10 Lifesaving Hairspray Hacks You Need To Know

Hairspray – the unsung hero of our bathroom cabinet. It can be the finishing touch to a perfectly sculpted masterpiece or a saving grace on a rushed morning. Just when you thought you couldn’t love your hairspray any more than you already do, there are even more ways that hairspray can make your life a whole lot easier. Read on to see our favourite hairspray hacks…

Remove Lipstick Stains

We all know the dilemma of wearing a vibrant lipstick, only to have it smeared over your fave dress after an over enthusiastic hand gesture. Lucky, hairspray can help remove the stain. Celebrity Colorist Kim Vo says to “spray fabric to stop the stain from processing and then wash as directed. Problem solved!

Add Shine To Your Shoes

Is there anything worse than seeing the shine on new shoes dull? A simple spritz of hairspray coats shoes in a layer of shine, instantly transforming the look the from drab to fab.

Keep Your Eyebrows In Check

Ran out of your favourite eyebrow gel?! Don’t panic, this hairspray hack will save you from a bad brow day. Spray onto a brow brush and comb through your eyebrows to set the hairs in your desired style.

Make Your Nails Dry Faster

The struggle of trying to function with wet nails is real. One wrong move and your hard work will smudge, so we welcome any hack to minimise nail drying time with open arms. Once you’ve applied your nail polish, spray them with a coating of hairspray then dunk them in a bowl of cold water.

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Remove Sticky Labels

Picture this: you’ve bought a brand new decorative piece for your home. It’s beautiful, you love it, you can’t wait to put a photo of it on Instagram… You go to peel the sticky label away only for pieces of it to stubbornly stick. The surprising saviour for this spraying the remaining label with hairspray to effortlessly remove it.

Stop Tights Laddering

If you looked in the dictionary for the word disaster you’d read, ‘when you’re on the go and your tights ladder’. Okay, that might be a slight fib, but it is definitely annoying when it happens! To stop a ladder in its tracks, spray it with hairspray and it won’t tear any further.

Tame Flyaway Hairs

If you’ve secured your style with hairspray but still feel like it needs a tidy up – this is the hack for you. Spray your hairspray directly onto an unused toothbrush and use this to comb down wild flyaways. It takes literally seconds and gives a beautifully polished look to any hairstyle.

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Pick Up Stray Hairs

Whether you have a pet, or you just can’t stop finding your hairs all over the house, this hack makes tidying stray hairs easy. Simply spray hairspray onto a dry cloth and sweep it over your furniture to pick up unwanted hairs.

Preserve Flowers

Whenever we get fresh blooms, we always wish they could last forever. This hack won’t make them immortal, but it will slightly prolong the life of your flowers. According to Lifehacker.com, “Just as it preserves your hairstyle, hairspray keeps flowers pristine and prevents wilting”. Just the excuse we needed to buy a bouquet for ourselves!

Lock in Hair Accessories

Slipping bobby pins are pretty far from ideal. Make sure yours stay exactly where they were born to be with this hairspray hack. Haircare expert Fernando Salas tells Allure, “Spray the backs of bobby pins and hair clips with hair spray to create a nice grit. The texture will keep everything in place, and your hair accessories will lose their slip. Just make sure to wash them afterward to avoid unwanted buildup.”

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  1. by Shy Girl on February 19, 2019  12:48 pm Reply

    I love such articles! I already knew some of these tips, but those about flower preserving and nails drying were new to me. Thanks!

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