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There has been many debates about whether a cleanser should be part of your daily skincare routine and the simple answer is ‘yes’.

Handy face wipes are great for removing on the surface make up and  especially helpful if you have a late night and are in the need of a quick-fix remover, but they don’t clean deep down or remove stubborn make up and grime. Soap and water isn’t great for your skin as the ingredients of soap and washing with hot water can strip your skin.

Cleansers have many uses, not only do they leave skin feeling super clean but they can allow moisturisers and anti-ageing products to absorb more effectively which in turn makes it easier for you to apply make up and create a flawless base.

The only question is…which one to go for? Firstly, whatever your skin type you should always opt for a gentle cleanser. The formulas are hard-working but not harsh on the skin. In terms of which cleansers rate best, we put two bloggers to the test. We gave them three of our favourite cleansers to try and test – Ole Henrisken’s African Tea Foaming Cleanser, Trilogy Balancing Gel Cleanser and Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Balm.

Rachel from Beauty Queen UK
My name is Rachel and I am a 30-something beauty lotion and potion addict. I have been happily married for 10 years and live in London with my Hubby and our 3 cats and an aquarium full of fish.  I have an unhealthy obsession for all things beauty, whether that is make up or products for my skin, hair, body, I simply love trying out new things whilst being on a mission to find those items I can call my “Holy Grail” products.

Cleanser Swatch by Rachel

Rachel’s review on…Ole Henrisksen African Tea Foaming Cleanser
I haven’t tried many products from this brand so was keen to try it first and I did so for over a week.  The first thing that stood out to me was the scent, whilst I had read about the product, I wasn’t quite prepared for how fresh the scent would be.  The actual texture was also a surprise, to see the gel which is quite watery inside the bottle become a foam once dispensed is also a pleasant surprise.  I found that I only needed to use two pumps on my wet face and then I massaged it onto my skin for few minutes before rinsing.  This is a soothing, non-drying formula which left my skin feeling clean and fresh and the orange scent was still noticeable.  For me this is a something I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a purse friendly cleanser and one I happen to like much more than I expected too.

Rachel’s review on…Trilogy Balancing Cleanser

This is a not foaming cleanser like the Ole Henriksen and for me it is best used with a cloth rather than just your fingers. The use of Witch Hazel and willow bark alongside aloe vera, chamomile and cucumber make for a product that is really soothing and cooling on the skin. However the scent is quite a fruity unexpected one which comes from the inclusion of Elderberry and a lovely scent it is too.  To use, you only need a small amount possibly no bigger than a 10p piece and I always ensure I have wiped my face first to remove any surface dirt and then, applied this cleanser using my fingertips onto my face and massaged it onto the skin for a few minutes before rinsing off. Once it is on the skin, it does feel incredible and so soothing and refreshing. After drying my skin, my face felt incredibly fresh and clean, not to mention really hydrated. So my verdict for this cleanser is absolute love and a product I highly recommend for anyone who, like me, has an oily T-zone with dry cheeks.

Rachel’s review onBalance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm
This cleansing balm is Almond oil based with coconut and adds ingredients such as camellia, & rosehip oils, oatmeal, coriander, vitamin E and finally rosemary. For a cleansing balm it surprisingly isn’t as smooth as you would expect it to be because it has tiny oatmeal particles that you can feel on your skin as you massage the cleanser onto it and they act a gentle exfoliator which I quite like. The texture is really thick too, so you only need a small amount and I find it is much easier to use if you warm it in your palms first before applying it to your face. Then once finish remove with the accompanying cloth, which should be wet as it makes the task a whole lot easier. After using the face balm my skin looks and feels not just clean but really clean as well as being very soft and moisturised.

Dani from So Many Lovely Things
I blog about the things I love: beauty, style and shoes and there you find tips, reviews, ideas, inspiration and lifestyle ramblings. It’s an extension of my personality. A self-confessed shoe maniac, I own more than 100 pairs. Makeup and skincare passions were born from a need to manage my problematic skin. Style and fashion have always been a huge in my life, I enjoy how trends are created, adapted, modified. I believe in many forms of beauty, love girlie things, dancing, red lipstick, champagne and aerial hoop.
Dani Dutra ole_henriksen

Dani’s review on…Ole Henrisksen African Tea Foaming Cleanser
As soon as I applied on heavy-ish makeup, I noticed it was look like the makeup melted on my face. It made a very decent job of removing eye makeup, albeit not all of it, but more than most cleansers. Skin feels very clean and comfortable after use. Toner cotton wool comes up almost totally clean.
For best results…massage it in on skin with fingertips, this cleanser seems to fetch dirt deep! Tone and moisturise immediately after use, as skin felt slightly on the dry side after a few minutes of drying my face.

Dani Dutra trilogy

Dani’s review onTrilogy Balancing Cleanser
The gel texture creates a decent lather. Smell is quite flowery/woody, you can make out the rose. Skin feels gentle and cleansed well. It removed makeup well, although I was just using a tinted moisturiser. Skin feels very clean after and this is not a drying product. It’s very straight forward to use. They say to use a face cloth, but it didn’t come with one, so I just used water to rinse. I would recommend to a friend.

Dani Dutra balance_me
Dani’s review on…Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm
This balm has some exfoliating granules, which melt when you add water. Smells herbal and very subtle. The balm is quite thick but melts in contact with the skin, applying well. The exfoliating particles disappear in contact with water, creating a smooth cream. Made a decent job of removing eye makeup and kin feels moisturised after use. When applying on dry skin, concentrate on the rougher areas, in need of more exfoliation, like around the nose and chin. Then after splashing warm water, massage in the whole face and eyelids to remove makeup. As it is an exfoliating product, I’d use maximum 3 times a week. I would certainly recommend to a friend. I really like this brand.

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