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Yours Faith-fully…



If you’re anything like us (and let’s face it, every woman in general) you’ll have something of a ‘soft spot’ for a new pair of heels. And why not? After all, as writer (and self-confessed Manoloholic) Carrie Bradshaw once dedicated an entire column to ‘a woman’s right to shoes.’

Trendy or classic, courts or sandals, there’s nothing like slipping on a sexy pair of shoes to pop a spring in your step. And, while we may be excited about this current heat wave that the July has brought with it, we’re even more psyched by the arrival of the summer sales.

Shoes, shoes and even more shoes – we’d be giddy enough even if it weren’t for the huge discounts now popping up across one of our favourite brands, the fabulous Faith.

A fashion favourite, the clever people at Faith know exactly how to grab a girl’s attention, with a gorgeous collection that caters for all tastes and trends – so we’re all bound to find something to treat ourselves too. As if we needed the excuse…

With up to 70% currently slashed from prices across the Faith collection, we can’t wait to stock up and inject some new styles into our overflowing shoe cupboard. In fact, we’d promise to race you there, but we wouldn’t want to risk wearing down our heels.

Shoes are sacred, so be thankful that a brand new pair (or two) is all set to be faithfully yours.

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