura Nelson

    Good friends, gorgeous shoes and lots of breaks to hunt for dresses wen i’m meant to be studying:) x

  • Lauren

    My boyfriend, my family, my friends, my job and my health :)

  • Karen F

    Meeting my lovely new husband (we got married 2 years ago) has made my life fabulous and having some true friends who helped me out through the not so good times. Also having a lovely family and a new grandson.

  • Andrea

    my family and friends make my life fabulous

  • JudiG

    Being diagnosed with cancer changed my life, I’ve survived and no longer sweat the small stuff – will it really matter, tomorrow, next week, next year? Probably not, so turn i around into something positive and funny – this attitude makes my life fabulous

  • alison fox

    having my two beauitfull girls.they bring such joy to my life.i wouldnt be with them.or my wonderfull husband.

  • Aoife

    Friends, family and my first ever salary make my life fabulous!!

  • Sandra Purcell

    Changing my life by changing my career has made my life fabulous.. I am doing what I always wanted, have no more stress and, most importantly, I have more TIME to appreciate the wonderful world that surrounds us all…

  • Mairead O’Keeffe

    My wonderful daughter has made my life fabulous. She recently turned 18 and having raised her on my own I am very proud to say she has grown up as a beautiful young lady both inside and out. Because she has made my life so fabulous, I would give her the prize if I was lucky enough to win!

  • Lenka O’Callaghan

    Having my two beautiful healthy boys who are the best things ever happen to me !!! Thats why I have the best & the most fabulous life xx

  • karen kay

    going out with my girl friends havng a right good knees up and spening quality tme with my partner and family x

  • Karen MA

    My fabulous partner

  • breda benson

    my life is made fabulous by my job as a dementia carer.to put a smile on their faces is so fab.makes me feel more alive.

  • Jackie Kennedy

    My Life is fabulous cos I just won the ‘Life made fabulous with Debenhams campaign’ and I am going to share it with my niece to spread a little Fabulous!! : ) Well, you have to think positive in a Recession !! Fingers crossed….

  • Pauline

    My crazy family my friends and the fact that I have a job makes my life fabulous….oh and a new wardrobe would make it even more fab!

  • kat

    having wonderful blogs such as yours gives me all the info that i need to look and feel fabulous :)

  • Andrea Airoldi

    My life has always been fairly fabulous. I guess being born into a fabulous family, making fabulous friends, marrying a wonderful man and having 3 fantastic children have helped.

  • Pamela

    Two little boys who love me unconditionally every day make my life fabulous.

  • Melissa Hodson

    Becoming a wife and mother, having happy & healthy family and friends. Being able to love and to be loved back, life is truly fabulous when u are above the ground not six feet under. Live every day like its your last, preferably in fabulous shoes and clothes :)

  • veronica o’brien

    the first day my daughter was born was the most fabulous day of my life

  • abrar dallas

    What made my life fabulous is my lovely family they mean everything for me . Without my family i’am nothing they are who teach me the meaning of life and everything good to love people, they made my day I can’t live without them wherever I go I feel their is something missing in my life they are my hope and love everything that means to me love you guys you are in my heart and soul <3

  • Kerrie O’Neill

    My partner and family have made my life fabulous!

  • susan cunningham

    My children have made my life fabulous in so many ways and redundancy afforded me the time to devote to them.

  • sheila hr

    shiny shoes…. never fail to keep my spirits up, most especially my Faith blingy ones :)

  • Adele Hill

    My 3 children makes my life fabulous even when they are driving my mad.

  • Paul O’Donoghue

    Celebrating my 21st year wedding anniversary has made me so happy.
    I have three beautiful children and the best wife any man could ask for.
    There’s not much more you could wish for, ‘cept a wardrobe full of new beautiful clothes!!

  • salma

    people who have a beautiful heart <3

  • sam

    Realising that material thing dont count for everything has made my life fabulous.. When i was younger i use to think that i would only have friends and only fit in at school if i had all the up to date clothes and make up and accessories.. But getting older and meetin better people helpd me realised its your personality and you yourself that makes you happy. Getting older and getting wiser made my life fabulous.

  • Jose Allison

    Having good friends and family, lovely summer mornings, autumn days and frosty winter mornings

  • mary royle

    this prize is fabulous and to win it would be fabulous too!!!

  • C Nicklin

    What has made my life fabulous is losing weight which has given me new confidence. I have a lovely family, great bunch of friends and now I am happy in my own skin for the first time in a while!

  • Louise Smith

    I have a great husband and a beautiful 3 year old daughter that make my life so fabulous!

  • wendy keogh

    Having my miracle baby has made my life fabulous. Trying to get pregnant for over 5 years and losing 5 very precious babies in that same period & then to be told I would never carry full term. Then to be able to defy all odds & get pregnant myself and carry FULL TERM. And now I have a beautiful girl aged 2 and I thank my lucky stars every day that I am blessed to have her… She makes my life fabulous.

  • karina ruxton

    Having my 3 beautiful children, 1 of whom has severe adhd nd anodr who suffers wit bad asthma. My 3 gorgeous kids and the best guy in the wrld, along wit my family and best friends who hav been wit me thru all my ups nd downs. Dats wot makes my life FABULOUS.

  • CJP

    Celebrating ten years of marriage and just being approved to adopt our very first child (all in one week) makes my life pretty fabulous!

  • Sarah Kiely

    Having so many wonderful people in my life makes my life fabulous

  • Michelle G

    very cliche, but what could possibly make my life more fabulous then my beautiful little daughter, just waking up to her cheerful happy little face everyday is amazing, i count my blessings :)

  • aoife

    many things make my life fabulous my family my friends my boyfriend etc but this prize would make it a little better share some happiness with me :D

  • eithna scannell

    losing weight and staying heathly

  • annmarie


  • caroline winder

    what makes me fabulous is knowing that i am getting more confident every day step by step. after years of being a plus size learning to look forward and head up instead of head down munching on a bar of chocolate. confidence is key

  • Paul McGaughran

    My beautiful son.

  • Heather Shaw

    Still alive after 8 years fighting a serious illness, amazing family, my cat…. its the simple things that matter :D

  • foz

    I have 4 limbs, eyes, ears and a family that love me. I couldn’t wish for more! My life is fabulous.

  • Sheila

    A wonderful husband,beautiful family,and good friends, make my life fabulous

  • Anna Howell

    My life has the potential to be extremely fabulous if i get the job of my dreams as a reporter for my local paper (waiting to hear back) and if i get it i shall need some pretty fabulous clothes to go with it!

  • Alison Clifford

    My gorgeous husband and 3 beautiful children xx

  • Sue Mills

    Expecting our third child after a gap of 12 years and very excited about his arrival.

  • Becky M

    Being surrounded by amazing family and friends at a really cruicial time in my life is what makes it fabulous!

  • Kerry

    Having such a badly abusive childhood while living in poverty, I have now met the man of my dreams. Have 3 fab children( 1 unfortunately has cystic fibrosis) and at 32 just finished Uni as a primary teacher.

  • lesley117

    My Niece had two babies in 11 months, she works hard and finds no time to spoil herself would love to treat her with this super prize

  • Jo Young

    Having my wonderful husband and 2 gorgeous kids!

  • Hannah Moody

    Smiling has made my life fabulous! I truly believe that you’re never fully dressed without your smile – a woman’s ‘must have’ accessory :-)


  • Iain

    My wonderful fiance! :)

  • Deb

    My life is fabulous as I am blessed with wonderful family and friends who mean the world to me. Simples.

  • Andrea Caizley

    still being with my chilhood sweetheart after 22 years, and being happily married and with two gorgeous healthy kids, my life`s very fabulous.

  • Grainne

    Good health and a great family!

  • Louise McGetrick

    My Mum has made my life fabulous. She has made me who I am today, I’d be lost without her.

  • catherine

    having a brill hubby and three wonderful children makes my life fabulous

  • Catherine Ashworth

    My beautiful daughter and my beautiful life, as life is worth living xx

  • Emma Colgan

    I had my first child when I was 15 my second when I was 19. I have raised them on my own. I have struggled and it has been very tough at times. In August my oldest son passed his exams and yesterday he had his Debs. Im so proud of him and I am proud of myself for helping him to get this far. They are what makes my life fabulous :)

  • Marina Nolan

    My life has been fabulous in so many ways, my loving family, friends my opportunities i’ve been giving in my life. And i would love and i would have a ball if i won this prize, i wouldn’t have to worry about having money to get my winter wardrobe :) it would be great fingers crossed.

  • Roisin Duffy

    Great competition, my family, friends and my cat make my life so fabulous

  • Gemma Firr

    My husband and family. What could be more fabulous than being happy, loved and loving. Live laugh love!! Oh and having Friday night drinkys with the hubby!!

  • Nycola Hillis

    Being born under a lucky star has made my life utterly FABULOUS!!..Having THE most amazing husband in the world, the greatest parents ever, a sister that is my best friend and three girlfriends that are exactly what I could wish for is just the beginning!!

  • nora commins

    every day that u can get up and be in good health i count that faboulous

  • Debra Southgate

    Having 2 lovely daughters and beating breast cancer

  • Catherine Gregory

    Finally getting back out into the world after losing my teens being housebound with ME. Makes me realise how precious life is

  • bernieb

    Family and Internet!

  • susie connolly

    the birth of my baby daughter 10 months ago after nearly 5 years tring to have her and 2 miscarriages so she is a treasure and my life is complete and fabulous

  • lorna garratt

    my life is Fabulous due to the support and love i have from my family and friends and make special moments even more specialxx

  • JOANWalsh

    my two great gran children

  • Aline

    My husband’s love and attention

  • Chrissy Schneider

    My boyfriend makes my life wonderful by being super understanding when it’s my moody time of the month.

  • ana tomazini

    My family and friends !

  • amanda gately

    I am going to be 40 next year, and couldn’t be happier, with my hubbie 20 years, with two fab kids. What makes my life fabulous is waking up every morning knowing that we have a great family life.

  • Crystal Mse

    My twin sister makes my life fabulous . Throughout my life I’ve never been alone , and she makes me laugh like no one else ! x

  • paula evans

    I had a parotid tumour removed from my neck in 2009,finding out it was harmless benign tumour and my scar is hardly visible now,makes you think and stop taking your life for granted.Having a really loving supportive partner who helped me through it and put up with my moods bless him.

  • Mrs Evans-Jones

    Shoes make my life fabulous. As does my husband for those of you thinking I’m horrendously shallow :p

  • Rachel Samuel

    Having a wonderful career, and most importantly amazing family and friends makes me feel pretty blessed. Life is good :0) x

  • Anne Carr

    Good health!

  • Honora Livesey

    My family and friends make my life fabulous. Whatever problems I have and illnesses I face having great people around me makes things so much better. And my great cats, who always know when I need a good cuddle. FABULOUS <3

  • Jen Schofield

    My best firend for making my last two years at uni amazing and made me not be homesick all the time!

  • agnes robson

    My Family

  • katie corr

    the service users i work with make my life fabulous.they help me realise what life is all about and to live for the moment+ to live every day like its your most fabulous!i have the best times with them+we’re like a family.

  • Lisa white

    My 3 beautiful kids, my daughter age 4 tells me every she loves me.

  • natalie white

    My partner of 11 years & my 2 gorgeous daughters make my life fabulous as well as having all of our families living so close to me.They all mean everything to me & without them my life wouldn’t be the same :)

  • Kelly Padwick

    My friends, I have gained and lost lots of friends over the years but I now know exactly who is important in my life as they are the ones that make my life fabulous!

  • annette murray

    my family and online shopping at debenhams as nearest shop is 25 miles away

  • Stephanie Dalby

    My gastric by pass in June 2010 has made my life fabulous. Without it I wouldn’t be able to shop at Debenhams! I’ve lost over 14 stone in 15 months.

    It has changed my life completely. This time last year I was depressed because my husband was getting on with his career and I was stuck in a dead end job. Now I have started a PGCE in Physics teaching and I can’t wait to get into a Secondary school and change my life completely.

    My husband and my family also make my life fabulous. Without them I would not have had the courage to go through the procedure which changed my life

  • Lorna Peppiatt

    My wonderful family have made my life fabulous, their love, affection, generosity and spirit for life.

  • Anne

    My two children have made my Life Fabulous (and given me many sleeplesss nights of course) along with loads of lovely bags and shoes.

  • Emily Smith

    My fabulous clothes and shoes (bought from a fabulous Debenhams) have made me look and feel fabulous!

  • Amy Jones

    Getting married in March this year made me feel fabulous!! It was the best day of my life and I’m so lucky to have such a lovely, loving and caring husband! He’s my rock!! I’m very blessed with a lovely flat and great family and friends!

  • tracey rollings

    my children and me loosing over four stone have made my life fabulous i am no longer looking at spending my days in a wheel chair

  • Kellie Faggle

    My little boy has made my life fabulous. Its amazing to watch his development daily and know I am responsible for creating him and his good habits. (As well as his bad!)

  • Holly

    I used to save my ‘good’ clothes for special occasions but now I’ve decided everyday should be fabulous and special! So I dress up whether i’m popping to the shops or if i’m going out for lunch. I find it helps to build my self confidence and I get the most out of my wardrobe :)

  • Bryony

    My boyfriend of 4 years has made my life fabulous as he found me when I was at a very low point in my life and he has made me the person that I am today! Without him, I would not be where I am today :)


    I suffer from various disabilities but my wonderful daughter Bronte has made my life “Fabulous” with her patience,caring and Love……How lucky am I ! @BIGWILL47

  • Suzanne sendell

    My children and neices and nephew Im soooo proud of them all

  • Joanne Burrell

    My unshakeable beleif that I am fabulous and that everything will come right in the end. ;-)

  • Sharon Hingley

    My wonderful family and friends , have made my life fabulous by helping me realise that it is never too late to start over again and grab life in both hands.

  • Anmarie

    My supportive family make me feel fabulous, even when I was at my lowest suffering from depression they pulled me out of it with kisses and cuddles from my daughters (aged 1 and 3) and the constant, unwavering support and love of my husband. Now I realise only I can judge myself and every day I tell myself I AM FABULOUS

  • Wayne

    my simple philosophy makes my life fabulous because its so simple and that is

    “positiveness is fabulousness “

  • Kim

    My life has been made fabulous by the fact I am comfortable in my own skin and with who I am.

  • Sue Eaglestone

    Winning outfits from the Debenhams adverts would make my life fabulous Xx

  • Karen Lancaster

    My beautiful little girls have made my life fabulous! After doctors told my partner and I we couldn’t have any children we found out a month later I was pregnant. Now 2 1/2 years on I have 2 gorgeous little girls and we love nothing better than playing dress up and baking cakes! Whilst my life is fab and complete, as a stay at home mum, I don’t tend to treat myself as I did when I worked. Having the opportunity to update my wardrobe would be fantastic and make me the envy at coffee mornings…

  • Susie

    I don’t have much wealth but I’ve still got my health
    I’m not a real stunner but folks don’t do a runner
    I’m not totally glam but I don’t think I’m drab
    And to me, all of these things, make my life just fab!

  • Anne-Marie Carlin

    my husband and 2 children make my life fabulous everyday! Despite battling with Rheumatoid Arthritis, each morning when I see my children, they help to ease my pain.


    I had a life changing experience back in february – I vey nearly died – thanks to the brilliant docot in local hospital who literally saved my life – ok I was poorly for a few months – had to get my strength back – but I just feel so absolutely fabulous now – albeit with the daily doses of medicine I need to take – but have a spring in my step and a smile on my face – ready for shopping till I am dropping.

  • Alison Cairns

    My squabbling children and grumpy husband make my life fabulous – well they make it real, and they’re wonderful really. And everything else in my very busy life, might complain sometimes but wouldn’t be without any of it, because without all my activities, committees, wonderful friends and family I wouldn’t be ME. But some lovely clothes would make it even more fabulous!

  • Aimee

    My amazing boyfriend :)

  • Arianne Hughes

    I work as a nurse and working with some patients whos quality of life aren’t great but always manage to make me smile and keep their spirits up. Every day is a journey and sometimes a struggle and I’m so fortunate and privileged to share moment with them. Makes me appreciate the little things in life :) x

  • kayleigh beirne

    my husband Dean makes my life fabulous, he is always looking after me and is waiting on me hand and foot this week as I have chicken pox despite (supposedly) being an adult!

  • Janet Kam

    Opening a Debenhams in Blackpool, now I can shop in my home town for great outfits for any occasions and boy do I shop


    Simply everything from being a wife mum grandma mother in law friend and my work.

  • Helen Connolly

    debenhams, of course!!!!! Ooooh, and lots of chocolate & cake……xx

  • collette

    my kids have …..im bringing them up alone and its been hard…but on one of my rare nights out when i get dressed up and do my make up and they tell me mam you look so pretty it make me feel Fabulous :)

  • Christina

    I never thought it would be the case, but when I turned forty, my outlook on life changed. Make the most of every day, love your family, have fun and smile. Choose to be happy and fabulous!

  • aicha

    what make my life fabulous and wonderful is my baby son and my dear mum ,i love them so much ,,,they are a blessing in my life,god bless them

  • Andrea Smith

    My hero soldier husband !! He is a bomb disposal officer in the Royal Engineers & now visits Amputees returning from Afghanistan to assist in their welfare. I am extremely proud of him- he is a wonderful father, husband & best friend. He always puts us first despite having a very high pressured job. He brightens my day every day & fills me with immense pride.

  • Emma

    My gorgeous boyfriend coming home safe and sound from Afghanistan. Has made me realise what is important in my life!

  • Elaine

    My children & husband make my life fabulous everyday!!

  • Sarah Field

    My two wonderful daughters who make me so proud make my life fabulous. There isn’t a day goes by that they don’t do something that makes me so proud or makes me laugh oot loud!

  • Claire Gibbs

    Having my hip operation in June has made me feel fabulous as I can now go dancing and wear the lovely clothes that I have bought, loosing weight now as well so can fit into some stunning clothes

  • Keena

    My family make my life fabulous! In particular my husband and my beautiful daughters aged 23 months and 6 weeks. My older daughter has been great with the new arrival. I had her delivered by c-section and movements have been very limited and my oldest has been so understanding.

  • H Young

    My Nephew makes my life fabulous, I can’t have children of my own so seeing him every week makes me so happy! We run about like crazy things he calls me silly Auntie Heidi as I’m like a big kid running about acting crazy! He keeps me on my toes!! Also my health, Life is so precious, and each day a gift, so enjoy every minute, as it your last to live!

  • Sandra Duncan

    My life is fabulous because I am alive!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barbara Wilkinson

    Life in general,with everyone suffering in the world,I feel so lucky to have a wonderfull husband and daughter.and good health.

  • Suzanne

    Developing a positive lifestyle and attitude that makes all the difference in life, my three year old daughter who is my ray of sunshine:-)

  • Dolly Fairley

    Becoming a moth has made my life fabulous because I am now much more responsible, loving and happy. I feel settiled in my life and happy from within. I am forfilled and look forward to becoming a grandma, great grandma – if face I look forward to the future now, whereas, when I was younger, I hated the thought of growing old and had little respect for elders!

  • Angela Sandhu

    My life is fabulous as i may not have a lot of money, but i have the most wonderful son in the world. If it wasnt for him, i think i would have given up a long time ago.

  • Gwen

    Life in general is fabulous, this isn’t a trial run, this is for real, we should all make the most of our fab lives. Without fabulous designers Julien MacDonald, Ben de Lisi & Henry Holland, also the The Beauty Club, life would not be so fab! Life is a Cabaret! So let’s put on a show! ^_^ xx

  • Natalie

    My handsome partner of nearly 30 years (childhood sweetheart) and my son who’s 17, the rest of my family, friends and work colleagues make my life worth living.

  • Laura

    I’m only twenty and hope that I can have some more fab things to come in life, but so far I have been lucky enough to have such a great family that I am so proud of and it is these people who make my life fabulous. My brother is going through a messy break up and it’s when I see the determination and support my whole family gives that proves them to be fantastic. Without these people my life would be the complete opposite of fabulous…

    Thanks, good look to everyone who enters xx

  • Paul Falconer

    My two little lads leave me feeling fabulous every day – makes up for the early starts!

  • Joanne Constantine

    Three things have made my life fabulous:
    Anyone who I am lucky enough to have in my life. You guys are my rock

    Blogging with my sis at http://www.lovelygirliebits.com I found something I love doing.

    And finally, getting a snaked skin sqeuined bag by Star by Julien McDonald in Debenhams a few weeks ago. LOVE IT!!!! Perfect accessory for the Autumn/Winter when your outfit needs that bitta sparkle :)

  • natalie

    getting rid of the husband after 8 years of putting up with his laziness and him not allowing me to be my own person. leaving him made me live again, find my own sense of style (with a lot of help from debenhams), and become the independent single mother of 3 that i am now :D

  • Joanne

    My baby daughter of 7 months has made my life fabulous again. She was conceived at the time when my family was grieving for my Dad. He died 10 weeks after being diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung cancer, and my daughter has been the beacon of light which has brought us through. A very Special gift.

  • Rachel dutton

    My life was made fabulous 18 years ago on Saturday 17 September by the birth of my beautiful baby daughter ( I’ll never forget that morphine pump :) ha) she has been an amazing loving support through awful times of bereavement and divorce despite bravely battling illness herself since 9 yrs old she has had. M.E. and endures daily pain and exhaustion and was even wheelchair bound at times. She is a gem and I love her

  • Lesley

    My husband and children make my life complete and fabulous!

  • Joanne Cronin

    Living makes my life fabulous. Embrace each and every day. Make sure that you live rather than existing. Take pleasure in small things, like sunlight on grass or birds singing, or even a fabulous dress. All this will make your life fabulous

  • K Davies

    Things we take for granted like freedom of speech, access to water and food. These make my life fabulous even though sometimes it is easy to forget

  • Bernie T

    My youngest daughter, bullied at old school is happy and well, singing doing her homework each night – my cancer is finally in remission and my eldest boy has announced that I am to be a grandma – I could not be happier – life is a gift and it is fabulous!

  • sarah bailey

    my life is fabulous because i spend time teaching children and learning from them- i always learn something new myself and each day is always different

  • Claire Smith

    My Husband , Son and Family make my life fabulous.

  • fi


  • Jacquied

    I have lost a huge amount of weight and now I can go into Debenhams and choose what I want to wear instead of having to go into specialist shops – my life IS now fabulous !

  • Sara Turner

    Beating cancer this year. It’s made me realise how precious life is.

  • Margaret Farmer

    My wonderful family and friends have made my life fabulous they are always there to lend a helping hand when needed.
    It is comforting to know there are people who love and care.

  • hazel hulson

    you cant take for granted life you will live forever happiness will last learn to appreciate every day my partner died sudden last year after five years together when you lose the love of your life you learn what is important in life and to make most of your time you have.


    Meeting my husband. After having a terrible accident and becoming disabled I thought my life was over but meeting, and marrying, my husband, Dave, has made my life fabulous and worth living again.

  • Tina Cottam

    What makes my life fabulous is looking great for my family by wearing the beautiful range of clothing that Debenhams sells!

  • Iona Cornish

    My family make my life fabulous

  • Jane Robb

    Having my daughter and seeing her grow up into a beautiful little girl! Nothing for me could surpass that!

  • maureen findley

    waking up on a sunday morning early in a panic to get ready for work then suddenly realising its your day off!!

  • Lee Williams

    two things have made my life fabulous:
    wife and kids

  • bee

    The day I took control of my life has made me feel fabulous – it’s taken me nearly 40 years to realise I don’t have to be a pushover and I’m just as entitled to ‘have a dream’ and ambitions as anyone else.
    I’m not quite there yet, but certainly taking steps in the right direction…and it feels so much better inside!

  • Teresa Crossley

    My lovely husband

  • Rachael Woodcock

    My 2 children make me feel fabulous, especially when they tell me that they love me!

  • cheryl lovell

    My life is just fabulous because I have a lovely husband, a beautiful son, my own home, a brand new car and a job where I can work from home!

  • Victoria

    Family, friends and even foes make my life fabulous because I’m thankful for everything that happens to me, good or bad, happy or sad. Life’s events are what make us into the fabulous people we are!

  • lynn

    My family and friends are wot makes my life fabulous

  • Curtis Roskell

    My boyfriend is SO fabulous! Makes me Larfff!

  • carolyn

    Being lucky to have a loving family and good friends.

  • kimberley robinson

    my lifes pretty much ordinary but wining this competition would make it faboulous :)

  • kim mayhead

    My life has been made fabulous by my husband and my truly wonderful children. I have re-tweeted the competition tweet too @kimmy2849.

  • Lauren Elizabeth

    My life is brilliant because I am with the man I am planning to spend my life with and our recent run of bad luck appears to finally be turning.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002476186222 Alison Monaghan


  • beverley hughes

    I think what makes me feel ‘fabulous’ is the realisation that I do have some ‘say’ and the right to have some control over my own life…it’s taken me nearly 40 years to work that out, and I may not have quite got there yet, BUT, I know (well at least hope!) that the future will be better for me now. Finding ‘assertiveness’ is the key!

  • Keri Smith

    It has to be spending quality time with my family. 

  • Sue Graham

    My children and soon to be husband xxx

  • beverley hughes

    Learning how to be assertive and having some self-belief in myself makes me feel fabulous…I may not have quite achieved my goals yet, but in trying I feel as though I’ve got the ‘fab’ and I’m working on the ‘-u-lous’.
    (have tried to post before, but not showing, so apologies if my post repeats itself.)

  • Hannahisaacs2

    What has made my life fabulous is my car! I’ve worked hard up to now to get a fabulous car (i’m 26 years old) & breaking it down averaging 5 working days a week = 20 working days a month = 240 working days a year, I started work at 17 so that’s 9 years of work which is 2160 days of work up to now, averaging 3 days overtime a month which equals to 2484 working days to make my life fabulous!
    WOW I’d love to win some new clothes after all that xx

  • Trishsaunders

    My beautiful tabby cat rescued from Battersea Cats Home has made my life Fabulous.  Thank you Battersea

  • Susan Payne

    Hope makes my life fabulous, because reality is a real struggle at the moment.

  • alison baird

    my life has been made fabulous every morning that i wake up and know that every day is a new day to change the things you didnt get to change the day before.To live and see that every day is a new and different day .

  • June Munday

    Early retirement from a stressful job has given me a new lease of life, more time to just enjoy the simple things like a coffee in the garden, also more time for holidays and shopping.

  • venus69

    Having my grandchildren back after living so far away. They make my life fabulous

  • @beardedsalmon

    my amazing boyfriend and friends make my life fabulous

  • Lorraine

    My family and friends make my life fabulous

  • patricia kerr

    my six grandchildren have made my life fabulous  and fun.they keep me feeling young when i play football and games.

  • Jasonhur

    my girlfriend that’s why i would like to win this for her :D

  • Carina Bates

    Meditation and mindfulness makes my life fabulous. Om! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/RuthGMSe Ruth Mse Gee

    My life is simple…I have a little dog and I live in a nice County Durham village. I have two wonderful sons who have been my Rocks since my husband died of cancer and two gorgeous grandchildren.   There is nothing else I need to make my life complete.  
    I do feel dowdy and older though…I would love to win this! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=549285113 Sarah Tulley

    my life is fabulous because i have a lovely husband and two children, and everything is going great at the moment

  • http://www.facebook.com/jfculligan Joanne Feighery Culligan

    motherhood has made my life fabulous……….my daughter has totally changed my life,in the best possible way….though the only thing now is when i shop i always end up in the childrens dept!!! when does that stop lol…………lucky debenhams stuff is SOOOOO cute………..

  • Chanceuxvache

    My life is fab as even though I don’t have everything my heart desires and may never have, my partner and I make the most of what we do have and enjoy our life together :) x

  • Gately Amanda

    what has made your Life Fabulous? Where do i begin, married my Husband 15 years ago and have a beautiful 12 year old daughter, and a handsome 7 year old son. They make my life complete. Suffer with a lot of bad health myself and the 2 children, but children are great, when you having a bad day, they brighten up your day, life, heart, by just being there, and giving you the biggest smile. Who could be miserable when you have 2 little faces smiling up at you daily. Makes life worthwhile. So yes i have a fabulous life and wouldn’t change it for the world. Even winning the lotto wouldn’t make my life any more fabulous. Maybe winning this fab competition would???????

  • mell61 ★BTB®

    some great friend have made my life fabulous!   As you get older you realise that you can have many types of friends, ex-work mates, gym mates, school friends, commuting mates… they come in many shapes and sizes!

  • Frances Grasby

    My life is fabulous because I am  cancer free five years after my initial diagnosis. Though I shouldn’t ask for anything more it’s now time for a new life phase – and a new wardrobe would be a good start 

  • Charlotte Cottam

    I am fabulous because I am currently looking for a career to lead me to the life of fabulousness! 

  • http://twitter.com/ali991 Alison M

    I have a lovely son and husband

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Trina-Mse-Foley/100002509409003 Trina Mse Foley

    My three children have made my life fabulous. I have been a single parent for 12 years and they have all grown up and become sucessful adults who I am extremely proud of you can’t get any more fabulous than that in my book!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002478096585 Corinne Faulkner

    My life is totally fabulous as travel IS my life, I have learnt so much about different cultures, experienced new foods and meet a vast number of unusal people in my life. So winning this prize would be a dream come true to keep me up-to-date with the UK’s fashion (although I am British) as my clothes are a lot to be desired and I too want to look fabulous.

  • Joanne Blunt

    My children have made my life fabulous.  Before having them I always felt a bit lost, and was never really sure of myself.  But since having my three gorgeous boys I feel confident, content and fulfilled.  Admittedly, I haven’t got the same body as I had before, and I’ve even got a few grey hairs, but I’m happy and none of those little things matter any more. And anyway, it’s nothing that great clothes and a fantastic hairdresser can’t sort out ;-)

  • R_ball

    My life is fabulous because I have a gorgeous boyfriend who makes me feel amazing, 4 brilliant gorgeous children and my first grandchild on the way. I look and feel better than i have ever done x

  • http://twitter.com/Kibarthy Kirsten Barthy

    My life is fabulous since I decided I’m great the way I am. I’ll never have a body like a super model or hair like Cheryl Cole but I rock the way I am

  • Olivia D

    My life is fabulous because I like to try new and interesting thing all the time. I’m always on the the lookout for something new.

  • Claire

    My life is fabulous because I have completed my Chemistry degree and don’t have to sit through another lecture!

  • Linda Brooks

    My two kids and my husband of one week!

  • http://twitter.com/Davesbabe00 Sue Smyth

    Meeting and Marrying my wonderful husband has made my life fabulous. he is a generous man with a warm heart, who deserves nothing but the best……………….incluing me ;)

  • Lynsey Rogers

    My life is fabulous because it’s mine, and I enjoy every unique minute of it!

  • lynette

    My life is fabulous because i have a wonderful husband and amazing daughter, all that’s missing is some fabulous outfits to make me look as good as i feel!

  • nino amoroso

    Watching my beautiful Sophia and Niccolo growing up into well rounded adults

  • http://mylifein24hours.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/schedule-what-to-expect-on-mylifein24hours-this-whole-month-of-october/ SCHEDULE: What to expect on MyLIFEin24Hours this whole month of October! « MyLIFEin24Hours

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=721745996 Nicky Benton

    Hugs from my son, makes my life fabulous